March 17 – Largest Solar Flare – 2000 Idaho Birds Fall From Sky

We just came to the end of the 7-year Religious Shemittah cycle.  It is a new beginning. This Sabbath/Saturday God recognized the New Year with a Total Solar Eclipse on that last day, Adar 29.  He darkened the sun and the moon and the temperature at the north pole dropped to -20 C. What happened three days earlier?  Yes, it was March 17, 2015 St. Patrick’s Day and people got a pinch for not wearing green.  What else happened?   2000 birds drop from the skies in Idaho and they don’t know why.  What day was it?  Adar 26. What … Continue reading March 17 – Largest Solar Flare – 2000 Idaho Birds Fall From Sky

Vanuatu Catastrophe was Idols

Cyclone PAM began on March 12, 2015, Adar 21.  This cyclone turned into a Catagory Five killing 24 people so far and displacing over 3300.  I tried to find out why God would remove this entire area during the weekend that the Torah reading was “He gathered”, Vayak’hel. My Google search went years back with tourism being the industry promoted for Vanuatu. They even had a drone fly into the most active volcano in the world.  Yasur volcano is on Tanna Island. Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands and sits on earthquake fault lines.  I witness this area constantly … Continue reading Vanuatu Catastrophe was Idols