Ham’s Flood Begins -Testimony 1

Cheshvan: Second Month, 17th Day –  Noah in Ark — Door closed 10th Day…  No water….Until………

Noah is pondering his situation.  Seven days, a Shemittah week, and they still sit in this big vessel built for safety from what God called a ‘deluge’ of water that will cover the earth.  Noah believed God 120 years ago.  As hadassah writes our story, the 120th Jubilee of the earth in 2017.  On the Hebrew calendar the 120th Jubilee begins the Fall of 2016 on the Erev of October 11.

The Strong’s Concordance #120 is ‘mankind.’  And, The Council for European Nuclear Research (CERN) reports that our universe is barely turned on.  It is 120 to the tenth power…26 zeros behind that number.  Our universe is so frail that the question is, “Why is there something when there is nothing?”

“There is a veil?”  hassaddah concludes.  “And, in this veil there are secrets unfolding as the next rip in this veil is about to occur.”

Adonai had blessed Noach with three sons that were promised to live on.  It was Grandpa Lemek that first got the news about The Creator’s prophecy of doom.  Elohim had given an ultimatum to them and they had 120 years to spread the word in hopes to stop it.  Instead of hope and change, people were choosing depression.

Noah found himself being ‘called out’ for a special project.  Actually Elohim had given him two projects…  One was to produce children.  Why should he produce children to populate the earth if they were only to die in a deluge as prophesied, he had reconciled to himself and others also agreed.   Now, Adonai had chosen him to have children that would help populate the new world.  This was BIG!  He would seek council on this from his Grandfather Methuselah.

When his father, Lemek,  got the news of the disaster that was coming, he too lost heart and didn’t see much purpose of going on….thus he was not the spiritual leader that he had been earlier in Noah’s life.  He could not take the ‘mockings’ from those already condemned.  The party was soon to be over and they did not like the ‘bearer’ of such a message.

Noah knew that his father’s name Lemech meant,  ‘to be beaten, smitten, and tortured’. It seemed to Noach that most of abba Lemech’s life bore the marks of the world seen in his body wounds from the people.  The people even trained the animals to be vicious and chase after Lemech.  He seemed like the “Jeremiah” from the future that would be thrown into deep cisterns with mire in them and left to die.  They wanted to hear what Lemech had to say, but then they would torture him for his words.

Grand-abba Methuselah lived to be 969 years old.   Noah knew his grand-abba would be blessed by being recognized as the oldest man on the earth.  Noach himself would live to be 950 years old with 350 of those years on the other side of this veil.  Noach had met Methuselah’s great grand abba, Yered, of whom was blessed to be the second oldest man on the earth.   He died when Noach was 365 years old.  Noach realized that Yered’s life pictured a year of time even though he lived 365 years.   Yered’s life was another picture of the Flood…the year-long duration of the flood felt like 365 years on the future Gregorian calendar.

The Hebrew calendar has 360 days.  And, in Adom’s day they went by 30-day months which also is 360 days.

Yered was the father of Chanok  of whom also was a godly man and taken away without dying.  Perhaps Chanok represents the oldest even though he spent time in another veil…as Elohim saw fit for him to no longer be tainted of the world. He’s a picture of eternity for us, thought Noach.

Methuselah sought after Adonai and knew His instructions (torah) to help the afflicted.  Methuselah’s school taught the Torah of Adonai which showed them how to walk out (the action of)  how to care  for each other.  It would be these students applying the torah that would rescue Lemech and hide him.  Lemech might only be seen every three days but many loved what he had to say.  Then, the students had to go into hiding as well.  Soon there were not many ‘God-fearers’ left on the earth, as they could no longer be rescued.

There was a woman named, Na’amah, whose name meant, ‘mother of life’.  She was 580 years old and Lemech’s sister.  This would be one of the secret things that Adonai would confer with Methuselah.  Their information would be found in The Book of Yasher confirming their marriage.  Noah knew he was 82 years younger, but it seemed not to matter to either of them.  The older woman was said to be very mature!  Within four years of my knowing this ‘mother of life’ as my woman, we would have three sons.  She was a strong fortress that truly surrounded me in protection.  She was a powerful helpmate and a woman warrior.

Oh yes, the second instruction?.. It was BIG, as well!  The instruction was to build a structure. It’s measurements turned out to look like a casket ready to be buried in the earth’s tomb.  I felt like a “Lemek/Jeremiah story” was about to happen to the five of us.  We were going to live in a big cistern filled with animals…lions, tigers and bears…OH MY!

Yes, there would eventually be eight, but we could not find the boys soul mates quite yet until we were ready to board the ark.  Those entering had to be clean humans trained in the School of Methuselah.  We were to be lifted up, as The Bride is lifted up to her Messiach in the future.  This wedding would take place, but it would be in the Father’s timing and at His calling!  We were instructed to get prepared for the Bride Groom as it is under His wings that we would be cared for.

