Tornadoes – Second Season


Biblical Proportion with Biblical Portions


I bring you this report as I stand again amazed at the timing of these tornadoes.  Today, is November 17, 2015.  It has always been a special day because it is my younger sisters birthday.  My father’s birthday was November 13, 1920.  He was 95 years old when Paris was devastated losing 129 people and wounding 352 for a total of 481 people shows lives are turned upside down.

Tornadoes also turn our lives upside down.  God turns lives upside down.  Men always want to know ‘why’ God would allow bad things to happen.  Death has always been part of life, but we usually think that we will die quietly in our sleep….until recently….that is how we thought it be.

But………when we study the bible we see that there are blessings attached to God’s instructions.  Thus, if we choose to go against God’s instruction, then we can assume we will have to accept the opposite of blessing, which is bringing a curse on ourselves.

About a month ago God convicted me to write about honor.  I didn’t write on it because I’ve come to realize that the word ‘honor’ is a big thing in the Middle East.  But, as I kept studying the scriptures daily, I could see it was a serious theme with God.  When we give honor here on earth, then we will naturally give honor to our Father who created us.  It will go hand in hand.

What I need to show you is quite interesting…because it follows a pattern.  We are going to see tornadoes follow the pattern of the Hebrew Scripture readings that have been set down in centuries past.  We are going to see the 1335th Day of Daniel jump out at us.  We are going to see Noah’s Flood come to a close with a thump and twist of tornadoes.  We are going to see God’s plan for them in particular Shemittah cycles.

Can we make heads or tails of these things???  The answer is, Yes.  There is nothing that is not known by our Creator as he knows how men’s hearts are growing increasingly wicked.  We are going to see God’s hand in these tornadoes.

I have a strong interest in Halliburton Oil because they are part of God’s 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  They were the ones who supplied the cement that failed.  Or, was it the cement not properly applied that failed?  I think the later to be true.  Haliburton Refinery is now removed.  Adonai had closed it’s door because of the oil slow down in the world and it was empty with zero employees around.  Today there is not much left at the Pampa area in the pan handle of Texas.    The Gulf Oil spill began on Israel’s Independence Day and it finally was closed off on Tishrei 11, known as Yom Kippur…Day 2.  It was not the final judgment..but a judgment.  This final closure of this particular refinery would be November 4 2015 as Kislev 5 would begin at dusk on the Hebrew calendar.

In my meekest opinion, I have dubbed Kislev as, The War Month.  God moves and brings about things that move men to the next stage to accomplish His will.  Pearl Harbor will happen on Kislev 25.  Are you ready????  It began on Chanukah Day 1.   Is it a coincidence that God would allow that attack America on the day that the Macabees re-dedicated the Holy Temple after Antiochus Epiphanes desolated it with a hog on it’s altar three years earlier?  Was America ask to come to the aid of Jews that knocked on their harbor doors and were refused..go away?  Yes,  and nearly 1000 died on that ship.  God is the avenger and America has much blood on it’s hands.

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with our world and past history just coming through the first month of Tishrei and now Noah’s Flood in the second month of Cheshvan.  The calendar that we are on right now matches exactly with the years 33-34 AD.  We are now living the on the same calendar that Yeshua (Jesus) experienced as he walked to the cross/stake.  Nissan will be here soon when he is crucified.  My friends, we will either start joinig God on His Hebrew calendar or we are going to stand googled eyed and not knowing why google didn’t inform us of these things. reported today about the 38 unconfirmed touch downs of tornadoes that occurred last night and that is continuing today.  The pattern had a KS to TX path and moving into the southern states to MS and TN

I’m going to show you a report on the most tornadoes that have occurred in the Fall known as the, Second Season.   The jet stream is where the jets fly.  That cold jet stream air from the north is pushed south and meets with the Mexico Gulf warm waters.  This conjunction causes hail, wind, lightening and tornadoes. We are goig to look at those dates and put them on God’s Hebrew calendar.  But first, I want to show you what I’ve been studying the last several weeks, because then you’ll see the pattern that God is working.

I’ll start at the beginning as we just began Genesis.  The scripture readings were decided upon by many rabbis and now these are the scriptures readings that are read all around the world by believers on the Sabbath and during the week.  You will find that the world activities will actually correspond to these readings as the biblical characters lives and activities jump alive in our own time line.

The title may not make sense to the entire study as the title comes from just a few of the beginning words.

