Measure for Measure – Binyamin

Who is Binyamin. Who raised him? Who is Yeshua? What is Day 7 Counting omer. Abel slain over sister, Continue reading Measure for Measure – Binyamin

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The Patten to Messiah’s Return

Will Messiah return as this 7th Shemittah cycle begins September 7 2021? Or is the Pattern coming in another 7 years. If Gentiles don’t prophecy (tell about the Bible) then Bibles go away. We must learn Torah to save the earth. Learn about Yeshua’s blood to be saved. He is the Living Torah. Continue reading The Patten to Messiah’s Return

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Torah Removed – Bibles Are Next

The Torah was torn up when the Catholic Church killed Jews and Muslims in 2nd century. Churches without The Torah, no prophet books jeopardizes the credibility of The Bible, Continue reading Torah Removed – Bibles Are Next

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Sin of Ignorance by Abram and Sari

Curse Ends After One Hundred Years Flesh / Heart Circumcised! Today’s Parshah included the curses, the blessing…the do and don’t of life. We must remember that it is not God that brings penalty of the curse or blessing upon us, … Continue reading Sin of Ignorance by Abram and Sari

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Satan Get Behind Me

Did not knowing The Torah cause Jesus to call Peter Satan? Get Behind Me Satan study.. Continue reading Satan Get Behind Me