Syria and Turkey Borders

Why are the Syria and Turkey borders important?

October 17, 2015, Cheshvan 4, Parashah 2: Noach (Noah) 6:9-11:32

This was the first question teacher Bryan Stephenson of Beit Yeshua ask our class October 17.  This question was deep and has prophetic implications to it.

What is your answer?

Turkey is Gog. It also had a town, Magog. There is no dispute about the identify of Gog and Magog in the Bible. I will be covering my class notes of October 17, 2015.

The year-long Torah study cycle just ended in Deuteronomy and we now beginning in Genesis. Last week, October 10, 2015, the entire world community of believers were reading the first portions of Genesis which is known as B’reisheet, “In the Beginning”, Gen 1:1-6-8, Isaiah 42:5-43:10; Matt 1-2. God begins by explaining how our earth, sun, moon, stars and man came into being. It is incredible to study this and contains more information than you and I could handle in several sittings.

The second week of Torah study this year on October 17 is called, Noach “Noah”, Genesis 6:9-11:32. Isaiah 66:1-24; Matt 3-4. On the Hebrew calendar it is Cheshvan 4 (the flood month begins).

As we get into these studies, I want to remind us of what we have learned recently. From the Book of Daniel 12:7-13 we learn that the appointment of appointments could be Yom Kippur also known as the Day of Atonement, Day of Judgment. It took 1290 days to get to it. God’s calendar is cyclical and that is why we may see similar things occur in our current history.

I’m starting with prophecy because it is a time in which we are living right now this week and this month. It will come around next year again, but I think that it should be taken more seriously this year since it is the beginning of the 7-year Shemittah cycle.  We just walked into the 1st Shemittah cycle of 2015 – 2022.

Daniel states that once you see the abomination that causes desolation, you should run….. He then states that if you can make it to the 1335th day, then you will be blessed.  I personally believe that the 1290th day is Yom Kippur which is Tishrei 10 every year.   Yom Kippur is the only real day of fasting that God declared for repentance.  It is the only day that the priest enters the Holy of Holies for the nations.  Fasting is not entirely about abstaining from food, but it is about afflicting yourself from things that are pleasing to you. Shaving, eating, sitting on a chair, riding your horse are all pleasantries that we take for granted. Tishrei 10 is known as, ‘The Fast.”

What is the abomination that causes desolation is another question to be considered.  We know that Zeus was set up the temple and was called an abomination.  We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we desecrate it with our behavior.  God’s bride is desecrated and can not return to Him.  God’s Temple Mount is currently desecrated with false idols sitting on it.  The Gentile is said to consume it and desecrates it.  The Temple Mount definitely needs to be cleared of anything that does not reflect the instructions of Adonai.  What can we learn about the month of Cheshvan?  It is in this month that Jerusalem is strongly under attack by the Palestinians by orders of Chairman Abbas.  He has stepped into a different position which allows him more authority over the people.  The United Nations are going to be visiting Israel to check into Israel’s violations.  United States Kerry is planning a trip as well since the burning of Joseph’s Tomb last Friday before the Sabbath.  This small site has become a catalyst for WW III.

Yom Kippur, Tish?rei 10, 2015 was September 23.  It was the day that Obama and the Pope met at the White House.  It was a time of desecration in religion and political.  How can people fast on The Fast when men celebrate themselves?   The Day of Judgment was truly a Day of Judgment for America and the world.  We have been running ever since these meetings……will we make it to the 1335th day.  Russia, Syria, Turkey, China, Germany, Mecca, Iran, Afgan, Europe, US, refugees fleeing into the world….nothing but troubles in every direction…but only smiles from our White House as if nothing is wrong.

The 1335th day is 45 days later from 1,290 days. That date lands on Cheshvan 25. It will always be that date on the Hebrew calendar. But, the Gregorian calendar moves around and thus it will not always be November 7, as it is in 2015.

Now, what happens after November 7, Cheshvan 25, 2015? God is the one to tell you, personally. He is the one who issues the blessings. Perhaps, some will escape with their very own lives to live yet another year on the earth. Some, may find more peace within their families, etc.

