Earth’s 121st Jubilee, The 1335th Day of Daniel..Pearl Harbor 75 years ago – Part 4

Revelations 11:3 Gives power to two witnesses for 1260 days.  (3.5 years is 42 months) Revelations 12:6 hides the bride during the 1260 days of trouble….  Patterns of 42 months with these first witnesses of Adom and his bride are seen as they remain for 42 days in the Garden Eden (safe for only 42-44 more days.)  What lessons do we learn to look into our future?

This Jubilee study has now reached into Part IV.  It  has brought more patterns to study than I thought would appear.  To find Daniel’s 75 extra days after the 1260th day that the abomination of desolation is amazing.  With all this background, we can now start to see patterns that alert us to something really BIG going on in our earth’s historical cycle.  Be sure to read the other parts to this study.

Not only do we have Donald Trump coming on the scene of history, we see that he and his family should understand The Torah.  This rocks me and gives me chills as our Creator has just put people in charge that could and should lead our nation to repentance in their worship…and they are going to be held without excuse if they don’t do it.  But, once again, men must want to follow the new Mosche.

This leadership change is taking a plain hidden-Jewish man and yet moving him into the 6000th year of our earth forcing him to leave what he is comfortable doing.  He admits his inexperience just as Mosche admitted it to Adonai at Mt. Sinai.  Adonai gave Mosche his brother, Aharon; of whom also made mistakes.

Mr. Trump is likened to a Mosche.  He is listening to other leaders so as to bring our country back to it’s Judea Christian principles.  And, Mr. Trump has the opportunity to take it further and guide America and the world back to Torah which include The Lord’s Festivals of fun.

If Mr. Trump is not keen on the ways of Torah or The Lord’s Festivals, then he has access to the rabbi/teachers of whom know those ancient paths.  This is time for joy!   It is not a time to tear down the Jewish faith.  It is a time for the Jew and Gentile to meet in the middle and embrace one another.  Each has much to offer the other.

It is Yahweh that is putting hooks into men to embrace what Adom, Enoch, Noach and Abraham’s families understood.

If men resist learning about the very foundation of Creation then they shake the foundation of the patterns on which our earth was established.

Men will be awed over the graphics of the Netflix COSMOS documentaries.  But those graphics fail to give recognition to our Creator.  When men believe that they have just evolved and are not sure where they came from and who put them on this earth and of whom orchestrates every breath we have….it is an insult to The Creator.

The stories recorded through men are key for us in order to know the personality of our Creator.   His attributes are of the utmost importance to us in order for us to have that personal relationship with our Creator.  It is in his bending down and molding us from clay as our potter that helps us to love him as a Creator…we are molded to be pliable with free will.

When we don’t have a Creator we think we can become the Creator; just as Adom and Chanoh desired to be equal to The Creator.  We are not equal as we were never meant to be gods. We were meant for fellowship, never building kingdoms named after ourselves. Even the Trump name is being torn down and he is okay with handing it over to others.  I praise our Creator for once again working through men.  Now, we must pray against deception as Satan seeks those whom may make a way to truth.

I so want to just review right now, but I can’t…this study just seems to keep going.   I’m finding these things just as I type and it seems there is always one more curiousity to figure out.  There is nothing special about me with the exception that I now understand The Lord’s Feasts and I’ve been tracking world, weather, earthquakes and biblical world events for over three years.  I truly know deep within my being that our Creator is behind every move on our earth.  It has built my faith to a height that I desire for every one to see this.  It should give peace to our hearts to know our Creator’s goal is to bring His peace to the earth…not man’s peace.

Let’s bring this pattern back to the beginning.  It is in Adom that we first see the ‘pattern of silence’.  Silence came when they choose to be as gods, knowing good and evil. They each were issued judgments, but only in The Book of Jubilees do we see when they were removed from the Gan (garden) of Eden.

Whenever there is a date given, we best make note of it as Adonai is ‘marking’ it as noteworthy for future reference.

They were deceived in the Second Month, Day Seventeen; which is the Babylonian name, Cheshvan 17.  Cheshvan occurs in our fall months of October or November.  These two witnesses, Adom and Chanoh, are removed on Month Four at the Rosh Chodesh.  We can think of that as the month of Tevet, Day one ish.  But, it could fluctuate because the head of the month or seeing the sliver of the new moon could be the day before or after.   There is a three-day window, so it is hard to determine if the moon is waxing or waning.  Therefore, a 41-44 day window should be used from Cheshvan 17.

There are four months that The Book of Jubilees commands that the Rosh Chodesh be marked.  It is this fourth month called Tevet; and also the month of Tishrei.  They are months to mark and they have also shown up in the ‘deception’ of Adom and Chanoh. The Creator gave the Bride and Groom to each other at the time of The Feast of Tabernacles.  Then we see the flood month of Cheshvan where deception came in and next we have the month of Kislev which is a ‘war’ month.  All of these up-heaving months bring us to the fourth month of Tevet…where the slaves are re-set and freedom gets to ring once again.  These patterns are shown on this blog.

The other two months to be marked are Nissan and Tammuz.  Nissan is the month of Pesach known as Passover and then Tammuz sees Noah’s waters finally recede and we see Mosche coming down from Mt. Sinai to see what the noise is from the nation of children.  He finds the worship of the golden calf, Tammuz 17…as they made their own idol.

