Shemittah Chanukah 2014

Shemittah Year 2014-2015

Kislev 24 – Tevet 2    2014


It is not just any Chanukah….It is Shemittah 2014 Chanukah!

The Maccabees have cleaned the Holy Temple for TEN days!

Parashah 11: Vayigash (He approached) Genesis 44:18-47:27

We’ve just read about Kislev happenings and now in 2014 Kislev holds the ‘Feast of Dedication’ that even Jesus/Yeshua attended. His family friends and disciples attended this appointed time. In John he stands at the five pillars of Solomon’s porch. What was He thinking? The Maccabees were not even real Jews, but men dedicated to God and knew how important worship was to God at the Temple on His mount. It was the place the God of the universe choose for men to draw unto Him. The Temple would continually have strangers trampling on it. It was on a route that other nations would come to trade as it was on the Mediterranean Sea. Syria would come from the north, Turkey from it’s west, Persia and Mitzparim (Egypt) to it’s south.

Egypt would find God’s protection because they protected the beginning families of Isra’el (Jacob). After a four-hundred year promise to Abraham, the Hebrews would find their way to the promised land and it would be through the line of Judah that the Israelites would be called Jews.

This week the Torah readings show us the life of Judah. He lost two sons that were married to the same woman and he feared giving his last son, Shelah, to her. Instead, he fornicates with a veiled woman by the road and ends up being the father to Peretz (breaking out) and Zerach (scarlet). The Messiah will be born into this world through the lineage of Peretz.

Judah had experienced the loss of children when he submits the idea to his father that his own life would be taken if Jacob’s youngest son, Benjamin, did not return in safety to him. He is a picture of self sacrifice as Messiah is. Tamar is not considered a harlot but only a woman with a veil seeking justice. We see Rebecca veiling herself during her first encounter with Isaac. Leah is veiled with her marriage to Jacob. Today, the Jew will peak under the veil to make sure it’s the correct woman.

II Cor 3:12-18 tells us that Mosche kept his veil on so they would not see the fading brightness come to an end. Mosche was protecting their hearts. When the Spirit of Adonai is on the heart then there is freedom. When Mosche (The Torah) is read, a veil lies over the heart. It is the Torah that convicts the heart and then when they turn to God it is free to worship and love Torah (God’s instructions.)

The cloud that covered Mosche protected him from God’s Shekinnah glory. Mosche would have died had he seen God in his brightness. Mosche and the priests are protected by the incense on the altar which creates a veil or cloud of protection. The seven-lights of the candle stand are seen through a cloud of incense. The Menorah lamps represent the word of God, His Torah.

One day we will see clearly as Messiah himself lives Torah before us. He came to tear the veil down. The law of sin is death. It is not the Torah, or the Instruction of God’s Torah that destroys us, but the ‘law of sin’ that leads to our spiritual death. We actually condemn ourselves by not following Torah as we see Judah did. And, Judah’s sons did not follow God’s instructions on producing children and so he removed them.

Romans 8:4, “so that the just requirement of the Torah might be fulfilled in us who do not run our lives according to what our old nature wants but according to what the Spirit wants.”

Romans 8:7-8 “For the mind controlled by the old nature is hostile to God, because it does not submit itself to God’s Torah – indeed, it cannot. Thus, those who identify with their old nature cannot please God.”..

Judah will have seven children with only FIVE counted as part of the 70 beings going down to Egypt. Five is that number for grace. There is only grace when there is mercy. He did wrong but God interceded with Tamar and worked all to His purposes. Her desire for God gave her two children and two grandchildren. Tamar was a family of FIVE which included herself. The bible says Judah never had relations with her again. Her desire for God will be honored through Perez being a great great…grandfather of David through which Messiah does enter the world.

This study is so full and powerful that I find it a task to be left to other authors. Volumes have already been written just in the discussions of what this all means to us today.

Joseph is depicted as a type of Messiah and shows us the feelings of God. Joseph cries six times and shows us the love of the Father. Fourteen times he refers to the father.

The end of the story of what it took for Joseph to bring his family back to safety in land of Goshen, we find another key of instruction for ourselves.

Genesis 45:24 “Thus he sent his brothers on their way, and they left; he said to them, “Don’t quarrel among yourselves while you’re traveling.”

People say that there are many roads to God. What do you think? The answer is, “Yes” but, there is only ONE road that leads to ‘Life.’

In verses 25-28 we see Jacob’s spirit reviving and he is once again known as Isra’el.

45:28 “Isra’el said, “Enough! My son Yosef is still alive! I must go and see him before I die.”

Put your name here, “>>>>>>said, “Enough! My god Yeshua lives! I must go and declare HIM lest I die in my sin.”