It is our joy of being chosen and now we need to step up to the plate of responsibility. There is joy in this salvation and yet there are tears.  Could we do it?  Could we leave our friends?  Could we hold to our faith?

My wife, our sons and their wives were all to ride this set-apart (holy) vessel during one of the biggest mikvah (baptism) ever seen on the earth.  Elohim, the judge of the earth, declared to me in my own vision a future flood.  A man was holding up his two arms with a staff in each of his hands and the waters of the sea were parting so the multitude of children could cross over.  Elohim showed me that it was His power within that man that saved them from their enemies.

I heard this man Mosche speak and I declared his same words. ….”I can only do it if..You Go With Us!”  And, that is how we have arrived at this moment in time that many over the next 5,000 years will look back to see how we handled our stress of walking out our faith….and also how we were blessed for doing it!  All of these life patterns indicate the necessity for man to have….”Adonai Go With Them!”

Noah had one last thought for the reader before he was reminded of the churning earth below his feet and the voices of Elohim that got louder and louder.  “It is because of my faith in the future King coming to lead the children correctly that makes it all worth walking forward in faith.  That King’s name will be revealed, but more importantly it is what His words mean to us.  If we love God and all that He is and what He is doing in the earth to bring about the actual King who will bring just justice to the earth, then it is important to know Him and to walk as He walks.

The sheep know the voice of their shepherd…and that is what happened….the sheep in my day lost their way because they lost the ways of God…they lost the ways of walking that were instructed by The Creator.  Then they could not hear His voice because He no longer was talking.  What a terrible day when Adonai turns away….He was tired of knocking as it was man who would not answer the door.   Cain chose to leave and could have returned…but he stayed away building his own kingdom that had it’s own Lemek’s…also tattered and torn.

The sounds of walking….Noah was thinking of how to teach his children on how to walk with Adonai when he heard people walking and then more walking and then it was sprinting and running and then there was the roaring of the animals….Oh, what was happening? he wondered.

A few weeks ago he could hear and feel the earth churning within itself.  There had been earthquakes and strange noises.  The animals were drawn to the big covering and they were showing up surrounding the ark as if it gave them calm.  They could feel the rumbling of the earth below their feet.   They knew to run….and they knew to run to the ark…..  God’s torah (instructions) inside of them had protected them before and it would do it again.  Men say that animals have ‘instinct’ but the animals know it as their torah from their creator.

Noah saw Elohim bring all the animals to the ark and they loaded themselves.  They walked up that ramp or they flew in.  He saw that God delivered clean and unclean animals to the ark and there just happened to be more clean than unclean animals.  Of every specie there was: Two unclean couples and Seven clean couples to be exact.

Noah realized that the unclean would multiply themselves as they fed and cleaned up the earth from its debris. But the number of clean animals probably raises a question for the person reading their story.  Why so many clean animals and just one couple of each unclean?  And, what is considered clean and what was considered unclean?  Noah would discuss this with Shem later so he could pass the value of this information onto his brothers and their new wives so none of them would be deceived in the future about eating wrong.  Their world did not understand about common and uncommon either.  Yes, many things added to the problem that brought about man’s demise.


If the HEART was correct, then the sacrifice was accepted.  If man only went through motions of praise…with NO heart….then it was rejected.  Noah had heard from Adam himself the story of his son, Cain.  Cain had only brought a token of his ‘first fruit’ crops and stood boasting that it was his doing that made that ‘cursed ground’ produce.  In Cain’s jealousy for Elohim accepting Abel’s fat offering, he could not stand being around Abel….thus Cain plotted how to remove Abel from the earth.  It was an intentional sin that had no recourse for Elohim except for Cain to be cast out.

Was there something else intentional about Cain that Noah had overlooked?  He would consult Shem when things quieted down.  But Noach knew Adom had stressed every day over the loss of what became of his  TWO sons…One dead…one GONE setting up his own kingdom.  Hmm..Noah thought..that sounds similar to the prophecy of the future Messiach of whom shall come first as the servant to die, and then He leaves to again return as king.  Noah loved the patterns he saw that always gave hope for the future.

Noah had one more thought that he wanted to talk about with Shem.   Was Cain and Abel’s offering on the Day of Atonement, Tishrei 10?  Was it to be a burnt offering?  Was it to be of ‘fat’ to represent the Messiach, The Anointed One?  How can a vegetable or grain from the soil have that sweet aroma that comes from the ‘fat’ in the burnt offering?  It was the fat of a young untainted animal that was requested.  This is very serious, Noach decided.

