FEAST TRUMPETS 2019 – Rosh Hoshana – Hillel 5780 and Gregory see eye-to-eye!

The Trumpets will sound in Israel and around the world as The Rosh (head) of the Hashanah (year) begins on the evening of September 29, 2019.

29 Elul will fade out with the shofar blowing to bring in 5780.  The world is to be quiet and listen.  Do you know the ‘sound’ of a shofar?  We are commanded to know its sound.  It is not a musical instrument but a ‘sound’ to be heard….

5780 is just 20 years from a Jubilee year.  It was in Jacob’s 20th year with Laven that he tried to leave with his two brides and concubines.  It is in the 20th century that we saw Israel (Ya’cov) rise up in her land.  We are now in the 21st century which showed Ya’cov named changed to Isra’el as his sons fought of those that just wanted to assimilate into Ya’cov for his riches.  Today is no different.  Israel is full of rich minds and rich natural gas.  Binyamin is shown to be born in Ya’cov’s 22nd year of coming out of Lavan land.

He could not see his father face-to-face…He had to go see Isaac as he was 165 years old and too old to go to Beth’el for Ya’cov’s Passover at Abraham’s Well of Oath.  Isaac represents The Spirit of YHWH that does not leave but sends himself in a flesh representative of Yeshua Jesus.

If dates were not important, our Creator would have left them out of our Bibles.  If eclipses were not important He would not make note of them…not hold His feasts on them.  We are told that the sun and moon are His witnesses and this is what He meant.  No matter where man is on the earth he can look up and know what appointment it is.

Monday, September 30, 2019 will begin the Hebrew year 5780.  And in September.. only in September…the 2019 Hillel and Gregorian calendars are date-for-date, seeing eye-to-eye and face-to-face.   No one will be without excuse to stand at this feast that hears the sound of the shofar which turns the clock ahead to a new civil year…the year that kings are announced with trumpets sounding.

The search is for the sliver of the moon while the skies are pitched into blackness.  It is a two-day festival with the blowing of shofar and the clapping of hands.  It takes two days to make sure that there is no ‘false’ signal such as a ‘false fire’ or a ‘false messiah’ seen.

We know that the time will be dark when He returns because out of the darkest of nights or times He will be seen brightly…all will look and see His brilliant radiance shining forth.  He does not return in a secret closet.  He has been here once and you will know Him by his piercings.  Heart, head, hands and feet…but no broken bones.

False calendars are multiplying as each wants to cash in on the profits of their sale.

Some sell their special technique of being in a special location in Israel to spot the barley ripen.   Israel has many different elevations, so who is to say what location can determine it?  Israel alone can set the calendar…no foreigners, certainly no haughty Gentiles and no current Jews.  It was set in 70 AD by that Sanhedrin and no one is to change it.

Since we don’t know the day or the hour of The Lord’s return (coming) we listen for HIS shofar these next two days as Month One enters.    Many will blow their shofar 99 times….and then they all together they make the 100th sound.

Reading Joshua shows us the correct pattern to follow.  For Six days…once a day…they walked around the walls of Jericho.  Then the walls fell down on the seventh day.  But only after the shofar blew continually for seven times around the city on the 7th day did they fall down.  We practice every Feast of Trumpets for 6000 years.  And then, on the 7th day we continually blow so our Creator will drop the walls of heaven and the veil is removed.

For 6000 years of history our Creator has listened for the cry of his children to come help them.  They cannot enter the new land without walls first falling down.  At the 7000-year mark there is no more practice but the real opportunity comes to enter in.  If you read Enoch 92 you will see what happens in the last year (100 years).  The  veil does open and The Watchers are brought out for judgment right before our eyes.  Are you really prepared to see it?  I believe we will all fall down as did the walls of Jericho.

Even as the Israelites were taken around the people of Moab and Amon because they would have to fight them and would have prefered going back to Egypt, perhaps false doctrines have been allowed to pacify the Christian.  They want to escape which is a normal human tendency as seen in the Israelites.  So, reading and studying the Truth is not always pleasant but it does give a person peace.

