Chili Quakes Bookend New Years

April 1 2014 and Sept 16 2015 Chili 8+ Earthquakes Bookend


This picture: MO sky an hour after the 9.16.15 Chili 8.3 quake.

These quakes continue to prove God’s Hand……. more analysis to come….

2012 and 2013 also both Bookend with Near Identical Earthquakes and Dates

The Lord’s Feasts 2012 Bookend Nine 7+ Fall Earthquakes

SABBATH Creation Day 2 through CHANNUKAH DAY 2

26 AV – 26 KISLEV

August 14, 2012 through December 10, 2012

Sabbath * Creation Day 2 * Japan Surrenders 1945, Repentance Day 9 * Repentance Day 13 * Repentance Day 18 * Feast of Tabernacles * Isaac Rabin Memorial Day Sabbath Noah Flood Day 5 * Eve Sabbath, Pearl Harbor Memorial Chanukah Day 2

August 14 2012 AV 26 7.7 Sea Okhotsk Sabbath Eve Eve Creation D1

August 27 2012 ELUL 9 7.3 El Salvador Repentance Day 9 Japan Surrenders 1945 WWII

August 31 2012 ELUL 13 7.6 Philippines Repentance Day 13

September 5 2012 ELUL 18 7.6 Cost Rica Repentance Day 18

September 30 2012 TISHREI 14 7.3 Columbia Erev TABERNACLES/Sukkot

October 28 2012 Cheshvan 12 7.8 Canada , Rabin Memorial Day

November 7 2012 Cheshvan 22 7.4 Guatemala Sabbath* Noah’s Flood Day 5 Also, 5 days before Noah gets off Ark after 1 year

December 7, 2012 Kislev 23 7.3 Japan Eve Sabbath * 1941 Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor * 1944 Japan 8.1 * Pearl Harbor

December 10 2012 Kislev 26 7.1 Banda Sea, CHANUKAH Day 2

2012 Fall Summary

Sabbath Rest, 3 Repentance Days, Trusting God in a sukkah at First Day Feast of Tabernacles, A fallen leader, God remembering Noah, Sabbath remembering Japan at Pearl Harbor, Dedicate Life to God.


The Lord’s Feasts 2013 Bookend SEVEN 7+ Fall Earthquakes


24 AV – 22 Kislev

August 30, 2013 through November 25, 2013

Sabbath * Feast of Tabernacles Day 6 and Day 7 * Noah Ark Door Closed Day 2 * Noah’s Flood Day 4 * Maccabees killed winning Temple * Kindle Temple Lights

August 30, 2013 AV 24 7.0 Alaska Sabbath Eve

September 24 2013 Tishrei 20 7.7 Pakistan Feast Tabernacles/Sukkot Day 6 *

September 25 2013 Tishrei 21 7.1 Peru Feast Tabernacles/Sukkot Day 7 * Hoshanna Rabah

October 15 2013 Cheshvan 11 7.1 Philippines Noah Ark Closed Cheshvan Day 2, 6 days until flood Cheshvan 17

October 25 2013 Cheshvan 21 7.1 Japan Eve Sabbath – Noah’s Flood Day 4

November 17 2013 Kislev 14 7.7 Scotia Sea Eve Maccabees win temple back

November 25 2013 Kislev 22 7.0 Falkland Island, Two days to CHANUKAH

2013 Fall Summary: Months of doubles

Two on Sukkot, Two with Noah, Two with Chanukah, Two Moons

Rest * Tabernacle with God twice * Safe in God’s Ark * Resting during Flood * Won Battle * Dedicate Life to Yahweh * Harvest and Hunter Moons

Harvest and Hunter’s Moon within 30 days

*September 22-23, 2013 18 Tishrei Harvest Moon is a full moon

*October 18, 2013 14 Cheshvan Penumbra Lunar Eclipse/Hunters Moon

Other Happenings of October 2013 Earthquakes

October 14 2013 7.1 Philippines 8 over 4.6

October 15 2013 Philippines 12 over 4.6

October 16 2013 Philippines 8 over 4.7

October 17 2013 Philippines 6 over 4.3

Total of 35 4.3+ Philippine earthquakes in four days.

