Adom’s Umbilical Cord – The Shame


Ham looked down and saw something happening to him. He had never personally met great GGG Grand abba Adom, but he was told that he and Chanah were the only people created without a belly button. The first two human beings were molded from the clay soil and then put in the Gan of Eden. They were there exactly seven years before they fell.

Actually, Ham knew that they fell on Cheshvan 17 and remained there until the fourth month which is the Hebrew month of Tevet. They were actually left in the beautiful Gan for 42 days before being removed to the soil from which they were molded.

Ham saw The Creator’s grace in giving them time to say their goodbyes to that beautiful place. They were in the ‘Enlightened’ area of the earth and they would be memorialized you might say in the future.  The Noachic flood water and Chanukah would mark their retreat from the beautiful Gan.

The Temple would once again find it’s ‘Enlightenment’ in 167 BC when The Temple would be reclaimed from the enemy by the Macabeeans.   Ham knew that day would be known as Chanukah…..or  The Festival of Lights.   Adom and Chanah were removed on Chanukah (Tevet 1) and put into a world of darkness with cold that would require covering their shame.

These dates had their own umbilical cords attached to them as Ham and his family would witness the flood waters being released on Cheshvan 17; which was the second month, seventeenth day. And the waters kept releasing for forty days and forty nights…which also brought them to Chanukah. They too would see ‘Light’ as the sun shone through once more.

Ham knew The Creator had everything on schedule right from the beginning when he would bring his children into a new world. Those cords of salvation were always attached to The Creator even though he let the cords stretch out as men pulled on them to see what else there was for them in the world.

This interesting story will reach into history similar to the nose job for Pinocle. But this would not be a nose fairytale but an umbilical tail. Ham definitely wanted to take credit for it. After all, no one on the earth that he knew of could ever boast of such a long umbilical as what he had grown.  It would shrink on good days, but when evil lurked it gave way to growing. Because of this strange happening he at times would wrap it around himself like a belt. And then it would shrink and he would have to find a different belt to use…but all in all…it stayed long and at times even looked like he had a tail.

Pinocle’s nose would become as wood but Ham’s cord would become like dried blood…bruised and barely pulsating. It would wrap around him at times and squeeze him like a cobra consuming its prey. It was a body feature that reminded him of his current behavior. If he desired to remain on the earth he knew he had to return to the ancient paths of his father Noach, Lemech, Methusalach and Adom.

It really began with him after he was one hundred years of age and once they left the ark. It had to do with the lust of his son Kush’s eyes.   Something had gone wrong at the family festival.   Ham had a hard time with the punishment that had been issued by his father, Noah.  Because Ham did not discipline his son, it came from Noah.  Now Ham would see his entire family line feel the wrath of that curse into generations that reached to the ‘end of days’.

Was there more to the story that this?  Kush’s story went like this…

Kush saw his grand-abba lying naked after drinking grapes that had fermented and caused poor old Noah to fall into a deep sleep.   Ham actually got himself in trouble by laughing about it as he told his brothers, Shem and Yapheth.  Neither of them thought it was funny to look upon their father, Noach’s shame.  But, the coat was still in the sukkot that Noach had fallen asleep in.  It was the coat of many colors given to Noach by his grand-abba Methuselah.  That coat was truly a family heirloom.   It had been given to Enoch when Adom passed at age 930 years.  Enoch would then pass it to Methuselah so it could be given to Noach as it was now known as, The Family Coat of Armor.  They knew that whoever had it was given great honor and power.  He was the one that would rule over all the family.

The Creator made it from real life…the lives of animals that Adom offered up to atone for his and Chanoh sin in the Gan of Eden.  Lives of real living creatures had to be used because a human life was created in the image of The Creator and had a spirit.  That spirit was never to be killed.    Shem and Yapheth would act as priests for their family as they picked up that special coat and placed it back on Noah.   They placed it upon their father while they walked backwards covering Noach’s shame.  No ones shame was to be seen, much less laughed about.

Cham knew that there had been very special things set apart or made holy to the L0RD when GGG Adom and GGG Chanoh were removed from the Gan of Eden.  They would now be held accountable for their nakedness…they became aware that they were naked…and hide themselves from Elohim.  The Creator could have chosen another way to test their hearts in obedience, but he chose their skin…the very thing that held them together..that incredible skin that was stretched over them.  And with that skin came organs that could reproduce life…yes…a human life.  It would be those organs that represented life that would now be covered.  The Creator would make those organs special…it wasn’t the eye, ear or head that was to be covered and now called their ‘shame’, it was the very parts of them that were used to pro-create.  And, if they used these organs wrong when they were uncovered for that purpose, they would get infections and cry in pain as disease attacked those organs.

