Eclipsing Quakes 4 of 6 July 1 2011 Sabbath ‘statutes’ Sivan 29

Sivan 29 Solar Eclipse covers Indian Ocean * Earthquake at Indian Ocean

Elipse 2011 on Sivan 29 Torah study in Judges describes Israeli Defense Force Shallit taken hostage on Sivan 29 2006.  Released 5 years 4 months later on 20 Tishrei. Eclipse on five-year anniversary…released 20 Tishei, Day 5 Feast of Tabernacles.

CERN worships Shiva and Amonites worship K’mosh.

We continue the project of seeing if lunar or solar eclipses affect the earth in advancing the shift of plates causing earthquakes.  This project begins with the year 2011 and will look for patterns through 2016.

The eclipse and earthquake charts are used. I have also added past events that I have been posting to my Gregorian Hebrew calendar on my computer.  Those events are entered at the end of the evaluation.  If the eclipse is near the Sabbath, those readings will be examined.

SIVAN 29 – The moon will be slim to none at the close on Sivan 29.

2011 – Four solar eclipse – unusually high number

Two lunar eclipse

# 4  Eclipse for 2011  Sivan 29

July 1 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse 8:39:30 UTC  Saros series 156.

Located:  Indian Ocean

Earthquakes:  Three: 5.0, 5.6, 5.6     At Indian Ocean  *     Pattern: Quake  SE  Quake  Quake

This is interesting that the first earthquake is located the closest to the Indian Ocean.   The other two are east and one is south of the same location, but sit in different waters…but the shadowing of the eclipse probably would have sat on them as well.  Thus, it seems that the only 5.0+ earthquakes on July 1 2011 were in the path of the  eclipse shadow.  Only three earthquakes above 5+ on July 1 2011 on the Sabbath (Saturday).  Quiet day of rest?


Minahasa, Sulawesi Indonesia  2:38:49 UTC  5.0

Partial Solar Eclipse at Indian Ocean 8:39:30 UTC

Mariana Islands region in Pacific Ocean  13:18:47 UTC

Eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea  16:25:48

Eclipse EQ July 1 2011

Sabbath: Day of Rest that began with Adom….God created everything in SIX days and then made the seventh day for man’s rest.  Yeshua Jesus said that He was LORD of the Sabbath…So would he be LORD over nothing… No, He Lord OF the Sabbath.

It is a quiet day on the earth.

The believers in The Messiach read these passages during the week and then study them with their families on the Sabbath.  Many people get together in study groups.  It is an amazing thing that as so goes the Torah, so goes man that week.  Let’s look at what the study verses were.  If you want to know the mind of God that week….study these Scriptures to see what He wants you to learn and walk the earth with him through these life lessons.

The first words of the Scriptures are used to give the study it’s title.  Thus, on July 1 2011 the words began,  ADONAI said to Mosche and Aharon, “This is the regulation from the Torah which ADONAI has commanded.”  Tell the people of Isra’el to bring…..

The Parsah is entitled Chukat (Hukkat) meaning ‘regulation’ or ‘statues.’  This particular portion shows how to become clean if you become unclean.  It shows Miriam dying in the wilderness and what they did when they did not have water.  Miriam mean bitter and when she left the water became bitter.

The reading that week was Parashah 39;  Numbers 19:1-22:1.  Readings are also read from the prophets so Judges 11:1-33 would be included in the summary of this eclipse.   Then  more suggested readings are Yochanan (John) 3:9-21; 4:3-30; 12:27-50.  These are great Scriptures to prepare for the next where we learn of Balak…and Balaam.

Adonai our Creator directs men’s paths.  He lays out a path for them to walk and if they do not desire to walk in that path, then they are removed…as Miriam was removed.  All that generation would be removed by the end of forty years.  The new wine skins (children) could have wine (teaching) poured in them and not leak.  They could handle the statutes of The Creator.  They had eclipses to watch for forty years and earthquakes even opened up and swallowed their homes whole.  In 2017 we will be FORTY Jubilees from the real sacrifice.  Yeshua, The Messiach walked this earth in the year 17 AD which began the 80th Jubilee of our earth.  Eight is ‘new beginnings’ of which He confirmed the way of The Father.

We feel the ground shake and the ceiling fan move and it causes for a lively conversation and concern.  But, what did the Torah readers learn that day?  They were dealing with how to bury the dead and still be clean before their Creator.  It’s always about how to be able to come back into fellowship with our Savior Yeshua the Messiah;  Jesus the Christ. How to trust Adonai in the times of trouble and death.

Hebrew Months in order:

Tishrei Cheshvan Kislev Tevet Shevat  Adar (I, II)  Nissan  Iyyar  SIVAN  Tammuz  Av Elul

Other World Events  *  SIVAN 29   

1826 – President John Adams and Thomas Jefferson die within five hours of each other of old age on July 4, Sivan 29…dark days.  John Adams influenced Thomas Jefferson at the end of his life toward slavery.  Jefferson persuaded men to leave that problem to the next generation.  Neither ended well.

