Blood Moon Curse 2014-2015 – 2016

BLOOD MOON Tetrad Torah Readings

Ezekiel 37:12 “Therefore prophesy; say to them that ADONAI ELOHIM says, “My people! I will open your graves and make you get up out of your graves, and I will bring you into the land of Isra’el.” Then you know that I AM ADONAI–”

2014 * 2015 * 2016  Eclipses still signal wars on the earth —  Updated article.

This article was blogged on The Fast of Tammuz 2015.  The month of Tammuz is usually in July on the Gregorian calendar.  17 Tammuz is known as the ‘Worship of the golden calf.’  Moses was up on Mt. Sinai to get more things confirmed as how the Israelites should live when they cross over the Yarden (Jordan).  The people did not hear or see from Mosche or God for forty days…..they got nervous!

Tammuz 17 is July 4 in 2015 and 1776.

On the Fourth of July 2015 it was the same Hebrew and Gregorian dates….Just as it was in 1776  when a few signers were available to sign The Declaration of Independence.  The days are identical …  but 239 years apart.

It was a day for joy but a day that was lent over to idol worship right from the beginning at America’s conception.  Her temple was violated by Molech as I explain in the stories on the Bohemia Grove worship.  I am updating this writing because one year later in 2016, northern California has been having very frequent earthquakes at the 101 where the Bohemia Grove group meet.  If you look for the Russian River you can find it’s location.  In 2016 ISIS has gone grown so huge and yet it’s hard to know who ISIS is.  Below you’ll see the list of Eclipses that affected our world.  The more I research the more we can see that the eclipses are definite signals to man.  They are ‘markers’.    Go the blog and look for Project: Eclipsing Earthquakes.  We will walk through the 2011-2020 eclipses and see what they show us.

Just a little fyi.  On the September 1, 2016 penumbral lunar eclipse the European Union met to actually implement an ‘army’ for the EU.  Britain got nervous and backed out of the EU.  Thud, the EU no longer has Britain’s military strength.  Other nations should come out of being ‘yoked’ with her.  How can a country force it’s people to be part of something that has totally changed from what it was….and ask their people to die for their evil causes?

Now…continue to read what I wrote in 2015…it is all valuable reading for our future’s safety.


So many things have changed as Christians are being beheaded right along with woman and children if they do not convert to Islam.  The goal of his article was to see what scriptures lined up with the Blood Moons known as a Tetrad for 2014-2015.  My desire is to see the Hand of God in these solar and lunar eclipses.  Study these scriptures now so you see the future.

The Lord’s Feasts Eclipses

2014 Spring Feast of Passover

Passover 2014 (Blood Moon) April 14, 2014, Nissan 14

Holocaust Remembrance 2014 (Total Solar) April 29, 2014

2014 Fall Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Tabernacles 2014 (Blood Moon) October 8,2014

Tishrei 29 2014 (Solar Partial) October 23, 2014

2015 Spring Feast of Passover

Erev Nissan Ecclesiastical New Year 2015 Shemittah Year (Total Solar) March 20, 2015

Unleavened Bread, Sabbath 2015 (Blood Moon)April 4, 2015

2015 Fall Feast of Tabernacles – LAST BLOOD MOON

Day Remission, Erev Rosh Hoshana Erev Feast Trumpets Shemittah ends, Wave begins (Partial Solar) September 13, 2015. Elul 29—Day of Remission.

Feast of Tabernacles Day (Blood Super Moon) September 28, 2015, Tishrei 15

Torah Readings:

Passover- Chol HaMo’ed Pesach Exodus 33:12-34:26 Ezekiel 37:1-14

Emor ‘Say’, Leviticus 21:1-24:23. Ezekiel 44:15-31, Luke 18-20

Tabernacles/Succot Day 1: Lev 22:26-23:44, Numbers 29:12-16, Zechariah 14:1-21

Noach ‘Noah’ Genesis 6:9-11:32, Isaiah 66:1-24, Matt 3-4

Vayikra ‘He called’ Leviticus 1:1-5:26, Isaiah 66:1-24, Luke 1-3

Passover – Chol HaMo’ed Peach Exodus 33:12-34:26, Ezekiel 37:1-14

Nitzavim ‘Standing’ Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20, Isaiah 61:10-63:9, Acts 19-20

Tabernacles/Succot Day 1: Lev 22:26-23:44, Numbers 29:12-16, Zechariah 14:1-21

Passover:  Exodus 33: 12- 34:26

Commentary thoughts from: The Hirsch Chumash by Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch

Exodus 33:1-11 The context of the setting is God telling the Israelites that they will now go into the land without any struggle from an enemy, but that Adonai Himself would not be going with them.

