Israeli teens walk Auschwitz

Corrie ten Boom Bergen Belson Celebrated


Bergen Belson & Corrie ten Boom Liberated Together

Today is 2 Iyyar, April 21, 2015 – The day Bergen Belson was Liberated

Corrie: born and dies on same day, both as Sabbath begins, and Belson was Liberated

2 Iyyar – 17th Day Counting of Omer

The Yod of Elohim on the ten Boom Family

Holocaust Survivor Corrie ten Boom (91)

Born: April 15, 1892

Died: April 15, 1983

Born on Nissan 18. Yeshua’s Resurrection. Incredible!

She dies Iyyar 2, Holocaust Memorial Day 5 * 2 days until Israel Independence Day

Both as the Sabbath begins!

Born: At Feast of First Fruit * Resurrection

Died: Israel’s Independence and Holocaust Memorial!

I always think I’ve written the last story when Yahweh opens one more door.  On Friday, November 1 2013, 28 Cheshvan this writing began.

It is the day after the horrible celebration of Halloween.  Our church does not participate but instead hosted a craft and bake sale. I participated  with a special friend, Cathy. She has been a person God sent to encourage me in my walk in my Hebrew studies. We both love Israel and she and her husband have been to Israel three times. My life dream of visiting Israel happened for me December 2009. I know in my heart that I will return to that land.

My friend, Sue, also was blessed to see that land in 2013. We all have burning desires in our hearts for the Jewish people. The three of us flew to Bonney Lake, WA for El Shaddai Ministries first Shavuot Conference in 2011. I find myself thanking Yahweh for two wonderful friends that love Israel and the Jewish people.

This story has to begin with the craft bazaar because it there that Cathy read my article about the BP oil spill. That spill in 2010 began on IsraEL’s Independence Day and it did not officially close off until Yom Kippur Day 2, Tishrei 11, 152 days later.   I could see  this story moved her heart and she understood that Christians were missing some very important revelations by not being on God’s Hebrew calendar.

At this church bazaar we had two big boxes of older books that had been donated. In that mix of books was, A Tramp for God by Corrie ten Boom. I read her first book, The Hiding Place many years ago. 

The Bazaar was poorly attended and actually a restful time. The Bazaar continued the next day and that was when I was moved to buy Corries book to see if there was another lesson to be revealed.

I sit here with a smile on my face, and can tell you, “Yes!”

The Jews have a saying, that if you die on the day that you were born then your purpose in life was completed?


Corrie Ten Boom – Born and Died the same day completing 91 years.

Born: April 15, 1892 – Nissan 18

Died: April 15, 1983 – Iyyar 2

Born on Nissan 18. Yeshua’s Resurrection Day. Incredible!

She dies Iyyar 2, Holocaust Memorial Day 5 * 2 days until Israel Independence Day

Both of her celebration days on the Eve of the Sabbath!

Born: On Feast of First Fruit * Resurrection

Died: Israel’s Independence and Holocaust Memorial!

What an incredible life! If you could choose your birthday and your graduation into eternity that would best describe your life, what would it be?  Adonai directed her path and she walked it.

Corrie ten Boom’s story line is absolutely so incredible. God has blessed this book with Corrie’s life story. She speaks what my heart has been trying to say.

I heard her speak on stage from Dallas, TX at a Home Interiors Convention many years ago.

As I dug my nose into her book, I soon realized how I have always loved Corrie. She had a heart for her Creator and the Jews as my girlfriends and I do. Her family hid many of them during the days of the holocaust. She was imprisoned in Ravensbruck 4 Adar 1944 along with her family.   It is 28 February, 1944, 12:30 P.M., 4 Adar, three days before Moses  is born and dies on 7 Adar.   Or, we could say it is three days before Mosche completes his earthly life cycle, as he dies on his birth date as well.

Her aged father dies in the camps TEN days later ON PURIM,  14 Adar 1944.

The Parsah reading is, Ki Tisa, “When you take.”

PURIM 2015 will set off an ‘event bulletin’ with 27 4.5+ earthquakes causing concerns for tsunamis.  100 Million people are shut in with ice and snow in America.  Purim was the lot cast by Haman for a day chosen to annihilate all the Jews in the Provence of Shushan.  (I was blessed enjoying beautiful weather in Arizona helping manage the play, “The Unveiling of Esther’ and we had a full house both nights.)

This is almost too much mentally to write. God truly had His hand on the ten Boom family. The Jews from the Holocaust knew The Lord’s Feasts and even put their lives on the line to try to celebrate them while in the camps.

It is Passover 2014 as I proof this writing. (Actually, this is the second proofing,now in 2015, and it is 2 Iyyar; the day Corrie died.) God blessed me to be able to attend two Seders services in Arizona in 2014. They even accepted this first-time dancer to dance at two Seders. I feel the worship these people have for Yeshua. They desire to praise Him.

