Madrid 1811 Earthquakes 206th Anniversary – Kislev 30 2017

Today is Kislev 30, 2017, Chanukah Day Six, December 18, 2017 –  It is the 206th year Anniversary of The Madrid Earthquakes.  On Day Six we studied about the anointing oil.  There truly is an anointing going on even as the Atlanta Airport yesterday was out of electricity/power and closed down…causing many distruptions never before seen.  No oil allowed in the skies.

Are we closer for the Madrid fault-line to activate?  Americans are always worried as it’s release will be even more devasting with 206 years of progress above ground.  In 2017 the unexpected happened.  Instead of the upheaval coming from the rocks crying out, the winds cried out.  Instead of the shaking from below, it came from hurricane waters and wind from above.

Our Creator marked Shalom Israel in our thoughts as The Great American Eclipse crossed seven cities named Salem…meaning PEACE.  Christians pray for The Peace of Jerusalem… the signal for God’s Peace came through the August 21, 2017 Great Eclipse.  Av 29…a dark day…was the last day of the dark month of Av.   It foretold of President Trump at Chanukah claiming Jerusalem for Israel on Kislev 18, December 6, 2017…a full moon….a day full  of light…just as Chankah means, dedicate.  2017 will be known as the year of Great Tribulation to bring back the land from where The Messiach desires to reign.

This rededication to Jerusalem is causing huge national earthquakes around the world. Boycotting Israel products and physical attacks are supported by many nations.   The Palestinians and people from other countries are employed by Israeli companies.  And yet, mankind is blind to whom the ‘injustice’ is really being done.  Are The Nations such simpletons to listen to such ludicrous thinking?

What will be the result?  We know that America’s attention was drawn to devastation by hurricanes and lots of them…and now fires…never before seen…and insurance companies are going under and now America needs a bailout again.  Why is all this?  When you pray, The Creator answers with distractions of giving no rain and so the land suffers…or floods are given to ruin the crops that were there.

The world is God’s footstool and He desires to rule from Jerusalem.  Facts are facts and these two facts no one will ever change.  If the world would accept it and encourage Israel….the blessings would come.  But, no….we ship in foreigners who mix with the minds of God’s children and they feel safer to assimilate into ””whatever”’ keeps them the safest on th earth.

Thus, I again report this….  The Madrid earthquakes happened at Chanukah.  The re-confirmation of Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel happened at Chanukah….  Let us be vigilant and understand our Creator will speak to us if we don’t speak to him.  His creation cries out and the rocks move….and the winds blow and the fire burn all as He directs to the lands that come against His land.

Here was my report in 2015.  I’m sure it could be re-written but who can improve on the things of God.  He does not change…but only speeds up his plans as His timing to cleanse the earth comes to an end.  There is a time of silence… a half hour…and an hour.  Which hour to do you think we’re in?  I certainly have my opinion….

Tennessee Quakes –

Today March 9, 18 Adar 2015 Tennessee had an earthquake over 2.5.   Since this is a seldom occurrence I decided to review its earthquake history. As usual, I was NOT disappointed. As I looked back in general to just the dates of the month in which they occurred, I found something that popped out to me. They were majorly on dark days of the month. There would be just a slight or no moon at all.

There would be two exceptions and those exceptions proved to be exciting dates. And not only would I find Chanukah and Tu B’Shevat involved, there are some interesting year anomalies as well. Here we go:

Tennessee experienced the 1811-1812 Madrid Quakes. We know them to be related to Chanukah in the month of Kislev So, you could say God started with Chanukah in many of these early earthquakes and with TN he moved into the very next month of Tevet. It would be Tevet 25, January 10, 1812 and 31 days later February 10, 1812 it would be Shevat 27 that hosts two large quakes 7.7 and 7.7 each that day.

Quakes are measured by their long distance and their intensity of how long they last.

Daniel Webster was a great man who was against slavery. We still use the Daniel Webster dictionary. He was born on January 18, 1782. Shevat 3. The January 4, 1843 quake at Knoxville would celebrate his completing 60 years. It was his 61st birthday, Shevat 3. This quake was felt for one Million square kilometers.

He was not only celebrated at his 61st birthday, but also his 30th birthday. The quakes in 1812 that were 31 days apart would occur when he was thirty years old. They occurred Tevet 25 and Shevat 27. His birthday was Shevat 3.

We have one more Shevat quake to consider and it was Shevat 2 in 1955. It centered near the Arkansas Tennessee border near Finley. It was felt for 75,000 sq kilometers covering Kentucky and Illinois. It awakened residents January 25 at 1:24 AM and lasted several minutes. Daniel Webster would be 173 the next day, Shevat 3.

We know he affected more than a million people around the world. One man….remembered through God’s Hand.

Daniel Webster found in TN earthquakes- born Shevat 3 1782.

1812 Quakes – Tevet 25 – Shevat 27

1843 Quake – Shevat 3

1955 Quake – Shevat 2

17 Kislev is next in 1844. Kislev holds Chanukah. They won the temple back in 163 B.C.E on 15 Kislev and dedicated it on 25 Kislev, recognized as Chanukah or Festival of Lights. This quake was felt in Nashville.

I want to share that this is NOT a dark day as the full moon is always on the 15th of the Hebrew month…not the Gregorian calendar. It would be a bright moon unless there were cloudy skies.

The next quake occurs fifty-one years later on July 19, 1895, 27 Tammuz. It is the 6th Shemittah cycle which holds double blessing or cursing. 17 Tammuz is known as the Worship of the Golden Calf and a fast is called. This quake occurs ten days into Moses trying to guide the people out of idolatry.

