Earth’s 121st Jubilee – Part III

Is God Silent?  Today I opened to Amos 8:11 “The time is coming,” says Adonai ELOHIM, “when I will send famine over the land, not a famine of bread or thirst for water, but of hearing the words of ADONAI.”

We are now entering the 121st Jubilee of our earth from Adom.  This study has stretched our thinking as we’ve looked into The Book of Jubilees to give us more information of our past history.  It was originally in our bibles, but in 1885 the entire Apocrypha was removed.

It is our Creator who allows information to be sealed up and it is our privilege to seek it out.  The Book of Jubilee is once again being read and opening up many patterns that have been held secret by men….NOT G-d.

Please read the rest of the book of Amos.  Chapter 8 lets us feel the anguish of our Creator when we don’t seek Him.  This verse goes along with the four horsemen standing behind the myrtle trees in Zechariah 1 and 2.  These horsemen are on colored horses and line up with the horses in the Book of Revelation.  These horsemen are patterns that perform throughout history, and they are sending the same message to our generation today.  (Be sure to read Zechariah 14 as it is future.)

Zechariah’s horsemen have gone out at the time of the month of Shevat.  It is the month before the Fast of Esther and Purim in the month of Adar.   They are celebrated Adar 13, 14, 15.  Zechariah gives a specific day of the horsemen, Shevat 24.  These horsemen have gone out to the four corners of the earth and brought back the message of peace.  Our Creator is totally upset and sends craftsman or creative artisans to remove peace from the earth.  It is ‘man’s peace’ and not ‘Adonai’s Peace’ that is on the earth.  The Creator then goes on to talk about establishing The Temple on earth.

In my studies of the things that remove peace from the earth at the time of Shevat 24, there is a definite time linkage to the Alaska Shishaldin volcanoes starting:

January 26 2014, Shevat 25, Steam with high temperatures;

January 29 2014, Shevat 29 Advisory Yellow with Steam high temperatures;

February 7 2014, 7 Adar I (Sabbath Tetzave) ash 25,000′ short lived, Advisory Yellow.

March 19, 2014, 17 Adar II Shushan Purim Day 3 Thermal temperatures rising, Advisory Yellow;

March 28, 2014 lava flowing, Orange Watch.

January to November 2014; Shevat 25 to Kislev 5; 11 months.    It had been 2009 since this type of activity at Alaska Shishaldin Volcano.  This volcano activated at The Horsemen and caused concern for eleven months..with a glowing hot crater, infrasound signals and lava flowing.

2014 was the sixth cycle of the Shemittah 7-year cycle that was bringing the 120th Jubilee to a close.  2014-2015 held a Tetrad known as four Total Lunar eclipses in a row.  The Tetrad marked the Lord’s Feasts of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2014 AND 2015 to the exact day.  The Shishaldin volcano woke up at Shevat Horsemen four months later after the Fall 2014 eclipse.

Shishaldrin wakes up again at the Horsemen * 2015.

Shishaldrin awakes on February 2 2015 on Shevat 13 with an Orange Alert…slight ash, low level eruptions.  Shevat 24 occurs on the Erev Mishpatim.   The Sabbath is beginning with the Torah reading meaning, Judgments.

Finally by October 16 temperatures were lowering taking it to a Yellow Advisory but it was still erupting on November 30, 2015, Kislev 18 which is now approaching Kislev 25, Chanukah Day One.    (This will be now be considered normal for this active volcano.)

This volcano woke up at the Lunar Tetrad which occurred on The Lord’s Feasts and on the Shemittah 6th cycle and Shemittah year.  It signaled the closing of the 120th Jubilee of the earth.

Do we know God’s calendar?  I don’t think so…but, many are now getting involved in it and see it’s importance.  It shows men believe God is alive and acting!

How can The Creator establish His will on earth if man is not interested in His will?  Or, are men just satisfied with their way of thinking?   We see this in the New Testament when the Wedding Banquet is described and there is a person with the wrong garment on.  He is cast out into anguish.