October 24 2013 6.7 South Sandwich Islands

October 25 2013 7.1 Japan – Tsunami warnings

Are You Seeing the Rocks that Roll?


What Days were they in 2013?

As I review what I just typed in 2014 on the Fall Earthquakes of 2012 and 2013, I see our Creator’s Hand. They both begin and end the same; Resting and dedicating our lives in Him: Sabbath to Chanukah!

You may want to be watching for His yods again in the Falls to come. These earthquakes cover the course of when man was created, Tishrei 1. Five days earlier 25 Elul would thus be the first day of Creation. The earth was taken out of chaos, but we may see it return to chaos at the same time since our Creator works in patterns. Things will be similar but probably not the same.

The Yod of Elohim can NOT be denied in these earthquakes. I knew God’s yod was in them as I experienced these particular earthquakes in the Fall of 2013.

Both 2012 and 2013 begin at The Sabbath. It was the day Yahweh gave man to rest from his work. The Torah readings were Nitzavim “You Are Standing,” Deut 29:9-30:20; Is. 61:10-63:9; Acts 19-23.

The Sabbath begins Friday evening just as God brought the day out of darkness into light.

AV 24, 7.0 to Alaska, on the eve of the Sabbath. The Alaska earthquake happened as the Sabbath rest was being prepared. If you aren’t a believer in the Sabbath rest or the Lord’s appointed times, then this may be hard to understand. I was not raised believing in a ‘Sabbath’ rest either. But, as I study God’s Word I believe God is trying to move people into correct worship and He is functioning on His appointed times.

God desires for his children to participate in His mo’eds (appointments) to get people to ask, “Why is this day any different from the rest?” The Jewish children ask their parents this question at the Passover Seder service. In fact, I’m typing this at Passover 2014. It is not a coincidence that Passover is Nisan 15 and is is April 15 in 2014. It is not an accident that God placed the first full moon total lunar eclipse on that date in 2014. None of this is an accident, but the odds of it are incredible low.

AV 24 also endorsed the Isaiah 9:10 curse on the United States. The 7.1 Alaska earthquake is symbolic of God’s oath (7) to His eternal plan of justice. This will be the last 7+ earthquake in the Fifth Year of the Shemittah Cycle.

Tishrei 1 is Rosh Hoshanna known as The Head of the Year. The Tishrei 20, 7.7 Pakistan earthquake, therefore, is the first 7+ earthquake in the new Shemittah cycle; the Sixth year of the cycle. Pakistan is NOT known for their love of the children of the God of Israel.

We see God attending to business by showing us He will be setting up His reign on the earth by hosting the next two earthquakes during when He will be setting up His millennial reign. Sukkot 6 and Sukkot 7 host the 7.7 and 7.1 during THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES. My friends, don’t miss this. These earthquakes happen when God had instructions to be a in a sukkah. There is great symbolism here such as god and magog, the roof covering. Men trust in their big homes to shelter them, but they can also have a home collapse on them. Could it be God is protecting us? Yes!

Seven is the number of perfection, severing, sifting to get to the rest and oath of our Creator. The topic of these earthquakes happens to be those over 7+ in magnitude. They occur at the beginning of the sixth (6) Shemittah Cycle. Man (6) and God (7) are represented and the same numbers are in the dates of Sukkot Day 6 and Sukkot Day 7. I believe God is perfecting man. Many will come through the fire. Sukkot is about the fire dropping which it did on Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10; Leviticus 9:24. We see fire dropping in the future in Revelation 1:17, 13:13.

The next two earthquakes are very significant. I’m not a prophetess by any means. I just logically look at something and make my own conclusions about what it is God is trying to teach me. Noah’s family is faithfully waiting in the ark. They faithfully helped Noah build the ark for 120 years while being laughed at by the community. Noah was an evangelist living out his life as he was instructed by Jehovah. God records that it was Jehovah himself that closed the ark doors. He even specifies the date that He personally closes that door, Cheshvan 10.

God does not speak one word without it being important. God closes the ark’s door shutting in the last eight obedient-to-Torah people on the earth. It was a big triple deck football-sized monstrosity full of God’s creatures that would reproduce planet earth.