The moon is to be marked in months 1, 4, 7, and 10, so the calendar does not get off causing an abominable day to be honored on a day set to the LORD…and so that The Lord’s Feasts are not honored on an abominable day.

Two of the four months, Tevet and Tishrei, mark ‘Adom’s account’ of the fall.   The Creator does not want us to miss the exact timing of this event.  There are other events with the same timing that occur in the future, and we see ‘Adom’s fall’ is going to set the stage for them.  Our Elohiom is marking the timing and the story so we are mindful of these events.   It is His purpose that we are not to be ignorant at the end of days, so we can witness the true Messiach and not a false anti-Christ.

Unfortunately, even as I write, it is almost Kislev 25, Chanukah Day One.  It is very unusual for the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars to align.  December and Kislev align exactly in 2016.    December 25 is  Kislev 25, 2016.

Chanukah begins at the evening of the Sabbath, December 24, 2016, and will go for eight days; closing on Tevet 3 which is through January 1, 2017.  The eight days of Chanukah close out by bringing in the Gregorian 2017 calendar.  amazing!

If this truly is the close of the 6000th year from Adom, we are now beginning the 6001st year since Adom.  And, the Hebrew Civil calendar changed October 3, 2016 making it year 5777.  I would say that we truly are under way even as our next leader of the United States appears to be a Hebrew.  The United States elected a man who was sworn in on a Qur’an and even re-elected a second term.  Now we have gone from that to a Jew lover.  These are men of totally opposite beliefs.

Donald Trump’s election has been called historical, and I agree, as it is Adonai Elohim that heard the prayers and fastings of His saints and gave them Mr. Trump as their next leader.  These ‘saints’ now seem not to know how to pray as they are perplexed at this man as his beliefs are unknown to them.  But, had they been studying all of God’s Word…they would not be perplexed; but standing in true awe over what is occurring in our earth right now.

There is great change to take place and sincere prayer with thanksgiving is to be lifted up to  the Father as Adonai is now placing a new administration before Donald Trump as Mosche selected his leadership.   The world’s temptations of pride were seen in Aharon and Miriam and that too must be rejected as Mr. Trump begins to rule over Adonai’s children through a Torah-based perspective….and not the world’s perspective.  I pray he finds himself amazed with The Creator who put him in place at this moment in time.  May he be lifted up like a Solomon but without the pride of Solomon.  It is time for the United States and all nations to bless Israel so they will be blessed in return….this we know to be God’s truth.

Adom and Chanoh’s Rosh Chodesh of Month Four falls at what will be known as, The Feast of Dedication or Festival of Lights. Adonai is seen committing his love to these year-old earthlings, Adom and Chanoh.   Almost four thousand years into the future this will be the same time period of the want-to-be Jews, known as the Maccabeen family.  Their kinsmen wanted to follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Therefore, they pursued the Essenes and other Jews to come together after three and half years (42 months) to fight Antiochus’ Roman army.   The Temple was lost in 167 BCE and they all helped re-capture it in 163 BCE. They were Gentile believers who observed Torah.  The Maccabee’s father was killed, as well as the eldest son, Mathew, and many of their family.

These years pattern themselves to 1167 years later, when in 1967 AD the Jews once again re-captured Jerusalem in The Six-Day War of 1967.  It was 6.6.1967 on the Gregorian calendar.  There is a definite pattern of 6 in this life-location change pattern.

Epiphany is a title likened to pope (god on earth.)  Antiochus Epiphany had Zeus, Diana, Ba’al, Alexander the Great and other gods set up to be worshiped in The Lord’s Temple.  The animal to be slain on any Jewish altar had to be a pig, known to be ‘unclean’.   Pigs are scavengers and not a healthy thing to eat.  If a Jew offered any clean animal on any altar in the land of Israel, they were killed.  Thus, they were also asked to defile their bodies by eating this unclean food.

Common food was clean food (not a scavenger) but it had been previously offered to a different god.  There were hundreds of gods that people gave worship to.  Thus, if an offering had been dedicated (offered) to a different god, it became ‘common’ and was unacceptable to the one true living Yahweh.   Thus, common food and unclean foods were forbidden to be brought to Adonai’s altars.  When we see that Adonai is unhappy with an offering, it was because it had been offered to another god and then brought to Elohim or it was not a perfect animal on the clean animal list.

Offerings have always been a way of expression of worship throughout societies.  People gather together and like to fellowship and eat together.  But, Adonai’s children would be ‘set apart’ (holy) by eating only clean foods and nothing that had been made to be ‘common.’  This made them holy (set apart) to the LORD.

Man is a temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells.  This temple has been ask to ‘set itself apart’ as being holy unto the LORD.  Eating pork will not kill you, but it sets you apart to the negative in that you are just like the rest of the world.  If you are eating unclean foods, than you probably don’t set yourself apart in The Lord’s Feasts either.  Again, this goes back to having the right garment on at the wedding banquet.  If you want to please your Creator, you will know how to dress because you will have been to the dress rehearsals to know what is going on.  When people don’t care to learn about the Lord’s Feasts, they don’t care to learn about Him.  They don’t care to learn how to be a witness for The Messiach…because all The Festivals point to His return…and that is what will make the Jew jealous…when you know about them than what they know about themselves.