What is the garment we are to be wrapped in?  The wedding garments for the guest are issued by the groom.  All the guests have the same garment on.  Could it be a prayer shawl?  Could it be a garment that has tassels attached to it representing the instructions (Torah) of Yahweh?

Revelation 19:6 “Then I heard what sounds like the roar of a huge crowd, like the sound of rushing waters, like loud pearls of thunder saying.


ADONAI, God of heaven’s armies, has begun his reign!

“Let us rejoice and be glad!

Let us give him the glory!

For the time has come for the wedding of the Lamb,

and his Bride has prepared herself –

fine linen, bright and clean has been given to her to wear.”

(“Fine linen: means the righteous deeds of God’s people.”)  The Torah is the ‘righteous deeds’.

This banquet occur after the millennial reign.  The Millennial reign is about The Messiach being on earth teaching from Jerusalem The Torah.  All book are burnt and it is in our hearts….the King reads to the people.  It will be Yeshua Messiach teaching correct Torah….since he is completely filled up in it and has never violated one part of it.

We have the benefit of looking back on history to witness God’s character.  If we don’t accept these patterns because they are ancient, it is like saying, “We refuse to follow the ancient paths.”  Men want a New Testament and not the OT.  We must take all the parts of the instruction that can apply to us today.  There is no Temple at this 6000-year anniversary; therefore, those instructions can not be done.

When we throw out the paths; when we throw out the patterns, we throw out seeing the future.  We throw out how to stay safe on the earth.

Revelation 19:9 “The angel said to me, “Write: ‘How blessed are those who have been invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb!”  Then he added, “These are God’s very words.”

As in the days of Adom and Noach, men no longer wanted to upon the name of the LORD.  We are no different in our generation as we honor goddess Diana and Zeus at the Olympics and St. Nicholas at Christmas.

What do the People of the Book think of when they say the word, Mosche?  What do they think of when they say, Yeshua?

There is only one word that describes both of these names.  It is called, The Torah.

Christians know Jesus as, The Word.  The Word of God was even present at creation. We know Jesus as The Living Word.  He ascended into the heavens and we now have a living God who interacts with His creation.

Men refer to Moses as, The Law.  He ‘was in charge of issuing The Law to the Israelites’ is how Christians view him.  Christians don’t connect God’s grace with Law.  They think that there was no grace in the OT.  They think law and grace are opposites.

The People of the Book understand that the coming Messiach must actively participate in the Torah.   In fact, The Messiach does the Torah perfectly and that is why He is called The Messiach.  There is none perfect in the Torah, no not one… but The Messiach.  Anyone or anything that comes against The Torah is an anti-christ. (against Torah).  Yeshua Jesus told them that there were  many anti-christs (against anointing) at that time.

The people of the world wear bracelets that say, “What Would Jesus Do?  The Hebrew would wear a bracelet that says, “The Messiah is the Torah..Do it.”

Amos is true in our very day as we end 6000 years of life on this earth.  Men have tossed aside the ways that Adonai chose to set his people apart.  Holy only means to be set-apart.  My mother’s dishes have been set apart to me as they are special.  Holy to our Creator is men following God’s ways.  If a feast day was set up, men should not rename it and then also place it on another day on the calendar.

Thus, Amos comes true and Zechariah is implemented as punishment in order to re-hook the children and bring them back to where The Creator started.  He started with His instructions on how to live safely on the earth.  It is not by the works of the Torah that one is made perfect because The Messiach is the only perfect one.  But, the Torah sets man apart from the world.  And, it teaches life, not death.

When Yeshua said to be one in Him as He is one in the Father, He meant to live in Torah. It is the Torah that gives us the common bond with our Creator.  The Father and the Son agree because they are One in the Torah.  That is why anything that agrees with Torah is also bound in heaven…end of decision…Torah judges itself, thus we are judged through it.  It is not thrown out, but endorsed to it’s fullest…giving witness to who is the real Messiah.  The Messiah coming will be a Torah keeper and not Torahless…Greek meaning: Lawless.

