Eclipsing Earthquakes 3 of 6 June 15 2011 Blood Moon #Iran #Japan #Hajj 1994

Third Eclipse – 1st Lunar – Total Blood Moon – Saros series 130 –  June 15 2011

Hebrew Month:  13 Sivan


South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia

The entire world experiences the effects of the eclipse but it can only be seen in certain areas of the world because of shadowing.

Sivan is  the Hebrew month that holds the end of the Counting of the Omer.  From the time Yeshua Jesus rose from the dead on The Feast of Unleavened Bread, the date should be Nissan 17.  From that first day after the Sabbath the Counting up to the barley harvest is counted.  The Counting up to the 40th day shows the Ascension of Yeshua Jesus and ten days later is the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer.  This day experienced the giving of the Holy Spirit known in the Ruach HaChodesh.  (The head Spirit).

Thus, Sivan 6 is known as Shavuot, but it is not always on a Sunday.  Sivan 13 is when 3000 go out into their own nations teaching Torah and The Kingdom of Yeshua The Messiach.  Gentiles are now brought into the Torah.

The earthquake to Iran occurs 1:05:30 UTC

The earthquake to Sonin Islands at Japan occurs at 4:41:03 UTC

The earthquake to South Shetland Islands is at 7:05:43.

The Total Lunar Terrestrial Dynamical Time of greatest eclipse (TD) was 20:13:43.

The fourth and last earthquake on June 16 2011 was a 6.4 to Britain region, Papua New Guinea.  It was at 00:03:35 UTC.



I would like to include it in this report as it occurs three minutes into the next 24-hour period.

After.three earthquakes measuring 5.5, 5.3, and 5.0 the lunar eclipse occurs at around 8:13 p.m.   It had a duration of 3 hour 39 minutes which leads it into the next earthquake on the earth minutes after the midnight hour.  Since it was a Total eclipse  nasa gives a second number and it represents it’s total phase…which in this case was 1 hr 40 minutes.

The last earthquake to happen on June 14 2011 was to Loyalty Island at 15:45:03 UTC. .  A slight pattern is showing up as the June 1 2011 Partial Solar eclipse 21:17:18 also had its last earthquake, the previous day of the eclipse, occur at Loyalty Island….May 31, 2011 at 21:00:43 UTC.

I have not posted yet about Adom’s calendar and God instructing them to make sure they recognize the first, fourth, seventh and tenth months of the year.  In other history writings The Creator instructs them to recognize these months because if they don’t they will be ten off from recognizing other things. This is just my thoughts talking out loud, but I’m going to express this because this is a lunar eclipse and it is the moon that sets the calendar.  These earthquakes could just be a co-incidence, but I believe in a God of Order.  These earthquakes occurred in the hours first, fourth and seventh hours.  They are likened to these head months….only in their hour.  Hmm!

So, where is the ten? I’m not trying to make something happen here, but as I looked I found it.  The big 6.4 earthquake to Papua New Guinea occurs at 00:03:35.  There is one 5.1 earthquake at Mid-Indian Ridge and then Papupa New Guinea is struck again…when…AT 00:10:10.

Stay with me…watch this….

Three earthquakes at Hours: 1, 4, 7.


Fourth earthquake is a BIG 6.4

Sixth earthquake to same area PGN is 5.3 at 00:10:10.

Sitting there in the lunar eclipse as the months that are to be recognized so the calendar is not off by ten days.

What is so important about TEN?  It has many meanings but for our purposes here we will stick to the 10th month.

Now, let’s see which months are important to our Creator.

Tishrei I believe was the first month in which Adom was created.

Nissan also gets to be the first month as Adonai told him to make sure this is the first month, Nissan, for coming out of Egypt.

So, we have a first that that is known as the Civil calendar; and a first month that is known to start the ecclesiastical calendar…where the holy things were set in place.  Tishrei is known as announcing the king.  Nissan is when The Messiach died for the sins of the world.