B’reisheet “In the Beginning”, Gen 1:1-6-8; Isaiah 42:5-43:10   (October 10, 2015)

Noach “Noah”, Gen 6:9-11:32; Isaiah 66:1-24   (October 17, 2015)

Lecha Lecha “Go forth”, Gen 12-17; Isaiah 40:27-41:16  (October 24, 2015)

Vayera “He appeared”, Gen 18:1-22:24; II Kings 4:1-37  (October 31, 2015)

Chayei Sarah “Life Sarah”, Gen 23:1-25:18; I Kings 1:1-31  (November 7, 2015)

Toldot “Generations, history”, Gen 25:19-28:9; I Sam 20:18-42   (November 14, 2015)

Vayetze “He went out”, Gen 28:10-32:3; Hosea 12:13-14:10  (November 21, 2015)

Vayischlach “He sent”, en 32:4-36:43; Obadiah 1:1-21  (November 28, 2015)


Largest ‘Second Season” Tornadoes by

105    Nov 21-23, 1992

93     Nov. 23-24, 2004

82     Nov. 9-11, 2002

74     Nov 17, 2013

66     Nov 23-24, 2001


You will appreciate the study of these dates as you understand God’s Hebrew calendar.

  1.  105 tornadoes *  Nov 21-23 1992 is Cheshvan 25-27.  6th Shemittah cycle * 25 years to the next Jubilee year 2017.

This is a very special ‘second season’ of tornadoes.  They occur on The Sabbath, The Life of Sarah, and the 1335th day of Daniel.  This year, in 2015, we too experienced the 1335th day on the Sabbath and the scriptures are, The Life of Sara just as they were in 1992.

(Read my blog on 33-34 AD being the year matching our Fall 2015 and a few months into 2016 that also match the days Yeshua/Jesus was making his way to the cross in Nissan/Passover.)

The life of Sara is really ending and she separates herself from Abraham by moving her tent since he tried to kill her ONLY son.  He will travel to mourn over her.  Isaac is living with her and will wait three more years until he marries from the house of his mother’s brother, Laban.  Laban is important in our lives today as the Muslims use Laban as the white part of the French flag….more later.

Cheshvan 25 is the 1335th day of Daniel.  His 12:7 prophecy shows an ‘abomination of desolation’ that is set up and is witnessed on the 1290th day.   We can see this prophecy applied as far back as Noah getting off the ark Cheshvan 27…he made it.  The pattern of Noah is repeated in Daniel.  If you can make it to the 1335th day, then  you will be blessed.   Noah was blessed because he stayed put until after the date Cheshvan 25.  I write about this interesting day under “As in the Days of Noah’ post.  Now, I just witnessed it again in these tornadoes.

Most of these tornadoes will be after Cheshvan 25 except for this largest amount.  It makes sense that they would be at this timing.

The 105 most tornadoes in the ‘second season’ began on Cheshvan 25, the day Noah is tucked away safely twice.  He is in there when the waters are churning and they are still in the ark until God let’s his foot step out on dry ground on Cheshvan 27.    The last tornadoes occur on the day Noah is allowed to set foot on the earth once again.  This my friends, is only by the Hand of God and will excite only those who see Him as being alive and active in your life.  Flood done…Tornadoes done.

Next, The Life of Sarah scripture readings are key.  Chayei Sarah “Life Sarah”, Gen 23:1-25:18; I Kings 1:1-31. The TOP patriarchs head up the TOP number of tornadoes.  The tornadoes begin with Sarah.  God does not want you to miss anything.  This is another pattern that shows that we start at the beginning to see the end.   Sarah’s ending is really the beginning.  She had to be removed so Isaac could find a wife.

If we can understand what Adonai is teaching us, then I believe we could have a better ending.  We do not have to be caught up in the mess of destruction…He wraps his protective arms around us so we don’t burn and we aren’t devoured by the lions of our world…Daniel is our example of keeping us safe in the furnace and in the lion’s den.

Sixth Shemittah cycle.  It has the severest of squeezing to finally come to a release of being set free in the 7th cycle, known as the Shemittah year.  This is the year that God will give double and triple blessing for obedience to the Torah, or you may find yourself seeing double and triple cursing.

     2.  93 tornadoes *  Nov 23-24, 2004.  Kislev 10, 11.  4th Shemittah cycle, 13 years until Jubilee year 2017.

