Earthquakes Tishrei 8+ History

Tishrei 3 2015 * TENTH 8+ Earthquake since 1900

September 16, 2015

Plus Tishrei has THREE Great Quakes less than 8+ that caused 50,000+ to Die

Tishrei 8+ Earthquakes   1900-2015 

TISHREI is First Civil Month

Seventh Religious Month

10 + 3 Great = 13 Great Shakings

Zero earthquakes in 7th Shemittah Year – 2022 is next possibility

Month Tishei

 1      1918     ROSH  Hashannah, Feast of Trumpets.  Shabbot   Kuril Island/Russia

 8      1920     Days of Awe, between Feast Trumpets and Yom Kippur.  Loyalty Island

19     1922    Feast of Tabernacles (Tishrei 15-23).  Chile Argentina Border

25     1963    Feast Tabernacles ended Tishrei 23

17     1974    Feast of Tabernacles (Tishrei 15-23) Chol Hamoed 2.  Central Peru, Sunday

4       1985     Feast Trumpets Day 4.   Mexico

29    1994    Eve of Rosh Chodesh.  Kuril Islands Russia

15    1995   Feast of Tabernacles Day 1.   Mexico (October 24, 1995 Total Solar Eclipse, October 8, 1995 Lunar Penumbral)

11    2009   Yom Kippur Day 2.  Samoa

 3     2015    Fast of Gedalia, 8.3 Illapel Chile – 1st Shemittah cycle

Great Quakes less than 8.0 killing over 50,000 

21    1290   Feast of Tabernacle Day 7. 100,000 die China 

 5      2005   Shabbot Shuva;  7.6 Pakistan   86,000 die

 2      1948   Feast Trumpets Day 2 – 7.5  IRAN & USSR 110,000 die

Tishrei 1 – Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hoshanna – is the beginning of the Hebrew Civil calendar year. The religous year begins in Nissan. The Kings are crowned. Many wait for the trumpet blast of the Lord to perhaps be taken with Him.

Tishrei 3 – Fast of Gedalia – God authorized King Nebuchadnezzar to appoint this Jewish man governor over those that remained in Israel during the 70-year Babylonian captivity.  A few plotted and killed him but the sin is carried to all and a self-appointed fast was issued.  Man should not remove what God had put in place.

Tishrei 10 – Yom Kippur or Day of Judgment. It is called “The Fast.” Jews do NOT work. The fast is instructed by God. In the previous month of Elul Jews resolve issues amongst themselves. In the first ten days of Tishrei the nations should resolve conflict. It is a time for ALL to repent. Mosche returns Tishrei 10 and announces Yahweh had forgiven them for the worshiping the golden calf on 17 Tammuz. They collect items for five days for Mosche to assemble tabernacle.

Tishrei 15 – Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot – It is a seven-day festival celebration. An eighth day is added called Shemini Azaret and Simcot Torah (if in the dispora). They rejoice in the Torah. The seventh day represents the millenial reign. The King has arrived and now dwells with His people. The eighth day represents the New Heaven and Earth forever.

Eclipses that are close in date to Earthquakes

October 24, 1995 Total Solar Eclipse,

October 8, 1995 Lunar Penumbral

September 13, 2015 Partial Solar (29 Elul) Day of Remission

Lunar Eclipses

14 2014 October 8 Total

15 2015 September 28 Total

Years between Earthquakes above 8+ or of a maqnitude that caused destruction.

Note that every earthquake lands on a significant time, even the recent one of 9.16.15..  The special 2015 Fast of Gedalia quake is very important as the world watched Pope Francis and President Barack Obama meet on Yom Kippur.  These leaders have had disdain among the people but should not be killed as God has allowed it.  This is truly a direct message from God.

There is a pattern of 3 cycles of earthquakes happening every 11 years and a 4th  if you add the 1994 Rosh Chodesh eve of eve quake to the Feast of Tabernacle 1995 quake. That would make 4 sets of quakes every 11 years, in a row,  in the month of Tishrei since the 1900’s.  VERY INTERESTING ..  The 1 is Aleph representing God.  11 would represent His hands as Mosche held both of his hands high to win the battle for the Israelites.

1     1918   ROSH HASHANNA DAY 1 Feast of TRUMPETS – 30th Day of Repentance

2 years

8     1920    Messiah circumcised Day 8

2 years

19   1922    Feast of Tabernacles Day 5

26 years

2    1948   Days of Awe, Feast of Trumpets /Rosh Hoshanna Day 7.    IRAN/RUSSIA 110,000

15 years

25    1963   14th Day dedication of First Temple ended two-days earlier, Solomon sends home

11 years

17    1974   Feast of Tabernacles Day 3 – 28 Day of Repentance

11 years

4    1985     Fast of Gedalia 2, Days of Awe,  Day 33 of Repentance

11 years

29    1994   Rosh Chodesh eve of eve

1 year

15    1995   Feast of Tabernacles Day 1,   Day 30 of Repentance

10 years

05    2005 Feast Trumpets Day 5,   34 Day Repentance 7.6 Pakistan 86,000 die

4 years

11    2009   Yom Kippur Day 2   Sign Jonah message Day 39 Repent

6 years

3    2015    Fast of Gedalia, 8.3 Chili

The name of Yahweh is represented by the Hebrew letter Aleph. It’s numerical value is ONE.   The Aleph is pictured as an ox which represents strength.   When Yahweh says something twice it is of utmost importance and when it is said three times it is indisputable and very important and holy to Him.

In the number ELEVEN we have God’s name repeated twice and with much strength.

Messiah will return with great strength and judgment.

Tishrei 2015 is starting in severe judgement.  It begins the first cycle of the Shemittah 7-year cycle.  I’m showing you this report so you can see that God stopped all 6+ earthquakes in the month of Elul.  The August 15 6+ is on AV 30.  From Elul 1 to Elul 22 there no zero 6+ earthquakes.  It is then one week before Rosh Hoshanna, Feast of Trumpets and the beginning of Jacob’s troubles that God sends a 6.4 to New Zealand.  New Zealand then shakes and shakes with smaller quakes before and after.  23 Elul is when God also started the unprecedented sand storm in the Middle East which lead to the Mecca Grand Mosque to shake so violently that a crane dropped and killed 111 people, blooding their temple floor.

This is the only Elul 6+ quake until The Day of Remission, Elul 29.  This is the last day for anything to be released that has been bound.  There can still be things that fall all the way into the spring and even year from now.  But, after seven years, it is that final day of being set free.  Mexico would be graced with this privilege with a 6.6, the double number for man.

We could say that God honored his children who were praying in the month of Elul that returned to Him.  Elul is known as “The King is in the Field.’  God draws closer to men to hear their offerings/prayers.  It was the last month of the 7th Shemittah’s 7- year cycle.  He gave them rest from earthquakes, but not from war and politics.  Men of this earth are searching more desperately than ever for good leadership.  As God sounds His trumpet in Tishrei, we even have a man running for the US presidency named, Trump.  He certainly blows his horn loudly and does not care of whom he offends.  God is the same way….RETURN oh children of IsraEl.  The trumpets are blowing and the bowls are pouring out.

2015 Tishrei Earthquakes first 8 days.
2015 Tishrei Earthquakes first 8 days.

Compiled by hadassah miriam from NASA website and website

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