Genesis 46:26 tells us that sixty-six direct descendants of Isra’el were coming into Egypt. Since Yosef had two sons in Egypt and with Isra’el himself they totally SEVENTY people in Egypt. These seventy chieftains had children and wives and would come out being known as The Twelve Tribes of Israel. It will be Benjamin and Judah that are known as the two southern tribes.

I find numbers interesting even though I am no gerontologist of numbers.

Seventy is a completed number of sifting. I believe there will be something special going on when the current nation of Israel is SEVENTY years old. They became a nation in May 1948. Jerusalem was reclaimed in the War of 1967 known as the Six Day War. The last day Jerusalem was recaptured. 2015 is SEVENTY years from the Holocaust that lasted an entire Shemittah cycle. It closed out with JAPAN having to atomic bombs dropped on it in the month of AV. They were dropped AV 27 and AV 30.

The next month is Elul known as the month The King is in the Field. Elul always has 29 days and no more. Elul 29, therefore, is the last day of “release”. I just wrote about that under Holocaust 1945 Earthquakes. You might want to read that as it shows a picture of what could be coming the Summer/Fall of 2015. NOW!

Will 2018 and 2037 show us the amazing hand of God? I think so!

2018 will be mid-way between the Shemittah years 2015 and 2022. Three years into what could be when the Temple is there. It has to be there to have an abomination to speak from it declaring himself God.

2037 will be the next year after the Shemittah cycle 2035-2036.

What we need to learn from God’s patterns is the Shemittah. It is His Shemittah and it is His plans for the Universe and mankind. He works in them. If we don’t see things fit according to scripture, it’s because man does NOT consider the Shemittah.

New beginnings follow Shemittah years. But, they are not easy years because so much has fallen. It takes time to find good seed, plant and see a harvest. It takes time for new nations to establish their governments, etc. Slaves are set free but now have to learn to be on their own. New slavery begins with new masters. People lose their homes due to high mortgages and must be wise not to enter into such situations again.

What masters our lives can be good or bad. Slavery to God is good because He is responsible for taking care of us. The word, ‘slave’ does not always have a negative connotation. Since our eternal status is of the utmost importance, it is a pleasure to be a slave to God’s instructions because they teach us how to live while on this earth. If we learn to take care of what God gives us on this earth, He tells us that we will be given that same credibility in the future with Him during His reign.

The people in Egypt and the cities around Egypt were thankful to Joseph to put themselves under the care of Pharaoh. They were redistributed around the country to care for the land of Pharaoh. In this feudal land agreement, Pharaoh only took twenty percent and they kept eighty percent for their welfare.

When we realize that all real estate, and in fact all that we own, belongs to God, then we are thankful for that eighty per cent. If there was fraud, spying or stealing found among the people, they were thrown in the dungeon.

Five is a number for God’s favor. Five is Hey ה (behold) and is represented by the Head. It is in the fifth year that fruit comes forth from the fruit tree and can be eaten. It is fruit from the Lord.

As I studied this lesson I found something of interest that you may want to investigate deeper with those that understand the Shemittah better than myself. There are two sets of Shemittah cycles represented. Severn years of plenty and seven years of famine making fourteen years. 7+7 = 14.

Gen. 45:6 tells us that the famine had been in the land for two years and there was still five years in which there is neither ploughing or harvesting.

Gen 45:7 “And Elohim sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant in the earth, and to give life to you by a great escape. So them you did not send me here, but Elohim. And He has set me for a father to Pharaoh and master of all his house and a ruler throughout all the land of Mitsrayim.”

Joseph is seen equal to Pharaoh and we know Yeshua did not see it strange to be equal to his Father.

Pharaoh himself sent Isra’el wagons to help move his entire family to Goshen. Elohim sent his son, Yeshua, to provide the way.

Jacob (IsraEL) leaves Kennan at age 130. He will spend 17 years in Goshen. They bury Isra’el in the caves of Makpelah at Hebron with his wife, Leah, and his father and mother, Isaac and Rebecca as well as Isaac’s parents, Abraham and Sarah, Genesis 50:13.

I believe we can assume God is working in Shemittah cycles as they are indicated by the seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Remember, it is Jacob who also worked for seven years to get a wife of whom would give him plenty and seven years for Rachel of whom would only give him two son. She dies in the desert giving birth to the last one, Benjamin (son of right hand). She was an idol worshiper like her father, Laban. She was buried outside of Bethlehem (Gen 35:19). God took her early and he also took Judah’s two sons early because God was displeased with each of them. Neither man would give Tamar a child. It is believed she was a virgin when Judah encountered her.