These tornadoes are going to give us a different message, but I still want to see the biblical lessons in them.  They occur on Tuesday and Wednesday, Kislev 10 and 11.  The Scripture readings for the Sabbath was Vayetze “He went out’ and Vayishlach, ‘He sent’.  They will be discussed shortly so I won’t here.  Check them out yourself.  And, they still follow The Life of Sarah.  Jacob struggles with God at the well, he stays at Laban’s house acquiring his two wives, 12 children during 3 Shemittah cycles.  He arrives back to the same place and this time he knows he can do nohting without Adonai’s blessing.  God sees his heart and changes his name to Israel.  The studies close with Joseph in Egypt and the chief baker is hung.

Thus, we see that pattern that Jacob got his new name to begin the Fourth Shemittah cycle of 7 years.  He loses Rachael in that 21st year giving birth to Benjamin.    God considers the fruit of the trees his through the third year and then declares the fruit to be man’s in the fourth year.  Jacob removes his fruit (children) from Laban’s evil house, spends a year coming back and begins the fourth 7-year cycle settling with a newborn.

Jacob will turn into 70 nations, but for now we see 93 tornadoes…..

What is Kislev 10 and 11?

The Macabees have joined forces with other Jews and have the final battle for the Temple.  They win on Kislev 15.  They clean it for 10 days and dedicate it Kislev 25.  Chanukah is known as, The Festival of Lights.  These tornadoes remind us of the battles still waging for God’s Holy Mount in our lives with Matthew Maccabee dying.  He dies but many live and give rise to the Temple Mount removing Zeus and the pig sacrifice.  (How many people roast hogs at the church functions and eat ham for Easter and Christmas?….To me…it is being sensitive to those that gave their lives for what God had for them to do at that time.)  I don’t go around wearing a Nazi arm band because in my mind wearing it doesn’t mean what it use to….kill Jews!    I don’t go around play cops and robbers with a yellow arm band on one person representing a Jew and the other having a gun shooting at them.  We don’t shoot at Indians any longer either… God’s kids have to grow up.

Kislev 10 and Kislev 11 –

Helena Montana 6. EACH day.

Kislev 10 –

1895 Alfred Nobel signs last will created Peace Award

1906 Tolstoy (War & Peace daughter Countess Maria Lcovna Talstaya, d. 35.

1947 6.3 – 8.0 Montana Felt 388,000 sq kilo, MT WY ID WA.  75th Anniv. to the day of 1869 6. Helena

1957   8.0 Central Mongolia

1969   4.5 W Virginia largest quake on 100 year Anniv. Helen MT 6. 22 Anniv 1947 6-8.0 Montana quake.

Kislev 11 –  

Sherman’s Army famous “March to the Sea’ takes Fort McAllister, Confederates evacuate city.

Tolstoy wrote War and Peace and was a Torah lover who wanted no wealth.  He invited Jews into his home whereas his wife was disgusted with this.  They disagreed about wealth and at least split it among his children while he was still living.

God marches across history with shaking men and shaking quakes…..and shaking tornadoes…Kislev 10 and 11 on the March to Zion to recapture Jerusalem…..  it all fits.


3.  82 tornadoes * Nov 9-11, 2002.  Kislev 4, 5, 6.  Second Shemittah cycle.  Begin on Toldot Sabbath. 15 years until Jubilee 2017. 

Toldot is the study after The Life of Sarah.  We just lived it out with The Paris Executions beginning at dusk as the Sabbath began.  We saw how Esau’s family has spread across our earth.  We continue in this study to see two brothers still not getting along as was shown in the Paris Executions.  The study will be about the lives of Jacob and Esau, the birthright freely given to Jacob by Esau, but the blessing is stolen via his mother, Rebecca.  Jacob leaves home for Rebecca’s brother Laban to find a wife.  Ishmael takes a Canaanite wife from Ishmael family to spite his parents.  Esau has no honor for parents through Ishmael.  THIS generational sin has not been dealt with….to this very day….and is the reason #Paris killings happened.

82 tornadoes over three days.  It is Kislev 4, 5, 6.  Again, we have a battle raging before the Maccabees and the other Jews win the Temple back on Kislev 10 to dedicate it on Kislev 25.

2002 is in the 2nd Shemittah cycle.  We are 15 years into the 50th Jubilee year of 2017.  We have 35 years to go.  5 x 7 is 35…Five Shemittah cycles to go.  I’m just bringing you some figures but not weighing in on anything yet…just thinking….

2002 coordinates with 2nd cycle.

2002 and 2015 have Toldot Kislev 4 on the Sabbath.

Toldot means history or generations so let’s peak at some history on these three days.