There is a plan…and YHWH is totally in charge.  The Flood took The Watchers away and The Burn will be their second judgement.  Burning removes the dross to purify the earth.  Yahweh’s children will be set in a cleft of a rock with His arm protecting them during this just as His hand protected Mosch while on Mt. Sinai.  Mosch went up and own that mountain many times in order to bring salvation to the children.  It was when they decided to be obedient is when Yahweh said He would go with them.  He went with them by a pillar of smoke during the day and a pillar of fire at night.  He did not leave them but was awed by all the nations around them.

Every year each generation is to practice for that special day of Feast of Trumpets.  It seems most Christians can justify doing Passover also known as Pesach because it looks to his death, burial and resurrection…and Yeshua Jesus held their own ‘seder’ meal the night he was taken to be crucified.  But, what about the festival fifty days after His death and resurrection?  If we don’t have the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) then we aren’t drawn to the Father.  It is in the Spirit that we can worship The Creator who is Spirit.

As I study I notice that the earliest festival seen celebrated is Shavuot.  The Ruach HaKodesh has always been celebrated since we see it recorded with Enoch.  The Holy Spirit has always been on the earth and is not a New Age concept starting at what is known as the New Testament.  We have a New Covenant because we have a living God and He never died but rose up…participating in His covenants promised to the earth.

After completing 7000 years our world enters year Eight of God’s plan for mankind.  This is a time that a new heaven and earth are seen with no more tears or crying.

There was no talking….only silence from the people….as the shofar blew on all previous six days.  They went out for six days and then they went out on the Seventh day.  They not only blew their shofar but now it was time for the people to participate and yell for joy.   For six days (6000 completed years) no one saw God since He is spirit.  Our shofars blow today as we seek to hear His shofar sounding back saying He is coming.  His spirit hovers over the earth in a quiet whisper as He listens for our call to Him just as He was in the quiet whisper to Elijah.   He is not alway in the noise but in the quiet time with us.

For 6000 years man will call to Him and then He will come.  Joshua and Caleb had them blow their shofar each day for 6 days unto The Lord.  No one was speaking a word.  Only the sound of the shofar was heard calling for Yahweh’s help.  The enemies walls do fall when we are silent and listen to His calling us.  He leaves us in this world but He will also take us out of this world into a new land prepared for those who love Him.

The Sixth Day, what else do we know about it?   It is years 36-42 in the jubilee cycle.  I see it showing up as a time of silence right before the time of rest 43-50.   It is a time of twisting and turning to reach that which brings rejoicing on the Seventh Day.

I see the Seven branches on the Menorah showing us these time-lines.  It is Israel’s national symbol besides the wonderful Star of David.  These things are only negative to those that look to make them that.  YHWH has the authority over the earth and not Satan.  Adam was given authority over the earth and not Satan.  Satan was kicked out and has no authority except for what you allow.  I claim the Scripture, ‘Greater is He that is you, than he that is in the world.”  I give zero claim to Satan in my life and give him no foothold in any corner of my mind.

Therefore, I love the Menorah…a symbol of Israel and a symbol of YHWH light in The Temple.  Mosche used it in The Wilderness and it was used in The Temple.   I see it also used in the cycles of history that are playing out on the earth.

The last arm on the Menorah could be the middle arm as it is known as The Service candle.  It is also represented by the pomegranate which contains so many seeds that some claim it has 613 representing The Torah.  Seven arms with the center arm lifted up shows Yeshua lifted up and is the focus of service.  He burned,,died on a stake…to become…Light to the world.  He is the King of Kings who comes to reign one thousand years from David’s throne on earth…during the Seventh thousand years of earth’s history.

The 7th arm of the menorah would also represent Him in our rest as He is our Shabbat.

The Sabbath is a rehearsal that guides us for 7000 years on the earth also pointing to the ‘Eighth Day’.  At the ‘Eighth Day’ the walls of heaven will fall and reveal what is behind that veil…that thin veil…that is patterned in Jericho’s heavy brick walls.

Passover was a rehearsal that came true.  It is still rehearsed so we don’t forget that God came in the flesh to save us from eternities death penalty.

