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Typhoon HAIYAN 2013

Haiyan Typhoon 2013

This article began in 2013 and finished in 2015.

People ask me what I think of the Haiyan Typhoon and I truly seek God’s wisdom. We have seen examples of this before and it is horrific. John McTeran’s book, “So as to Israel, So as to America” is one of my favorites.

I believe some people think that we only have a loving God and say, “How could our God do judging things? He is just full of grace and mercy. We are in the ‘Age of Grace.’ Why are we seeing so much wrath poured out?   What is your definition of, ‘Replacement Theology?’

In the last seven days of writing this article, God has been moving my brain so intensely with information that has been setting me on fire. I’d like to blurt this information out, but I have to be wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove to express this book with, “Everything done decently and in order.”

It is now 2015 and I am reviewing this information…because we are in the 7th Shemittah year now embarking on more devastating winds.  Ana is building in the Atlantic three weeks ahead of a normal storm forming.  We just had Tornado Alley widened and State of Emergencies and 24, 10 and more homes missing and one died.

Today has been fast and furious for me as I look at my old articles that now can speak of God because this blog now makes it possible.  News happens to quickly that this is the best way to communicate the urgency of CHANGE to God’s children before disaster hits them.  I am a watchman for God…and announcing why disasters happen.  I do NOT predict anything, but I see it everywhere and I’ve finally understood WHY God is shaking His creation.

Haiyan….I see that there is a town by that name and perhaps that is what the Typhoon was named after. It seems there is no difference between a hurricane, typhoon. I thought one was more close to land, or perhaps one carried more water, but it seems people call them what they want. No matter, this super typhoon carried a pack of 175 mph winds that leveled six provinces on the 6th Day of Kislev in the Sixth Shemittah Year. It was horrific on the day that was the eve of the Sabbath, which began the Sabbath, and it continued on The Sabbath.

I first must say, I an a grandmother and love the foundation of the family and believe in children and life. This is horrific. The Long Island Express was horrific, too.

But, we must remember that when men do nothing to stop evil, then God steps in. And, many people are going to get in the way of the path of destruction.

I say this because my premise has always been about our worship to our Creator; about Israel being preordained to carry the Torah to the world, and men rejecting the Jew.

This is what this Haiyan is about again. Israel, who is the nation that is always seen ‘going through the fire’ is the one bringing professionals to the aide of the Filipinos. And, it is The God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and David that has the “Hand of God’ on them. I wish my grandsons could be the ones in the Israel military to aid the world.

Update: Our grandson, Andrew, does join that Air Force National Guard. It isn’t the same as the Israel army, but may our Sovereign God protect every soldier that fights for justice in our world.

Let’s talk about this. Israel’s President BB Netanyahu has to been frustrated with not finding help with Iran’s nuclear goals. The small gesture of giving Israel a jet does not count. That is very small as to what should be happening. There is NO need for the development of plutonium when you are going to run a nuclear facilities for energy. But, that is what Iran has done with their nuclear facilities buried 300 feet in concrete.

We are NOT willing to risk our relationship with the OIL mongers and therefore the United States bends to Iran. Americans are trying to avoid another Vietnam that every day you can run into one of those veterans and they are going to go to their death feeling rejected for having tried to help.

It is Veterans Day today. I met a man in the a checkout line that wore a hat indicating her service to our county. I invited him to our church that was honoring all Veterans. He was a policemen that did not have respect for our current military. He was bitter that he was drafted when he was not even able to vote. The voting age was 21 at that time. And, he complained that they don’t use the draft today but at least people can vote at age 18 now. He complained about the mindset of Americans over the Vietnam War. It was not a war we could win and it just kept going on and on. He was bitter to say the least. My husband was drafted as well, and had to drop out of college to go through the Vietnam War. He was trained in military police. He guarded people who went awol, used drugs, etc.

This reminded me as I got home and Haiyan had turned it’s nose to Vietnam. Isn’t it interesting that on Veterans Day some of those people lost their lives as well. The winds calmed down, but there is huge amount of water being dumped as I write. The Philippians saw fifteen feet of water with 45′ high waves. People in shelters had no shelters. Yahweh will take care of humans when they refuse to take care of what He cares about.

And, yes, there are four Canadians missing that were building a Catholic church there. You will here this in my book, but I just say to you, that Jesus is coming as Yeshua, His Hebrew name. He won’t be in a church, but in a synagogue. He is not Greek or Spanish, but a lowly Jew now arriving to put the government on His shoulders. We get confused with doing good works and faith. Faith in His death and resurrection have to be recognized by each individual sinner. Then the works that follow must be according to what He desires, not what man thinks God desires.

What can we see from past history and the history that we are creating today in our world.

October 14, 2013 – Philippines had a 7.1 earthquake. It was the fourth 7+ earthquake since August 30, 2013. Philippines churches crumbled and 93 died. They may have over 10,000 killed with 10 million displaced. The Philippines is known for harboring the enemy. That is all I’ll say about that.