Let’s get back to the study at hand……..Genesis is where the families are described and Turkey today…Gog and Magog. Noach’s ark lands in Turkey at Mt. Ararat. It can be seen from the ai

I am very dedicated to my Shabbot bible study and so I did attend it for five hours on October 10, 2015, even as it was our 45th wedding anniversary. I have one of the finest men on earth who loves people. He is a SERVANT above all servants with a heart for God. This man let’s me chase after God, as that is what makes me happy. We later ate dinner at a very nice restaurant and then I prepared to host 25 people at our home for the menu of what looked like a Thanksgiving meal complete with turkey and homemade pies. It is now Tishrei 28 as we close out the month of celebrating our marriage and the birth of my husband who was born in 1948.

I look at my husband and connect him with Israel. He was born the same year that they were granted to be a nation on this earth. This prophecy has been fulfilled in our life time and yet it has not reached it’s full potential. Israel wars within itself to grow to what God desires it to be. And, it still wars with other nations just to remain. What we find this week in the Noach study is God’s confirmation of who they are and who they will become.

Genesis shows us the sins of Ham who looked upon his father Noach, after Noach had too much wine from a vineyard he had planted. Wine has always been an important staple as water carries contaminates. In the days directly after the flood there were probably many decayed bacterias from the dead debris. We see that Noach planted a vineyard of which can take years to bring to harvest.   These grapes were very enriched and over took Noach, of whom is still known as a righteous man for another 350 years.  He was the second oldest man recorded, short 19 years from Metushelach who lived to 969 years.  Noach was 950 years when he died.

God works through Noah. Noah realizes what happened to him and immediately declares a prophecy on each of his three sons. Chem (Ham), Shem and Yapeth. We see this pattern repeated in Jacob (Israel) when He describes each of his sons. This pattern of blessing and cursing is from Adonai and spoken through man. There are many scriptures that declare, “Man devises his ways, but God directs his path.” Man has free will to become the best he can be in his situation of generational blessing or curse.

We can think that the word ‘slave’ as being negative. But, to what are you being called to be a slave to? If you serve yourself then you will be a ‘slave’ to what you own. If you ‘serve’ our Most High Adonai, then your being a slave is good. Many slaves loved their master and instead of being released they would have their ear pierced through at the doorway of their master so as to remain in their protection.   Slaves were treated better than some of their own children. A master is entirely responsible for the slave. That is what Yeshua (Jesus) was teaching as He came first as a servant.  Being a slave does not have to be viewed as bad, but as desiring to serve.  Ham’s children would continue retaliation and deepen their servant-hood.   They will appear in history as slaves in Egypt with fanning the Pharoah’s from the heat.  Their skin will darken from being in the southern part of the world to protect their skin.  King Solomon married the Queen of Sheba who was dark.  Cham’s children would fall true to Noah’s prophecy.  Today, all men are equal.  We are all slaves to each other in serving our Creator.  But, if we feel resentment, we strike out and become the worse for it as we have seen in the St. Louis riots and in other cities across the United States.  If we can realize a generational curse, then we can over come it with the love of God in us.  I have seen more singing and praising in black churches than in any other.  The love for God is sung from the top of their lungs and it continues for hours.  It is a praise to the earth….they are over comers of the Cham prophecy.

Genesis 9:24-26 “When Noach awoke from his wine, he knew what his youngest son had done to him. He said, “Cursed be Kena’an; he will be servant of servants to his brothers.” Then he said, “Blessed be ADONAI, the God of Shem; Kenan’an will be their servant. May God enlarge Yefet; he will live in the tents of Shem, but Kena’an will be their servant.”

Noach – Rest – life protected

Shem – names

Yapeth – to enlarge their tents

Ham – hot

Ham is cursed for his deceitful actions with his father.  Ham violated the first Torah instruction that had a blessing attached to it. Honor your father and mother and you will live long on the earth. This living long on the earth carries a meaning of freedom and protection under God’s wings.

We find that the people of Shem (the name) have God’s name attached to them. They will come to resent this attachment. When you carry God’s name you are representing the Most High Adonai. The Shemites are disciplined more than others because God can NOT let His NAME be destroyed. But, as all men lift up Adonai, they are also lifted up and protected by His wings, The Torah.