(At this second proofing now in April 2015, we returned to Missouri and I was able to attend a large Seder with the fabulous Or Haolam Congregation, who hosted musician Marty Goetz. I love his music. Oh, how every year I am blessed. In 2015 we were in Arizona long enough to help put on the PURIM play at Beth Emanuel….oh what a blessing to my soul…where again I was able to dance with them in worship.)

Back to proofing and getting this into my new 2015 blog… While in Arizona I was encouraged to set up this blog rather than wait for a book to be published since my writings seem to pertain many current events.

Corrie’s sister, Betsey, dies December 16, 1944; two weeks before Corrie was released in 1944.

Her sister Betsey died on the Sabbath, 30 Kislev. Twelve days later, Corrie was released on 12 Tevet 1944 by mistake. A clerical error was made and she as declared free when? At the Fast of Tevet. Her paperwork was underway at the time of the Fast of Tevet, Tevet 10. She would have been fasting with the Jews and two days later she was released on Tevet 12.

Oh, how I see the ‘Yod of Elohim’ here.   We know Abraham Lincoln announced the slaves were set free on Tevet 10? Israel’s wall were touched by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon on 10 Tevet. It will be the first of four breaches. The Jews will issue four fasts in repentance for having to be carried off for not observing the Shemittah fasts. They will be gone 70 years. Interestingly, I’m submitting this information to- the- day 70 years ago that Bergen Belson was liberated.  

This is again incredible and we must never never forget to fast when we should fast and pray when we can pray. God truly hears the prayers of his saints. They are a sweet fragrance to Him.

These ladies are part of the 153 Fish that Yeshua Messiah brought to the shore who would be known as, The Sons of God.

I want to share with you that Corrie ten Boom was a good friend of Mary C Crowley when I joined Home Interiors and Gifts in 1974. Mary Crowley began a decorating service after she was forty years old. She was a godly leader and through her influence I learned to love Adonai.

Mary Crowley and Corrie ten Boom had become good friends. Mary Crowley believed in tithing and I know the Dallas Baptist Church, Billy Graham, Corrie ten Boom and multitudes of others were blessed by her generosity.

Corrie Ten Boom believed in the Old Testament and knew that the Jews were God’s chosen people.

Jews heard that her family was helping shelter other Jews and many came for help. Wikipedia comments about her father,

A devoted reader of the Old Testament, Casper believed Jews were the ‘chosen people‘, and he told the woman, “In this household, God’s people are always welcome.”[1][page needed] The family then became very active in the Dutch underground hiding refugees They provided kosher food for the Jewish refugees who stayed with them and honored the Jewish Sabbath.[2]


The ten Booms had a fake wall put in Corrie’s upstairs room to hide the Jews in the house from being found. The ten Boom family was found out and hauled off to Ravensbruck. They knew their lives were at risk but they also knew these were ‘God’s chosen’ needing help.

I loved Mary Crowley and her biblical principles. It was through her company that I later joined Bible Study Fellowship and for twenty-two years met weekly with that world-wide group searching God’s Scriptures. It was not just searching the Scriptures, but applying God’s ways to our lives.

The bible gets confusing with dispensations. It was confusing when you were told certain things were not for you today in the bible. But those things seemed okay before Jesus came. It’s like everything changed and stopped when Jesus came. It didn’t make sense that we would stop doing as God requested just because Messiah came and left.

The story that Mary Crowley told us is that she got to visit Corrie near her bedside before her death. Corey had had two strokes in 1978 at age 86 and another at her death in 1983. Corrie ten Boom took her watch off and gave it to Mary Crowley. She told Mary, “Honey, I want you to have my watch, because where I’m going I won’t need to know the time.” Mary Crowley was wearing Corrie’s watch when she told us this story. Mary believed in Corries mission.

Corrie’s father had been a watch maker in the Netherlands. She learned his trade. She was the first woman to be a licensed watchmaker in the Netherlands in 1924. She truly was a “watchman.”

Her mother, father and sister all died in the camps. But, through a clerical error, Adonai waked Corrie out of that concentration camp and into sixty countries to tell her story. Read her thoughts in the book she wrote one year before the strokes that silenced her for the next five years.

Mary Crowley passed from cancer and it truly took the life out of me. I’m coming to tears right now in remembering her in my life. Corrie had impacted Mary’s life. We all impact each others lives.

Mary gave millions of dollars away and you could see how God truly blessed her for it. I was in the back seat of her car, at a Home Interiors manager’s retreat in Dallas, TX one year, and I remember her turning to us and saying, “I know people think that I let people take advantage of me, but they only that advantage of you if you don’t know it.” She had that twinkle in her eye that taught us a lesson on giving. God was in control of it all and she knew what was what.