Ham knew that his family thought that his son Kush had done something lewd to their father, but there was no evidence to it with the exception that Kush’s belly button became an ‘out-e’.   Kush would even have children born with ‘out-e’s’.  The author is, of course joking; but in reality that sin would always be attached to their family.    That sin gripped them until finally Kush gave into it once again and would steal ‘The Coat of Power.’   It was really about that coat….that powerful coat….and whoever wore it would rule the earth.

Yes, it was at this point in history that the power struggle of ruling over men dug into their souls.  Ham knew that the two sins were related because once you humiliated someone in their flesh, you also held their mind…which lead to their soul.  Noah had withstood the humiliation and being shamed but would always be known for his weakness.  Other humans would now just say,  “Yes, I’m just a drunk like my grandabba Noach, I’m a picture of my old man…that sinful old man.”  But, was that the truth of the matter?

If Noach is Adonai’s representation of The Creator and His power,  then isn’t that the same as saying God can be a drunkerd and not to be respected?  Afterall, Adonai gave authority to Noache and thus is responsible for his actions.

Ham could see into the future and heard similar words accusing The Messiach of being a glutton.  His disciples would be accused of being gluttons and acting as if they were drunk…when in truth they were perhaps just filled with the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit).

Grand-abba Noach’s stupper was an unintentional and his very own grandson took advantage of the moment and and and could it be that Kush…took The Coat of Armor…or at least he tried.  And, perhaps…just perhaps…was it Ham that stopped him and probably tried to make a joke about it to cover for his son, Kush?  The other sons took that Coat of Armor and placed it back on their father covering Noach’s shame.  Thus, the sons were still respecting what The Creator had deemed to be holy (set-apart)….the organs of reproduction and the Coat of Witness given to represent Adom’s new strength over evil.

Ham wished he had not seen into the future as it depressed him thinking about his lineage and that it would be his own son Kush that would steal The Family Coat of Armor and give it to his son, Nimrod.  Kush could never wear it, but only keep it to admire secretly.  It would be his son, Nimrod, that would go into the earth’s chronicales of writings that elevated him as a ruler above all men in his day.  That coat of many colors would bring Nimrod honor…as it was destined to do to the one who wore it.  But, in the end of Nimrod’s story he lost it’s honor.  The Coat of Armor would turn into a Coat of Dishonor for him as its many colors distracted him.  He left the will of The Creator and gave men what their itching eyes wanted…gods that they could see.

Nimrod had idols made so the people could see something tangible as they tired of an invisible god.  This is where the man Terah would come unto the scene of the world and made idols for this grandfather Nimrod.  Seventy years from Terah’s birth Terah would give birth to a new prince in the house of Nimrod.   This man would detest the ways of his grand-abba Nimrod and actually destroy idols that were in his father Terah’s shop.  The fires of the Chaldeans would chase Terah and some of his family back to his brother Haran’s city.  Terah will live there seventy years more while Abram will leave Haran at the age of seventy-five.  The seventy years will picture the years that the first man Adom lost from living one complete day in The Lord’s eyes.  He sinned and therefore, could not live to be one thousands years old.

Ham had seen his family cords attaching to many kings into his future and also attaching to the end of days.  Ham family line became so entwined that it was not just his curse that held him taunt, but it had spread to all the other family lines as well.  All three of Noach’s sons had lineage that lead to the final fall of man….it was NOT just Ham…but it would be the word ‘ham’ that The Creator would call ‘unclean’ on the earth.  Even in Mosche’s Levitical laws, Cham’s name would be remembered until the ‘end of days.’ Ham would come from a pig that came from a rodent/rat family and it would be placed on the list of ‘scavenger’ food that was unhealthy to eat.  In the eastern culture other religions would also see it unfit for consumption.

Cham felt like his own cord was stretching so thin that it was turning purple, and if someone had a needle to prick it he would surely completely ‘bleed out’ right there on the ark’s deck.  His wife was no were to be seen as he was going through this agonizing story.

The Coat of Armor was still giving Prince Abram power.  When they started to hunt down Avram he was hidden in a cave for about ten years.  He had been taught by GGG Shem and even Noach until Noach finally passed 350 years after the flood.  Noach died at age 950…just short of one Jubilee from being 1000 years of age.  That FIFTY years would be set to a pattern on the earth.  It would be a year of release just as Avram would be known as The Father of Nations.  He would go back to the ways of Adom and Noach and put back on the earth the ways of The the earth rest in its Shemittah and Jubilee years.  He would teach his children to honor the ways of The Creator.  Avram would be remembered because he would remember the ancient paths.