The abomination of desolation that we hear about in Daniel is speaking of a pattern that began with Adom and perpetuates itself into even our future.  The abomination within us pulls us to worship ourselves and make ourselves as gods.

Cain brought vegetables as an offering…when he knew it could not have a sweet aroma…as fat did.  He gave his best produce, but it was wrong from the start.  He built cities and named them after himself as Nimrod did with Babylon.  The King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, was reduced to eating as an animal and even grew long claws for seven seasons (mo’edim) festivals.  Solomon had the kingdom removed because of his arrogrance of thinking nothing could hurt Solomon so he abused The Torah…having many wives and horses.  These men are pictures of the anti-Messiach..anti-anointing.    Both of these kings anointed themselves above their Creator who gave it all to them.  Chanoh, Adom, Cain, Solomon and more all thought The Torah could not certainly pertain to them!

Dedication – Chanukah —  Seen in Adom’s days of deception and even in Noach’s days of deception.  It is Adonai that never broke His covenant with either of them.  Adonai acts in those 75 days from The Feast of Tabernacles to Chanukah.

Noach’s flood waters ceased and he could stop rocking and rolling around and the ‘sun’ could give them light.  Adom and Chanok lives changed as they came out from under their protective garden/ark as they were given coats to wear in their new world.  Noach too would now wear coats as the earth was now watered by rain and not dew.  I think I could just write a book on this one subject and it would be enough.

Adonai’s 42-days of silence and final protection in the gan of Eden led them to see the Creator’s continued dedication to them.  It was the first ‘Feast of Dedication’ as Adom accepted it with a sweet-savored offering of spices.  Adom no longer ran and hid, but he openly offered the best he had in an acceptable fashion…on an altar.

Adom’s account shows Chanukah; Noach’s Flood account shows Chanukah; Daniel points to it as the Day of Blessing…the 1335th day; and John writes about it.  Chanukah is that 1335th day and it will repeat itself in our day.  It will have terrible troubles before it it’s 42 months begins and then there is the final 75 more days.   I liken this to when the archangel Gabriel stopped to help the archangel Michael fight the Prince of Persia (Iran) and was detained by 21 days (hmm one-half hour).

And, then we have the scripture that says there was silence in the heavens to the space of one half hour.  Is that 20.8 days or 20.8 years.  If it was the trouble Adom had it was represented to us as in days.  But, in The book of Revelations it could be years because there is a seven-year problem.  It makes sense that there is a time span of three seven-year periods as Jacob’s time spent with Laban was broken into three seven-year cycles known as Shemittah years.

Jacob had to leave Laban because he was no longer with his children and they were being taught the ways of Laban and worshiping idol gods.  He was attending the sheep and not his own household.  Abominations had crept into Jacob’s house and he knew it.  Abominations had crept into Adom’s house and he went along with it.  Abominations were on the earth and Adonai saved eight souls through a water baptism with Noach.

Six thousands years and our world continues to deal with the same abomination of desolation….Lawless-ness on the earth.  We are to run from it.  We can not sit in churches that teach it.  There is to be no image before us…not Mary, Joseph, Christopher..Diane, Zeus, Alexander, or your child or mother.

As in the days of Noah proclaims that no man called upon the name of the LORD in a good way…but in the way of cursing Him…cursing him for his Torah…His rules that didn’t make sense…and thus..they created a new image of God and called him, Jesus of whom they celebrated at the winter solstice of Nimrod and Tammuz and Ba’al. They didn’t ask The Creator, but just put his day of celebration on the same day as the gods of the underworld…making their holy days the same….not setting Adonai above all other gods.

We have not marked the four months nor kept the four months holy.  Thus, we have make abominable days good days and ask the Lord to bless them.   It is just as the Book of Jubilees states….and so now…who can make it to the 1335th day?  Who can stay dedicated to Chanukah?

There is a remnant on the earth and I know them.  They  will not honor Christmas on December 25, but they will change it to Chanukah…declaring  it a NEW DAY….a New Day that surrounded Adom even as Adom was set outside the Gan.  Can our new 6001 beginning have us set back inside the world Adom had?    Okay…maybe just outside the gate as it’s not the ‘Eighth Day’ yet!  In another 1000 years we will see that New Heaven and Earth arrive.  But, until then we must return as much as we can to The Torah of Adom and Enoch and Noach and Abraham and Yeshua.  We must return and stay dedicated…and remember Chanukah…remembering Adom who got to remain and stay safe within it’s walls.

This year, as the year 6000 closes on the Gregorian calendar, the Creator spoke up and said, “My day of dedication to Adom, Noach, and the Maccabees will be sat on top of Solstice Day.  The earth has made an abomination of my name…lowering ‘The Son’ to the position of a Nimrod, Tammuz, Istar and Ba’al.  No, my dedication will hold firm as Chanukah begins at dusk on Sabbath.  It will pre-date your December 25 2016 and Chanukah will run for eight days.  It will finish the Jubilee and will be set up as a memorial for all to see…for all to know that I AM their Creator whom desires their correct worship and the I AM desires for them to return their hearts to Torah.  My son is not a Greek Jesus but a Hebrew Yeshua, whose name has always meant, ‘Salvation.’