The two Noah earthquakes are about water. The Philippines and Japan certainly have felt the pains of water destruction on them. It was Cheshvan 10 that Yahweh secures His future cargo to survive the biggest tsunami ever. It was Cheshvan 17 that Yahweh records that the waters from the deep and above were released for the flooding of the entire earth. Volcanoes erupted moving plates that opened the depths of the seas. The October 25, 2013, Cheshvan 21 earthquake was Day Four of the earth being flooded. I do believe it was a very noisy and tumultuous day. The greatest calamity known to man. It will be one year and five days, on 24 Cheshvan, when ‘it is finished.’ Noah is then able to set foot on dry land on Cheshvan 27.and they offer sacrifices of worship to Jehovah.

In the last chapter of Daniel he is speaking of the end time of days. This last chapter (12) and the last verses tell us that the abomination that causes desolation is seen at it’s fullest on day 1260. Then Daniel tells that if we can make it to day 1335, we will be blessed. So what is this about? I believe this is a pattern. Noah saw this pattern and we are going to see this pattern.

Israel re-established Jerusalem as their Capitol in the 1967 Six-Day War. On the last day, six…they won Jerusalem. Bible people believe this is when the abomination began because even though IsraEL captured it, they gave it into the hands of the Arabs of whom has since established the Al-Qua mosque as the main feature where the temple should be built. This abomination not only affected Jerusalem, but this abomination of religions on the mount would spread through the world and be a deterrent to Israel rebuilding the Third Temple. In 2015 the Pope and Obama desire to claim the mount for all religions. They declare this on the 1260th day from Israel reclaiming the mount in 1967.

The 1335th day from Jerusalem Day 1967 is Cheshvan 25. In 2015 is on the Sabbath, The Life of Sarah. There are 45 days that are going to be so terrible but if you survive it….you will be blessed. Please NOTE>……. Noah made it Cheshvan 25 and steps off the ark on Cheshvan 27. One year and one week. I’m sure it was the Sabbath. God works in patterns of sevens and is Lord over the Sabbath for man. This realization just came to me in Elul as the Shemittah year was closing. Also, Daniel’s time, times and half is not relating to 3.5 years of time, but in the Hebrew it says, Mo’ed, Mo’edim. Appointment of Appointments. I would claim Yom Kippur is that Appointment of Appointments as it is also known as The Fast. It is the only time that the priests offered burnt offering for the nations. This is the grandest appointment of God.

Back to this study on 2012, 2013 Creation earthquakes. I’m updating this writing and now we’ll see what else God did at these days in the 2014 5775 Shemittah year and 2015 5776 which begins Tishrei 1. I can’t wait until 5777….it’s going to be a time of real perfecting to reach it…. 777. 2015 5776 has already started with more than a BANG….it will NOT be forgotten with the Middle East Sand Storm during Creation week with Mecca’s Grand Mosque crane killing 111. The Chili 8.3 earthquake, Tishrei 3, September 16, at the close of the Fast of Gadalia. Tsunami alerts are currently happening as I update this writing.

Do you notice that God is issuing the earthquakes two by two? Just as in the Days of Noah. They went in two by two, but the clean animals went in 7 pairs. The Sabbath rest earthquake ends the fifth Shemittah Cycle. The sixth Shemittah cycle begins with TWO earthquakes during the time Messiah is to set up His reign. TWO earthquakes show the consequence of obedience to Torah with TWO more showing the battle to restore the Temple to worship Gods way. I stand with my mouth dropped again! We can see Jehovah’ hand doing a similar pattern in the 2012 earthquakes.

Let me finish if I can……there is so so much here. It makes me wonder if I’m sharing too much as I myself can get overwhelmed as I think about the “Hand of our Creator’ just in this writing.

These warnings will do nothing for those that will NOT worship God as God. Romans 1:20. By not understanding God’s creation of the sun and moon, His eclipses, His Blood Moon, His Hebrew calendar and His Festivals; men will NOT witness HIS warnings.

I watched NASA’s website as 29 4.6+ earthquakes flooded the Philippines in three days.