Ham was laying flat on his back now almost grasping for air as he was witnessing Shem’s lineage that would bring The Messiach.  Ham was jealous and turning purple and also green with envy.  It was gangrene setting in…oh how he wished the author would type faster and end the story…..

Abram was taught from the best and would now wear the colored coat and use it for righteousness…thus he called it, The Coat of Righteousness.   He would grow a new family that would give honor to the coat even as it would be dipped in blood by the final one that would wear it.  It would be worn by Him that made it….it was only fitting that this special coat of animal’s blood would be worn by the spirit that came in human form to shed His blood.

Ham could no longer stand the scene before him….there was a stake and a man on it…covered in blood.  They took the garment….the garment of blood…and cast lots for it.  Is that how far into the future that Noah’s coat would flow he wondered?  It was an incredible umbilical cord that would attach it to all of history.  It was given to protect the first man and it would protect all men…even covered in blood…it would survive and become as white linen purified as he wore it once again riding on the white horse in judgment of the world…and yet…there it was seen dipped in blood again…to show the world what was offered up for their transgressions.

Ham close his eyes and just wanted to die.  How could he ever let his son, Kush, try to steal it.  That coat had too much attached to it.  No human could fathom what cords were attached to it.  It was a ‘life or death’ garment…depending upon who wore it.

Ham truly knew he was unworthy.  There…finally….he could start breathing…he had admitted honor to The Creator of the coat.  He didn’t want it and he would try to discourage his future son Kush from desiring it either…and he would not make it a laughing matter over ‘a silly old coat’ when this incident of the over-ripened grapes happens in their family.

Ham now sat up and could finish looking into ‘The history of the coat’.

This man, Abraham, would give it to his grandson Jacob of whom would give it to his son, Joseph.  Joseph would rise to power over all of Egypt and be second in power only to Pharaoh.  He pictured The Messiach as he suffered and as he rose to power.  This Joseph would be reunited with his coat of many colors.

To look upon someone’s shame was strictly forbidden in the instructions of The Creator. Here in his father Noach’s 600th plus years of age; his shame was seen. It would also be in the 6000th plus years of the earth that it seemed as if all men’s shame were intentionally seen. It was like a universal language that was flaunted over the airways through the satellites that were put in the heavens. There was not a place on earth that men were not showing their shame to each other. In fact, the bathrooms were now called, Family Rooms. There was no difference between male and female as everyone was shamed before each other.

In the next ‘Day of the Lord’ that brings destruction Ham saw that mankind would walk naked on beaches all around the world. Men would lust with men and women would lust with woman….and so it was with animals.   It had gone much further than looking at their shame…it was like  wild orgies on the earth of which The Creator Elohim could no longer look upon. He had to turn his eyes from it and he could not hear what they said to him any longer.

The earth’s time of silence had a pattern to it.  It would be forty-two…just as Adom and chanoh would remain in the land of their sin while The Creator waited for their Chanukah…the Day of Dedication back to him.  He was silent with them and when it came time to leave after forty-two days…they were repentant and wanted him to guide them once again.  The animals were silenced and creation would not speak.  Even the rocks were cold and stoney…all was silent…all was dark the day they left the Gan of Eden on 1 Tevet.  It was a silent time because an animal’s life was taken in order to cover their shame.  This animal portrayed the future….the future of The Creator being shamed before the whole universe…just for man’s sake of eternal spiritual salvation.

The Creator at the time of their transgression had a plan that told in Genesis 3:15.  Speaking to the serpent:

“I will put animosity between you and the woman, and between your descendant and her descendant; he will bruise your head and you will bruise his heel.”

The serpent’s descendent would be defeated by the woman’s one Seed.    The Creator would leave the Spirit realm and come in human form to accomplish this prophecy.   He would hang on a stake dying for the sins of every human being ever born through this woman.

All of mankind would remember how they looked upon The Creator in human form…they would look upon His shame as the world turned into three hours of total darkness.  Even the constellations lined up with the Dragon under the woman’s feet with the sun at her shoulder and Jupiter being born from her womb.  The Twelve Tribes of Israel sit above her head featured in The Lion of Judah (Leo).  Leo has nine stars in it making up the Northern Kingdom.  Little Leo sits at Leo’s back and has three stars.  This smaller lion represents the Southern Kingdom known as Judah, Benjamin and Ephraim. This constellation had some rare visitors at the same time.  Venus, Mars and Mercury positioned themselves coming from under Leo’s foot toward the Virgo the virgin.  They were bringing the message of Venus known as The Morning Star.  It was the birth of the baby that would be caught into heaven exactly spoken of in The Book of Revelation Chapter 12.