Did anyone think of what really was wrong with Cain’s offering?  And to take it a step further, was it a Jubilee that year?  It is said that Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10, begins the next fifty years.  It was more than just keeping track of time….it has to do with much much much more that time…  It held the atonement and judgment of the earth in it’s time table, too.

It would not just be Cain who brought false worship but future kings would as well.  They called it a ‘strange’ fire and they also were not on the day prescribed by Adonai.  It’s like saying your birthday is in the third month when it is really in the first month.   It was like bringing a dry scentless bitter parsley verses a rose to your wife.  Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu were two examples of priests that would bring a false fire.  The consequence befell them as Adonai removed them by a flash of fire from the heavens.  Their carcasses had to be taken outside the city gates because Adonai could not look upon sin.  This seemed to follow the pattern of The Messiach dying on that ‘stake’ in the 80th Jubilee of the earth.

It was making more sense to Noah as Elohim opened up his vision into the future.  Noach’s vision was widening as his whole being was permeating as he could see the past, present and future all at the same time.  He saw the perfect patterns that showed man The Messiach, and at the same time Adonai was showing man the perfect plan of salvation.

Aaron and Mosche would need to come together in agreement before the ‘fire’ would fall and consume the burnt offering that day.  The focus had to be on Adonai’s ways and not man’s ways, even though they were full of good intentions.  No false words, worship and certainly not on false days could be accepted.

It was The Creator that made things holy or ‘set apart.’ Men have their own ways of setting things to holy or set-apart.  They may retire a set plates from a grandmother; thus, making them holy to them.  In Noah’s day they ‘set apart’ the rob of Adom..they brought it with them and it was special.


Cain’s defiance was probably more severe than what met the eye.  There are so many things within the purposes of our Creator that man just can not defy His ways even if man does not understand the instructions.  Noach knew this to be true just as their trip would unfold what was already established in the earth…The Lord’s Feasts and Fasts.   This pattern began with the first man Adom, The Flood portrayed it and it would be seen in the end of days.  By not recognizing these times, men would deceive themselves and not be ready.  The Lord’s Feasts were designed to prepare mankind for the future.  And, they would prepare them for the Coming of The Messiach.

Noach and his family even felt these days personally within their spirits as they passed over these days.  It would be Noach himself that even made note so the days would be remembered.  Noach knew that if he remembered Adonai, then He would remember him.  In the ‘end of days’ the patterns would unfold…so that The Creator Elohim would be glorified and men would look up and know the correct Messiach…who arrived exactly on time at these times.

Cain was totally out of step and on the wrong day.  The Creator Elohim could not let the pattern be changed as it was to come through 7000 years of history.

Adonai’s children are priests in their homes and MUST be correct in teaching Elohim’s ways.   They are shepherding their own herds and will be held accountable for each one. Adam had felt inadequate in leading his flock as it was Adom himself that held the responsibility of not leading his woman out of deception.  He knew this serpent had a cunning tongue.  He was to carry the burden of that sin as they had to move out of the garden.   Because he himself also desired to feel like God, he also ate as he didn’t see change in her as she presented it to him.  The sin had a curse attached to it.  They would die.

It was not the fruit that they ate that cursed them, but the fact that they defied an instruction.  They took hold of the curse that they were warned about.  It was not the instruction that caused them to sin, but their own minds walked away.  It was not Satan that was able to do it…it was not anything spiritual or flesh and blood that drug them away…but they personally walked away from The Creator.  Each one of them separately thought about it and walked….walked away….to be their own god….was powerful…as they knew God was all powerful.  To even have a little of that power…the mind took hold of this thought and their true heart acted.

The Heart was attacked…..they red-lined wi HEART ATTACKS!

Noach knew men’s hearts to be wicked…he had witnessed it for 500 years before this deluge was announced.  It was the ‘mind of Adonai’ that he wanted for his children…then their hearts would respond in The Creator’s ways.

The heart was attacked because they lacked the mind of God…they lacked seeking His mind…and trusting His words spoken to them.

His woman would bear his children in pain.  Adonai would help erase that memory of pain so life would continue on the earth.  He made it so she would desire to conceive again. Natural childbirth was the norm and it was not easy.

History shows us that they did not have children at the time.  When this curse was announced, there was a stirring inside of Chu’vah that at least there was hope for them in being allowed to multiply on the earth.  The sin of disobedience came with a price; they were removed from the Gan (garden) and the children would come into the world through great suffering…of which many woman of the earth would refuse to go through a second time.  But, those that return to their husbands do because The Creator put that desire in them.