Shavuot is rehearsed as we need the Holy Spirit in us.

Trumpet is rehearsed because we look for His return and to protect our walls.

Yom Kippur is honored with a Fast.  It shows our respect for who made us.

Feast of Tabernacles is rehearsed as it is the time of The Wedding Feast.  We want to be part of that banquet and not the one that the vultures are eating.


The Feast of Trumpets is a rehearsal that came to us since the instructions through Moses and Joshua.    Join by making a ‘noise’ and clapping your hands all you nations.  Let us celebrate The Lord returning to the earth.

We know The Festival to rehearse is The Feast of Trumpets…go buy a horn..a ram’s horn.  We may not know the year but we do the day….Two days long…when the darkness leaves and the sliver of the moon is seen…when the skies open up brightly and the heavens shake…we will know to hide or lie flat…for all flesh shall bow the knee at His presence.

Look up as your redemption is nigh…

We are commanded to meet together……..if you don’t know His Feasts….you do NOT know when to meet to rehearse.  If you don’t know when to meet, you really don’t KNOW Him.   You know about his saving blood but you don’t know how He wants celebrated.  To much that is given, much will be required.   We are to get past the ‘milk’ and eat the ‘meat’ of The Word.

(It is NOT at Christmas….nor Eastar…..)  These days blend Him into the world as they came from traditions of man.  God’s Feast days are special unto him and we operate on them according to His ways.  We never tell The Creator how we want to worship Him because He has patterns on how, where, when, why and how to worship Him.  His desires point and point and point to His plans for us in this world and what He has prepared for us.

When we replace His plans with our own plans, we replace His future plans.  Oh, it’s still on schedule but it will be a sad thing when so many wanted to come to His banquet and they are left during the millennial reign because they didn’t know about or come to the dress rehearsals.

He doesn’t care what day you celebrate Him (Sunday), but He does care if you MISS His Appointed times which include The Sabbath…made for man.

Did you try to find a Seder to attend?  Did you have one of your own?  Every day this week we are told to eat ‘unleavened’.  It reminds us not to have sin in our lives.  If you do this every day you having communion with Him…remembering He gave His body for you…  Why not add some grape juice and drink it recognizing He gave His God-blood for you.  Yes communion every day this week represents Passover.  He says you want to leave Egypt, too.

On February 1 2014 the Pope Gregory and Hillel calendar’s aligned.  September 25 2014  begin a Shemittah year which ended September 13, 2015.

These 12 months held four Total lunar eclipses known as a Tetrad.  A Total lunar eclipse occurred on Nissan 14 twice and Tishrei 15 twice.  Passover was celebrated by the first eclipse in 2014 and 2015 finished with the fourth Total lunar eclipse on Tishrei 15, Day 1 of Sukkot known as The Feast of Tabernacles.  2015 closed it signaling that He desires to dwell with man.

It looked like this:  Total Eclipse on Nissan 14; Tishrei 15, Nissan 14, Tishrei 15.  It is a double reinforcement for The Lord’s Feasts.  Tetrads (four consecutive lunar eclipses) are very rare and seem to occur when signaling about Israel.  It happened after they became a nation and war broke out.  It happened in 1967 when they had The Six Day War.  And now in these 2014-2015 dark lunar eclipses President Obama refused that Jerusalem was Israel’s capitol and he intentionally showed his disrespect for Israel by bringing Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu in the back door of the White House.  Israel would end their eight-year relationship with Obama when President Trump in 2016 said that Israel was his friend and he took action to prove it.

Other prophetic things happened in 2015 as we watched the Middle East covered by a sandstorm shutting down airlines for a week and making people sick.  Iran blamed Iraq  and Egypt and Iraq and Egypt blaming Iran for not planting their desert.

Then, on Day One of The Feast of Tabernacles Tishrei 15 2015 it would later be seen on video a 15-year old Jewish boy gave witness to his after death experience.  He had died and was revived to report that God’s War had begun on 27 Elul.  I remember these things and now bring them back to our attention.

It is not by mistake that this information was given to us and how this boy’s parents wanted him out of this lime light. It was all too prophetic for them as they were just Orthodox Jews and not into anything prophetic.  Their son did not know anything about prophecy and yet he told very prophetic detail.

