Is Something Strange Happening Inside The Earth?  Are volcanoes connected to Zechariah’s Four Horsemen?

The month of The Four Horsemen that go out to the four corners of the earth is at Shevat 24. In 2017 the date was President’s Day, February 20.. 

(interestingly Jacob came out of Laban in his 20th year.).  

Adonai is unhappy that they found ‘man’s peace’. He then instructs creative artisans to remove earth’s peace.  (Zechariah 1-2)  Man’s peace is removed so as to bring in His peace.  The Scriptures then go into the establishment of The Temple on the earth.   

It is NOT the United Nations to whom the world owes alliance but to Jerusalem.  The earth is His footstool and He shall reign from Jerusalem.  The Scriptures are clear about this. 

In May the United States is able to move its ambassador to a building already in Jerusalem.  Just one benefit is that this gives recognition that Americans born there can be recognized as Israeli citizens.  This is powerful!

The Nations are to go down to accept a sacrifice made for them in Jerusalem. If they do not desire to be part of what God has determined to show themselves to be set-apart, they will be treated as Egypt was. 

The sacrifice of the 70 bulls was never to stop. It was for The Nations.  Noach had 70 and Jacob had seventy in His family. A number of completion and rest.  The Nations are to come to rest in the ways of Our Creator. He decides where to come on the earth and what is to happen there.  

Will the United States accept a bull that is offered. Will nations come and look to that bull as representing what The Suffering Servant already did on the stake on the Mount of Olives?

These volcanoes start up once again at the times of the Horsemen.  They are in direct correlation to earthquakes. The Mount of Olives will split into three sections.  It will happen after the two witnesses are killed after 3.5 years.  It is split by The Suffering Servants feet as He comes as King of Kings. 

Could it be that Christians endorse Trump to move the embassy this Spring so then we see the world (nations) give her recognition as well. What a great honor to be the first (drawn by Adonai hooks in her). 

These in the days of Noach..are rumbling once again in our day as we enter the 6001 year since Adom.  He got off the ark (shaped like the Tabernacle) at age 601.  Joshua crossed over into to new land with 601,750 men 20 years and older.  Those that did not trust God to perform and wanted things their way perished for 40 years. 

We have a new Jubilee beginning now. What pastors and sheep will die off over the next 40 years in order to bring Adonai’s ways back to the earth?  In this next Jubilee it is the sheep that get purified for wrong worship.

Grandchildren:  Scripture specifically states Methuselah was 604 when Noach was born.  Noach was 603-604 when he was a grandfather.  Will The Messiach see grandchildren in Torah in the year 6003-6004?  Patterns could play out in this first seven-years of this next Jubilee (50) that is patterned after the Menorah. 

These earthquakes will bring many men to their knees. The people in the desert dug graves every night so they could drop their dead into that grave in the morning.  They knew the judgement was done when the graves stopped being filled. 

These volcanoes will bring change and death unless our pastors and teachers accept the ways of our Creator.  We must stop quenching the Spirit of God within us. In the end days the Scriptures say that speaking in tongues will increase. And speaking in prophecy (declaring Gods Word) will increase.   Prophecy only confirms what God has already said.

Quoting Scripture is being prophetic. 

These volcanoes are signs following patterns set before us. They are prophetic as they are spoken of in the Scriptures. 

Return to Torah by repenting of wrong worship.  Do not think your church is perfect.  It is The Torah (Gods instruction) that is perfect and convicts the sinner. Then it is in The Messiach (Yeshua Jesus) that we walk as He is the Living Torah.  The Torah (first given to the Jew) shows us how to live safely with Adonai. It even points to who The Messiach is. 

Zechariah’s Horsemen in the month of Shevat is followed by The month of Adar that holds The Fast of Esther and Purim (today, March 12).  Esther’s husband, the King, allows the Jews to defend themselves.  The Torah remains on the earth and The Suffering Servant remains on schedule.  His next appearance is being prepared. 

We must support President Trump in the efforts of moving the US embassy thus the sacrifices can begin by Tishei 10 (Yom Kippur)(September Erev 29,30 2017.)

If America wants to be blessed by our Creator we must have hearts that desire to be yoked to our Messiah that reigns from Jerusalem according to how it’s always been done on the earth.  Accepting His once and for all atoning blood…but once again shown that through the 70 bulls for The Nations.  

Passover shows personal salvation and Yom Kippur is for The Nations. 

See my blog on volcanoes and the Shehaldrin volcano at 

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