Noach was trying to understand a mystery.  He knew from speaking with Grand-Abba Adom that Adom had been allowed to ‘know’ Chu’vah the day that she was given to him. Then, he was told to have a cleansing time which ended up being forty days.  The Creator had then placed Adom into this incredible Gan that had been designed just for them.  Noach remembers the feelings that Adom expressed as he could not see his beloved Chu’vah for another forty days…as it seemed she had to do a double cleansing.  Adom didn’t want to touch on too many details about this, but he knew that it was a very trying time for him as he could not be with her during that cleansing time.  Adom knew it was set to be a pattern for mankind and tried to enjoy his time with the other things of creation.

When Chu’vah was cleansed for her ‘Eighty’ days and started her ‘new beginning’ being placed in the Beautiful Gan with Adom, they did NOT know each other in the ways that multiplied humans on the earth.  Adom told Noach that it would be one Jubilee, which is 50 years, before they would ‘know’  each other again.  And, those desires within him and her to reproduce the earth happened outside the Beautiful Gan.  It is when they had their eyes open and could see each others form that it happened.  Noach knew there were many lessons to be learned through that pattern that was set from the beginning…but Adom was not even sure he fully understood.  But, Adom had said to Noach, there was a definite difference between the garden where he and Chu’vah was created than the Beautiful Gan where they lived for fifty years without bearing children.  In fact, Adom made the comments that men seemed to ‘lust’ after the woman in the this garden.  Men seemed to use it as entertainment and not just for multiplying the earth.  Even animals gave more respect to their mates than the human being gave respect.

Adom was very sad when he spoke to Noach about man’s disrespect of woman on the earth.  Men seemed to take the words of God out of context and think that they were to be over the woman and she was nothing.  He cast her down to just raise up another woman to satisfy his masculine ego.  In fact, the angels of whom did not co-habitat with woman in the heavenlies found their way to earth and took the daughters of men.  These children became known as ‘men of reknown.’  They were so ‘reknown’ that The Creator’s spirit could no longer survive on the earth and thus Adom told Noach that he would have to see to it that this did not happen again.  Adom soon died after their conversation.  But, because of this, Noach found himself not desiring to find a wife for 500 years.  He did not want a woman that had genes crossed with the Nephalim…as they were called.

Adom had found the woman to be a great help-meet even if she was a weaker; not developing the muscles that he had.  She used more hormones like estrogen to produce children and he produced more testosterone to build muscle to do the heavy work.   They were different, but the same.  She came from his side, not from his head.   He did not feel she was usurping his authority from him, as he saw her desire was only to protect him.  He would take that jealousy for him in a healthy sense and not resent it.

Chu’vah had loved the beautiful Gen – garden.  Their family could still produce fruit outside the garden, but with much toil….  When Cain fell, Adonai took what Cain loved and made it more difficult for the land to produce in abundance.   Plus, Cain did not want to adhere to the Sabbath rest for the land which added to it’s demise.  Noach realized that after 1656 years, the land would now be replenished.  It would get a new soil covering, minerals with ash from the volcanoes and watered to bring growth.  Adonai was sending man away and would now continue to be the gardener of the earth…the land curse would be removed once The Creator removed man.

Thus, Noah knew Cain’s lineage had become craftsmen of copper and iron on the earth.  The land would not give way to Cain to bless him.  The very pride in his harvest had become his curse….no harvest.  Cain’s linage would build cities and trade for the produce that the land did release to other humans.




This is all Noah could keep thinking about as he watched sevenfold of the clean animals board the ark.  Seven of each clean type….the humans would eat clean and they would sacrifice clean.  Now, he prayed….could his children see the plan of El Shaddai for their future?  In fact, Noah realized that there were seven clean humans and one that he worried about.  The seven clean and one unclean pattern would even came true in the humans on the ark…; in its own strange way.

The clean animals were only for unintentional sin.  The life is always in the blood.  It wasn’t the animals flesh that was important, but it’s clean blood as it portrayed a promise to the future clean blood of salvation that would be given.  That promise was given to all of us at the time Great great….Grand-Abba Adom and Great great…..Grandma Eve  were cast out, too.



There was no answer for intentional sin because Elohim could not look on sin.  Our Creator is so pure that there is no part of sin that can be in His presence.  It is that pure heart that seeks to die to it’s own pride and return to the ways of their Creator.

Noah was continually thinking and pondering if he could somehow make sense to Elohim to stop the ‘deluge.’  The people mocked and scorned him and called him Preacher Man…and since he didn’t want to ‘scratch and tickle’ their ears with what they wanted to hear, they rebuked him continually with the stupidity of ‘returning to God.’  “Will you fly, fly, fly away into the sky in your big ark to meet Elohim?” they taunted him.

If man is to RETURN….then he must have been in the right place at some time… What went wrong?

RETURN to what?