Who are the ‘Lawless ones’?  Those not functioning in Torah (God’s instructions).  The Torah-less will be speechless and silenced.

There is one-half hour of silence in heaven.   Why is there silence?  Why was Adom given one hour before leaving the Gan of Paradise.

If 1,000 days is “as a day to the Lord” than we literally could say, “One hour is 41.6 years and one-half hour is 20.8 year.”

Time is only used for man on the earth so it gives us perspective.  The ‘as’ means, ‘as if there were time’, which there is not time in the heavenlies…gravity defies time.  We could say ‘gravity’ defines and defies time.  No gravity…no time.

Let’s begin with Abraham before we head back to Adom of whom we can see patterns of silence.  Adom’s life of silence began when he sinned and again when a human being was murdered.  Womb-silence: Twenty and eight years of silence and then more children would be born.   That makes it four weeks of seven years each.  Or, four Shemittah cycles of a silent womb.

Wombs are God’s property.  He opens and closes them as we saw in the case of Abraham’s Sarah being taken over by a king and again Isaac’s Rebecca was also taken into Avimalech’s kingdom because of her beauty.  Both times the woman were protected and not violated by any other man in the kingdom.  The wombs were closed and then the wombs were opened when the woman were sent back to their husbands, along with recompense for possible harm.

Twenty and eight years… Patterns may not always be exact like it could be years, days, months or Jubilees.  Some can see this number 28 years represented in the 20 and .8 years which is one-half hour of time in the heavenlies.  Let’s hold this thought but add it to our confirmation of the pattern of silence.

Silence does not always mean peace….as Pharoah was left over to his own humanity and then went back on his word to let the Hebrew slaves go.  God strengthened this Pharaoh’s humanity; not his spiritual wisdom.  And, Solomon’s spiritual wisdom waned as he put himself above the Torah, not heeding it.  King Solomon and King Nebuchadnezzar lose their kingdoms as they themselves take credit for their incredible empires.  Even King Belshazzar of Babylon was found wonting with Meike Mieke Mieke written on the wall.  He did not listen to Daniel’s counsel of what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar when he got prideful.  King ‘Neb’ grew claws like a bird and ate like an animal and lost his mind for seven seasons.   I’m going to suggest that it was seven of The Lord’s Appointments (mo’ed/season).  There are seven high holy days in a one-year time period.  All of these are still in operation today.

– Seven High Holy Days –

Pesach Day One, Pesach Day Eight, Shavuot, Feast Trumpets, Yom Kippur, Feast of Sukkot/Tabernacles Day One and Feast Sukkot Day Eight.

Sabbath makes the Eighth day of rest.  They are not fasting….you are to eat and have fun only!  We are commanded to have FUN…no work!  What a great Creator we have and yet people fight his plan of rest for them.

One-half hour is 20.8 years.

One seven-year period is known as one week in the Book of Jubilees or one Shemittah cycle of time.  Therefore, two weeks of time is a total of fourteen years; just as two Shemittah cycles is fourteen years.  The pattern continues for seven cycles of weeks or Shemittah cycles.

One-half hour is just as 21 years.  Twenty-one years is 3 x 7. Just as Jacob was twenty years with Laban and came out of the Haran area having Benjamin, son of his right hand nine months later…or 20 and 8.  This time period shows us three shemittah cycles were spent in Laben and then he came out with The Son of Right Hand…representing our day….when The Son of the Right Hand returns in majesty.

7 x 7 = 49 with the last year being the 50th year known as the Jubilee year.  In the Jubilee the slave owner releases any debt and slaves are free to choose other masters.  The land is also set free from financial bondage and planting in order for it to re-nourish itself.  Study the Jubilee.