Jacob completed having his twelve children in the last year of the third Shemittah cycle of 21 years.

Jacob left for Egypt/Goshen in the 9th of the 14 years of those two Shemittah cycles. Thus, he leaves for Egypt (world) in the SECOND year (day) of the famine. There are FIVE years of famine that remain. What God has to tell us is prophetically important. Jacob leaves (dies) this world in the FIFTH Shemittah year. Five is blessing. There were TWO years left in that Shemittah cycle. It is the 26th year of the Fourth Shemittah set. 7 14 21 28. Jacob dies in the 26th Shemittah year.

IsraEL leaves being a blessed man in a blessed year. His son Joseph is still blessing Egypt. The other sons are still wondering if Joseph will boot them out once IsraEL died. Joseph will once again show his sincere heart and take care of them. Joseph is a picture of our Messiah, Yeshua.

We also know that all fruit is God’s in the fifth year. After that man may partake of that tree. I love these analogies in seeing this brought out in God’s creatures. A new planting may not have full fruit for five years. God’s instruction is not to pick from it. He knows we too must grow and mature. God’s Word is like milk to us and once we drink it and grow He expects us to chew on it like meat.

Benjamin received FIVE sets of clothing. One for each of the years of famine that was left.

Benjamin was given 7.5 pds of silver which was 300 shekels which represents the Sheen, God’s name, El Shaddai. In the Greek the 300 is flipped and it appears as a cross. Messiah Yeshua was sold for thirty pieces of silver. The Hebrew letter Lamed (lifted up) is represented with by the number 30. He was lifted up for 30 pieces of silver. There is nothing hidden but only confirming in God’s Alep-bet.

The sixth Shemittah year represent man receiving double and triple cursings or blessings. The last year (7th) is one of release or falling away. For those loving IsraEL’s family, I would say that Egypt witnessed continued blessing. Jewish people are good workers and smart. They are a blessing to have in your neighborhood. It is when they leave that ‘falling away’ happens.

Six is represented by the Hebrew letter Vav ן. It means, and. It connects…as Messiah was connected to the cross by a nail by three vavs, 666. Joseph is seen crying six times in these verses. We cry for rest on the next day, the Sabbath. Has man perverted this number? Yes! Look at the Monster drink. What is it’s icon? ווו

Isra’el received a quiver of SEVENTY beings which would multiply to the number of stars.

Genesis 50:3, “And forty days were completed for him, for so are the completed the days of embalming. And the Mitsrites wept for him (Isra’el) SEVENTY days. The Egyptians, his family and the Kena’anites highly recognized the passing of this man. (Gen. 50:11)

Joseph was sold into slavery at age 17 and died in Egypt at the age of 110. He was respected in Egypt for 93 years. He was embalmed, put in a coffin and will be taken out at the time of Passover with Mosche. Gen 50:25, “And Yoseph saw Ephrayim’s children to the third generation. The children of Makir, son of Menashsheh, were also born on Yoseph’s knees.” (three sets of generations like Mosche had three sets of forty years to his life.)

It would be an interesting study to look at the Shemittah years of the years that Isra’el was out of fellowship with God. They had the temple but their hearts were lead away to false doctrines. They were sent to Babylon in the days of Solomon’s great grand-son Josiah for SEVENTY years. Daniel saw the time line of SEVENTY years and prepared them to RETURN. He began to teach them their Hebrew language once again. Was the temple still there? No! It was demolished and Hellenized (Greek).

What have we done to God’s Word today!

Gentiles help Jews rebuild God’s Holy Mount. This is true in the days of King Josiah, and in Daniel it is King Cyrus that helps to rebuild it. It happened in Kislev in 163 BC with the Maccabbee fighting Antiochus Ephiphanes . The Temple’s complete destruction happened with General Titus under Rome’s direction in 70 AD. General Titus even came back one year later in 71 AD to salt the floor of the temple from the slaying of men that happened there. But its destruction fro Titus was finalized in the month of AV (July/August).

When I got in line to walk on the Temple Mount in May 2009, we saw huge stones laying at the base of a corner foundation. Titus purposely left them there to show what he had destroyed. It was a monument to him; but today it is a monument to know that NO one can deny Solomon’s Temple.

Dome of Rock
Dome of Rock – Super Moon 2014

In what day will the Christians who believe in the Torah also help re-establish the temple? The Temple must go up in order for the next days to occur. It must go up so Messiah can return. The sun is not going to fall out of the sky because God said so. The moon is not going away because God said so. They may get covered up by eclipses, locusts, ash from volcanoes or oil smoke from burning barges or oil fields struck by terrorists; but they are not going away until they are NO longer needed.