They wept as Adonai had provided all their needs and now they would survive on their own. Many had already removed their ornament because of recognizing their sin. God commanded all to take off their ornament. This is the time of the golden calf. Mosche had been with Jehovah three different forty days. Twice sets of forty to get the tablets and once spent in fasting and prayer for the renewal of God’s graces.

Mosche discusses his acceptance of leading the people without Adonai, but Mosche wants the diversity of God’s ways shown through Him so Mosche knows God is still with him, they still find favor in God’s eyes and to consider that this nation is, after all, your people.

The Hebrew letters do not say “Your way” nor “Your ways” but, “God’s ways in their unity.”

God will be doing many things in different ways so they will know it is God who is still guiding them.

This is an interesting start to this study as this is exactly what ‘The Yood of Elohim’ book has witnessed.

The Lord’s Feasts are specific to God. The Hebrew letters pointing forward and backward to the Book of Leviticus are specific to God. Their spacing is specific to God. God is The Greatest Mathematician as He set the heavens in their place to declare His glory. It is He alone that set up the feasts and He knew what year they would align with His universe to draw men. Thus, the eclipses and equinoxes occurring during this pattern are Yahweh’s doing. They are truly God’s ways in their unity. They are all pointing to a nation that is, after all, His people. He knew their sin, but agreed and said, Exodus 33:14, “He said: My Countenance itself will go, and I will comply with your request.”

Mosche was interested in Yahweh’s character of guiding the Israelites. The form that passed before Mosche in the cleft of the rock as not expressed by sight, but conscious. Mosche would be lifted up as there was one vantage point to look upon man and understand human things as it was under the power of the Divine. Our best observations come not from being before or toward God, but “next” to Him. Mosche was learning the diversity of God’s ways. He would return to express the nature of God’s names that would give men moral freedom.

It is pagan delusion that leads man astray which causes men to forfeit the Law. It is this notion that a man must form a deity, a divine object, even if only to have an intermediary guidance between him and God trying to secure God’s protection and guidance.

It will be through man that nature and all the world around him can be elevated to God. It is not man-made idols that can intervene between God and man. We can not capture God in an image, but we can arrange our human existence in accordance with His Will.

The comments on these chapters are tremendous. We see the heart of the God’s Torah (instructions) holding us up, not pulling us down.

Lev 33:18 speaks of the festival of matzos you shall keep seven days. It is Pesach, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits that lead us to Shavuot where the Torah is reinforced to the people. I find myself wanting to share every thought with you that this commentary shares. I am filled up.

When springtime, summer and autumn bring their fruits to celebrate, God chooses that you celebrate your personal spring, summer, autumn completion. God is calling us to these special seasons of celebration to show our maturity of ascending to be able to “stand next” to our Creator. Standing next to Him is seeing our world from His viewpoint.

I will close this review of Exodus 33-34:26 realizing that none of God’s instruction are too hard. I make life hard because I don’t stand from the right view point. Tonight, my son sent a text to us saying, “Look at the moon.” It is a cloudy night and yet we could see a full moon through the clouds. But, what was amazing was the totally perfect huge cloud-ring that had formed so we could see the moon. We all agreed it was most unusual and none of us had seen the sky look like that.

I like to stand in ‘awe’ of God. He has a viewpoint I will try to aspire to understand.   I shall have no other gods before me. I shall obey the Torah and I shall look forward to Yeshua reigning as the Living Torah from Yerushalayim.  No enemy will invade my personal land when I go down three times a year, as God is my protector.  