It was of no surprise to Noah that so many clean animals RETURNED and many wanted to load the ark.  It confirmed to Noah that God did accept Noah’s offerings for peace with Adonai for himself, his family and the world they lived in.  This system of atonement was not to appease a god who desired sacrifice, but Adonai set it up as a way of communication between flesh and spirit.  This system was to be a “sweet aroma” to Adonai just as Noah’s prayers were a ‘sweet smell’ that rose off the earth to El Shaddai….our merciful Creator.

God considers living things very precious as they have life-blood in them.  Noah was not to remove any image of God from the earth, and since man was built in the ‘image of Adonai’,  a human being could never be killed as an offering.  The next best offering could be the life blood of an animal.    Yes, Noach kept thinking, these animals will be very valuable to re-populate  Adonai’s earth.  And, for Noah to give up one animal would be like the sacrifice of all menka offerings.  It would represent ‘the utmost to His highest’ to give instead of his own life…which was impossible to give because then God’s image would be removed from the earth.  Men break the principle of ‘reproducing God’s image’ when they do NOT reproduce human beings.  This principle is a pattern of blessing set forth from Adom.  Adom had learned that there is a time to produce and a time to give back and now Noach and his family were learning the same lesson as the doors of the ark had closed and no other creature could enter.

Noah knew that all things are given by El Shaddai (Merciful, Provider) and no matter how long man owns something, it still belongs to Adonai; He whom Provides.  So, in giving up a single animal in the future would show that Noah and his family believed and trusted El Shaddai to provide.  If it came down to that very last animal…Noah would give it.

Noah was standing by the dahlet (door) as he was committing these things to Adonai.  He kept pondering if each of his children would feel the same trust in Adonai during the voyage.  Would that trust grow in Adonai after their experience? They had all built the structure together according to Adonai’s instructions and now they would live in this structure according to Adonai’s torah.

Would Shem, Cham and Yepeth be able to give up some of these animals to God in appreciation for saving their lives?  This trip was not going to be easy and an atonement for any “unintentional’ sin needed to be dealt with.  It would be called a ‘menka’ offering.

Noah wanted to teach his children that God was looking at their hearts…not their heads.

Noah had been pondering for seven days these concerns on how to begin the new world once again with humans that were  tainted.  His family had seen too much.  He was entering this ark with 600 years of witnessing sin and his sons had seen sin for 97-100 years. Had they assimilated into this side of the veil to be able to see clearly once this veil was lifted?  Would they be able to make a change that could prevent this type of destruction from ever happening again?  There had to be another answer because man’s nature is to sin; ‘missing the mark’ set by Adonai.

Noah could not help but to keep pondering about the reality that would hit his family as they witnessed what God had told Noah from the beginning.  Noah had been 500 years on the earth observing the wickedness of man that grew prideful against God.  Noah could see that it was not the longevity of life that made a difference to man; and in fact, perhaps it caused more iniquity because it was just about, “feel good now” and ‘now’ seemed forever.

When Shem was born Adonai noted that men “called’ on the name of Adonai.  Then man did not call on Adonai.  And in fact, if they did call on Adonai, it was in a slang…as if they hated Adonai.  They were taking his name in vain….as when they would yell for being mad.  And, they would say Elohim’s name just as if there was nothing special about it.  It had actually became a Word that was cursed.  Would it be best not to even say His name? Noah wondered, in this “Fresh Start’ thinking he was having.

There was a veil being placed over the earth.  Would it be 22.5 feet of sludge to cover the cities of the old earth? Noach wondered.  This veil would be revealed to him in 150 days from the day it began, Cheshvan 17.  Wow, he thought, Cheshvan 17 to Nisan 17…”Oh what a glorious day that would be.”

This year long trip would certainly tear into this veil that was becoming more transparent every day.  Adonai had set them on a course to see the future.  It was the end, but yet not.  It was the beginning of the next end, and yet not.  It would be a year long trip that showed them eternity.

The groaning in the earth was much more fierce and much louder. He had counted forty big booms that Ham said were from earthquakes and volcanoes.  In the future in 2016, on Nissan 16 there was also recorded forty active volcanoes.   Our author also witnessed a veil over men’s eyes at that time.

In 1957 a little boy was born with the name Rogers Nelson.  By the age of seven he was called, Prince. This man impressed the world so greatly that he cut thirty-nine albums.  Adonai did not let him cut that final fortieth.  He would impress the world with the Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson style hip hugging dress.   He died suddenly but had a crouping cough for several weeks which even caused him to cancel a performance.  He told his friends to not pray for him for a few days as his positive thinking of rejecting any ill hold on him was preferred.  He did not even want to talk that he was sick.  It would be Nissan 13, April 21, 2016 that he would die. The ‘Prince’ of the world died.