1 2 3 4 5 6  7   8 9 10 11 12 13 14   15 16 17 18 19 20 21   22 23 24 25 26 27 28   29 30 31 32 33 34 35  36 37 38 39 40 41 42   43 44 45 46 47 48 49   50

During a fifty-year Jubilee pattern there are seven years that are Sabbath years designed to rest the land…and it gave the people rest from sowing and harvesting.  And, since the last year (the 50th year) is a year of release as well, that makes eight total years of Sabbath out of the fifty.

Eight – the number that will bring in the ‘New heaven and earth’ in the ‘8th’ day or at 8000 years.

50  100   150   175   205

Abraham left a rich country and his father Terah was wealthy.  They were all sent out of the fires (ur) of the Chaldean area and headed to Canaan, but they stopped at Heron and stayed there a while.  The town is named after Terah’s brother, Haran.   When Abraham finally departs the area of Heron, Terah is 145 years of age and he will finish his life in Haran.  Terah dies at age 205 which gives him 60 more years of life upon arriving in Haran.  Terah lives 30 years longer than his son Abraham of whom died at age 175.  Terah is going to follow the location-change pattern discussed in Jubilee 121 – Part I.  He is relocated to a different real estate for 60 years and dies there in Haran.  This picture shows Terah stayed in the world not following the true God of Shem who taught Abram from his youth.

Jacob also follows not only the year 60 change pattern, but he follows the location change of Haran.  Haran is where Laban lived and Jacob had to come away from that area to save his household.

The bride Sarah also is a pattern for the location-change pattern as she is also age 60-65 when leaving Ur.  She came out of Haran at the similar age as her son Jacob.  Jacob begins his journey to leave Haran exactly at age 60-61 (having baby Benjamin on the road).

The bride Sarah is 65 as she leaves Haran relocating again to begin the long travel into Egypt….wandering with Abraham.  Every place that Abraham touches his foot will be promised to be his territory for the future of God’s Kingdom on earth.  Sarah is now 35 years from delivering Isaac that carries, The Seed that leads to The Messiach.

Genesis 12:4 states that Abram is 75 years when leaving Haran.

Seventy five days is noted in Daniel that involves the days that are calculated until The Day of Blessing..which is the 1335th day.  We want to hold unto Abraham’s age  as it is part of this pattern.  It will be 75 years to The Day of Blessing.

Abraham travels another 75 years to get to the blessing of Isaac.

Abraham begets Isaac at age 100.

Abraham has 75 years to still produce offspring after having Isaac.

Abraham will die at 175 years of age sitting 100 children/granchildren on his lap.

Abraham now has 75 more years to accomplish sitting 100 children, that comes from his loins and his children’s loins, to sit them on his lap.. to bless them before he dies.

Abraham’s lineage is described in blog article: Life of Sarah.

He has one child, Ishmael, with the Egyptian woman;  known as Mt. Hagar.

Abraham will have 71 children through Issac’s loins of Jacob that hide themselves in Egypt as they grow.  They do not lose their way of worship but in later years are hindered from their Torah worship.  This is what brings them out of Egypt…Correct WORSHIP!

Without Benjamin (son of right hand) Jacob would only have gone into Egypt with 61 children.  (61 is the location-change pattern.)  Benjamin adds ten children (one-seventh) of Jacob’s populous.

This number 60 and 61 is still popping up in The Earth’s 121st Jubilee – Part III.  It gives more confirmation that Adonai’s hand will be acting/confirming the movement into a new/different type of life for humans as they enter the year 6001 AD.

Abraham sees his first grandsons (twins Esau and Jacob) at age 160.  This is another confirmation of the generational status location-change pattern.