I live by God’s word and try to understand from the beginning why men are as they are. PRE FLOOD: God saw the deceiving heart of man and told us about Cain who killed Abel. POST FLOOD: Man’s sin nature is again revealed to us through Ham. It is in the fall harvest of grapes that we see judgment fall. It took the great flood that began in the Fall month of Cheshvan to destroy wickedness that had built on the earth. And, only after a few years into the first Shemittah cycle with Noache we see man lusting after the flesh again.

Shem and Yepeth took the cloaks from their shoulders (representative of their prayer shawls) and walked backward to cover their father. They knew not to look upon the nakedness of man. Their eyes would not lust after the flesh. They would not be enticed by the evil intent of Cham.

We continue to see in God’s written words the result of the ‘lust of the flesh.’ It would be at the wedding of my niece, June 27, 2015 that she text me and was upset about President Obama endorsing the same-sex marriage act. I text her back and said that her marriage on 10 Tammuz would stand for righteousness as they were united as Christians under God’s authority…not Cham’s authority.   On 9 Tammuz our American president colored the highest symbol of authority, The White House, in the colors of the rainbow representing a covenant he made with America guaranteeing the lust of the flesh.

Genesis 2:10 shows God giving good water to man and placing him in a wonderful garden to harvest what is good to eat.

Genesis 3:17 shows God cursing the ground since the man and woman decided to trust the snake over Him.

Cain’s (Kayin) lineage – similar names as Shet’s (Seth) children………. but different people.

Genesis 4:17 Kayin (Cain) produced a son Hanokh (Enoch) whose sons produced Metusha’el produced Lemekh of whom that took two wives. “Adah and Tzilah, listen to me; wives of Lemekh, hear what I say: I killed a man for wounding me, a young man who injured me. If Kayin will be avenged sevenfold, then Lemekh seventy-sevenfold.”

Genesis 4:15 :Adonai answered him, “Therefore, whoever kills Kayin will receive vengeance sevenfold.” He is sent out to the land of Nod (wandering), east of Eden. We know Adam was cast out of the Garden of Eden. Cain kills Abel and is sent east of Eden to Nod (wandering).

Seven is an interesting number. Kayin gets seven-fold and his great grandson desires seventy-sevenfold.

They all knew killing a human being was punishable by death. Lemekh is claiming self defense whereas Cain’s act was pure intentional murder. Lemekh was calling his wives to be two witnesses before God.

In Genesis 5 we see Adam fathering Shet (Seth) who fathers Enosh in whose lineage comes another Hanokh and another Lemekh. These are different people than Cain’s grandchildren. Cain’s Hanokh was so important to Cain that a city was named after him. Cain left the presence of God so this city was not sanctioned by God.

In the post flood era we see it is Cham’s grandchild, Nimrod, that will build a great city of which God comes down and confuses their languages so they do not continue building mighty cities on the earth. Patterns of men being kings of the earth are repeated in the pre and post flood eras. Today, we have the same problem of kings desiring to conquer other cities and countries to build their wealth and control the people of the earth. Man has not changed but only gotten deeper into destruction.

Adam had Shet (Seth) at age 130 and lived to 930 years. Seth lived to 912 years and so the population has been growing for 1042. Adam had 800 years to influence Seth’s children so they would remember the ways of God. Adam will die 56 years before Noache is born through whom God finds rest in Noache. Noach only is found righteous. After he is found righteous, Noah will have three sons: Shem Cham, and Yefet. Genesis 5:32.

You can find out the age of Adam by tracing this genealogy. Adam would have been 1656 years old at the time of Noach’s flood. That is an interesting year. Since Noach was 601 years old when the flood ended in Cheshvan, the earth was refreshed at 1657 years old. In the 726 years that Adam was no longer present on earth, the ‘men of reknown’ now messed with the ‘daughters of men’ and God’s spirit within man was being destroyed. No longer did man call upon the name of God. If they were not calling on God, then they certainly were not obeying God’s instructions (Torah).


Shet’s Enosh walked with God and was carried away by God when he was 365 years old. The bible tells us that Hanokh (Enoch) did not walk with God until age 65 when he fathered Metushelach. Then, at age 65 Enoch walked 300 years with God, “and then he wasn’t there, because God took him.”Gen 5:24.