1917 – UNusual Partial Solar eclipse 99 years ago.  N America Asia Europe; then Antarctica a second eclipse occurred, but was short lived.  Yom Kippur katan (Day of little judgment).

Balfour Accord

Hmm…it the time that Britain declared that the Jewish people could be given a homeland…their old homeland.  They knew the borders and by 1947 the borders became a narrow strip along the sea coast where the Philistines use to live.  Today, the Palestinians have been given a place to live along the southern border of the Mediterranean Sea….they are remnants of Jordanians who did not leave when Israel’s wars broke out.    It is called, The Gaza Strip and contains Hebron…where the Patriarch’s are buried.  You can go there in an armored bus only as bombs are dropped on Israeli’s who live close by….

Featured Image -- 264892004 –  India gives goddess statue of Nataraja Sheva to CERN..Councel for European Nuclear Research.  Shiva is the lord of the dance and is the goddess of life and death.  (Today, the 2016 Olympics theme was based on Sheva and occult dancing with demonic worship was in full venue in Brazil.  As I type Brazil is under military coup as their tried to oust their president last week for the mishandling of Brazil’s finances…)  CERN has brought death to Brazil.

Isn’t it interesting that CERN received SHIVA from the India area close to Indonesia where this earthquake and eclipse shadow are cast………….YES….This is a winner for a pattern in The Hand of God!


IDF Shallit held for Five Years  

No other IDF prisoners were ever exchanged alive..dead bodies returned!

2006 – IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldier Shallit was taken hostage after terrorists dug a tunnel and came out of Gaza killing two IDF, wounding one and taking Shallit for FIVE years and FOUR months.  He was traded on Tishrei 20 at The Feast of Tabernacles 2011.

 Interestingly, that he is taken on this eclipse…a dark day…on the Sabbath…with the Scriptures on what to do if you become unclean and Miriam dies and they only have bitter water after she dies.  Bitter times…and then Judges 11:1-33 is studied.

The study takes Israel to the next life lesson where Balak wants the prophet Balaam to curse Israel.  Balaam declares that he can not curse what God has set apart to bless.  Balak is still trying to remove Israel by killing her.   Adonai has not changed his mind over 6000 years.

CERN Sacrifice 2016

World Events:


1826 – Two presidents die on the same day, on July 4…Adams, Jefferson

1917 Balfour Accord – Unusual double eclipse

2004 – Shiva goddess of life and death given to CERN by India

2006 – IDF Shallit kidnapped, 2 IDF die, 1 injured as Gaza tunnel jeopardized by Palestinian Terrorists.

Now, that we’ve added in what was found on my Hebrew/Gregorian calendar that has been compiled over the last three years…let’s review the Torah readings in Numbers and Judges to see if this eclipse is connected to the earthquakes, presidents, Israel’s land, idol worship or Shallit being take hostage for over five years.

Judges 11:1 “Now Yiftach, a brave soldier from Gil’ad..”  His brothers disinherit him and he flees to Tov, where he enlisted a gang of rowdies who would go out raiding with him.  He is so good at fighting that when Israel is facing it’s enemy they ask him to be their leader.

2011, 20 Tishrei, Shallit, a brave soldier, was taken hostage ISivan 29) by his brothers (Ishmael) for five years and two months.  He was only released when he is traded for over a hundred Hamas prisoners..

Yiftach and Shallit were both rejected, removed and brought back.

Shallit was removed on this eclipse, on Sivan 2006…the Torah reading in Judges begins, “Now _____ (Shallit) a brave soldier from ……..  Both are removed and both are brought back after both having stressful lives while gone.

Judges 11:4 “After a while the people of ‘Amon made war against Israel.  Hamas makes war against Israel…taking Shallit in 2004.

Yiftach asks the enemy, Judges 11:12 “What is your problem with us?  Why are you invading our territory?”

Israel asks the same thing in 2006.  “Why did you kill our soldiers and take Shallit?”

Judges 11:16 –

Yiftach explains how Israel came up from Egypt.  Israel lived in Heshbon and in it’s villages, in  ‘Aro’er and it’s villages and in all the cities on the banks of the Arnon for three hundred years.  Why didn’t you take them back during that time?

27 “No, I have done you no wrong.  But you are doing me wrong to war against me.  May ADONAI the Judge be judge today between the people of Isra’el and the people of ‘Amon.”  But the king of the prophet of ‘Amon paid no attention to the message Yiftach sent him.”

