Eclipsing Earthquakes 2 of 6 June 1 2011 – #Jerusalem Day

Eclipse # 2 in 2011

EIGHT 5+ Earthquakes on JERUSALEM DAY!

Solar Eclipse: JUNE 1 2011; 6.01.11


Occurs: 21:17:18 UTC.  e Asia, n N. America, Iceland

Seven 5+ magnitude,  One 6.3 magnitude



Japan 5.2  03:14:14 UTC

6.3, 5.4  Bio Bio Chile (S Africa) 12:55:22

5.1  Easter Island

5.2  Kermadec Islands region

5.0 Vanuatu


5.0 Columbia

5.2 Bonin Islands, Japan region

JERUSALEM DAY says it all.  The last eclipse was Tevet 28, the day of fighting over water rights.  This eclipse on Iyyar 28 celebrates Jerusalem’s right to water…This is about Jerusalem being the City of flowing water that enriches all the earth.

The first 2011 eclipse showed us the beginning of the what lead to the win in 1967…and the next 2011 eclipse celebrated the win.  Now…..stand in AWE my friends….These first two eclipses tie Jerusalem together and celebrate her.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all fought over water rights.   Without water Israel could not produce food and become the lush nation we see unfolding before our eyes.  We should be declaring great joy over the prophecy of her being in the land…and how fruitful it is today at almost 70 years.  They were authorized to be a nation by the United Nations in 1947 and was set up in Iyyar 1948…just days earlier that this date.  They celebrate their Independence almost to the day of their having Jerusalem returned to them.

 Water represents the nations and it represents the Holy Spirit poured out so nations and people can be fruitful.  Israel is fruitful today because of The Hand of Elohim in their wars…The Six-Day War was all about The Creator.  Egypt had surrendered much of it’s land to Israel in five days.  And, then God put a hook in Egypt’s nose and drew them into battle one more day.  It would be Iyyar 28 on the Hebrew calendar…The six days of miracles had won them Jerusalem on the last day…June 7, 1967.


JAPAN has ancestors as their god.  Easter replaced the Passover Seder.

What I do see is great information with this eclipse in it’s time.

Please read my latest blogs on Jacob and his leaving Laban’s house in his twentieth year with Laban.  ‘The son of my right hand’, Benjamin, is born in that 21st year.  Twenty and twenty-one are patterns running through this people group…even in Isaac’s life and Mosche bringing them back across the Yarden.

The two is the letter ‘Beit’ and represents the son occupying the house with the father there as well.

Jacob lost  Joseph when Joseph was age 17.  Jacob finds Joseph but only has him for 17 more years before Jacob dies.  Yeshua Jesus was on this earth in the year 17 AD.  It was the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  We are in the 120th Jubilee starting this fall.  We are 40 Jubilee’s from when Yeshua Jesus was here.  120 is the number of Strong’s Concordance for mankind.  It is also the number of how many years before the flood took away the bad people and it is suppose to be the age of man but today we do NOT live past 100.

Twenty is a very important number with The Messiach indwelling the house (Beit) with the father.

All of this in the timing of the June 1 partial solar eclipse….to help us to come out of darkness and see the real SON/sun.

The last earthquake on the day before, May 31, 2011 was to Loyalty Islands… Are you Loyal to The Messiach King that is coming?

Eclipse EQ June 1 2011
June 1 2011 Solar Eclipse * Jerusalem Day 1967 * 28 IYYAR * 21:17:18 UTC

Hebrew Calendar 28 Iyyar Insights

Day 43 Counting of Omer

1865   Grand Review of General Sherman’s army in Washington, D.C.

1909   Nick Winton born.  The Winton Wertheim movie depicts how Nicki and his family saved 664 Prague Czechoslovakia children before WW II.  He was born on Yom Kippur katan to save many from dark days.

1967   Six-Day War ends June 6 1967.  (6.07.67)

2001   This 2011 eclipse is the Ten-year anniversary of Allison cyclone.   First non-hurricane to cause 9 Billion in damages.  Freeport, TX, June 19, 2001 (28 Iyyar) 20-30″.

Do we see some patterns?  I do!  Yeshua Jesus returns to the Father on the 40th Day of Counting of Omer.  He comes as Holy Spirit on 50th Day of Counting of Omer, known as Shavuot and Pentecost.

This time period found men on the earth battling for their rights.  Sherman had won, Winton was born, the Six-Days of miracles, the FREE port hurricane that brought men to their knees to really free them.

Every day men are born…and what do they do with their lives?  Are they just sitting and waiting to tell others about The Messiah coming?  What were the disciples doing in Jerusalem since Yeshua Jesus told him to stay there and wait for The Comforter.  They were reviewing the Torah teachings of their master.  They would soon be sent the Holy Spirit that enabled them to win the battles.  They would go to battle in showing the Gentile how to walk in the light of The Resurrected One and how to correctly live in Torah…Yeshua the living Word.

We are flesh and blood and have to depend on the Spirit of Adonai in order to win our battles.  He tells us the battles are not of flesh and blood…but our battles are the Spirit.

Is there a theme:  Yes….JERUSALEM encapsulates all of it.  Jerusalem is the Victory City that is ordained to give us spiritual freedom in Yeshua Jesus.  We live our lives according to Torah because He first loved us.  We live as He lives…in Torah.

The heaven’s eclipses, the earth’s earthquakes, and the sea’s waters join together to declare His glory in this JERUSALEM DAY Victory eclipse.



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