That company is no longer. The ‘little twinkle’ in her eye for her Lord and her displayers are gone. There are just a few people that have that twinkle and she was one of them. Mary was raised by her grandmother and so her father was Adonai. She had a party in her hospital room with balloons and videos of the past. Her family came for a party that she called, “A Going Home Party.” I have always told myself that that is the party I want to have one day. God will say, “Welcome Home, well done good and faithful servant.”

Today, I bought a worn out old book, but it is a book that I’ll put up on my shelf. I want you to remember her words Wikipedia is quoting, because I’m in complete agreement.

She rejected the doctrine that some asserted, of Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and wrote that it was without Biblical foundation. She believed that such a doctrine left the Christian Church ill-prepared in times of great persecution, such as in China under Mao Zedong. She often quoted a favorite saying of her sister: “There is no pit so deep that He [God] is not deeper still.”

When you see that ALL scripture was given for us to see into the past and into the future, you see it doesn’t make sense that we should escape. In 2015 we see it is the Christian and Jew that is being chased by ISIS and tortured beyond what the eyes should look at on our world-wide media. Jonathan Cahn said it correctly that the Holocaust that took 6 Million Jewish lives was a harbinger to what was to come. Seventy year later in the Shemittah year of 2015 with the harbingers of the Blood Moons, we are seeing tens of thousands fleeing nations where the enemy seeks to destroy them. Then they drown as boats capsize as smugglers overload them in greed.

The story of the 153 fish in John I just wrote is about a covenant meal with seven men who were ask to serve their Messiah. They would be given great gifts and even raise people from the dead physically. But, they also were committing to do what it took to “sacrifice” their own lives for the ’cause of Messiah.’ Peter was even told the manner of his execution. He would be carried away on a stake where he did not want to go. Corries family was executed.

When we take communion or attend a Seder service, are we agreeing to ‘take on His suffering’? That is the test my friends. Would you be able to? If so, then your actions are in harmony with your heart that trusts, as Abraham did. You are trusting that God is able to raise you back up because God first raised Yeshua Messiah back up.

God never breaks his side of the covenant. But, man does break his. God sent His Son, Yeshua to die and El Shaddai raised Him back up. Based on this ‘first born’ being raised, we can now go through the ‘suffering’ that may be ask.

When in Cairo, I know my pastor Nathan would have loved to have died for ‘the cause of Christ.’ It is a special thing to be used of Jehovah that way.

Mosche will also die on the day he was born, 7 Adar II.  My friend, Sue, was born on 2 Adar I, but in Adar I because that is the year that an 29 days is added to keep up with the rotation around the sun and moon.   We do not want to forget that Corrie was imprisoned on 4 Adar.  And more interestingly, we note King Nebuchadnezzar died on 25 Adar 397 BC. Zedekiah dies 27 Adar 397 BC, the same year. Adar 23 began the 7-day period of assembling the Tabernacle in the wilderness with Mosche.  23 Adar is also the same day the Second Temple is dedicated in 349 BCE, 48 years after King N dies. It is fun to see God’s Hand working in the lives of men. It is not always when we are born, but how we have lived our life and when we die that will be remembered.

I’m like Mary C Crowley, Corrie ten Boom, Sue Bader, Cathy, Pastor Biltz, Pastor Nathan and teacher Bryan. They all are willing to be in the ‘line of fire’ rather than miss it. They all say, “Put me in for the fight. I want to participate.”

Adonai, I thank you for all of these committed-to-the-end type of people. May we all hear your call to, COME and WORSHIP….joined by the Covenant of your blood.

What else happened today: 2 Iyyar:

1945 – Anne Franke and her sister DIE two weeks before Bergen Belsen liberated.

1861 (154 years) –  The American Civil War began as confederates fire shots on Fort Sumter.

First Temple Construction Began

1930 – 2 Iyyar, April 30 – Tallest building in NY, Bank Manhattan Trust, 928′ surpassed 1913 Woolworth Building 791′.  It begins: ‘The Battle of the World’s Tallest Buildings.’

2003 – Gladstone KS, EF4-5

2014  North Korea Seoul train slams another train with mechanical problems.  200 injured.  Eve as Shabbot begins.

2014  New York Queens, train derails in tunnel with 1000 on board heading to Manhattan.  15 injured.   Eve as Shabbot begins.

I believe God is remembering the Holocaust as trains carried victims to places they did NOT want to go, the incinerator.  The Temple was built this day and now men desire to build taller and massive buildings to show their power over the earth.  It will be God who brings the tornadoes to discipline the nations of the earth.  It will be brother against brother, just as the American Civil War showed us.

Yes, this day is a blessing or a cursing.  May we learn from history and see the Hand of God so we are blessed by loving our neighbor…every neighbor!

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