Metushelach fathers Lemekh.

Shet’s great great….. great grandson Lemekh was 777 years old when he died. The number seven is very important to God. When a word, letter or number is repeated twice is it very serious and when we see it in triples…it is the ultimate expression of importance and meaning.

God told Adam to rest on the 7th day, The Lord’s Sabbath for man. Rest. The two Lemekhs’ of this Adamic era use the seven as a protection edge and rest from others. Shet’s, godly Lemekh, even dies at 777 years old. He is also the man who fathers Noach, whose name means REST. God uses Lemekh as a time-line of 120 years before all men are removed and given an early rest. They could repent of their sins, but they would not cross over to help begin the new generation. There would only be eight beings and from these eight we will see SEVENTY nations (clans) grow into what is known as IsraEL. When we study this beginning we can know that it is God who brings Israel about, even while purifying her for that FINAL rest in the Davidic Millenial reign. This will be a thousand-year rest, but with the world still producing children. It will be Messiah Yeshua himself reigning. God walked with man in Adam’s day and now God in the flesh as Messiah returned will reign from Jerusalem. This is the reason for Satan’s battle for Jerusalem seen within Shem’s own family, today.

Wow…..this is great…more than interesting!!!

In Genesis 5:12 we see God tiring of man’s sin in the birth of Mahalal’el. His father would bear him at age SEVENTY. This man would represent Messiah as Mahalal’el would be known as the oldest person on earth living to age 969. There is more on Shet (Seth) as he is known as the priestly line of Melchizedek. Yeshua as Messiah is not of the line of Judah. He is from the priesthood of Melchhizedek that we see early in history through Adam’s Seth. Yeshua/Jesus placed His blood on the heavenly altar and returned to train disciples for forty days after He rose from the grave. In Genesis God promised a seed. So, from Adam to Seth, Seth to Noach, Noach to Shem we follow history to finally receive our heavenly King, Yeshua the Messiach. Let’s continue as all these generations looked to that final day of redemption…..possibly in the time we live now. This foundation is key to understanding why we MUST support IsraEL in these ‘last days’ before Messiah’s return.

Mahalal’el will also be known for fathering Lemekh that comes through Seth’s seed, not Kayin. Remember, Kayin is who killed Abel and now his Lemekh has two wives of who bore sons of which one lived in tents and had cattle and the other, Yuval, was the ancestor who played lyre and flutes. The other wife, Tzilah had a son who forged all kinds of tools from brass and iron and had a sister of Tubal-Kayin was Na’amah.

God gives us these details so we can see what even the crafts are of individuals so we can see who had influences on the earth. We see this also with God showing us the heart of Esau (hunter) and Jacob (herdsmen). Ishmael’s progeny would work with iron and brass. In Cario Egypt in 2000 is where I witnessed the forging of iron plates and beautiful vases sold in the markets. I had my name forged on a plate and it is now on my home. Egypt is full of Ishmalites as foretold by God.

There is so much depth to this study and I can only skim the surface and yet try to pull together what God is showing us. Today, there is a fight between brothers, the Shemites. This very day Joseph’s tomb is under repair by IsraEL because last week Palestinians set it afire. People were killed as the destroyers threw cocktail bombs at the sacred tomb. The Palestinians Chairman Abbas has incited the Palestinians to ‘Days of Rage’.

These two stories lines continue to ‘rage terror’ upon each other in history because Satan knows how to destroy. People are being sent to the slaughter just to prove their displeasure over IsraEL existence in her land. A human being is lost and soul sent to hell.

God saw the destruction of his spirit now dwelling with the evils of men on the earth. He destroyed it by water and the next time it will be by fire. There is enough oil excess sitting to burn the waters of the nations.

I want you to read the Carmel Alert Newsletter that I will post. They say everything that is on my heart. It is Satan that incites people to kill one another. God never wanted any human being to be murdered.