Current earthquakes American time:

October 14, 2013: One 7.1 and Eight 4.6+

October 15, Twelve 4.6+

October 16, Eight 4.7+

I do not take lightly the deaths that happen in such destruction. It is in these times that God’s children from around the world need to help the hurting. I remember it was Israel who sent the military to break up the terrorist holding people in the mall in Africa in September 2013 at Sukkot. It was then that the Pakistan and Peru earthquakes shook. Israel was obedient to the calling of God to help their neighbor.

In this blog I write about the triple portions of blessing or the triple portions of cursing that can happen in the sixth year of the Shemittah cycle.


Being in a sukkah is a safe place to be!


Av to Kislev BIG earthquakes. – Avenging Month Av to Dedication Month Kislev

Sabbaths Involved – Lord’s Feast

Repentance Theme – Elul – King in the Field – Return to your beloved

Sukkot Connection – Tishrei – Feast of Tabernacles

Noah’s Flood – Baptism – End days theme

Earthquakes both years 11.75 days apart on average in early earthquakes

Flooding aftershocks

Happening in countries against Israel

Countries not observant to Torah

Philippines hit twice – 10 months apart

Cheshvan 23 and 24 – 1 day apart, Noah’s Flood days. (Did not make it to Cheshvan 25, Dan 12 1335th day)

Japan Surrenders 1945. IDF Soldier released

Japan has two earthquakes in 2012: Pearl Harbor Bombing, WWII Surrender

Japan: Earthquake 2012 on 68th Anniversary Japan Surrenders 1945, Earthquake to-the-day ON Japan 3rd Anniversary of 1941 Bombing Pearl Harbor, 71st Anniversary of bombing Pearl Harbor 2012. (This is HUGE news….God remembers Pearl Harbor.)


God had ordered 7 pair of clean animals and 2 pair of unclean animals to make their way to Noah and then Yahweh Himself closed the doors. Noah sat for seven days until 17 Cheshvan when Yahweh renewed His earth.

The men of the earth had never experienced rain, as the earth was watered by a vapor of mist.

Noah’s belief and action was credited to him as he was recognized as being a member of the Hebrews 13 “Hall of Faith”. He had preached the coming waters to them. It was the largest ‘mikvah’ (baptism)in the world.

Why did God send more clean animals into the ark than unclean? The unclean would reproduce as they are the scavenger animals. Noah would need clean animals for their sacrifices to the Lord and man would need clean animals to eat.

We see Cain and Abel bringing sacrifice to the Lord. Yahweh does not need our sacrifice, but we need to sacrifice. Man’s heart is shown to his Creator by the sacrifice he brings. Cain desired to be a ruler over men; being like God. He perhaps brought flax from which a priestly garment could be made. Flax comes from seed grown from the ground. Abel’s sacrifice was life that is in the blood.

God’s temple is inside of us. It has always been the heart of man that God has desired to reward. Our Elohim has many names with incredible attributes. He is a God of justice. Men are sinful and need to be repentant. They should want to RETURN to the fight of the Maccabees that was about false worship. We should be baptized into His salvation as the waters of Noah and Mosche leading them out through the crossing of the Reed Sea leaving Egypt (the world) show us.

We should observe the ways of the Jews as they have NOT lost the ways of Yahweh. They are the people of the most-read book in history, The bible. The bible begins with The Torah. The last two years of Fall Earthquakes show us our Creator; His desire to build His Tabernacle to dwell with us; the baptism that it will take to re-dedicate ourselves, and enter into a Festival of miracles…Chanukah

Chanukah is about the lights NOT going out. Yeshua is the Light of the World. These earthquakes show us the ‘Yod of Elohim.’ They show us two years with similar themes. Will you REST in Him, Repent, seek to tabernacle with Him, be baptized in Him, fight the battle to win the right to carry His Light to the world?




