Three Sabbath 2011 #eclipse bring message#: He Sent Statutes for Generations

2011 #Sabbath Eclipses#

July 1  Sivan 29  *  November 25  Cheshvan 28  *  December 10  Kislev 14

Erev Sabbath means the Sabbath begins at dusk.  The Hebrew day begins at dusk.

Our first Sabbath eclipse was an Erev Sabbath partial solar eclipse on July 1 2011, Sivan 29.   It had three 5+ earthquakes that day with it sitting in the fore middle.  EQ  SE  EQ   EQ

Our second Sabbath eclipse was an Erev Sabbath partial solar eclipse on November 25 2011, Cheshvan 28.  It had three 5+ earthquakes that day with it sitting in the fore end.  EQ  EQ  SE  EQ

Our third Sabbath eclipse was a Sabbath Total Blood Moon on December 10 2011, Kislev 14.  It had only TWO 5+ earthquakes that day with it sitting in the middle of them.  EQ  TL  EQ

ALL of these Sabbath eclipses had very low numbers of earthquakes.  Both have Parashah Torah readings attached to them…that need to be considered as part of the signals from our Creator ADONAI, who is LORD of Hosts (the heavenlies).

The first Sabbath earthquake on July 1 was located at the Indian Ocean where the Indian Ocean was the only path of shadowing on the earth.  The other two earthquakes that day were close but not in the Indian Ocean directly…but close… they could have experienced the shadow’s edge.

This July 1 Sivan 29 Partial solar eclipse that held three 5+ magnitude earthquakes could have been starting the Sabbath as it begins at dusk.  In a 24-hour period, 12:00 would be dusk.  It was four hours from dusk, and also we have to consider it’s duration as leading into the Sabbath as well.  The Sabbath was Chakat meaning ‘statutes'(commandments, instructions).

Eclipse declares God’s ‘instructions’ as it obeys it’s own ‘torah’ to eclipse this very day.

This eclipse was following it’s instruction, it’s torah; as was set up from it’s beginning of creation that would occur on this very day.

It is The Creator that moved men to set the Torah into sections; just as it was Elohim himself that put His feasts on the eclipses.  Eclipses are are a mathematical course.  The Lord placed the His Feasts..The Lord’s Feasts, not the Jews feast on these days for us to witness.  They give witness to a Living God speaking to us.  We do NOT adore the moon, sun and stars, but they give testimony of Him.

The last THREE eclipses of 2011 are connected to the Sabbath:  July 1 ‘statute’, November 25 ‘generations’; December 10, ‘He sent.

Statutes    Generations   He Sent

The message is: “These are the statutes for the generations that He sent.”

He has sent His generations these statutes.  ….He sent the statutes to the generations….to keep them safe on the earth.  These statutes build His house and His Temple.  These statutes reflect who God is and who He Sent…His only begotten Son…Sent to save and tabernacle with men.  No matter how you rearrange the words, they say that same thing.  The generations are to live by these statutes…that He sent!


JUNE 1 2011 – Jerusalem Day, Iyyar 28 * Partial Solar Eclipse

Eight Earthquakes * Eight Hours

Eight 5.0+ earthquakes occur this day * Eight represents beginning.

The second earthquake that day would be 6.2 to Chile.  EIGHT hours later the partial solar eclipse begins.  EQ  EQ  EQ  EQ  EQ  SE  EQ  EQ  EQ

It shadowed all of the areas that shook.  It began with Japan and ended with Japan and even focused on Easter Island.

Now the four of the six earthquakes in 2011 would say:

Jerusalem’s  statutes   generations    He Sent

Yes, it all begin in Jerusalem, the Foot stool of Elohim Adonai.

JERUSALEM hear the STATUTES of the Generations  He sent to you!

Hear the prophets Oh Jerusalem.  You are to lead the world…into the statutes all generations should flow.

We could end there, but was there another message in the eclipses?  If they would land on a normal day…perhaps…but there was one more unusual thing….The first eclipse on the Gregorian calendar that the uses was January 4 2011.  It was a partial solar…does this show us how we see in part…Jew and Gentile can not see fully…but then the TOTAL eclipses of 2014-15 became known and many books were written so men could see more clearly by 2014.  It was the beginning of a ‘movement’ of seeing a Living Creator that wants a relationship with the created.

January 4 2011 was Tevet 28.  On the Hebrew calendar it indicates Erev Yom Kippur katan.  Yom (Day) Kippur (judgment) katan (little).  It was the day that in the evening The Day of Little Judgment began.

This was the first eclipse of 2011…Thus….Could we say:

Signs of judgment come to Jerusalem if the Statutes for the Generations  sent by He are not obeyed?

Since we see eclipses about war, I think this is a choice to think seriously about.  As we’ve been doing the Scriptures readings working through these eclipses we have seen the generations given the commandments to follow and also the words of cursing and blessing.

There were six eclipses in 2011.  What day was the other one?  It was a very special study I think you should review.  The day was Sivan 13.  It is not specific to a Sabbath or Jerusalem, but it was specific:  Iran, Japan and Mecca.

It hosted three earthquakes and the first was to IRAN…then Japan…then Shetland Islands. This was the third eclipse of the six for 2011.  It was June 15 2011, Sivan 13.  It as seven days after Shavuot or the Giving of the Holy Spirit.  It was also the 17th anniversary of 270 people dying at Hajj 1994 in Mecca.

Their story line could now read.

Day of little judgmentIndependence Day for Jerusalem so Mecca, Iran and Japan turn  to statutes so generations  can be blessed by He who sends them.

RETURN all ye nations…repent and live out the statutes for ALL generations.

What is the goal?  For Messiach Yeshua to step foot in The City of the Great King… Jerusalem.

What is the very next eclipse in 2012?  Again, 28 Iyyar!  AMAZING MESSAGE!


Solar (Son) Annular Eclipse * May 20  2012



Isaiah 60:12 “For the nation or kingdom that won’t serve you will perish; yes, those nations will be utterly destroyed.”

Mathew 5:34 “But I tell you not to swear at all – not ‘by heaven,’ because it is God’s throne; not ‘by the earth,’ because it is his footstool; and not by ‘Yerushalayim,’ because it is the city of the Great King.



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