Two thousand years ago another “Prince’ purposefully died for the sins of all mankind.  He was God Himself that came in the form of a man.  It was Adom who was given the prophecy first.  All the patterns that follow in the plans of Adonai looked to His coming and dying.  This ‘Heavenly Prince’ caused more disrupt on the earth than any other man that was born.  The “Heavenly Prince Yeshua’ was giving up his life as the “earthly Prince’ died in an elevator in Minnesota.

What was the difference about these two ‘Prince’?  The Spiritual ‘Prince’ gave His life for the human ‘Prince.’  They were 2000 years apart in history.  Everyone knew about the first ‘Heavenly Prince.’  But, what they didn’t know (except for a few) was ‘What Day Was It?”

It was the 14th day of the first month, Nissan.  It was the Fast of the First born.  The 15th day of the first month established Passover…it was a new start.  Seder services were being held around the world to ‘remember’ that Adonai brought the ancestors out of slavery.

The world mourned, “Prince’ Nelson and did NOT know it was the ‘time of remembrance’ of The Messiach that had died for them.  Prince Nelson could not save them, but they knew him better than the “Prince” that was their soon-to-return, ‘King Yeshua.’

It was another veil, Noach thought to himself.  The author could keep writing about those two ‘Princes’ as it was an incredible thing to behold.  Noache then saw that the world in 2016 would not be much different except for having larger numbers of people on larger land masses.  The children of the 120th Jubilee did not know The Lord’s Appointments. They did NOT value them for their historical view of the past present and future.  They cast their robes before earthly ‘Princes’ and not before the one that crafted them.


This veil of mist, known as fog, permeated everything. He wondered if some would try to make their way to the ark.  And, this veil of heavy fog was saturated in moisture, too. Any creature with eyes surely could NOT see.  It was like a black darkness now that you could taste and yet hear.  The 7-day veil of fog now had turned dark to permeate all the earth to make everything stand still.  The cursing of Adonai’s name had turned into a real curse over the earth.  There was screaming and moaning in the darkness…on the earth and in the ark.

A TRIBUTE to ancestors —

Noah had been able to talk to Lemech who had been able to meet with Adam.  There was no excuse for men of the earth to not know God…as God walked with many of them…. and they could know what God thinks.  Did God want to meet with all of the people?  Could a God that is so holy be in the presence of such sinful men?

Did Adonai hear their screams now?  Or, perhaps they still were not crying out.

Noah knew about the coming Savior that would walk the earth; as Adam had passed on the prophecy.  Noah believed it.  Noach witnessed his ancestors walking with El Shaddai and Noach heard from Him as well.

Noach knew El Shaddai was going to actually come in human form  to physically walk with man.  He took this information very personally and actually thought to himself that his belief in that is what graced him to be on this ark.   Adonai knew that not many  beings on the earth believed in a coming Messiah.     Adonai would not punish the world, but remove the evil ones that had no desire for his instructions.  It would be the ‘new wine’ skins that could hold the instructions.

Noah respected his parents and the men in his lineage of whom also believed God.  This instruction (torah) of respecting parents and grandparents went back to Adom.  Cain was sent off because of disrespect.  It would take to the third and fourth generations to perhaps see changed hearts.  But, Adonai tells us that he will have that kind of patience to the third and fourth generation before judgment is issued because of an ancestor’s fall.  “Yes!” Noach thought to himself.  “Adom’s third lineage (son) was Sheth.  Cain, Abel and then Sheth.  Sheth would be the linage of holiness..an example of being ‘set apart’ to The Creator Elohim.

Lemek was 56 years old when Adom passed.  Adom knew that he had sinned in Lord’s Day which is a thousand years.  He knew he would die before the earth was one thousand years old.  He was cut short by seventy years. Adom died at age 930.   Noach also knew that those seventy years would be given back in the ‘second’ Adom in a pattern at the ‘end of days.’   There would be a nation called, Israel, that will endure 70 years to prepare the way.  Jacob’s children would be approved for birthing by the United Nations in 1947.  Jacob’s Israel has six million people in it’s land and has made it to the age of 68 in 2016.     They would make it to 56 years, 68 years and surely to 70 years.  Coming to 70 seventy years in the Fall 2017.

Adom was removed early and now Israel is still trying to be removed.  But……….all indications show a struggle before The Messiach completes His Day!

Adonai gave respect to man by showing their Godly lineage.  We can see these patriarchs had other children, but it will be the ones that wanted to walk with Adonai that were given remembrance.  These are the men of renown that ‘the author’ would like to speak with when in the Millennial Reign.

Sheth began a righteous line to 1656 years.  Noache continued it on the other side of the veil and his son Shem would continue into the days of Abraham.  History gives proof to The School of Shem and then more Godly men such as Gameliel of whom Yeshua Jesus was contemporary.

Noah, named Noache , is in the lineage of Sheth.  Noache is 600 years old at the time of the flood.   His father Lemek was 56 years old when Adom died.  Adom lived to be 930 years old.  Lemek spoke with Adom and learned the ways of Adonai from him.