Exodus 34:18, “And he said: Let me, I pray, behold your glory.” Mosche is expressing his desire to understand the intimate essence of God.

It is in this same search that we seek“God’s ways in their unity.” The Autumnal Equinox occurring on the 2015 Yom Kippur Day of Atonement unifies with the timing and placement of final judgment right before the signal of the last Blood Super Moon on September 28, 2015. The Lord’s Feasts draw our attention to the same subject as even the letters of the Torah spell Torah every 50 letters.  It is similar to the 50 days of the counting of the Omer to Shavuot. The Torah and the Holy Spirit were given at each setting; one with Moses and one ten days after Jesus (Yeshua) left.   The Comforter arrived after Yeshua left.   Yeshua would no longer be with them, but His countenance would still direct them to the unity of the Torah so the could still be a set-apart (holy) family that he chose to represent Him through the words of the Torah.

Yes….I’ve not recapped everything here, but my heart sees it laid out before us. That is what I desire for you. To start seeing through God’s eyeglass more clearly. To not worry about works but just get in the Ark of the Torah and be safe. We will all step out of the ark and into eternity where once again we will be living in full-living spectrum of Adonai? Yes, it will Yeshua that we behold, in “Full Living Torah!” He is the embodiment of the Torah and can not be our Messiah if He violates one part of it.

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Adonai has carried Ezekiel to the middle of a valley full of bones. He was told to prophesy over these many dry bones that they will live and ,”know that I am Adonai.””

The bone rattled and each bone put itself in place and grew ligaments and flesh. But, they had no breathe in them. God brought their breathe to those that were slain from the four winds of the earth, so they could live. The world knows that the great I am Adonai did it when they, the whole house of Israel, would be placed in their own land.

God spoke and it happened. God showed where their bones fell in the desert; where their bones were slain through the ages and even six million in our twentieth-century time zone. These bones would know that their God in His ultimate essence of unity would draw them back to what He promised. He is not a covenant breaker. It would be through their remembrance of being “brought out” of Egypt (world) that they knew and still know today that they (Israel) will defeat Hamas, Isis or whatever enemy denies them access to their land.

These are perfect scriptures to be read at Pesach and at the Blood Moon of 2014 and Pesach 2015. The world’s sin is covered at the door posts by the blood of the slain lamb. The lamb of God. Ezekiel reminds us that these bones again have life and so, Ez 37:14b “you will know that I, Adonai, have spoken, and that I have done it.’ says ADONAI.”

As I stepped away from this study over Shabbot, Cheshvan 9, November 8, 2014, I return a day later to find the activity against the land of Israel increasing it’s thrust of expulsion against the Jew.

A Rabbi has been shot and in serious condition. The third car ran over Jews sitting at the train depot where a woman and child were killed a week ago. Buses filled with Jews are being run off the road as rocks break their windshields. It is becoming mayhem throughout the nation of Israel and in the world. They are calling it perhaps the Third Intifada. The first intifada occurred in 1984 when Arabs wanted Jews out of the West Bank and Gaza. Gaza was given to the Arab in 1995. Custody of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was given to Jordan at the time of the Six-Day so as to aide in peace. Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and yet today on Cheshvan 16, the eve God released wrath on the world with the world-wide flood of Noah, the enemy continues to knock at Israel’s door with intent to destroy.

Super Moon Pakistan
Super Moon Pakistan

What did Jehovah do to stop the embitterment toward God? He said, “Then you don’t have to be part of my people that do desire to be righteous before me. They desire to do Torah. On Cheshvan 10 Noah, his wife, their three sons with their wives and all the animals that God sent to Noah were safely in the Ark. It would be this day that God Himself shut the door. God waited for seven days.

It would be on that 7th (letter zayin) day that the weapons of God broke lose and men no longer had to argue with God or Noah on how to be right before their Creator. They become numb. God records the day for us as Cheshvan 17. Aleph, 1, (God) with Zayin,7, (weapon) broke forth waters that would remove the breath from men. Their physical body would go numb as their lungs would fill with water.. Men had been left on the earth to multiply and some lived to be a thousand years old. Death is always imminent. But these lives were to be taken early.