Kislev 4

1835 Andrew Carnegie b.  Dunfemline Scotland, d. 1919.  Schooled at ages 8-13. RR and Steel tycoon.  Dad unstable… d. 1855, mother demanding, he moved to America.

(Esau and Jacob are fighting for father’s blessing.)

Kislev 5 – Sunday

1783 5.3 New Jersey largest VI intensity, Sunday

1929 5+ KS, Sabbath Toldot, covered 1000 sq miles.  4th of series of quakes

1938 –   Autumn Wake – days after final day of 7-year Shemittah cycle.

1941 – 8.1 St. Vincent Ridge

Kislev 6

1963   JFK Assassinated, Lee Harvey Oswald


4.  74 tornadoes – Nov 17 2013 – Kislev 14 –  6th Shemittah cycle. Sunday.  4 year to Jubilee year 2017.

In one day 74 tornadoes.  This would set a record for a single day… KISLEV 14 – WOW –   It was the severing 6th Shemittah year of double and triple blessing or cursing.  It was Kislev 14…the day before they WON the temple back after three years.  It was the extreme do or die battle of the Maccabee family.  Mathew Maccabee would die, but the Temple was won on Kislev 15.

The Torah reading for the day before was Vayishlach (He sent).  Jacob feared Esau, sent gifts ahead.  Jacob wrestles with the man of God all night and Jacob’s hip is displaced.  Adonai has sent tornadoes to wrestle with us to get us to beg for His blessings.

Jacob’s name is changed to Israel.  The hash marks in the Hebrew text show that the meeting was false from Esau as they were like bite marks from Esau in Jacob’s neck.  Jacob goes a different direction after their meeting.  We see them together when they bury Abraham.

For current history we have destructive quakes, Tetrad eclipse signals on Kislev 14…wow…The last day of the battle with Antiochus Epiphanes…. the new Rome that wanted Jerusalem would still be the Rome that tore it down in 70 AD with General Titus.  135 years later the Temple would be gone.  (Halliburton’s temple of oil was removed Monday night, November 14, 2015…this is a BIG story in God’s book!)

1755 VIII Massachusetts quake

1927   2 of 4 Total Lunar Tetrad eclipse

1928  4 of 4 Total Lunar Tetrad eclipse

God puts His feasts days on his special days.  Here we see them honoring Chanukah, the winning of the Temple.  The battle of Jerusalem.  Will war begin or end this day?  I think so…We just had The Blood Moons as signals from our Creator in 2014-2015 on Passover (Yeshua/Jesus blood saving us) and The Feast of Tabernacles (Yeshua dwelling with man). KEEP Kislev 14 in your minds as you walk through history in your new Hebrew mindset.

1936   Japan Germany Pact – WWII

1956    Total Lunar eclipse

2011     Total Lunar

2011     6.7 Mexico earthquake

2012     Penumbral Lunar, moon was in Taurus forehead

2013    Russia 7.7 Scotia Sea.  shallow, 10 feet deep

ISON Comet discovered

UN allows Palestinians in but w/o voting rights

5.  66 Tornadoes November 23-24, 2001.  Kislv 8, 9 * Shabbot Erev Vayetze, “He went out”.  16 years to Jubilee 2017.

Six is the number of man since he was created on the sixth day.  It is the letter vav which is represented by a shepherd’s staff or hook.  It connects and is the word ‘and’. Let’s look at what is connected man to these tornadoes.

The Sabbath began at dusk the day these sixty-six tornadoes began.  They would go into the Sabbath.  Vayetze is, “He went out.”  This study shows us Jacob began his trip from Be’er Sheva and traveled to Haran.  He was sent out by his parents to find himself a wife from his mother’s household.  As the sun set (begins the next day) he placed a stone under his head which this stone later would be anointed and called, Beit ‘el…House of God, because he met God there as angels went up and down the ladder.

Were there 66 angels?  I don’t know but it would not surprise me since Adonai is a God of patterns.  We see children by Leah, concubines, and finally Rachel will have Joseph.  Laban spends three weeks catching up to them (21 days) as Jacob in leaving in the 21st year after serving Laban for 20 years.  They had a Covenant meal with Laban speaking it in Aramaic and Jacob in Hebrew.  They agreed not to pass on the other side of the tower of stones to cause harm to the other.  Laban swore by the God of Abraham and also the god of Nachor.  Jacob swore by the One his father Yitz’chak feared.

These 66 tornadoes came after Americas twin towers fell and the Pentagon was defiled.   The stones of covenant are broken.  Esau spoke loudly to Jacob that day.   They swore not to defile the anointed stones,but men break covenants between themselves everyday.  It is God’s covenant that are never broken.

