Black Anointing PURIM Oil

I’m reposting this to give memorial to the 15 people that died in Brazil in the Petrobras fire today.  It was Adar 20 2001…March 20, 2001.  It was at the time of Purim and a Shemittah year.

In 2016 oil has plummeted and I bought gas for $1.17 at Costco in February.  It held steady at $1.33 in Arizona during the month of March 2016.  Oil barges are full sitting on the waters of the nations.  What an easy target of war to once again turn our seas to blood.

Let us not forget the Hand of God and what He is saying through these spills…and the loss of life!


Fast of Black Anointing Oil March 24, 1989    Valdez Prince Albert  – PURIM Day 3 * 2nd S cycle March 20, 2001  Petrobras 36  – 11 Die – PURIM 5 * Shemittah Yr   March 23, 2005…

Source: Black Anointing PURIM Oil