Today, we would be thrilled to live to be a thousand years old. One of the mysteries of God is that we will live for a thousand years. Men will live to be a thousand years during the millennial reign with Yeshua as Messiah on this earth. It will be in ‘living’ out our lives in Torah that we experience Adonai’s blessing and can then bless others.

In 2014 King Abdulah of Jordan declined to send any representatives to the Twentieth Anniversary celebration of their agreement to live side-by-side. The party was postponed. The hand of reconciliation was removed by the King of Jordan. It was this very area that now allowed the enemy to cross into Israel and make their way to Jerusalem. It is happening just as Adonai said it would. It began at the second blood moon.

Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu told King Abdulah that nothing has changed and no Jew would worship next to their mosque on the mount for the sake of peace. Will God now do something to Israel’s leadership? Is it time for the Temple Mount to be purified of Anti-Torah religions? Catholics are allowed to pray on the mount. The Muslim says it is a mount of prayer for all nations, except for the one to whom it belongs….the Jew. The tribe of Judah produced the kings that ruled Israel. It is now the Tribe of Judah that is being banned from their own religious heritage……

Who is being banned? God gave it to Abraham and Abraham took his son, Isaac there. He knew God could lift him back up if God took Isaac’s physical life. It is this precious site of ‘faith’ that still is the altar of sacrifice. An assassin tried to take a rabbi’s life last week. It is 19 years in 2014 since the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin. Rabin was about giving ‘more land for peace.’ He was removed.

We can think this fight is about the Temple Mount…and it is! But, when you’ve done nothing nationally to change the terms of the 1994 Peace Accord, and Jordan still does not want to recognize that accord, there is an underlying statement being made.

Temple Mount Slaughter Fall 2014
Temple Mount Slaughter Fall 2014

On Cheshvan 17 the roaring of the waters began. The nations represent the waters. They roar against the ark and Israel. If we believe in our Creator who has set up covenants with His children, then we have to help row this ship to safety. We can not add weigh to this ship and help it sink….. God will uplift Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa Mosque will crumble. The bare dirt will once again show where the sacrifice of Isaac was made.   This Jewish man who was a father died on the Temple Mount while studying God’s Words.   Unfortunately, the price is the lives of Jews and Christians….because our world believes that God is One God, which to them means He is the God of all  religions.

If you study the recent message about Tammuz, you will see that God was disgusted with Tammuz and the women hired to weep over him.   The plaque by God that killed 24,000 was stayed by Pinchas who threw a javelin right through the bellies of the Hebrew and Moabite woman who were fornicating together in the temple of God. Tammuz’ picture was inscribed on the Holy Temple walls.  God detests other gods before Him and to offer Diana type fornication worship is God’s Temple is to be cast out with great consequence.

We are fornicating God’s temple in just thinking that Adonai is the god of ALL religions.  How can that be?  He is lowered to being just another god and not set-apart and separate to the Torah.  The Torah teaches NOT to murder…  I guess that one commandment alone eliminates Adonai from being the god of Islam….the religion of physical and spiritual ‘death.’

P.S.  I find it interesting that the gods of Greece are still being honored in our world today.  The goddess Diane would also be known as Tammuz’ mother.  Diana is still used in the Olympics and the other Greek gods are invoked for good luck.  Is it no wonder Greece is another nation to falter?  There can be no more borrowing from the international community.  And yet, the Greek people voted today not to use austere methods which would lower their standard of living.  Hmm!  Are the gods of Greece hearing and answering their prayers?

Olympians made to look evil.  Are they all female?

2016 Post Script

Look for blogs on Olympics CERN 2016….  We are truly bent to destruction and Brazil is now under military upheaval because they want to oust their president for fraudulent behavior…..when you let yourself be run by terrorists….you become terrorists.  Who really wants to go back to Brazil?  Who is safe there?

Brazil Olympics displays CERN portal…a portal with demons coming through.

Do I see God’s discipline against the Greek gods today?  Yes!

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