Ham wondered if the people of the earth would see what Adom and Chanoh saw in their day.  As they were cast out and the prophecy was told, the skies appeared just as this.  This particular configuration at the time of Adom and Chanoh would only be seen again at the time of the birthing of the King.  The child is born, grows and then is caught up into heaven.  It could be a seven-year period known as a Shemittah year seen within a Jubilee cycle which if fifty years.

The author saw it and Ham saw it..and other’s were giving witness to it.

In the year 5777 (2017 Gregorian) Jupiter remained nine months in Virgo’s tummy showing the full term length of a human pregnancy.  Then, Jupiter’s descent out Virgo’s is marked by her water breaking.    On August 21, 2017 the earth is marked for doomed by a Total solar eclipse.  Not many people get to see it because of storm clouds.  In two days Harvey is forming on a Wednesday and by Friday Harvey is telling ‘the rest of the story’ by landing in Texas as a Category four and five hurricane that holds Houston for seven days of destructive birthing waters.

America would have its worst natural disaster in it’s history…and Virgo just kept birthing with earthquakes in Mexico killing over 300.  Hurricane Irma held Florida in ‘critical care’ as Jupiter continued to come through the birth canal.  Jose helped Irma and Harvey destroy many islands along with Cuba and Puerto Rico.

By the rumored end of birthing of Jupiter on September 23, 2017, it was the Sabbath, Tishrei 3 celebrating The Fast of Gedaliah.  Since the Sabbath is a day that man strives to only be happy, that fast was moved to Sunday.  On that Sabbath North Korea decides to set off a nuclear underground test in defiance to President Trump’s tweet.   Iran also sends off a ballistic missile showing off it’s power that it can now carry nuclear warheads to Saude Arabia and Israel.   The crown of twelve stars is now being intimated by Draco the dragon with a meteor shower on October 6, 2017.  This is The Feast of Trumpets..which portrays the King coming for his bride…Israel.

The shame of the earth is now unveiled and it all began with this same constellation at the time of Adom.

Creation will give witness if men will not.  Ham knew he must give witness so he went back to what he was seeing.

Parts of this constellation were also present at the time of, The Shaming.   The shaming came in the form of land, blood and water.  The Creator had to come to a specific spot on the earth…where the first shame occurred.  At that spot he would strike the head of Satan.  He hung there in human flesh totally naked.  He bled so profusely from being striken that he was disfigured so much that they didn’t recognize him any longer.

Men have always looked forward to the day of their salvation through this Suffering Servant and now mankind is reminded to look back to it.  It is over and now The King is coming.  Hurricanes, earthquakes and comets are in the planning for planet earth.

Ham was amazed at what length The Creator was going to draw men to himself.  The Great Deluge wiped all of mankind out except for eight.  But, the pattern was there and the plan was on schedule for the LAND to be given that was promised from the foundation of the world.  Adom and Chanoh’s children would see the new ‘Gan of Eden.’

Man was created on Day Six and did not know their shame. By the year 6000 men didn’t recognize their shame because of they were insensitive to sin.

The Creator’s definition on sin was ‘missing the mark’. There was a mark to hit…walking out The Creator’s instructions on how to live safely on the earth. If mankind moved away from The Torah (instruction), then man would bring judgment on himself. The stage had been set for success but man seemed to always test the stage upon which he was placed.

Adom and Chanoh never knew shame until they questioned the Creator. Ham was told that GrandAbba Adom had fallen from The Creator’s grace. They were put in this tent (area) of tremendous protection of which they did not do anything to deserve it. It was freely given to them. After only seven years the beauty of the Gan became a norm to them. Humans have not yet put on immortality but because they are created in the image of God they have a spirit that will put off that mortal body to live into eternity. A different form is given to them so that they may once again walk the earth.

His Shame!

To be perfect before our Creator is impossible and therefore mankind has to look upon God’s shame to understand his own shame. As Ham thought about the future that was yet to come, he knew that his vessel of flesh was weak. It had been designed to populate the earth and yet it had been turned into an instrument of destruction when taken away from its intentional purpose.

His father Noach had responded to him in discipline just a father should do. Father Adonai had responded to Adom at his fall and now Noach had that same responsibility…no matter how old Ham was.