We now have another man involved with Tennessee’s quake. President James Madison is born in 1751. This March 28, 1913 quake will celebrate his 162th birthday. It is 19 Adar II eve of Sabbath. Shabbot begins on Friday at dusk until Saturday at dusk. This quake had so much ground movement that people were said to become nausea.

Two Shemittah cycles later (14 years), on 5 Iyyar 1927. It would occur on May 7 at 2:28 AM. Another dark night with NO moon. 337,000 sq kilometers ran to Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Missouri. This quake again would occur on the Sabbath. It was the 20th Day of the Counting of the Omer which is 20 days after the resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus). Yeshua ascends to heaven on the 40th day of the Counting of the Omer.

Twenty-two years earlier to-the-day 5 Iyyar, also held an EF-5 tornado in Oklahoma in 1905.

The month of Cheshvan will be Tennessee next month for an earthquake. But this quake will be the 59th anniversary of Colorado’s largest earthquake, a 6.6 in 1882. Cheshvan 26 is also the day God tells us that the water had now subsided from the earth. That water began flooding the earth on Cheshvan 17 and subsided over a year later on Cheshvan 27.

November 16, 1941, Cheshvan 26, was centered at Covington with cracks appearing at the Courthouse. Henning had an explosive noise before the trembling. Dyersburg was included and will also host the next quake in 1952.

Eleven years later the Golden Calf Quake will visit again on 23 Tammuz, July 16, 1952. The press reported numerous cracks in concrete-block structures.

We discussed the Shevat 2 quake in 1955 with Daniel Webster’s birthday being the next day on Shevat 3.   Note how close the quakes are quickening. 1941, 1952, 1955, 1956 (2). We then wait until 1973, the year of the Yom Kippur War for Israel.

Let’s look at these dates.

March 29, 1955 at 3:02 AM. It’s 6 Nissan.  Dark day, small sliver.  What day is it? It is 7 Nissan when Yeshua (Jesus) raises Lazarus from the grave. He then does many miracles and reveals Himself for who He really is (God) so they will crucify Him as foretold.

The website described this quake, “A roaring noise and violent shaking were reported. The tremor was felt by many in Caruthersville, Missouri. This is a Tennessee quake being felt in Missouri.”

Yeshua’s death on 14 Nissan shook the ground and possibly the rolling back of the stone at His resurrection on First Fruits, 17 Nissan….although the grave could never hold his immortality. He could walk right through objects as he was no longer under the rules of our world.

We are going to talk next about 15 Tu B’Shevat. The month of Shevat has held many of the Tennessee quakes. 15 Tu B’Shevat is very special. It is a time to celebrate God’s creation. In IsraEL it is the time for money for trees to be donated so IsraEL can bloom in it’s desert.  God certainly is using his creation moving it’s foundation.

January 28, 1956 is 15 Tu B’Shevat. A FULL moon and Covington again feels its grip as it did in 1941. This ‘Hand of God’ was also felt in Arkansas and Missouri.

Nissan begins the first month of the religious year. The first three of The Lord’s Feasts are in Nissan. We then go to Shevat 6 when we see the giving of the Holy Spirit on the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer known as Shavuot. Then the remaining three feasts are in the month of Tishrei in the Fall.

It seems God is putting the earthquakes pretty much in order according to the Hebrew months right now.

Tishrei 2 is known as Rosh Hoshanna Day 2. It is also known as the Feast of Trumpets. The first ten days of Tishrei are known as The Days of Awe. Here we go…ready?

2 Tishrei holds 2 shocks covering 21,500 sq kilometers. This is also the SECOND quake in 1956 for Tennessee. And, we see once again it occurs on the eve as Shabbot begins. This my friends if of no surprise to me. I have been reviewing God’s hand in earthquakes and He works when we are to rest. He works to draw our attention because we won’t rest. Amazingly….judgment falls and men don’t see it being the hand of their Creator doing it.

September 7, 1956 will host two quakes 13 minutes apart. It will be felt in eastern Tennessee and adjoining parts of Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia. Knoxville took the brunt of it with Virginia being felt even knocking plaster off their walls.

It was ROSH HOSHANNA 2 – It is the day man blows the shofar for God to save them. Did any one blow their shofar? Did men pray to God on the day He requested? You see, not every day is holy to God. He has set certain ones apart. He says that if we remember him then He will remember us.

The next month on the Hebrew calendar is Cheshvan. What do we have next in Tennessee’s earthquake history? It’s 4 Cheshvan. They have a 3.4 foreshock followed by a 4.6 main shock and more than 30 aftershocks occur south of Knoxville. October 30, 1973, 4 Cheshvan, was felt for 2,100 sq kilometers.

This series of heaving was felt in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina. The Alco switching station had a temporary loss of power and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia as well as the previously mentioned states all were affected. It covered 65,000 sq kilometers.

Eight portable seismographs were installed in the main epicenter area and it felt over 30 small quakes between December 2 through December 12, 13, 14, and 21.

What days were these? They were Kislev 18, 19, and 26 (Chanukah Day 2).  Remember I told you the Macabees won the Temple back from Antiochus Epiphanes on 15 Kislev and then cleaned it up for ten days?  It would be 25 Kislev that would be declared as Chanukah.

God is cleaning up the earth drawing Himself to them.  He cares enough to try to wake us from our sleep.  Is your light shining in the darkness?

Now tell me….can you see God’s Hand in any of this?

I do…but then I understand the Hebrew calendar much better than I did. I see the Hand of God in men’s lives now that I’ve studied The Lord’s Feasts.

It would behoove all of us to RETURN to Hebraic ways. God operates in patterns, at His special times and He celebrates men.

Will He celebrate you? What will they say about you when you die? It doesn’t matter what the world says about you, but it will matter what God says as He reviews your life and how you worshiped Him.

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