Noache was the TENTH generation from Adom.  (1656 years from Adom to the flood.) Then there are TEN generations again from Noah’s son Shem to Abraham.  Twenty generations all look to The Messiach.

First Ten Generations

Adom  130 bore, lived 800 more years          Died 930         Adom’s Age
Sheth  105 bore, lived 807 more years           Died 912              130
Enosh 90 bore,  lived 815 more years              Died 905            235
Qeynan 70 bore, lived 840 more years           Died 910             325
Mahalal’el 65 bore, lived 830 more years     Died 895              395
Yered 162 bore,  lived 800 more years             Died 962            460
Chanok 65 bore, lived 300 more years         Taken 365              622
Methushelach  187 bore, 782 more years       Died 969             687
Lemek 182 bore,  lived 595 more years            Died 777             874
Noach 500 bore,  lived 450 more years            Died 950

(Lemek is 56 when Adom dies.  Noach is born in 28 years after Adom’s death.)

     Cham Yepeth Shem

There were so many stories to tell his sons on this trip.  He had shared some things with them as they grew on the earth.   Building the ark was a BIG task, and Noach did talk to each of them as they worked.  He could see into their hearts and prayed over each of them.  After all, he was still the priest of his house even as his boys grew to be men.

Then Noach remembered the story of grandabba Chanok of whom was also be lifted off the earth.  Their ark would be lifted off by water after Noach and grandabba Methusaleh were instructed by Adonai to summon men into repentance.   Great grandabba Chanok also had that calling and later was sent a horse from heaven that carried him to where he would ascend up.  Many men followed Chanok for many a days journey.  Chanok could not dissuade them from following him and so he taught them the ways of Adonai on the way to that destination.  So many men followed him that a census was taken to count how many did not return.

Before this final lifting up, Chanok himself had been lifted into the heavens to see the troubles that lie ahead for those that use the Adonai’s name in vain.  That has a bigger meaning than most people understand, Noah thought to himself.  If men take his name carelessly, then they don’t respect anything about Him….which then brings violence to the earth and their lives.  Perhaps this phrase really meant they hated The Creator Elohim and detested and fought against everything he stood for.  Perhaps the word ‘vain’ needed to be reviewed with his sons.

Noach knew at one time it had been reported that Chanok lived in a cave at the time Noach was born.  Methuselah had even gone to talk to him about Noah’s appearance.  Chanok assured Noah’s father that the boy was fine even though you could see red in his body like an angelic being. Noah was amazed to hear this story as he grew up but he also felt a sense of protection around him since his appearance was a little different and most people shied away from him.  When he heard about the deluge coming he really lost interest in finding a wife, anyway.  Now, his bright piercing angelic looking eyes seem to convict men of their sins.

Chanok was a great man of whom married Edna in the fourth year of Week 7.  Noach was calculating this in his head according to their time line and he figured that Chanok married Edna in the year 47 of that 50 year (jubilee).  This again is pointing to something.  He knew 1947-1948 is when Jacob’s children would be recognized as a nation on this earth.

History shows that Chanok is born in the 11th Jubilee. Eleven is a powerful number showing the double strength of  YHVH.  The two hands of Adonai lifted up.   It is coming into the year  550 and books state that he was born in the 4th year of the 5th week.  The 5th week are the years 29 to 35.  Thus the 4th year would be year 32 of that Jubilee.  It should be the year 532 that he is born.

Chanok married Edna of whom was the daughter of his brother, Dan’el.  Adom was 593 when Chanok  married to Edna.  Chanok was the seventh generation from Adom.  Chanok was a Preacherman for Adonai and in the end was respected by fewer and fewer.  When Adonai announced his being taken to heaven to instruct there, a great horse was sent to deliver him.  It was then that men chased him trying to hear more of Adonai’s truths.  Noach didn’t understand if men repented then or they just chased him because it a ‘happening’ from heaven that they weren’t use to seeing.

Chanok fathered Methuselah when he was 65 years old.  Noach thought about great man as he was the man left with Noach to stay witnessing to the world to repent so the flood would stop.  Methuselah would live to 960 years and some say 969 years.  What Noah understood is that there would be no man perfect and all sinned against The Creator Elohim; therefore, all ‘would die in the day that they sinned.’   And, a thousand years to man is as one day to the LORD.  This pattern points to the man that will live 1000 years and then take everyone into the final New heaven and new earth.  It will be The Messiach that they had all loved for, Noah smiled….even as the darkness got thicker and the chaos louder.