Adom’s fall had made him aware of his shame and he also saw Chanoh’s shame. Their natural response was to cover themselves. The knowledge of evil that they received was the full knowledge of what brought shame in their lives. They were just mortal flesh and had not put on immortality….yet! They then saw their weakness was great and that their dependency upon their Creator was even greater. It would NOT be their self-will that would help them to survive, but it would take them depending upon God’s will for them in order for them to survive.

It just took one step outside that special Tent of grace that all would now spiral down into their generations history through shame. They were shown a three-corded umbilical cord that pulsated with fresh flowing blood of which they could hold unto. They daily held onto that slippery wet cord that lead them back to their cave so they wouldn’t fall off a cliff. Adom and Chanoh could not grow an umbilical cord to save themselves from another fall. They had to stay close to The Creator and would teach their children to not throw out God’s instructions. As soon as they stepped out of the beautiful Gan of Eden they both offered a burnt sacrifice to The Creator Elohim. They wanted back into fellowship with The Creator and they also knew that there would be a savior born to crush the head of the serpent that made them see their shame.


It stretched and did not break…the three-corded umbilical cord became very thin over the next fifty years but it held them in safety. It was at the first Jubilee of the earth that Adom and Chanoh felt The Creator’s blood strengthen them and they came together to begat Qayin. They were amazed to see Qayin have his own umbilical cord….but it would become an out-ie button. And at times it seemed to grow. One Shemittah cycle (seven years) later another son was born and he also had an umbilical cord but it did not protrude in or out…it stayed normal. This boy walked with The Creator and loved the Torah (instructions) of God. He would always bring the correct burnt offering using incense that made it smell especially good. He also liked to wear linen made from flax-seed. Abel was so transparent to The Creator and was happy just as he was created.

Ham knew that he did not have the spirit of Abel in him. In fact, he wasn’t sure why he was allowed on the ark trip. He had been around so much ‘shame’ before the flood that he couldn’t help dream about the things he saw before they were all taken away. He fought the ‘lusts of his mind’ more than his other brothers…or at least they didn’t talk about it to him.

It was when Ham called out to The Creator that he felt the life blood pumping back into the cord and nourish him again. He felt The Creator’s grace flow back into him because he knew he didn’t deserve the tent of protection that had been covering him. Grace is an action word like a tent covering…held by stakes….that connect us to The Creator. We act and The Creator is there. There are no chains that hold us to His ways. Free will was given to those with a soul. If we loosen our stakes that connect us then our tent can flap in the winds and be torn to shreds. Yes, all of the cities of Qayin were now gone in the flood.

Ham cringed at the words spoken by his father, Noache. Ham knew it wasn’t Noache cursing him but it was The Torah (instructions) that was set from the beginning with Adom that was his own undoing. Ham knew it was Adonai’s instructions that he himself had walked away from. He knew that there is nothing above the heaven and under the earth that could take him from the love of The Creator. But, it was he himself that let temptation come in and take hold of him. It seemed like a simple thing to laugh at his father’s shame. It was not a simple thing as it would play out in history to be part of the ultimate shame…The Creator himself exposed in human shame. It was a pattern established from the beginning with the first man, Adom. It was a ‘shame’ pattern that would carry itself to that stake four thousand years later on the Mount of Olives. In fact, Ham was told that their ark that was shaped like The Temple, sat above the mountains of Ararat at the 150-day mark of the flood. It was another pattern they witnessed as their ark represented the future veil to the new world.

The Temple doors would be instructed to be 22.5 feet tall at both ends. A veil was to be placed covering the doors. My father, Noach, will tell this account for all the world to witness that we sat 22.5 ft above the mountains portraying the veil of the Temple. It would be this very veil that would be torn as God himself was shamed on the stake….He came as The Suffering Servant. Ham felt the umbilical cord flowing fresh blood and it was dripping everywhere as if he was now standing at the very place of the sacrificial lamb 2500 years from then. In fact, he was feeling pain as if his body was ripe with open sores, bleeding profusely until all of his blood was going to be drained from him. He was not only sensing the presence of the location of that future sacrifice, but his body was about to die in agony. He wanted to end this story so his pain would quit. None of the other family members carried around the pain that he did.

It was now 3:00 p.m and his umbilical cord was now shrinking as it had lost so much blood. He had been speaking the truth of The Creator and now it was done. His burden of carrying it around was being lightened as he spoke of the ultimate truth of what the whole plan of salvation (yeshua) was about. It had been planned from the beginning of mankind. It was declared at the time of The Shame.

Yes, Ham knew he would be the one that would carry the message to the world. He knew the squeezing and the release of the blood that surrounded him as a belt responded to the happens on their year-long trip.