John sees a vision in the heavenlies and warns us of it.  We are two thousand years into watching for it to occur again.  Chanukah is about change…and the return of The Messiach.  Yeshua Jesus said that there already were many anti-christs all around them, even in their generation.  So, we know that Torahless-ness has always abounded  on the earth.  We witness Lawless men in Islam even as they are Abraham’s brothers through Ishmael and also as Esau married an Ishmaelite woman.

We witness Lawlessness in Christianity when Christians teach that ‘The Law’ is done away with and not for today.  ‘Christ renewed all things and the old is done away with’  they’ve determined in their own thinking.  They say ‘we live by the New Testament and not the Old Testament’…and thus they don’t even  read the old’.  Because, if they did read the OT, how can men of the earth get away from the words that end many statements with, “and this is forever.”  Isn’t forever, forever?  In fact the New Testament and The Book of Revelation are direct quotes of the OT confirming the prophets and the writings.

Oh yes, there will be a specific time that puts an end of these “Messianic” thoughts of The Messiach returning and Satan will possess his body and declare himself as god through that man.  Just as Adom desired, Cain desired, Nimrod desired, Solomon desired, Epiphanes desired and many more desired to be as God, Satan will occupy and deceive.  It is this ultimate deception that men fear and thus Christians are fearful to endorse any man to be president of the United States.  You do not have to fear if you recognize Lawless-ness known as Torahless-ness on the earth.  Those that know Torah will be not be fooled…it is the Christian not doing Torah that will be lead astray because he will look like them….having a form of godliness but denying the truth … of Torah.

Besides going down this abomination trail, let’s focus on another find.

Revelation Chapters 11 and 12 both speak of the 1260 days…the three and one-half years of trouble.  It will be like the Maccabees and Essenes of whom had huge slaughterings going on with over 10,000 Jews and other followers of Mosche (The Law) being killed.

The Roman Empire is the time-period that Yeshua was born into in order to complete the prophecy that he would be pierced and die on a stake.  History had to have these Romans in order to have this type of execution happening.  And, it was happening all over the land of Israel and in the surrounding Roman controlled areas of even Alexandria, Egypt.

Now we can see why the symbol for the cross that people wear gives offense to the Jew.  Their ancestors were hung on poles that made the landscape look like a forest.  The cross reminds them of the Romans who tried to annihilate them. And, today the new Romans try converting the Jew by saying the OT isn’t valid any longer.  How can the OT not be valid and their Messiach that is coming, of whom can’t violate the Torah in one point, come and be The Messiach?  It doesn’t make sense to them, nor should it make sense to us as Christian believers of whom are grafted into The Torah through The Messiah.

Three and one-half years is the same as forty-two month and the same as 1,260 days.

Let’s take this more serious and repeat how long one hour is and a half an hour.  Since 1,000 years is the same as a day unto the LORD, one hour is equal to 41.6 years.  One-half an hour is 20.8 years.

What I just shared is called, Greek Thinking…in that it is precise.  In our Creator’s thinking he will use the same numbers perhaps or very close such as in using the year, it could be a day or a month or an age of something or numbers of people instead.

It is like looking at Adom and Chanoh not leaving the Gan of Eden until 42 days after the deception and yet we see one hour being 41.6 years.  This same 42 may show up in years, but it is still pointing to a pattern.  Our Creator is very creative you could say.  You are going to have to learn to relax and just see what God is trying to tell you.

Since the last article, Jubilee IV, I wanted to finish a little more with the number 75.  We have references to the 1,260, the 42-month and three and one-half years and it is saying the same thing.

But, when we start seeing what is happening in the 1290th day and how we are told to hold out until the 1335th day…we want to look at that break down since it is an additonal 75 days beyond the 1260th day.  There will be a 3.5 year period of turmoil and then an additional transition of 75 days…and it is broken down into smaller increments like we see with Adom still being protected in the Gan for 42-44 days…until Rosh Chodesh 1 Tevet, fourth month.

We looked at the whole number 75 and found some very interesting patterns in the Patriarch’s lives and I’m sure there are more.  But, this additional 75 days is a key piggy tail with possible future ramifications to this next Jubilee.

As I add to this article, it is the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  Seventy-five years to the day that caused America to ‘declare war’ on its enemy Japan.  1941 would be the beginning of the end of WWII in 1945.   It was it’s own 3.5 tribulation period of the seven-year war.  History repeats itself in Shemittah cycles, as we witness with WWII.

We’re going to look at Adom and Chanoah children and when they were birthed and placing them on a seven-branch Menorah so we can see what year in a seven-year cycle they were born.  Could this show us the future?  I believe it will.

But, to hold fast…let’s go back to the beginnig once again.

If we know that Adom and Chanoh were removed at the Rosh Chodesh of Month Four which is today’s 1 Tevet, we can count back and see what 75 days would have been. Impressively, we find that it is Tishrei 15.  It is The Feast of Tabernacles Day One.

This is incredible!!!!  This shows us that The Creator was ‘marking’ His calendar for all of future events with The Feast of Sukkot…known as the real time of his first coming…His birth.  It can be calculated from the High Priest Zechariah impregnating Elizabeth (Eleshava) with Miriam (Mary) visiting in her third month as we see John born.

The Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot is an eight-day festival set up by the LORD so man would come and share their lives with each other.  Just for starters, we see this Festival of Sukkot marked in Adom, Noach and even Yeshua’s first arrival to the earth. There is much to be celebrated and thus we see in Zechariah 14 referencing our future.  Our Creator has more plans for this day and wants us remembering and honoring it.  It is when we mark days of remembrance that we agree we want to fellowship with God. When we are willing to ‘remember’ His ways of worship on the earth, He says that He will ‘remember’ us.

The Feast of Tabernacles is also seen as the time when The Messiach sets up his literal Tabernacle on the earth.   We are to celebrate the pattern of his first arrival so we see His second arrival which is His return to rule for a thousand years.

Tishrei 15- 21 shows us the eight days that we are to celebrate, setting up sukkots, celebrating with each other and even having weddings.  The Jews recognize this as the time of The Messiach’s return.    The first and last day are High Sabbath days… NO work…only fun!

We also see confirmation of the Groom coming for the bride through David  whom is being chased by King Saul.  David is with 300 men and they all help care for Nabel’s sheep.  Just as Jacob was cheated by Laben, we see David being cheated by Nabel for the caring of sheep.  Our Creator does not tolerate poor shepharding and many pastors are going to feel correction.

Nabel has fleeced his flock and doesn’t want to pay for David’s services and even states, “How do I know you will be the king of Israel?”  He rejects his future king and is dead from a waxed heart within ten days.

Nabel will die on Yom Kippur (Tishrei 10) and David is seen riding out of Nabel’s camp with Nabel’s bride, Abigail, five days later..which is Tishrei 15…The Feast of Tabernacles/Succot. David got his second bride, Abigail.  The first bride was Mich’el, King Saul’s daughter, left in the palace mocking David.

Oh such a picture of the church today…mocking Torah.

Sukkot is eight days long and Chanukah is eight days long. Sukkot is part of The Torah (instructions) by our Creator that commands us to celebrate whereas, Chanukah was set up to honor the recapturing of the Temple in 163 BCE.

Both of these festival have come down through history and endorse each other.  The Feast of Tabernacles is first..setting the Tabernacle up and then staying dedicated to it.

One is a God-made festival and the second is a picture of God honoring man’s festival to honor The Tabernacle and to keep it in existence.

God, pre-ordained Chanukah with Adom as the Creator remained dedicated to Adom (man) as he sinned.   Yeshua Jesus is standing at the porch of Solomon in the winter festival of Chanukah, so Yeshua gave tribute to it as He is The Torah and stays dedicated.  Chanukah is a strong communication between Adonai and man.

The Temple is set up first and then man dedicates himself to protect it.  Just as we are the Temple with the Ruach HaKodesh that dwells within us, we are to stay dedicated and respect our  human temples.

Adom was created on the sixth day and Chanoh on the sixth day of the second week of Month One known as Tishrei.  One year later on Tishrei 13 Adom was celebrating having Chanoh.  They were in God’s Gan of Eden was perfect…  Their lives were matching what the feast was about…celebrating The Bride.

Until sin crouched at the door and pride set in….’we could be as God….knowing good and evil.’  Adom was right there with his woman and heard every word from the serpent.  One took action and the other waited.  Once Chanoh took the first bite and didn’t physically die…Adom took the next bite.  “All sin and come short of the glory of God.”

And, now they would not live to 1000 years of age because they sinned in their day.  A day to the LORD is as a 1000 years to man.  This is where we can calculate to find one hour of heaven’s time.

Jubilee 3:33 “And on the New Moon of the fourth month, Adam and his woman were sent forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the land of Elda in the land of their creation.”

The New Moon of Tevet – Rosh Chodesh they are removed…a three day window span as the waxing and waning of the moon hide it’s position from us.  They were removed when the earth was very dark.  And, the animals could no longer speak…but only growl.

Thus, from Cheshvan 17 we have six week or 42-44 days from the  time of deception.

This six weeks of 7 days is representative of Adonai closing their door for them to think about what is about to happen to them.  Perhaps they are saying good-bye to all of their animals friends.  It was a time of remorse and reflection and yet silence from The Creator.  In Adom and Chanoh’s six weeks, it truly had to be a time of regret for what the did…now they had to leave this incredible garden…and cover their shame.

Jubilee 3:28 “And on the day on which Adom went forth from the Garden, he offered as a sweet savor an offering, frankincense, galbanum, and stacte and spices in the morning with the rising of the sun from the day he covered his shame.”

We see a ‘Day of Blessing’ that The Creator and man were still getting along and caring about each other.  Adom made it to The Day of Blessing…he was not immediately killed for sinning, but ask to return to Adonai’s ways..which we see he did by offering a sacrifice of atonement for their sin.  Adom and Chanoh are seen performing the part of Torah that they could do at that time.

Jubilee 3:29 “And on that day was closed the mouth of all beasts, and of cattle, and of birds, and of whatsoever walks, and of whatsoever moves, so that they could no longer speak; for they had all spoken one with another with one lip and with one tongue.”

A full six weeks and then removal…with coats being issued which notes a definite weather change for them.  It would no longer be perfect.   And they would no longer talk with animals of whom could deceive them.  The animals are silenced.  My question is, “Will the  animals ever speak again?  We know that Balaam’s donkey spoke.

We got to touch on Daniel’s 1260th and 1290th day and the 1335th blessed day and 75 days.