October 14, 2013 was 10 Cheshvan on God’s calendar. It was the day that all the animals loaded themselves onto Noah’s ark and God Himself closed the door. Seven days later the greatest mikvah would be created to save the eight humans inside. If you think Haiyan brought some noise, can you imagine volcanoes, earthquakes and mountains splitting to let the water release from inside the earth and it rained for the first time from the skies. It was truly unbelievable for humans to see and experience it. They felt helpless as the Filipinos did, I’m sure.

On Sunday, November 3, 2013 we experienced a Hybrid Solar eclipse. Japan showed the picture of this Typhoon on Thursday, November 7. It was hitting land with massive power on Friday and Saturday and then it traveled to Vietnam killing several on Sunday. It covered 300 miles destroying all in it’s path going from the east to the west, Pacific Ocean to the China Sea.  

Category Five: The Sabbath (Saturday) was the 50th Anniversary of the killing of an American President, John F Kennedy. Monday would be Veterans Day and Vietnam was next. Communism, dictatorships, terrorists, ungodly worship, drugs, oil, and more. When does Yah say, Enough!

Another anniversary happened as I looked at my calendar for 2011 on the last Wednesday. THREE Million New Yorkers were without electricity. Five days earlier Cheshvan 28, there was a Total Solar Eclipse.

There is a definite tie-in with the eclipses.

Kislev 16: 2011 was terrible with 1/3 of Thailand underwater this month, Cambodia has 30,000 evacuated, China had 30 killed from fog, Australia had sharks, and in 1947 UN 181 was passed. It was about Israel becoming a nation and the land mass just kept getting smaller.

God remembers the days that man struggles with giving His land back. Jehovah only asks for a sliver and that sliver got smaller by the time Israel became a nation. And, Harry S Truman knew war would break out the day Palestine would be recognized as a nation in 1948. War did break out immediately. The world turned it’s back. President Hoover remember his mother telling him, one day Israel would be a nation as foretold in the bible and he was the first to recognize her as a nation. You can see where President Truman crossed out the name Palestine and wrote in Israel. He knew what the Bible foretold.

Today, even Jews don’t think they should be in the land. But, God is driving them home to their land. Perhaps our earth will be covered in troubles and the Jew will be to whom we turn for helpas they did today.

Kislev 17: Japan surprise attacks Pearl Harbor! This my friends, is an incredible story with the hand of God attached. Even from the Gregorian calendar you can see God still spanking Japan for her haughtiness. Three years to the day of the Pearl Harbor Attack God issued a 8+ earthquake to Japan on the Gregorian calendar. I’ll catch you up later what happened on the Hebrew calendar. It is incredible. Japan lives in destroyed waters and those waters have now reached Hawaii. The air is impure and almost to America. Japan is not a nation that respects their Creator Jehovah. It is paganism that destroys us.

America watched as Hitler marched against Czechoslovakia. It was a swap for land that went sour. Hitler took the land and had an 11 M blood bath that followed. America had to have Pearl Harbor to step in and stop Hitler and Japan. 1945 saw the end to the mass cleansing. Japan got two atomic bombs and surrendered. Germany surrenders and Hitler commits suicide. Three Kings go down in three weeks, President Roosevelt, they say had a stoke, Hitler committed suicide and Mussolini was executed.

Corrie ten Boom lost her Gentile sister and father in 1944. I can’t wait to tell you the stories God has laid out for all of us to see….if only we would look through a Hebraic eye then we could be good news reporters and turn the world to good. But the deception continues and the sheep get slaughtered because they have poor shepherds.

This is the year of the Four Total Solar Eclipses 2014-2015 that I’ve been trying to tell my friends and family about since 2007. 2013-2014-The Sixth Shemittah Cycle represents triple judgment or triple atonement. I am going to celebrate the Festival of Lights for eight days. Chanuakah begins on Thanksgiving evening 2013. It is considered to be the conception of Messiah. This has not happened for 152 years. It was when Abraham Lincoln was put in office. God gave us a good leader and they killed him. He set the slaves free on The Fast of Tevet. Just as we saw Israel being carried off to Babylon for seventy years for not observing Torah, we see Abraham Lincoln setting slaves free.

President Abraham Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation 1863 on Tevet 10. It was the Fast of Tevet. The Jews fast that day in sorrow for their disobedience of having had to be carried away to Babylon.

It was 1863 and we are 2013 this year. 150 years have gone by. In three years it will be 153 years, just like the 153 fish that poured out on the shore as Jesus fried one more on the beach. It was the third time He appeared to them after raising from the dead. He told them they would raise with Him, but that they would go through the fire as he did. He even told them how they would die. That miracle was a prophecy concerning the ‘sons of God’ and what they would go through for their Messiah.

I don’t believe God’s kids are going to get out of trouble in these last days. If they come through the fire of testing then they will be His with great reward.