There is now 15 years left of Abraham’s life.  This pattern of 60 and then 15 is also the pattern of Daniel’s 75 days, after the 42 months which is 1260 days.  These will be difficult days but if you continue in Adonai’s plan and you can make it to the 1290th (60th) day and then the 1335th (75th) day…you’ll be blessed.  This is what Abraham accomplished.  The day/year he died was his, ‘Day of Blessing’.  After only seventy-five years he had 100 children in his family.  He made it 75 more days/years.

Isaac never beget Jacob and Esau until he was age 60.  The boys are 15 when Grandpa Abraham dies at age 175;… 100 plus 75 years.  Sixty plus 15 is seventy-five.

Sixty seems to be a transition or confirmation of change in ones life.  We see this with Noach entering the ark at age 600 and floating for a year relocating his family at age 601.

The 120th Jubilee of the earth is 6000 years since Adom.  To step into the year 6001 is a big step into the 121st Jubilee.  It is stepping into a new president for the United States with Hebrew Donald Trump as President Elect.  Hilary is asking for votes to be recounted.  The electoral college still have their say in this, as well.  Will they allow a (hidden) Jew to reign?

Isaac also follows the 75-day  pattern of Daniel as Isaac is 75 years of age when his father, Abraham, dies.  Isaac is The Blessed being passed the Promise to the Messiach.  Adonai speaks with Isaac confirming this transfer of Promise of Blessing.

Abraham left Haran at age 75 proclaiming to be a sojourner.  He knew he was living in a foreign land.  It was 25 more years of patience waiting for Isaac to be born.  Sarah’s patience waned as she suggests a child by her Egyptian maid-servant Hagar.

Hagar’s Ishmael is born when Abraham is 87 and Sarah is 77.  He is not to be the son that brings The Seed..The Messiach.  Hagar runs off, returns, and then is cast off but given a promise of 12 sons .

In thirteen years Isaac will be born, but not until Abraham’s entire household is circumcised.  Circumcision will be the sign of the covenant between Adonai and Abraham’s entire household, servants included.

75 years – 75 days

Seventy Five years to see the blessing….just as Daniel speaks of an extra 75 days.

What were the days before the 1335th day, which is the 75th day?  They are the 1260th day and then the 1290th day.   Daniel states that if you can make it to the 1335th day… You will be blessed…and I say, “As in the days of Abraham.”

Abraham patterns this scripture that is speaking about our ‘end of days.’  He took his bride into the desert to have Isaac.  Now let’s read how Abraham was a picture to come.

Rev 12:5 “She gave birth to a son, a male child, the one who will rule all the nations with a staff of iron.  But her child was snatched up to God and his throne; and she fled into the desert, where she has a place prepared by God so that she can be taken care of for 1,260 days.

1,260 days is 42 months of 3.5 years.

Isaac would not give birth to Jacob for 60 years.  Abraham is 160 years old and ‘beholds’ this grandson for only 15 years.  60 years plus 15 is 75 years.  Jacob and Esau will attend Abraham’s funeral.

Revelation 11:1 is measuring the Temple of God and how many people are worshiping there.

Rev 11:2 “But the court outside the Temple, leave that out; don’t measure it; because it has been given to the Goyim, and they will trample over the holy city for forty-two months.

There is no respect for The Torah for 3.5 years (1,260 days.)  They trample anything Jewish into the ground.

Rev 11:3 “Also I will give power to my two witnesses; and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, dressed in sackcloth.”  These are the two olive trees and the two menorahs standing before the Lord of the earth.  If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes out of their mouth and consumes their enemies – yes, if anyone tries to harm them, that is how he must die.”

These are two places that connect us to the 42 months and what it is about.  These 3.5 years or 1,260 days are times of moving (60) to relocate and times of miracles by God’s servants.

Adom was set outside the Gan of Eden 42 days after sinning.  He was no longer protected and was issued a coat.  He offered a burnt offering of oils and spices upon leaving.  All the animals were silenced on the Month Four, Rosh Chodesh; 1 Tevet, Chanukah day 7.