Daniel’s 75-day pattern shows us silence and removal.   Abram leaves Haran, venturing out walking into unknown territories having his bride even taken from him by a king.

The ‘Day of Blessing’ should be desired.  We must know how to be patience and wait while going through tribulation.   We know God’s remnant has examples of being hidden in their days of trouble, but not removed.  Thus, for 42 months which is three and one-half years and then yet another 75 more days of stress, we must hold to Adonai’s truth (His Torah) because our King is coming.  We would not be told to hang on, if we had already gone somewhere by being removed early from our troubles.

I repeat, we are 75 years from America’s Pearl Harbor.   And there is still stress in our world…even as War World II actually ended on Kislev 25, Chanukah Day one as the last soldier was found in Indonesia.  In a few days it is Tevet 1…The 1335th day which is 75 days from the 1260th day.  Our world is coming into the Day of Blessing seen in this pattern.

Mr. Donald Trump as been recognized as “Person of the Year 2016.”  The stocks soared…as job are promised to remain in the United States.  Russia’s Putin looks forward to a good relationship with President Trump.  And yet, Taiwan set aircraft capable of carrying nuclear over China’s area showing their nuclear might should China push her. The world is fragile promising to be a blessing as the 6001st year begins.

Yeshua Messiach is coming and wouldn’t it be great if His return followed the patterns we’re seeing that possibly connect in the first Jubilee of the 6000th year of our earth.

And, don’t forget that Noach was shorted 1 Jubilee (50 years) of living to 1 day (1000 years).  It will be in 1 Jubilee (50 years) that Adom begins having children.  These are pictures for what it will take to ‘settle’ this earth down and begin reproduction of the children who want to do it right.  Remember, God removed the parents in their ‘wilderness’ experience with Mosche.  This generation of stubborn hearts will be removed as The Creator will accomplish His goals upon the earth…without us and our abominable ways.  The traditions of Nimrod, Estar, Tammuz, Ba’al must leave the earth.  Even ‘Starbucks’ portrays Estar as it’s logo.  Come on people…remove the images…

Adom was shorted 70 years of his being 1000 years old, one day to the LORD.  That 70 years is a constant reminder through even our lives being determined for 70 years.  It is no longer 120 years, but 70 years for man.  And Israel is a nation of age 70 in 2017 as it was 1947 in the fall that United Nations approved it.  She is 100 years from the Balfour  Declaration of 1917 which issued her rights to land.  Then, it took 30 years to get that done….the length of time The Suffering Servant was on the earth the first time.

It all makes sense according to the patterns:

Adom is created on Day Six.

Chanoh was created in week two, Day Six.

Noach was 600 when he got in the ark and 601 when he got off the ark.

Isaac had Jacob at age 60.

Jacob had Benjamin, son of his right hand, when he was 60, turning 61.

Jacob left Laban’s house when he was 60.

The Israelites cross the Jordan, after forty years of wandering and learning Adonai’s Torah (instructions).  They crossed the Jordan without their parents of whom denied Yah’s instructions.

There were 601,750 between the ages of 20 and 40 to bear arms to cross over and take the land in the next twenty or so years.

There are more patterns, but let us close Part IV with the world now being 6000 years from Adom and going into it’s 121st Jubilee.

On the Hebrew calendar declared by Hillel, it is now the year 5777.  Hillel’s sanhedrin set this current calendar in place as many Jews were being killed around 70 AD.  Even Philo from Alexandria, whose family donated the gold to cover the Temple, is said to have died that year.  Did he witness his families gold melting off as the Temple was set on fire?

Our next rich leader, Donald Trump and his family,  have already given much gold to Israel in the form of housing over the last fifty years.

Donald Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old when he takes public office January 20.

The Hebrew year of  5 777 started with cutting words pitted against evil ways and even after Mr. Trump was elected the riots and piercing words continue…as they fight against the loss of what they won with President Obama…including a White House lite up in rainbow colors for GAY PRIDE.

There are four or more Hebrew calendars being considered right now.  If the new Sanhedrin is accepted in Israel, it has already declared 5777, our 2017, to be a Jubilee year.  Our world is full of excitement as these years will bring BIG change.  777 – Zayin Zayin Zayin is the strongest pictorial language of piercing…cutting…to bring that rest of the earth into being.

If we are to adhere to what is estblished from the land of Israel, then we must pray for the Sanhedrin to review the calendar and the world must accept what they deem correct.  The arguing must stop…or we just keep guessing about the return of The Messiach.

There is no guessing with patterns.  All deceit must be exposed such as the documentary, COSMOS.  It endorses Darwinism and denies The Creator.  There are things we can do…and I refuse to run in fear… because we know that God works everything to His glory….not ours.

See you in Part V – defining Adom and Chanoh’s children and looking at their pattern for the Jubilee.

7 thoughts on “Earth’s 121st Jubilee, The 1335th Day of Daniel..Pearl Harbor 75 years ago – Part 4

  1. I know Hashem inspires you. People for the most part do not know how to rightfully divide the word. In pure concept any verse can be used when inspired by Hashem. Look at it as a seed. Instead of truly dividing it, it should be allowed to grow. When the message is as fruitful as yours the response should be as a tree growing from the seed in knowledge.