In 2014 God gives the Hebrew calendar, TWO MONTHS OF ADAR. He started intensifying earthquakes in TWO months, March and April, 2014. It will April 1 that God memorializes The Religious New Year. April Fool’s Day 2014 was also Nissan 1, 2014. Day for Day…no confusion. There will NOT be another 8+ earthquake until September 16, 2015, Tishrei 3. It is Rosh Hoshanna Day 3. It is The Days of Awe leading to Yom Kippur. It is The Feast of Trumpets…where we call to God. He will send the SOUNDS of the His trumpets…with lighting, thundering, and earthquakes. On Tishrei 3 2015, 9.16.15  …the next 8+ earthquake occurred…in the same country; Chili. It is still making history as I finish proofing this article.  I will see if earthquakes show the same patterns as the 2012, 2013…since we are now beginning the Hebrew New Civil Year….and we are starting it with more than I ever expected….The Mecca Grand Mosque floor is blood stained, The Middle East Unprecedented Sand Storm during Creation Week.  The Chili 8.3 quake with tsunami alert even to Japan, The Pope on US soil for the first time ever with Obama at the highest site of our land…The White House??? on Yom Kippur…and there is more….

He desires that TWO walk together. But you can NOT be unequally yoked.  What do these two quaking men have in common?  Power over nations.

As I ate dinner tonight, Tishrei 4, September 17, with three of my high school age grandchildren, we talked about when God issued this quake. When I used the word memorialize, they ask, ‘Memorialized?”

God is going to make known to man the days that He thinks is special. He is going to put them on days that He desires for His children to celebrate.

Nissan One 2014 was the New Year issued to Mosche for the children. It would lead to the death, burial and resurrection of Messiah…Jesus/Yeshua.

Tishrei 3 is Rosh Hoshanna – The Jewish New Civil Year. It is the year that the King is coronated. He is chosen by the people. If you are not looking for Him then you will not be able to identify him.

If you participate in God’s dress rehearsals, then on the day of the Chili 9.16.15 8.3 Earthquake, you may have joined the Jews in fasting for their ancestors killing a leader God had King Nebuchadnezzar assign for those that remained in Israel during the 70 year dispersal to Babylon. It was the Fast of Gadelia. God hosted the next 8.3 earthquake as they broke their fast.

Did any in Chili fast with the Jews? Did any in my family? Did any in Israel?

If we are to love Israel, why would we not weep when they weep? Yes, it is a self-imposed fast, but they have been doing it for many years…since Babylon. They are still sorrowful for killing a leader that God allowed to be appointed over them. Only a few Hebrews gathered to plot the murder and initiate it. They know God recognizes that the sins of one applies to the entire community. They take responsibility for each others actions. We should not kill a leader that God has allowed to rule.

TWO 8+ Earthquakes: Nissan 1 5774, April 1 2014; Tishrei 3 5776, Sept 16, 2015

First Ecclesiastical Month, first day in 6th Shemittah cycle.

First Religious Month, third day in 1st Shemittah cycle.

GOD rested in Shemittah year from hosting any 8+ earthquakes. Thus, the month of Tishrei still has not had an 8+ earthquake in a Shemittah year in the 1900’s. My belief is that He is saving a really BIG monster one for this month. I think it will be in the week of Sukkot….because that is where His children should be that remember His instructions at this time of year.

Where will you be Tishrei 15-23, 2015? September 28 – October 6, 2015. Go camping under the stars….no building will fall on you. Go on in to see how to build a sukkot for your family. It was designed to entertain the stranger and feed the needy.

Yes, there are many refugees right now in the world… in tents….perhaps a safe place to be. God is now beginning a new program….it’s now the beginning of the next 7-year cycle…..I don’t think it’s going to be very peaceful.

It can only be peaceful when men follow God’s instructions….TORAH!….

You will show your love for God….by loving His Son dying on the stake for your sins….and then His Torah (instructions) will keep you ‘safe’ on the earth.

TWO witnesses…..Noah and Mosche both prove it…..  In the last days Catholics join Muslims,  Pope Francis and Barack Obama.  

1335th Day of Daniel: Cheshvan 25, 5776 is November 7, 2015….. Be blessed as you participate in The Lord’s Feasts this year.

Also, be sure to read Sept. 20 blog, Shemittah Year Pattern in 2008-09 and 2014-15 quakes.  This article deals with the special Hebrew days they occur.

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