I knew this boy was correct in his date because on that day the crane had fallen in Mecca killing a hundred worshipers.  A strange lightning storm quickly came and then an earthquake of about 5 magnitude was registered in that area that moved the earth and caused dust shaking the ground in that worship center.  The Osama bin’laden construction company was at fault to pay for damages.  It was the video cameras that proved it was an earthquake and storm but they were responsible for not having their heavy equipment not secured as it fell on people.

And, ten days later bodies would pile up in Mecca when someone disrupted the flow of people and they piled up on each other as those from the back could not stop walking from being pushed.  About 1,100 died from that accident.  The month of Elul ended in tragedy for the Muslims with Iran threatening lawsuits over the several accidents.

I remember that at Creation Week (22 – 29 Elul) there was horrific sandstorm that covered The Middle East.  It felt like the chaos that covered the earth that God separated.

Yes, the Hebrew calendar in 2015 opened and closed in tragedy for those not on that calendar.  But it was seen by those on that calendar.  Did people not want to hear from a fifteen-year old that died in his aunt’s bedroom and witnessed by relatives and yet revived to tell us that ‘He was coming soon’, Yah’s War had begun, “it is not what you wear on your hand or head that is important but it is what is in your heart” and other wonders of heaven? he said.  He gave descriptions of the things in heaven that a young boy his age should not have known about.

The clock is ticking…

Months that align –

Right before Passover 2014 the two calendars aligned in February which was Adar I. February 1 was 1 Adar 5774.

When I saw this I did a study on when the two calendars align.  It looked at 52 years of months.  I can tell you that it is a very rare thing to occur.  I began in the year 2000 with only September aligning in that year.  In 2003 two months aligned.  In 2006 two months aligned.  In 2008 one month aligned.  In 2011 one month aligned.  Some of the months may have been a day off but very rarely.  I was looking for an exact match and then I considered the one day of grace between them.

The Sixth Shemittah Cycle:  2014

The  year of 2014 is still amazing to look at.  It holds THREE months align and they align together.  It is as if our Creator was pointing to a time in history that would begin a new program.

In 2014 the Hillel calendar added an extra 29 days to its calendar similar to the Gregorian adding an extra day every four years, known as leap year.

Here is what 2014 looked like in what was the 6th Shemittah cycle of which is known for double and triple portions.  It is the 7th Shemittah cycle or 7th day that brings the rest.  I saw this double and triple pattern in earthquakes too and so this should not surprise us but truly AMAZE us instead.  It’s a pattern that runs through the earth and can show up in your own life.

Repeat:  In the Shemittah cycle that is Six (6) three out of its thirteen months line up exactly with the Gregorian calendar.  It also had one month that was just one day off and so we will show you that as well.

2014:  4 or 12 months align – 1/3

January 2 is 1 Shevat 5774

It skips March

February 1 is 1 Adar 5774

April 1 is 1 Nissan 5774

May 1 is 1 Iyyar 5774

Months that are day for day:  February, April, May 2014; 5774

Months that are 1 day apart:  January 2014, 5774

The next alignment was not until 2016 when December 1 was 1 Kislev 5776.

2017 and 2018 had no alignments.

2019 – September 1 is 1 Elul 5779 – Fourth Shemittah Cycle.

2019 – September 27 is 27 Elul 5779 – It is also the Fourth Anniversary of God’s War.  Two days after this anniversary the Shemittah year changes to the Fifth cycle.

2022 is just three years away.

The storms are brewing as the nine is represented by a snake or basket..something that surrounds.  It is a twisting figure.  Every number and letter can represent good and evil.  There is nothing that does not have a purpose to bring God’s glory.

On Tishrei 1 5780 the number of new beginning (8) is seen.  We have several things yet to consider when looking at the Gregorian year 2019 that ends on December 31, 2019.

It is the Hebrew’s Hillel calendar that ends on September 30 2019 which is 1 Tishrei 5780.  We might as well change our thinking to God’s thinking right then and there so we don’t miss what’s going on in the universe.