    The 126 concept is Godly in nature. The frequency of the sun is 126 hertz. Now look at the refinement of what Hashem says. Psalms 12: Help, for the Godly are No More
    …4Who have said, “With our tongue we will prevail; Our lips are our own; who is lord over us?” 5″Because of the devastation of the afflicted, because of the groaning of the needy, Now I will arise,” says the LORD; “I will set him in the safety for which he longs.” 6The words of the LORD are pure words; As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times.…

    The darkside uses 216 as the babylonian source code. It is 6x6x6. The babylonian system is sexagesimal and has rendered the time system the world uses today. Whether the are witting or unwitting players for the darkness and its methods the dark signature is left in time and is inescapable for them. Obama’s birthday is 04 Aug which is the final day of the destruction of the 2nd Temple in the ritual year of 70AD. In a non leap year 04 Aug is the 216th day of the year.

    The events in the Holy Bible are repetitive as this refinement process takes place to the final climactic events as the spiritual and the natural meet head on in a collision course. It is similar to the ingredients for a sauce reducing to its final product from heat being applied. You know what you are making during the process but the time has not yet arrived for it to be used. Now we are living in the final scene. In the Book of Nicodemus the redemption od Adam and the coming of the Messiah was at 5952 years. Prior to Yeshua being born on earth 4004 years transpired. Now go to 14 May 1948 and the rebirth of the state of Israel into rothschild babylonian captivity. Add 4004 plus 1948. It equals 5952 years which is exactly when the end of the age started. It is no coincidence that if you add the flood duration that the timespan from Creation to the birth of the Father of Israel, Abraham, is 1948 years.

    You spoke about the foreshadowing of the spirit of the antichrist in the form of antiochus epiphanes 4 who desecrated the altar of the Temple by throwing a pig on it on 25 Kislev or 25 Dec 168 BC. The date is a fraud for the birth of the Messiah. It was nimrod’s birthday which the romans celebrated as sol invictus. The 8.0 version is known as apollo/apollyon. Now go 2160 years in the future. It is 25 Dec 1992. This is exactly 666 weeks after the dedication of the Georgia guidestones on the skull and bones day of 22 Mar 1980.
    Mars returns to its same place in the sky every 47 years. Exactly 47 years before this the first concentration camp, dachau, was opened 22 Mar 1933 and the very next day, satan in flesh, adolf hitler was made furher of deutschland. deutschland is the only country I am aware of to make 666 in English gematria.
    The symbol over that wretched land is the “hakenkreutz” or hacked cross. In the memoirs of dietrich eckhart, who founded the nazi party, he stated that when hitler looked upon the spear of longinus that pierced Yeshua’s side he was consumed by the spirit of satan.

    hitler was born on 20 Apr 1889. The last presidential inauguration produced some startling math that clearly indicates a pivotal point in the time of mankind. The eve of hitler’s birthday on 19 Apr starts the days of the beast leading up to beltane on may first which is the only date when spelled out equals 666 in English gematria.
    This is a total of 13 days and on the other side are 13 days leading up to the birthday of Israel on 14 May. It is no coincidence that the Waco Massacre 19 Apr 1993 , the OK City Bombing 19 Apr 1995 and the Columbine HS shootings on 20 Apr 1999 was in unholy reverence for hitler. There is a lot more to this which is quite damning to the methods of the luciferians.

    From 20 Apr 1889 to the inauguration of Donald Trump is exactly 6666 weeks.
    From Trump’s birthday to this day is 70 years 7 months and 7 days.
    From obama’s first election on the recreated altar of pergamum in the ritual city of denver, colorado (means color red) to this day is exactly 3000 days.
    Note how the babylonian source code 216 can be used as a divisor for the components of time in this calculation.

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  2. Something else that might be of interest to you is the methodology they used to arrive at the days of disaster. I was given this truth by Hashem by reflecting on Jeremiah 33:3. You spoke of Jubilee 3:33. There is a mystery here and I think you will figure out who you are conversing with soon.

    The rogue stars of Enoch mark this cursed time in sin. Mars returns to its same place in the sky exactly every 47 years. The luciferian FDR became a 32nd degree mason on 28 Feb 1929 17 days after the Lateran Treaty established the whore of Babylon church on Vatican Hill. “Vatican Hill” in English gematria is 666 and 911 in the Jewish version.
    On 04 Mar 1929, herbert hoover, a bohemian grove moloch worshipping attendee became president on 04 Mar 1929. Exactly 666 weeks later Pearl Harbor was bombed.
    Now add a god of war mars cycle of 47 years and land on 07 Dec 1988. Now add another 666 week cycle, you land on 11 Sept 2001.
    You have just seen nimrod’s grimoire which is what is used by higher masonry. Hashem told me what was going on from Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me and I will tell you unsearchable things you knowest not”.

    The same type of thing can be done using the motion of venus which returns to its same place in the sky every 40 years exactly. The bible is replete with venus motion math. It cycles every 40 years and goes in retrograde for 40 days. It has a transit of 243 years. Enoch ruled from Jasher 3:12 for 243 years and Adam dies when he was 243 years old. The satanic talmuds changed the spiritual torah calendar to reflect their reverence to lucifer the false morning star. As a result you have a civil year of 5777. Add 243 and arrive at 6020. The start date, civil new year of Tishrei 01 is diametrically opposed to what God had Moses observe.
    From 04 Mar 1929, herbert hoover’s inauguration, add a 40 year venus cycle and land on 04 Mar 1969. Now add 33 prophetic years against the life of Yeshua. 33 x 360 = 11,880 days. You again land on 11 Sept 2001.