Months One

Now, since we have two Month One, we are now going to have two months 4, 7 and 10.  This will not be confusing because they will always be the same.  Whether we begin our calendar in Tishrei or Nissan the other months are still recognized, too.

Months Four

Four months from Nissan is Tammuz and four months from Tishrei is the month of Tevet. Tammuz and Tevet are both the fourth month.

Months Seven

Seven months from Nissan is Tishrei and 7 months from Tishrei is Nissan.  They are both the first month and they are both the seventh month.

Months Ten

Ten months from Nissan is Tevet and 10 months from Tishrei is Tammuz.


Four Months full of power like TNT.  Or, rearrange to NTTT (Nisan, Tammuz, Tishrei, Tevet)

I hope you are not confused because our incredible Creator has it all under His control.  He has made four months special and to be praised.  If we keep track of these four Chodesh (head of month) then we will not lose track of anything that God has on his calendar for us.

The Counting of the Omer will be perfect.  Shavuot will be on time.  Noah’s ark ride gives recognition to these months as well….so they were on track with what month it was.  The King is coming and we don’t want to miss that announcement of the setting up of The Tabernacle.

In the month of Tishrei there are still three unfulfilled happenings and we don’t want to miss them.  Especially, the Day of Atonement.  That day is called Yom Kippur and is known as The Fast.  It is the only day that the priest could go into the holy of holies.  We should not be afraid of it if our minds are set on Him.  If you are looking forward to Yeshua coming back in physical form to reign on earth, you have NOT grieved the Comforter.  But, if you’ve not been attending the ‘dress rehearsals’ then you will not know what to wear and could be ask to leave.

Back to the subject matter….is it a co-incidence that these earthquakes are pointing to the Lunar Calendar when there is a Lunar Eclipse…I’m thinking yes….and even the 10th month shows up.


Three earthquakes with Loyalty Island the previous hours of the last day.

Iran is not a friend of Israel…and is struck first.

Japan honors ancestors as their god

Shetland Island

Papua New Gunieau could be the result of the eclipse.

We are looking for patterns and so far in the first two eclipses in 2011 the January 4 eclipse did not have an earthquake over 5.4 associated close to it.  It sat exactly in the middle of the earthquakes.

January 4 2011:  Q Q Partial Solar Eclipse Q Q.

June 1 looked like this:  Q Q Q Q Q  Partial Solar Eclipse Q Q Q.

June 15 Total Lunar:  Q Q Q LE     Q (6.4; June 16 by 3 minutes)


January 4 – Four earthquakes with Partial Solar eclipse.  No larger quakes

June 1 – Eight earthquakes with Partial Solar eclipse.  Second quake that day: 6.3 Chile

June 15 – Three earthquakes with Total Lunar eclipse.  New Britain 6.3 PNG is next quake, next day.

Hebrew calendar Insights Sivan 13

1994   Hajj – 270 die at Devil’s ritual…too crowded at that corner and people trample each other.  May 23 1994.  Shemittah year.

2014   ISIS raids Turkey Mosul Consulate.  Take 49 turks hostage, 30 Turkish Special Force guards.

2015 9 4.5+ earthquakes

2015    Kerry Bike crash in Geneva.  Six-hour talks with Zarif of Iran.  4-nation ISIS bike tour canceled in Spain, Paris.)

Sivan 13 is 7 days after Sivan 6 which some consider Shavuot…The Torah given at Mt.Sinai and in Jerusalem TEN days after Yeshua Jesus resurrection.  It’s a great time of reflection and the message going out into the world.

Other gods are witnessed at Hajj; Turkey is taken hostage by ISIS, Kerry crashes as he makes deals with nuclear Iran….totally wrong in releasing their sanctions.  In 2016, the day of this writing, Russia equipment has been employed at Iran’s nuclear sites so as to protect their nuclear….the world will not touch IRAN….

IRAN is part of these earthquakes….IRAN had people die at the Hajj…. They are not Loyal to Israel and vow to remove her.

This is proving to be a continued dark day politically but a bright day when the Ruach HaChodesh indwells men….in Sivan…