There will be an overage in activity as things change, but all the same, we will see each month very closely as they are only one day apart in August and October 2019.

Here is what  2019 looks like:

August 2 is 1 Av (the Erev before a Sabbath)

Sept 1 is 1 Elul

October 1 is 2 Tishrei (Feast of Trumpets day 2)

November 1 is 3 Cheshvan

On September 30, 2019 it will be the New Year of 5780; and it will also become Shemittah Cycle Five (5).

The number four is the letter ד dahlet represented by the picture of a door.  The door is open and the letter ‘hei’  also known as the number five places us just past the middle of the 7-year cycle.  At this typing on April 25, Nissan 19 2019 we could say that we are at the 3.5 year-mark of God’s War Seven Year War – (2015-2022).  By the New Year that closes out on 29 Elul 2019,  we are at the four year anniversary of God’s War that began 27 Elul 2015.

I’d like to say that God could have a 40-year war or a 50-year war, but because we’re programmed into the number seven and thinking half way through it is 3.5 years or 1260 days we can wonder if it truly is soon.  Personally, I think there are many wars and they will all occur so people of that age will keep looking for their King to arrive.  We must not tire of looking for Him.

We did see the earth shake that day in Tishrei, 2015.  Did they learn from it or are the Arabs still fighting with their brothers?  Have these brothers stopped fighting with Christians?  Who is it that thinks it is a righteous act to blow up religious institutions with people inside?  This is NOT a plan of our ‘living God’.

It seems everything happening is ‘fake’.   Even bombings and killings are made to look as if the other guy did it.  Fame is sought and now man’s vengeance can go out on the earth.

Our world has gone mad because of disrespect for life.  I just poured myself into understanding the history of, The Caliph.    We see that the desire of a single leader to honor a ‘bucket list’ wish to conquer land that his predecessor had caused thousands upon thousands unjustifiable deaths because of that caliph’s death wish.

I would like to ask if his ‘death wish’ is ever satisfied?   I’d like to ask that when a battle that you pursued and caused and then you are defeated in, in which you know feel dishonored…where do the wars end?

How many years later will vengeance be sought to claim back your honor?  Isn’t vengeance The Lord’s job?   Whose honor was stolen in the first place?  If you lost a battle, then you lost a battle.   You should not have knocked on that door in the first place.  Where do we finally say, “Vengeance is The Lord’s” and not claim it as our right to kill others for centuries on end?

So many doors to open and to close. Let us close the doors to death this next year and open the door (dahlet) to behold (hei) righteous living.  No more bombings and no more fake people, fake news…no more fake doors to open and the bogie man lives inside scaring people, zombies movies with the walking dead everywhere.  STOP…our world MUST become happy in order to survive.

Who is knocking on what door?  The Dahlet is the number four in the Hebrew language and represented in the picture language of a door.  In the Book of Revelation our Creator has a story about churches.  These churches all needed some type of correction.

The church (not a person) is to whom our Creator is knocking on its door.  The ‘church’ today is lukewarm and says it’s okay as it is.  It likes Christmas and Easter and thinks God likes it, too.  Hmm…  I really doubt if you would like someone changing your birthday, especially when you honor it by putting it on a day that celebrated the demigod Tammuz.

We are half way through God’s War of 2015.  Our earth truly feels as if it is being turned upside down.  And the worst of it is that we think we’re sinless.  If you watch America’s latest snow bombs are the cause of  record flooding along the Mississippi River.  The states that discussed and tried voting for more abortions and more liberal abortions felt the ‘Hand of God’ on them.  These states sin are now affecting the lower states with their melting waters.

The Holy Spirit is known as water and is giving all our states a heavy mikvah (baptism).  The United States have turning into the Pharaohs and  the Herod’s of killing full term children.  There is not one thing right about abortion as a woman could have a C-section and adopt out that child.

There is nothing right about a specie that wants to end itself.   We are to look to our ‘living Elohim’ who desires for us to live.  We will continue to be destroyed from the outside because we continue to destroy ourselves from within.  We allow an instrument to cut up and ripe out of us a person created in God’s image and we don’t expect it’s Maker to retaliate?