    There is a lot more. I like your work, and would like to speak with you. May God bless you in your endeavors.

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  3. The methodology of Daniel is quite clear. The last chapter of the mystery babylon is the US which was birthed on the ominous day of 17 Tammuz. In the seed concept, the growth clearly indicates rebellion against Hashem and his law. The subjugation of Hashem’s law by man’s law is a constant erosion of conformity which leads to ultimate destruction in the form of sodomic fervent heat judgment. The seed of the creation of hellfires resides in the destruction of sodom and gomorrah.

    The fight to keep biblical fulfillment from coming to fruition was in nazi germany. Their attempt was to thwart the rebirth of Israel. The leader was satan in the flesh. hitler, according to dietrich elkhart’s memoirs said that when he gazed upon the spear of longinus that he was possessed by the spirit of satan. So at least the flesh was commanded by the demon of deep.

    The day of hitler’s fake death was walpurghisnacht 30 Apr 1945. It is the eve of beltane which a day of human sacrifice in satanism. Exactly 21 years later the us satanic church was birthed on 30 Apr 1966 by anton lavey who was beelzebub in the flesh. His birth year, 1930, was a walk against the life of Adam who lived 930 years and so started the count for 70 dark years of victory in the death of the first man and not making a day with the Lord which is 1000 years. A similar ritual was done against Methuselah.

    The higher ups in government are part of the dark circle. Exactly 666 weeks after anton lavey was born on 11 Apr 1930 the Pentagon opened its doors on 15 Jan 1943.

    1930 was used in ritual by the synagogues of satan talmuds. Go from Rosh Hashanah on 23 Sept 1930 forwards a complete degree turn of the precessional equinox. The whole cycle is 25,920 years. One degree turn is 72 prophetic years or 25,920 days. 11 Sept 2001 is the start of another 72 year cycle on the 25,921th day. In addition, you can go to the Book of Judges at 9:11 and determine that the tree of knowledge is the fig tree. Gotham issued the parable of the trees from Mount Gerizim where curses are issued from. Gerizim means ‘mountain if shame” It is the leaves from this tree that Adam and Eve sewed together to cover their nakedness. You can at least determine that the fig tree is in the garden of Eden because they had not yet been cast out.

    Look at what happens with the 1930 start date. You start on a jewish civil new year and land on an egyptian new year on the other end. Google “nayrouz” for proof. Not only that but the gregorian start date is 23 Sept and the end is 23 Elul.

    By 04 Jul 1776 being 17 Tammuz a chain of dark math surrounds it. Look at what happens when you start on a 04 Jul date two years before a 30 Apr date. The interval is 666 days.
    Now look at the value of beltane may first. it is the only day to make a 666 value in English gematria and the Jewish value of 716 is important as well.

    Now let’s do some math involving the counting of the days by Daniel. If it leads to the son of perdition assuming a throne then the dark methodology for him to get there and reign for 1260 days has to be in place. Assume it is this year (this template would work any year), and the one destined to receive the mortal headwind as the worthless shepherd from Zechariah dies on 01 May and has an unholy resurrection of 03 May (maitreya – may third). Look at the math for 1335 days. The unholy lie at the end would be the two witnesses would be killed on 25 Dec which is sol invictus and the birthday of nimrod and Heaven defeated.
    Now look at the 1290 day interval.
    Now look at the 1260 day interval where the gates of hades prevail.
    Add three days to this after Christ returns and defeats the antichrist at the 7th trumpet and you have the amount of time it would take for him to restore the Temple and the 1000 year reign would begin on 01 Jan.
    Then add Daniel’s 2300 days starts on 11 Sept.

    To further indicate that 17 Jul is the start of the son of perdition’s reign just look at what happened on the eve of it in history plus couple the fact that the Jewish gematria equivalent for “may first” is 716.

    16 Jul 622 AD – the islamic calendar starts Enoch died 622 years after creation
    16 Jul 1054 AD – The 04 Jul omen of the supernova for the crab nebula appears in the sky and then on 16 Jul the first schism occurs in the Christian Church between the RCC and the Eastern Orthodox.
    16 Jul 1790 – Washington DC is established
    16 Jul 1918 – The Romanov’s are murdered and Christianity and Judaism basically become illegal overnight in the new USSR.
    16 Jul 1945 – The first successful atomic test occurs. A total of 1054 blasts occurred in the program in celebration of the seed for divide and conquer in Christianity. Of that 911 blasts were in Nevada and 216 blasts were above ground. 216 is babylonian source code. 6x6x6 = 216. obama is born on the 216th day of the year as well as the final day of destruction of the second temple occurring on 04 Aug 70 AD. the whole point of the ritual was to send atomic fallout in the upper atmosphere from the Pacific Atolls and the Southwest and spread it eastward increasing cancer rates over time.16 Jul 1969 – Methuselah lived 969 years. The blast off of a fake moon mission was this day. The program was named for the coming antichrist (apollo/apollyon) and the pronunciation of the babylonian/akkadian word for “the moon” is “sin”.


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