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Jesus is Jewish

Who killed Jesus? Who continues to kill Him?

After almost 900 articles, there is still so much to discuss. But only if you are seeking Truth do you dare look at this website. I’m 71 years old attending Catholic private school until high school…yep, almost became a nun. I studied Hebrew and found that the letter ‘nun’ means ‘life’. Married 51 years with five GREAT grandchildren happening by the end of 2022. Join me in seeking Truth! What is our ‘first love’ that became our ‘living love’? The Torah…Yes, Yeshua, the Living Torah!

What is Torah?

If torah means instruction and not always ‘law’, then why are Christians afraid of their ‘first love’ that is a what and not a who?

Revelation 2:4-5

Does Creation Cry to be Heard?

Do we see more earth movement than sky movement in these changing days? If so, why?

Patterns of God

Can God be seen in eclipses, earthquakes, Presidents, Wars and rumors of more to come? Why is Adam ‘Ground Zero’?

“I want to thank Pastor Mark Biltz who wrote The Four Blood Moons for inspiring me to look at ALL patterns… That’s when I found His ‘feast days’ in the ‘earthquakes’. I found ‘hybrid’ men in His ‘hybrid’ eclipses. I found Him because I was looking! I find Him everywhere! Do you see God?


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