I have another story I should get put together because I keep saying things that aren’t making sense without the entire story being told about the BP oil spill in 2010. It was a 152-day experience which connects to Chanukah that is yet another story that connects to our Thanksgiving in two weeks.

As I type I see and realize another president that was killed and honored as Haiyan came through was John F Kennedy. It’s his 50th year anniversary that Sabbath. The Jubilee is in the 50th year. Abraham Lincoln should be celebrated on 10 Tevet for setting slaves free and that is three sets of 50-years.

God battles for his children and send messengers to help. Abraham Lincoln, Issac Newton, Corrie ten Boom are just a few God has impressed me with lately. If we kill the messengers then he brings the waters and the fire from above to destroy the wickedness of this earth. Stand ready my brothers, we must be obedient to our Creator and Stand with the Jews, or we go down with the haughty gentile who is now Torahless, lawless.

Before I end, I want to share what I saw today in earthquakes. I was comparing 2012 and 2013 earthquakes that have happened in this same time period. I was measuring to see if he earthquakes are increasing in days and strength. I was noticing in September and October we were having 7+ earthquakes every 9 days where in 2012 they were 17 days apart.

Today I saw something that I call, ‘a god thing’ that has humor to it if there can be any humor in these messes.

Look at the name of the location that had some serious motion last year at this time.

Haida Guau Canada

Sounds like a sister city to Haian, Philippians that was hit by the Haiyan Typhoon. Haida also killed 6 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Is it a reminder of the Haiti Earthquake that killed thousands. If I got real crazy we could connect Hamas, who probably ruled over some of the provinces and Haman who wanted to kill all the Jews as you can read in the book of Esther.

God is interesting in that he ties many things together, so we don’t miss the point he is making.

Let’s see that Haida, Canada earthquakes October 27 and 28, 2012 looked like.

Cheshvan 10 Noah is in the ark and God shuts the door. He waiting for the BIG release. This was a BIG release

Cheshvan 11 – 10.27.2012 – 7.8 Haida Gwau Canada – no other small earthquakes as a prelude. Just BOOM! – Sabbath – 8 4.5+ follow that day. It keeps coming…..

.Cheshvan 12 – 10.28.2012 – 15 4.5+ earthquakes follow and then BOOM, 6.3 magnitude, and then 12 4.5+ follow. This day had 28 Total for the day and now 37 total so far.

Cheshvan 13 – 10.29.2012 – SIX 4.5+ Aftershocks.

Cheshvan 14 – 10.30 – 11.06.12 total 12 4.5+ aftershocks.

HAIDA GWAU CANADA * 49 4.5+ Earthquakes which includes large ones. I bet people were not sleeping for a long time there. I may have missed one so 50 is a pretty good number and I’m sure there were hundreds more below 4.5. Perhaps we would see that number 150 again show us. I may check that later. But, no matter, there is a definite tie-in through the names, numbers and time period.

We must not put to bed yet these earthquakes happening at the similar time. I’ll list those over 6.

10.11.2012 Papa New Guinea Indonesia 6.6

10.23.2012 Cos ta Rico 6.5

10.27.2012 Haida Gwau Canada 7.8

10.28.2012 “ “” “ 6.3

11.07.2012 Guatemala 7.4

11.11.2012 “ 6.5

11.10.2012 Myanmar 6.8

11.10.2012 Peru 6.0

These earthquakes caused great damage and I have a tremendous tie-in with these earthquakes that I may have already written about and will again write about in my book.

It is unusual to have such a early season and one month will be added to the calendar the Hebrew calendar in 2014.

This is now 2015 that I will post this article. I may come back and visit this. But as you familiarize yourself with the Hebrew calendar you will better see the powerful Hand of our Creator.

Revelation 1:6 To him, the one who loves us, who has freed us from our sins at the cost of his blood, who has caused us to be a kingdom, that is, cohanin for God, his Father – to him be the glory and the rulership forever and ever. Amen. CJB

WE are to be priests (cohanin) for God.

How can we when we don’t even know what’s happening in the Courts of God. Angels are celebrating and watching men Count the Omer…looking forward to the Holy Spirit that was given on the 50th day, known as Shavuot. What are you going to be doing Shavuot this year. Guess what it begins on at dusk on the Sabbath…just continue into His rest…and see the Holy Spirit work.

This year…you can start resting Saturday, May 23, 2015…It’s the 49th Day of the Counting of the Omer.

The Sabbath…the first command from God to Adam…rest…

Now He brings Shavuot at the close of that rest, the Sabbath….How powerful. REST so you can be quiet and hear the ‘voice’ of God speaking to you. God likes giving two days together. Don’t go He says… Talk to me…I want to hear your heart.

6 Sivan is on a Sunday. This year it is on a Sunday and also Sivan 6. This year…everyone is in agreement when Shavuot occurs. That is powerful…no more discussion in 2015.

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