All of the messages to return Shallit for five years and four months did no good.  The Palestinians claimed that all of Israel is to be their land.  They declared there was no holocaust but the dead bodies and survivors gave testimony to the truth.  The bones became alive.   Still today in 2016, the world does not want to believe that Israel has the right to be in her land.

Because the kings of the world paid not attention to the message.  Even the eclipse cried out twice in 1917 on Sivan 29.  

Presidents Adam and Thomas Jefferson died on Siven 29, the same day…five hours apart.  They both owned slaves and did NOT remove the sin of it from the nation in which they could have influenced for freedom.  The Fourth of July was “The Fast of Tammuz’ in 1776.  It was the Worship of the Golden Calf….  The devil worshipers knew what day they wanted the United States founded on.  Read my blog on that under Kings and Tammuz.

CERN…the golden calf (Shiva) in our present day of 2004 on Sivan 29. Offers dances and portrays as to be sacrificing  children upon it’s altar…

Judges 11:24 “You should keep the territory your god K’mosh has given you; while we, for our part, will hold unto whatever ADONAI our God has given us of the lands that belonged to  others before us.”

India should keep their gods to themselves and Israel will keep their God ADONAI and what He gives to them.

I’ve been writing on the number twenty and how it continues to pop up.  Jacob wanted to leave Laban in the end of third Shemittah cycle of being with him…Twenty years.  Israel will take twenty cities over twenty years when they cross over he Yarden with Yahashua (Joshua).  And now we see Amom would not listen to Yiftach in Judges 11:33.  “He killed them from ‘Aro’er until you reach Minnit, twenty cities, all the way to Avel-K’ramim; it was a massacre.”  So the people of ‘Amon were defeated before the people of Israel.

ALL of that just in the study of Judges for the Shabbot beginning the evening of the eclipse.  Shallit would be taken in 2006 at the reading of this Parsach.  In 2011, Sivan 29 this eclipse would remember Shallit and be a sign of return….the war of negotiations brought him back into his families hands….but not after releasing hundreds of the enemy.  It was a first-time Israel had exchanged any lives for another.

Now, I see…just as I type this….that eclipses do more than move the earth…they move men…to the stage of earth….so they once again remember the stories of old and how ADONAI does not change in His purposes.  If I’ve studied and typed for three days to find this story…I will be excited to share it…

What day was Shallit released?  It was 20 Tishrei….Sukkot Day 5,  Another number for twenty….the number that has Two (2)….being the Beit…meaning House.  This earth is God’s House and He has sat Israel upon it to proclaim from the rooftops…His holy Torah.  These words were spoken for a purpose then and now the same similar stories occur again.

Who is the victor….The God of Israel.. NOT K’mosh, NOT goddess Shiva, NOT president’s who die in slavery.

Is there one more thing to see in Yiftach’s life?  Yes,  he will has one daughter.  And, he vowed to ADONAI, Judges 11:30 “If you hand the people of ‘Amon over to me, then whatever comes out the doors of my house to meet me when I return in peace from the people of ‘Amon will belong to ADONAI; I will sacrifice it as a burnt offering.”

A burnt offering does not have to be burnt up.  It is something so valuable that is committed back to God.  God would never burn up a human being.  Samuel is an example of his parents committing him to Temple work…Samson was committed to be a Nazarite.

Yiftach had one daughter and no sons.  When he returns from battle to his home in Mitzpah his daughter comes dancing to meet him with tambourines.  (She will be the picture of the virgin bride celebrating when The King of Kings returns.)  He tears his clothes because she was the first thing that came through his door.  He knew that she would never marry as she would serve ADONAI in what He had for her.  He would never have a grandchild and his line would disappear from the earth.  This was his sadness, not that His daughter had to be burnt up on an altar.

We see that she was NOT burnt up in a fire.  She goes away into the mountain with her friends….another picture of The Messiach mourning for his bride on the mountain…and in two months she returned to her father (could that be 2 days (2000 years).

Judges 11:39 “After two months she returned to he father, and he did with her what he had vowed; He killed her……NO…it does not say He burnt her up….

“she had remained a virgin.”  She remains a virgin her entire life and her friends come and console her childlessness for four days every year.

Yiftach was to dedicate his first-born child to ADONAI.

Yahweh God dedicated his first-born son to us…who came in the flesh.  He did not marry either and yet his population has grown to billions.  His Bride is to remain a virgin…and not fornicate with Shiva or K’mosh or whoever the most hip god of the day is.

To finish the life of Yiftach, he was a judge over Israel for six years…and then died.

Judges 12:8 “After him Ibtzan of Beit-Lecham (Bethleham) judged Israel for seven years and then died.  He had THIRTY son and THIRTY daughters of whom he sent abroad; he brought thirty women from abroad in to marry his sons.”  (my capitals and emphasis.)

Judges 12:11 After him Elon…judged TEN years and buried at Ayalon.