The words Philistines and Palestinians sound very much alike. This play-on-history has been used by Satan to the point that people have been willing to give their lives for their ’cause’ of freedom.   Palestinians are not Philistines. Palestinians are displaced Jordanian and Egyptians of whom were refused to return to Jordan and Egypt after they left because Jordan and Egypt were in a war with Israel. Israel’s people were also displaced. Some Israelis stayed where they were displaced and began their lives there. Others were allowed to return to Israel, as they so desired to return. Jordan and Egypt desired to make Israel look bad and have since made it look like Israel is the bad guy to the world. This propaganda continues as you’ll read in the ‘Carmel Alert’ newsletter.

Kayin (Cain-acquisition) had children with similar names as Shet. Shet (Seth) and Cains children can get confused. They both lived in pre-flood and had access to Adam and God, personally. They had no excuse for not knowing God and His ways. They knew to keep the Sabbath. They knew to bring an offering to God at appointed times. We see them concerned about killing another human being. We see them working the cursed ground. We see them observing Torah.

Noache knew to build an altar immediately to offer the clean animals to God in thanks for surviving the flood. The curse of the ground was removed. The bow in the sky was given by God to the world as a sign of no more destruction by a world-wide flood. Noache’s sons knew not to lust after the flesh. They knew to give honor to parents of which brought them blessings. They knew when The Lord’s Feasts were. It it in the Fall month of Tishrei that the grapes are ripe and wine could be part of an offering during The Lord’s Fall Festivals, Rosh Hosanna, Yom Kippur, Sukkot.

And, Noach did make it to the 1335th day. Cheshvan 25 is 45 days from Yom Kippur. God tells us specifically that Noach got out of the ark and stepped on dry ground on Cheshvan 27. Noach overcame the flood. He was in the ark one year and 17 days. He survived and immediately built an altar of thanksgiving.

I’m going to throw one more thing at you. Please hang in….

Does Hanokh living 365 years indicate the number of days his grandson Noach would be in the biggest mikvah (baptism) the world has ever known? If we take 12 months and give each month 29 days, we have 348 days. Seventeen days are missing to complete 365 days. The seventeen days are found from Cheshvan 10 to Cheshvan 27. God loaded the animals into the ark for Noach and closed the door on Cheshvan 10. Noah is in the ark and will not step out until Cheshvan 27 the next year. The waters began to burst forth on Cheshvan 17. Yes, amazingly, once again I am awed to see 365 days representing Noah being lifted up so man could begin again. It is a picture of our future.

Not only can we consider the days we live, “just as in the Days of Noah’, but also, “Just as in the days of Hanokh.” God lifted Hanokh out in the exact number of years that Noah was lifted up and let back out to repopulate the earth. This could go hand-in-hand with the theory of being protected during the troubled times to come and at the end preserved to be able to be carried into the Kingdom reign of Messiah known as the Millennium.

Hanokh secret was ‘walking’ with God. Noach’s secret was ‘walking’ with God. Walking with God is RESTING in Him. It is listening and then obeying God. It is called, Shema.

Deut 6:4 “Sh’ma, Yisra’el! ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI echad ( Hear, Isra’el! ADONAI our God, ADONAI is one);and you are to love ADONAI your God with all your heart, all your being and all your resources. These words, which I am ordering you today, are to be on your heart; and you are to teach them carefully to your children……”

Sure sounds like a SHEM message that still calls us to walk out our lives in Torah.

Just in these last two weeks of studying Genesis we can see that man knew God’s instructions and were without excuse. Men today are in worse trouble, you could say, because man has thrown out God’s instructions. Or have they? Many people automatically add a railing around their porch so no one falls off and gets hurts or sues them. My husband has spent weeks trying to see through some trees so he can put a fence on the correct property boundary line. These are things that men know to do because it was handed down through the centuries from God’s Torah…yes the 613 plus commandments that are to keep us safe on the earth has instruction about decks and boundary lines. Yeshua (Jesus) said that His yoke (torah) was not hard. He came to confirm the Torah and He came to tear down some of the high walls that were put around it down. Torah does not save you, my friends. Your heart for Messiah Jesus/Yeshua saves you, and now Torah will give you safety on God’s earth.

I’m getting long and so I’m going to have two parts because it is important to answer the first question that teach Bryan Stephenson ask the class. What is so important about the Syria and Turkey border today?

The answer is about NATO. Let’s talk again…in the next article: NATO and Turkey in 2015.

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