I believe in the millennial reign of Messiah Yeshua literally from Jerusalem. At the end of the 1,000 years Satan will be released upon this earth and then …….wow…….. Yes, there will be no more need for the sun when The BIG Temple arrives.

Let us look at the history of Shemittah Chanukah 2014.

Earthquakes begin and end with what country? JAPAN!

Why? Pearl Harbor!

Date: December 7, 1941

Kislev 15 1941

Day of Eve of Chanukah 2014.

Tuesday, December 16, 24 Kislev


An American Airlines flight from Seoul to Dallas/Fort Worth was diverted to Tokyo and FIVE people hospitalized on Tuesday after the aircraft experienced severe turbulence over Japan.

AA Flight 280, a Boeing 777-200 carrying 240 passengers and 15 crew members, hit turbulence about 75 minutes into the flight, according to the BBC. said the plane traveled through a “rapidly intensifying winter storm” with 200-240mph winds in the jet stream at 35,000 feet.

FIVE – 5+ Earthquakes:

JAPAN, Hachijo-jima 5.2, Pacific-Antarctic Ridge, Lata Solomon Islands, Tobuan Philippians, Dobo Indonesia

Taliban attack on Pakistan School, 148 Die, 136 students.


Kislev 25 – First Day of Chanukah.

December 17, News line – JAPAN

The  shortage, which is also affecting the Japanese chain Skylark, was caused by prolonged labor unrest at US West Coast ports. Disagreements between the dockworkers’ union and international shipping lines have  prompted slower shipments for months, forcing McDonald’s and other chains to resort to airlifting in frozen potatoes to try to ease the crunch.

JAPAN 4.7, 4.8

FIVE 5+ Earthquakes:

Bengkulu Indonesia, Kimbe PPN Guinea, Panguna PPN Guinea, Akuryri Iceland, Sinabang Indonesia

Beijing accuses the Buddhist leader of being a violent separatist. He denies the charges, saying he only wants real autonomy for Tibet, a remote region ruled by the Communist Party since its troops marched in 1950.

“The Dalai Lama institution will cease one day,” he told the BBC. “There is no guarantee that some stupid Dalai Lama won’t come next, who will disgrace himself or herself. That would be very sad. So, much better that a centuries-old tradition (since 15th century) should cease at the time of a quite popular Dalai Lama.” The exiled Tibetan, 79, said he expected to live for another 15 or 20 years.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the soul of a senior lama is traditionally believed to be reincarnated in the body of a child on his death. China says the tradition must continue and it must approve the next Dalai Lama. In another interview with France24 television, the Dalai Lama said hardliners in the Chinese government were holding back President Xi Jinping from granting genuine autonomy to Tibet.

Kislev 26 – Chanukah Day Two

December 18, 2014

FOUR 4+ Earthquakes:

Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, India

SEVEN 5+ Earthquakes:

JAPAN 5.5, Tonga, China, Visokol Island, Vanuatu, Pacific Antarctic Ridge, Fiji

Kislev 27 – Chanukah Day Three

December 19, 2014

FOUR 5+ Earthquakes:

New Zealand, Sabang Indonesia, Pointe-Noire Guadeloupe, Antipodes Isld New Zealand

Kislev 28- Chanukah Day Four – Sabbath

December 20, 2014

First gas below $2.00, $1.99 ON Shabbot

MO  Gas Below $2.00
MO Gas Below $2.00 December 20, 2014  Kislev 28

SIX 5+ Earthquakes:

Namie JAPAN, Kuripan Indonesia, Hermani Philippians, Bella Balla Canada, Mawlaik Burma, Izu Islands, JAPAN.

Kislev 29 – Chanukah Day Five – Sunday

December 21, 2014

NY policemen slain – Rafael Ramus 40, WenjianLiu 32 by Ismaaig Brinsley in revenge for Michael Brown Ferguson, MO and Eric Statten Island. 20,000 will attend funeral of Ramus Sunday, Dec 28, 6 Tevet.

SIX 5+ Earthquakes:

Hermani Philippines, Tobelo Indonesia (6.3, 5.3 5.2 5.2), N Mariana Islands 5.0

Kislev 30 – Chanukah Day Six

December 22, 2014

FOUR 5+ Earthquakes:

Pacific-Antarctic Ridge 5.8, Saumlaki Indonesia, Solomon Islands-2

Tevet 1 – Chanukah Day Seven

December 23, 2014

FIVE 5+ Earthquakes:

Papua New Guinea, Macquarie Island-3, N Islands Municipality

Tevet 2 – Chanukah Day Eight

December 24, 2014

FOUR 5+ Earthquakes:

Nabire Indonesia, Fiji Islands, Tual Indonesia, Namie JAPAN.

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