Grand abba Adom and Grand emah Chanoh also had spent exactly one year on what now he would call their vacation/honeymoon. This pattern would be set amongst the Jewish people in the future of married people spending one complete year together before they would go to work or have children.

Ham witnessed that none of them had children for at least a year after they got off the ark. In fact, as he thought about it, Grand abba Noache would be right at 603/604 years of age when The Creator would give Noache’s first grandchild. That child’s name is recorded in history. They all cheered over this pattern of new umbilical cords (humans) purposely being born to show the future. Noache would record in the Book of Genesis that his grandfather Methuselah was 604 when he was born.

Shem and Yapheth at first had innies and then they grew to have outies for belly buttons. That is about as far as their umbilical cords grew. But Ham bore the shame in his very body for all to see. He was marked to be a witness to the cords that bind us. One day there would another man who would betray The Suffering Servant. Judas Iscariot would attach himself to the Suffering Servant for about a year. The Suffering Servant was actually from one of the sects of Pharisees and he too would have a cloak that a lot would be cast to acquire it. Ham knew that these special coverings were important and another pattern that would go onto the earth….From Adom to Noache to Mosche to the Suffering Servant and then The King Messiach is also described in his special arraignment.

What robe did Ham acquire? It was a rob of pulsating flesh that rubbed against him reminding him everyday of his lusts. He desired flesh and therefore he was even given flesh to wear. In fact, as he got older and lived for many years on the earth his skin got darker because of this constant blood that got darker and darker when he fell away from The Creator’s instructions. But, in The Creator’s own way it was also protecting him. He would need to be dark-colored to protect his skin from the hot climate of the south. The other boys would head north or settle where it was not so hot. His dark skin protected him from the sun that now beat intensely upon the earth

He had walked away from that tent of grace that had been provided for him. The Creator’s love was still there, but it was he that walked away. There would be many men that walked away from God’s love but one in particular would stand out in history. He walked away even after spending personal time and seeing the love that poured forth from the one that would be called, The Suffering Servant. Yes, he still walked away after being loved; just as Qayin walked away. Oh how sad Ham was thinking that men would not be happy with that quiet spirit that could lie inside of them. And yet he knew he held unto jealousy over position in the family over a silly coat? It was Adom’s coat that was sent to the other side of a veil that was torn open so men could once again renew their purpose for living.

The first-born was not always chosen to have the colored coat. It actually was not a warriors coat of armor, but it was a priestly garment. It was a spiritual garment. It is worn by the one of whom was content in their heart for the things that The Creator provided for them.

Ham never had any quiet time on the ark as it rocked and rolled with turmoil….a living hell and yet a time to recognize all that the earth was to celebrate in the future. All of the Lord’s Feasts would be recognized in the Ark’s Travels. They were the template for the future and yet men would not see it because they walked away…walked away from what they thought were ancient ideas that surely could not be for them in the 121st Jubilee of the earth. It would be the 6001st year of the earth when this authors pens this article on Ham. It was the beginning of the next Jubilee and the next millennium.

Judas would hang himself from a tree by his own cord. He also let Satan enter into his conscious to the point that Judas would betray Creator Elohim of whom came in the flesh. It would be the ultimate betrayal and yet planned from the beginning when Grand Abba Adom agreed with Chanoh about seeking knowledge. There was no better place to live, but the first parents wanted the knowledge of their Creator. Sin happened because of seeking to be as a god. The world will have many gods and men will call themselves a god. Cities will be named after them and clothing will be designed by them for all the world to wear.


It would end for Judas outside in a garden just as it did for many others. Adam had to be placed outside the beautiful Gan after 7 years which is one Shemittah cycle. Enoch was hidden away so he could write books to be given to Noach before the deluge. He was 500 years old when Grand abba Methuselah found him in the caves to ask him about Noache. Lemek was about to destroy his own child as he looked like something bred by the one of the watchmen. You could see red flowing through Noach and he had piercing blue eyes just like the watchers. He was so white in color and did not look to be a normal child. Enoch assured them that Noach would bring rest to the world and he had a special purpose by The Creator. It was no wonder that any female would marry him for over 500 years because of his appearance. He could be likened to Mr. Trump of whom is large and white compared to his father who is short and looks like Gaucho Marx. The Creator brought Mr Trump forward to be president of the United States when he was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old. Those perfect numbers to bring severing and rest…just like Lemek died at the age of 777.