No one has the right to destroy life.   He has a set time for every birth and a set time for us to die.  No religion, group or person should take part in the killing of pre-ordained to be born on this earth… those created in the image of God.


We have signals all around us.  On Nissan 29, just two weeks after the Passover 2014 we witnessed an Annular total eclipse Saros series 148.  It reminds me of the year Israel became a nation in 1948.  Nissan 29 was also April 29, 2014…it was face-to-face that everyone knew this day of darkness….which is trying to turn us to the His light.  Israel is the nation purposed to show ‘Light’ to the world.

When we saw the Sixth Shemittah cycle of 2014 it held three months of face-to-face daily encounters.  On the Sixth Day they were given double blessing of mana to eat.  That food showed them the Sabbath rest…no need to shop or make food on Day Seven…it’s meant for only being happy.  Double blessing or double cursing is the lesson,  In 2014 it went beyond double and showed triple light as three months in a row were not hindered by Pope Gregory’s calendar.  Hillel was in full view with Gregory.

Let us not also forget the eclipses of 2014 and 2015.  2014 also had a partial solar eclipse on 29 Tishrei, October 23, 2014.  It occurred two weeks after the Total Lunar eclipse.  This is normal for lunar to follow the solar like this.

The Moon-only eclipse occurs when the moon is full in the middle of the month (15).  The solar eclipses happen when the moon has waned into three days of darkness.

It’s Saros series was 153.  These numbers add up to mean, ‘sons of God’.  The eclipse is a signal and they also point to The Lord’s Feasts.  And, this happens to be the number of fish Yeshua had his disciples catch.   They were his sons and he was their rabbi.  He fed them food and He fed them truth especially for those final 40 days before He left the earth at 27 AD.

The Hillel calendar was set according to His clock known as, The Feasts.  The Lord’s Feasts align with eclipses.  Thus pastors should not speak of them as silly omens.

ALSO…and this is a big ALSO…man can NOT change Yahweh’s calendar.  It does not matter if NASA has it’s set schedule.  It does not matter if man wants to use a moon only calendar.  It does not matter if man wants to use a solar only calendar.  It does not matter if someone moves to the land of Israel and wants to declare when the barley ripens……

None of it matters…because there is one agent on this earth that was given the authority to set the calendar.  It was a special group of men that saw the dispersion was inevitable.  They saw The Temple had been compromised and they saw that YHWH had allowed it to be burnt down.  They met and they secured the Hillel calendar.  It was the Sanhedrin that followed after their teacher Hillel and they set it in place.  It would add 30 extra days every so often…and it would be the standard to guide all of The Lord’s Feasts.

People can argue that some of today’s rabbis are too rabbinical.    But, what we have no right to argue or change is The Hillel calendar that was set in place by the 70 AD Sanhedrin.  It is this calendar that YHWH honors today.  And, as Enoch tells us…if we don’t give honor to God’s calendar we may be off by ten days and be honoring a different gods festival.

Enoch was concerned and he made Noach concerned who had Abraham concerned about God’s calendar.  In fact, to endorse any other of man’s calendars is putting yourself into darkness.  Through this calendar we see patterns set before us…even the 2014-2015 eclipses confirm the Hillel calenda

Benjamin was born in the 22nd year from Ya’cov’s aligning with Laven’s family. We also see Benyamin born at year 2200. He is the pattern to our King Yeshua who also was a suffering servant and also raised up.

 We can see Benjamin born…Abraham…Isaac birth and death and more.  All of these give memorial to the original calendar so The Lord will not be forgotten on the earth.  Why not move off of any other calendar than The Lord’s calendar?  The sooner you do the sooner our pastors can give the sheep what they want…the Truth.  I believe pastors want to lead their sheep, but some sheep don’t want to change pastures.  Sometimes the sheep’s leg had to be broken and the sheep carried to bring it back to safer ground.

When the sheep return, the Shepherd can rest and build a relationship with all of them…so none are lost.

The Lord’s Feasts are forever……… make no mistake about it……..forever.

SHOW UP!  The calendars align so NO one will be without excuse.