September 11, 2001 was 23 Elul.  In six days the 7th Shemittah year would end.  29 Elul is the last day for anything to fall that is going to fall.  This shaking of America’s financial towers were also signs of the world’s financial towers falling.

The Day of Remission is the last day of the seven-year Shemittah cycle.  The days that follow can have what is known as, waves.  The crumbling can still happen as the fall may not be complete.  These 66 tornadoes came on Kislev 8 and 9.  The Fall wave continued.  The Maccabees are six days from winning the Temple back on Kislev 15 165 BC.

23 Elul is a few days before the first week of Creation.  25 Elul is considered Creation Day 1 so 23 Elul would be a world in chaos if we wanted a sense of a picture in our mind.  September 11 has been a spiraling down of chaos for America and the world.  It is 14 years to the 2017 Jubilee year.  It is 2 7-year cycles.  It is the exact amount of time that Jacob worked for each of his brides.  Seven years for Leah (righteous wife) and seven years for Rachel (idol worshiping wife).  Fourteen years and then six more years for the livestock; thus a total of twenty years.  One more year makes twenty-one years in which the idolatrous woman is removed while giving birth to Joseph’s brother, Benjamin.  Jacob in his old age still can not let go of Benjamin as he loved his idolatrous wife and Joseph was lost as well.  He then lost Benjamin to Egypt.  God put extreme hooks in Jacob’s nose to protect him from annihilation from the famine.  God’s hand of protection did not seem like protection at the time.

Oh, if we could just see this picture and turn to the righteous way of God and not the world.  Rachel is buried outside of Hebron and not honored to lie in state in the memorial to Abraham Sarah, Isaac and Leah, even today.

It was 23 Elul to Kislev 8 that we must count.  America’s 911 to America’s 66 tornadoes on the Shabbot of Vayetz ‘He went out’.  74 days went by from the shaking of the minds and financial foundations of America to Elohim’s hand in the tornadoes at Vayetz.  Adonai also went out in 2001 and would not stop trying to draw the children of the world to Himself.  Many started going to church to see what these ‘end days’ might really look like.  What did the religious people think?  How long did that last?  Not long……….

Jacob fled from Esau and found his father Isaac’s God who would also promise him what He had promised to Abraham.


Kislev 8

1863   Gettysburg Address – The bloodiest battle on US soil.

1835    Samuel Clemens b. Alias Mark Twain, Freedom fighter, anti-government big business, anti slavery.  Amazingly he was born 5 days after Andrew Carnegie of whom he would bring down by his writings.

1877    5.1 Nebraska largest earthquake VII


Shemittah Cycle 1 – A new Shemittah cycle begins with Jacob holding newborn, Benjamin.  Jacob’s 7th cycle had so much trouble with daughter Dinah being raped and all of the Shekim men were killed by Jacob’s sons that he did not want anyone to know their name.   It was after this that he truthfully could say my name is, Israel.

He lost relationship with his father-in-law and his brother.  He lost his most beloved beautiful wife, Rachel, and yet Adonai promised him to have descendants as the stars.  He, like grandfather Abraham and father Isaac, looked into the distance and lived for the long course of time to see God’s ways produced in others through their example.

All of these ‘Second Season’ tornadoes should show us God’s hand…not of destruction, but of correction.  He does not desire any to live along the wrong roadway.  Time is short….people say.  But, God has his Shemittah cycles, His Jubilee cycles and yes, He may cut it short because Esau’s family is just too out of hand.

Adonai is the one that can rein them in.  He stopped Esau and told him not to harm his brother.  He stopped Laban and told him not to say anything bad to Jacob.  God does desire for us to live in fear.  He desires that we ‘stand back’ and ‘stand in awe’ at how at times the ‘impossible’ happens to us.

I close with another long report.  I hope many read it…but some times we live in our fears and don’t want to be comforted.  Yes, God is in control and has His plan….but He shakes the earth to bring a repentant heart.

Be afraid of the wickedness of men.  Be afraid of Adonai’s judgment.  He is doing and allowing these things to put fear in man.  But, in your fear you are to RETURN to Him.

SHEMA – Hear Him   Obey Him *   Hear his son Yeshua calling…  Come as little children.  My yoke is light….My instructions are easy and they come with blessings.

I pray for protection from God’s wrath as He brings correction to us.  I thank Him for not forgetting me with His blessings.















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