Mr. Trump was an outside shot to be president and still men of the earth shake their heads at him in wonder. He was to be a Noach bringing rest through obedience to The Creator.  He has a family of whom observes The Torah….and he listens with great respect. He loves having a prayer shawl wrapped around his neck. His family has sent many Jews into different lands in order to preserve them for when they can live safely in the land prepared for them since the beginning of the earth’s time….

President Trump will burn off the fat and kidneys from the nations in order to purify the earth’s soil.  As this author writes the biggest bombs every dropped that were not nuclear were dropped on Afghanistan to destroys the caves of destruction.  This president will bring peace through strength but only if he brings ALL the land to Israel…never dividing but only adding to it.

Mosche was ordered to burn the fat, kidneys and other organs that purified the body outside of the camp. They filter the toxins from the body and therefore represent sin. The organs that help cleanse the body are not to be eaten. In the 121st Jubilee mankind will delight in their ‘liver and onions’ to their own undoing. The Creator’s food laws are thrown out as ‘unrealistic’.

There is a pattern of that inner righteousness which flows with our physical and spiritual being.

The letter Vav is also the number six and represented in a picture of a shepherd’s staff. Vav, six, connects us to G-d. Being created in The Creators image is more than being created. We are formed into a pattern of design that connects us to the very God of whom made us. The Spirit of man connects to God and to history. Man is connected to The Suffering Servant and the coming of The King of Kings. It is up to mankind to desire to want to live with The Living Torah. His name is also, The Word (Torah).  You can not put a name on YHVH.  Every word can only describe his attributes of what His spirit is.

Ham’s umbilical cord either feeds him or strangles him….taking him to places he did not want to swing from. The earth is not going to be destroyed by a deluge ever again. But, it will be cleansed by fire. It does not burn up, but is cleansed. In this next Jubilee (50 years) that begins the 121st Jubilee of the earth, we need to ask ourselves why Noach was shorted one Jubilee (50 years). Of course, no man is perfect and thus will not complete one of the Lord’s days. Thus he did not make it to 1000 years of age but only 950. Why is it that Adom did not make it to 1000 years and was shorted 70 years? These are the things this author thinks about.

The Nation of Israel became 70 years old if we count from the Balfour Declaration in the fall of 1947.

The Nation of Israel reclaimed Jerusalem on June 6, 1967 in The Six Day War. That is 50 years ago (1 Jubilee). Both Adom and Noache are land changers and shame changers. Both were moved from their soil and both had to have their shame covered.  The Suffering Servant was shamed and also taken outside the city.

Adom was 7 years in the Gan and it just may take 7 years to bring the biggest Gan back to earth so King Messiach can reign from Jerusalem. A prophetic word has been expressed that The Lord’s War started on Elul 29 2015. We are now in the year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar and 2017 on the Gregorian. There is definitely a change of land happening around the world.

The number six has its own cord that ties history together.

Six days of Creation

Day Six – Adom b.

Year 60 – girl born.

Isaac 60 – Jacob Esau b.

Jacob 61 – Benjamin b. (son of right hand)

Methuselach Grandfather to Noach: 604

Noach Grandfather: 604

Mosche (80) collected sanctuary shekels at beginning of 40 years in desert: 603,550 men

Joshua (80) counted males 20-year old plus to cross over: 601,750 men

(This is 1800 less men over the 40 years of dying off in the wilderness)

Pharaoh dynasties end: 604 BCE

6000 years – 120 Jubilees

6004 years – Four years into 121st Jubilee

These umbilical cords can not be untied and they keep pulsating and pumping new blood into the world’s life-line to The Creator Elohim.

There will be one place on the earth for all men to come and The Scriptures tell us it is Jerusalem. Enoch is seen writing and preaching at the caves of McPhelah. The Patriarchs are also buried there at Hebron, PM Sharon broke down those gates in 1967 reclaiming that area. It is now ONE JUBILEE from that celebration on June 6, 2017. The gates must be opened…the embassy moved there…and the altar readied for the slaughter of 70 bulls.

There were 70 nations spoken of with Noah. There were 70 clans that came through Jacob. Seventy is a number meaning the world’s nations. There is to be 70 bulls laid on an altar to be offered for the nations.  Seventy just means nations…we do not have to think Greek and add up who is among that group of nations.

This author’s firm belief  is that it is on this altar in Jerusalem that each nation will send an embassy member to accept one of those bulls. Germany should go down accepting one of them. Egypt should go down and accept one. The United States should go down and claim one. If the nations do NOT go down on Yom Kippur the words expressed in Zechariah 14 state that those nations will NOT receive rain and they will receive plagues instead.