Noah had rain for forty days and forty nights stopping on Kislev 27, Chanukah Day 2.  Noach was protected in his new tabernacle-shaped ark that stopped churning in anguish as the door to the abyss were closed up so no more water could come up from the abyss and cover the earth.  Yahweh was dedicated to their survival.  He hid them, but did NOT remove them.

‘As in the days of Adom’, Adom and Chanoah were the witnesses that would give testimony to the world of what happened to them.  They could not lie and must let history be written.  They would give witness to the continued care of The Creator during the next six weeks of coverage in being protected from the new harsh world to come.

Adom was put in the Gan Eden when he was six and forty days old making Adom 46 days in the first garden.

Thus, they were together for forty days in the first garden before being separated.

(The Suffering Servant Yeshua came in the 80th Jubilee (17 AD) of the earth and is looked to return after forty Jubilees, 2017 AD.)

Chanoh was put in the Gan Eden when she was 80 days old.  Once they knew each other on Day 13 of their creation, the woman was held up 80 days from going in to their new Paradise.  This is a beautiful picture of our future Bride (Israel) going to her groom.  The 6000th year from Adom gives the earth completing 120 Jubilees.

It also makes Adom a total of  it Day 93 from Adom creation and day 86 from the woman’s creation.

Our earth will be Six Days (6,000 years) without The Messiach reigning from Jerusalem.  As Adom was created on Day Six so will The Second Adom create a new Temple from where to dwell in the Sixth Day (6,000 years).

Twenty more Jubilees will pass (1000 years)…with a time of silence in the heavens as no wars will be  fought.  Will it be 20 Jubilees and then that .8 of stress at the end?  Yes, that would bring the earth to 8000 years old…for the ‘New Heaven and Earth.’

Or, perhaps it will be for one hour that is cut short to one hour being 41.6 years or days of that seventh millennial reign.  Or, one-half hour of heavenly time would be 20.8 years that is to be cut short so even some righteous can survive.

In this silence from God, Satan is allowed to purge the earth of those not desiring Torah.  They will follow Satan and his minions for that 20.8 time of silence from The Creator once again.  And, then it is done!  The 7th day is complete and the 8th day can bring in the New Heaven and Earth that is 150 miles square sitting upon the earth as a phylactery upon The Teacher’s head.

The earth will be purified in Torah and it will be on all their minds as every knee bows and gives glory for the GREAT SALVATION designed from the beginning and shown to us in patterns so none shall be deceived.  Men can change words in God’s books and they will be disciplined for it.  But, the stories and patterns are still carried into the future that men will see The Hand of God working in the lives of men from Adom to now.

Noach also immediately offered a burnt offering but used one of each of the clean animals brought in the ark.  Noach trusted Adonai to replenish his stock of clean animals.

We have patterns to what the 1260th day is.  We have the same G-d speaking to the world using the same patterns ‘as in the days of Adom and in Noach’.  We have Chanukah (festival of dedication) pointed out in the first week of Creation and in the first forty days of Noach’s Flood.  The flood’s start date is Cheshvan 17 and forty days later is Kislev 27…Chanukah Day Two.  This is powerful from the day of Adom and from Noach…if we would just know our Hebrew calendar.

Adom sinned after 1 week (7 years).  It was Month Two, Day Seventeen (Cheshvan 17) that they were deceived.  They will say their good-byes in turmoil accepting their judgment of relocating back to where they came from.  Their Day of Reckoning came in the week of Chanukah.  Creator Adonai would still cover their nakedness and care for them as they depart.

Noach’s Day of Reckoning came in the week of Chanukah.  They, too were provided with clothes in their new weather change via their sacrificial animal offerings.

They would all begin again.  And, they knew their stories with dates must be carried through so their children in the next relocation would not be deceived by theories made up by people.  They did not have patterns to learn from but they still knew Adonai judgments were fair.

Adonai hides man under the wings of His tallit (Torah).

Jubilee 121 – Park IV next….


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