Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030

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PALESTINE Awed or In Awe During The Lord’s Shemittah 2015 Fall Feasts On June 13, 1992, Agenda 21 was proposed.  September 25-27 Agenda 21 becomes Agenda 2030….a BIGGER problem revealed in the ‘Days the King is preparing His sanctuary.’  It was Sivan 12, Sabbath Naso (take up) Numbers 4:21-7:89, Judges 13:2-25. Notes from General Assembly of United Nations 69th session in June 2015. Speaking today in the general debate were the representatives of Qatar (on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council), United States, Bangladesh, Hungary, Thailand, Iran, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea,… Continue reading Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030