The nations of this earth are not to report to United Nations on America’s soil at New York. The place of gathering is not at the European Union. They are not to find their secret meeting places on the earth, but they are to go down on YOM KIPPUR, Tishrei 10…the day the people told Mosche….”we will do all that The LORD has said.” “You be our representative, because if we talk to YHVH we will die.”

The nations will send their spokes person of sincere heart. The people could not see through Mosche’s veil. Noache sat 22.5 feet with the waters looking like a veil to the other side and it started going down on the tenth month (Tammuz). The golden calf was being offered in that month and all hell broke loose on the people. It will be so again. The veil that ripped in The Temple when The Suffering Servant died was that same 22.5 feet in length.  Two is Beit meaning house.  This veil is all about the House of Adonai on our earth and from where He will reign.

The second time Mosche went up Mt. Sinai to seek Yahweh’s forgiveness it was Adom’s tenth month and it became Mosche’s sixth month. Adonai told Mosche to now establish Aviv at the first month on the calendar. Thus Aviv (Nissan) is the first month on the ecclesiastical calendar and Tishrei is the first month on the Hebrew civil calendar.

It was on Elul 1 that the king comes into the world’s field to come close to mankind. G-d had once again come close to them after the terrible idolatry with the golden calf. Mosche returns declaring their atonement on Tishrei 10, Month 7, Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement. It was Adom’s month one and Mosche’s seventh month. It is the same day of uncovering that Noach removed the roof from the ark.  These cords can never be untied…they are stories and yet patterns that show our future.

It is also known as Feast of Trumpets and Rosh Hosanna…Head of New Year. Elul 29 is the last day on the Civil calendar. That date is September 19/20, 2017. The year 5778 will begin on September 20, 2017 in the evening.

God has declared war on the nations on Elul 29. Noache removed his covering on Tishrei 1 that very next day.  All is revealed.  It is the very day that declares the coronation of the kings. Then in ten more days Yom Kippur 2017 begins the evening of September 30, 2017, the Sabbath.  Mosche returned this day declaring their atonement.  Our Creator will come and declare us righteous if we are in The Suffering Servant, The Living Torah.

It would be the Hand of G-d if the world recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It would give dual citizenship to babies born there. It would be so explosive and connect the umbilical cords of the past to the promises of a fertile land and people of the future.

What is the man’s name that Abigail was married to? It was this man that rejected David and his men because he was drunken with the world. He declared that “he did not know if this David would become the king of Israel.” Isn’t that the same wording today. “We don’t think that this Messiach will ever arrive on the earth. It just is NOT going to happen. Therefore, all the earth is Israel and we will determine where the Temple should be and even if there will be one,” is what is being said.  This is even being said on American soil and in New York.  What is going on?   We not only want to be gods, but we want God’s Temple to be on completely different soil….as seen all across the world with churches called Temples with no cross on them, but steeples.  It’s incredible that our churches think they are Israel.  We must not ever replace what our Creator intended…we must be patient even being in labor pains as The Creator gives birth once again.

What was this man’s name that rejected the future king that came into his field and helped him with his sheep? Who was this rich man who then had his heart waxed and died within ten days?


The b and v are the same in Hebrew.

All this time we have been talking about the naval and umbilical cords.

Navel is certainly a picture of the coming Messiah. The real king is coming to sit on the Davidic throne. It is a promised kingship by our Creator. This is the next umbilical cord that must be pumped full of life blood so it wraps around our world and we demand the nations to support an altar in Israel.

The Menorah is ready…the priests clothes of white linen are ready. All the utensils are readied. And, the altar is ready…..made of uncut stones….

Come Nations…come to Israel and set yourself apart from the world…making yourselves holy unto the L-ORD. Accept one of the 70 offerings made for the nations. We no longer look to the sacrifice but we look back to what was accomplished by The Shame of Elohim himself taking our sin upon himself so we could be free to worship in Torah which is the Truth.

This all leads to the celebrations of Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles where King David left Navel’s campsite with his new wife Abigail.  Navel umbilical cord was cut…David took Navel’s bride from him.  Abigail desired to be David’s bride and she took all her servants with her.,,,and all that was Navels was hers.

The groom is coming for his Bride…Israel. She is only pure when she is in the Living Torah…The Suffering Servant…He comes on a white horse in white arraignment with his garments dipped in blood. He does battle for his children….it is good to wear his garment of righteousness.

No ham for Easter for that is a scavenger that preys the earth. We will eat clean giving way to leavening at this time as He has taken our sin away. None will rise but He will rise on Nissan 17…three days later…this year celebrated today, on April 13, 2017.

The umbilical cord to eternal life is in Yeshua, which means our Salvation.

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