Judges 12:13 “Afer him Avdon the son of Hillel from Pir’aton judged Israel.  He had forty sons and thirty daughters, who rode on seventy young donkeys.  He judged for eight years…died and buried in ‘Amelek hills.

I show you the history here so that we can know that Yiftach did not offer her daughters as a BURNED sacrifice.  It was about lineage and children.

And, it is fun to see the next judge over Israel had SIXTY children…with Sixty spouses.  What a great influence of leadership to have children follow in your wise steps.

Elon children are not given so we assume he was likened to Ykftach…no grandchildren.

Avdon has THIRTY sons and FORTY grandsons and they each rode young donkeys…Thus SEVENTY donkeys…..  This judge was blessed.

After this we find in Judges 13 that Israel again did evil in ADONAI’S perspective and they were at war with the P’lishtim for FORTY years.

40 – Time of probation –

Next we look at the Torah study being read by Jews and believers all over the world.  This eclipse will have this study looked at because this eclipse fell as the Sabbath was beginning in Israel.  It sits opening the Sabbath door thus it is a Sabbath Eclipse.

Numbers 19:1-22:1, Judges 11:133  are read and studied around the world.

Chapter 19 begins, “This is the regulation from the Torah which ADONAI has commanded.”  The red heifer, clean and unclean, corpse, how to get cleansed, seven days unclean, first, third and seventh day sprinkled with red heifer water, defiled the sanctuary of God (person is sanctuary of God).  Numbers 19:20.

Chapter 20:  Miriam (bitter) dies at Kadesh.  No one is described mourning her.  Water was bitter and they all wish they had died in Egypt.  Water is supplied through rock that they follow around during their 40-year trip.

Edom would not let Israel pass through his land and thus Israel had to go around.

Aaron dies at Mt. Horeb for the rebellion  over water at M’rivah Spring (Disputation Spring).  The whole house of Israel  mourned Aaron 30 days.

Chapter 21:  King of ‘Arad, Kena’ani who  lived in Negev attacked Israel.  ADONAI listens to Israel and hands them over the Kena’anim and named the place Hormah (complete destruction.)

People complain of no real food, no water…ADONAI sends poisonous snakes and many Israel’s people die.  Mosche puts a bronze snake on pole and if they look to it they would live.  They camped  at Ovot, ‘Iyei-Ha’avarim, Vadi Zered and Arnon between Mo’av and the Emori.  From the desert they went to Mattanah to Nachali’el to Bamot to plain of Mo’av at Pisgah range overlooks the desert.  The Sichon king would not let them pass through his land and came out and fought Israel.  Israel took all the cities of the Emori, in Heshbon and all its surrounding towns.

Sichon, the king of Emori, who had fought against the former king of Mo’av and conquered all his land up to the Arnon.

The reason this story is important to understand is that King Sichon only lived in the Emori land because he fought against the original owner.  We see that King Sichon wants to lay charge against Israel for coming against King Sichon.  It will be the prostitutes son, Aftaif that reminds King Sichon that it was never his original land to begin with and thus King ‘Sichon really has no right to a land that was given to Mo’av.

This is a lesson on land ownership.  Israel had lived in land for over 300 years and then there was a property dispute for no reason.  In the Book of Judges we just saw Yiftach explain to the people of Amon that Israel had lived in Heshbon (Hebron) and its villages, in ‘Aro’er and its villages and in all the cities on the banks of the Arnon for 300 years.   But, the people of Amon, who stole the land away from Mo’av would not listen and thus ADONAI handed them also over to Israel.

Do we learn from history?  The Ammonites and Moabites were Lots daughters.  These were Lots children in these towns of his two daughters that brought forth children from Lot’s loins after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Our Creator set lands to be established on the earth and it is only ADONAI himself that can change their inheritance that he set up for them.

I go back to the young man Shallit of whom this Solar Eclipse occurred on his five year anniversary of being taken hostage.  It is The Creator’s reminder that no weapon can come against Israel as ADONAI allocates the nations and their borders on the earth.  The United States Presidents nor Israel’s own brothers of Ishmael can change the inheritance that was set for each nation.

The Idols we follow, the presidents we allow to rule who strangle men’s freedom are all avenged and eclipse signals are set forth and then creation is moved many times through earthquakes, fires and flooding.   Shallit five years and 4 months….Sivan 29 a dark day to 20 Tishrei a bright full moon at The Feast of Tabernacles…I remember that day.

Twenty year olds will take twenty years to take twenty cities establishing the Nation of Israel into the 20th Century.  And, it will be in the Second Day that The Messiach is to return in the 120th Jubilee of the earth. Strong’s Concordance #120 is ‘mankind.  Man was given 120 years before the flood began and then he was told his life span would be 120 years.

Two is Beit…the house of whom Adonai and Yeshua share the same house….it is powerful…





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