6000 Years of Umbilical Cords Attach Us to The Creator.

yhebrew.com is a unique study of The Creator.  Over 500 articles that venture into dates, events and patterns.  6000 YEARS OF HISTORY to show us patterns.

Some of my favorite patterns:

Earthquake and Eclipse Patterns

Oil Spills – Perfectly timed to anoint the earth.

Hybrid Eclipses in large numbers reveal Hybrid humans

Jubilee Years * Shemittah cycles * Lord’s Feasts * Blood Moons *

Suffering Servant shows Second Coming!

Constellations give witness

The calf Mattot Massei Miracle 2017

Hand of God in our lives….just incredible!

There are so many patterns unraveling that now in 2017 ‘Adom’s Umbilical Cord‘ is being written.

God’s ways are not our ways.  When we view God’s world from a Hebrew mindset, that cord wraps around us drawing us to a conclusion of life-saving pulsating blood.

If we continue to think as the Greek thinks, we hang unto life by a dried-up cord ready to snap any moment, dangling above a burning fire.

Thank you for joining me as God stretches all of our minds to seeing His hand stretching from Adom to you.


hadassah miriam


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2 thoughts on “6000 Years of Umbilical Cords Attach Us to The Creator.

  1. God is not a respecter of persons in that He treats every person as an equal. The rich are not better than the poor…etc. It is man that disobeys the instructions of God and condemns himself. The basis for happiness on this earth was laid out for all men. It is when men move away from Torah (God’s instructions) that he brings his own sorrows on himself. God does not wish for any to perish as God will hear the hearts of those that repent and RETURN to the instructions of how to live ‘safely’ on the earth. But, the first respect MUST come in accepting that Jesus/Yeshua is GOD. If He is NOT God than we just have another ‘son of God’ that died. It had to be God in the flesh that came and offered Himself for mankind that was the final blood sacrifice. God looks at our heart and when it becomes as flesh (not stone) in accepting His Words of truth, then the Torah becomes a way of life to us and no longer condemns us that we are sinners. Yeshua took the penalty for our sin and now we can live in Torah safety because we FIRST love Yeshua/God….now Torah no longer condemns us…as we are free from the ‘CURSE’ of the law of sin and death. Set free from the CURSE is important to understand. No longer under it’s curse. AMEIN.


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