Tishrei Earthquake Discussion Between God and Adam

TISHREI – Month One

Begins the Civil Year Calendar

Elohim speaks to Adom…

Hadassah is starting out in her first book showing the earthquakes in each Hebrew month beginning in the early 1900’s over 8 in magnitude. Next, she is going to work through each month so my ‘yood’ (closed strong hand) is clearly seen. This could cause some problems with the children who are very ‘black and white.’ They don’t want to see me working in their day, but only in their bible stories.

I haven’t changed, Adam, I’m the same today as I was yesterday and will be tomorrow.

In May 2013, she was curious to see if my hand was in the earthquakes, as she definitely recognized that they were in the eclipses. She never expected to see so much unravel before her though. It pleases me when my children see me in the little things, and therefore, I’m going to show them bigger things.

Hadessah chose earthquakes over 8+ and those that caused great havoic. It is the usgs.gov website’s information that she is dependent on. So, for now that is what the kids will reference.

Hadessah feels My Yoods on her. Her prayers to me for many years have been about her deep desire to be used to glorify me. She feels writing this series about my hand on My creation is a way to express what she sees.

It is her desire that others feel my presence in their lives as well.

I’m going to surprise her, and show her more than earthquakes, Adom.

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