Noah had just buried Methuselah before the flood began.  He had even helped them build the ark over the last five years.  But, as in other named in the books of history, they too were better off dying on their own instead of in ‘The Deluge’.  The Creator Elohim spared them also from seeing the destruction of their loved family and friends.  Leaving this earth and not seeing and experiencing it wrath is mercy in itself.  But, Noach knew it had to be God removing man from the earth and not man removing man.  Killing any human being, even yourself, for any reason only lead to removing the spirit of The Creator from the earth and that was not allowed.  Their was an “Avenger” and his wrath comes.

Noach’s own father, Lemek, was an interesting person.  He was 56 when he witnessed the first death of man, Adom.  The men of the earth had never seen any one die before.  Yes, Abel was killed…but Adom was the first man to die and be buried in the ground.  The author gives witness to seeing the place the first parents are respectfully  recognized in a cave at Hebron…and then the other Patriarch’s of Abraham with Sarah and Jacob with Leah are memorialized in a large building in large vaults above ground near that cave.

Abba Lemek was a man to be loved and yet at the end of his days he was not  walking upright so The Creator removed him.  He had seen his grandabba Chanok go about the earth stressing the importance of obedience and then he was also probably really confused when he left on a horse.  He was not missing among the men that went, so we know that he didn’t follow Chanok.  Lemek father me, Noach thought, and yet he didn’t know how to console me in my situation of having a strange essence about me. I think he was afraid and yet I knew he loved me.  Had he wondered about his own self worth in producing such an unusual human being?  Noach couldn’t guess these things, but he knew The Creator Elohim did give Noach peace of mind in his death.  Lemek lived to 777 years of age.  He was another signal to the future that the days of REST with great severing was upon them.  Lemek seemed to be a man beaten down.  He did not have the strength of his father, Methuselah.

How would you feel if one of your Grand-abbas came up missing?  Lemek could have chosen to be happy for Chanok.  He is where everyone wanted to be..in the presence of our Creator. Why couldn’t he have gone, too?  Once again..Jealous….depressed…and..beaten down was Lemek.

There was even a city named after a Chanok, but it appeared to be a Chanok from Cain’s linage.  Adom is 622 when Noach’s grandabba Chanok left the earth.  It gave Noach a time-line of about a thousand years before the deluge.  The rebellion of man was coming to a peak as it occurred 1656 years from the creation of the first man Adom. Adam dies in year 930 And now, it would occur exactly 626 years after Adom dies.  Adom is created on the 6th day, 1666 Noach starting again,

Six certainly is showing up in this pattern, thought Noach.  Six is the the letter vav and is pictured as a stake…connecting things..like a peg…stake…it means and…and also man…  Oh wow, thought Noah…this is about the stake that will go through The Messiach’s hand.  He is the one that connect  man to heaven….

Was Noach thinking too hard about all of this.  But, he thought, if there is a pattern for man to see The Creator’s hand in all of this thinking…then it was worth it.  He then continued thinking……….

To be exact, it would be 1034 years to the flood from Adom losing Chanok.  One thousand years is as one day to The Creator plus 34 years.  It was likened to the Second Day that the Messiach would come and he was about 34 when he left.  People believe Chanok (Enoch) to be one of the witnesses that returns at the ‘end of days’ right before The Messiach comes…and he very well could be as he was man that gave instruction to men ever after hiding from them.  And, wouldn’t it be interesting that if Chanok came back as a witness just as he left but just days for the Lord.  Would he come back in 2034?  Now that would be a long shot….or would it.   The Messiah Yeshua let around age 34 and so did Chanok.  Would Chanok witness before The Messiach came for three years and then they both seem to appear back on the earth at the same time.  It is accounted a man to die physically once…and perhaps Chanok will be the one to stand in Torah and also suffer and die for it. Everyone knows a Madi or Messiach is coming….but what He teaches will be the difference in his success.  Will the Christian come along side The Torah or will it be a false Messiah teaching the Koran?  How will the Christian know what is the true Messiach if they don’t know The Torah now?  Noach knew that the next ‘end of days’ as the world knew it…was also going to be hard….and to have Chanok to help with that….well…Noach knew he could do it.  He knew in his heart that that is what Chanok had been called to the heavens to do….teach Torah….it is the Way and Truth and the Life…because it is what makes us the Messiach.

With the wind blowing now and the trees almost bending down, Noach knew he could go on because he saw the bigger picture to the end.  He was glad to be in the line of The Messiach.

Thirty-four is two seventeens.  Just hold on to this information, thought Noach,  Shem is the one who could dig deeper into these things…but the fog had to lift from ones mind as well as the fog that they sat in.  The wind had to calm physically so even the spirit in them could hear the words of tenderness from The Creator in these times.  And the screaming in the dark….would it stop….would it slow to whimpering and just turn to people holding each other?

One thousand and thirty-four days from the days of Chanok….that was something to think about.  In 2034 it would be the 120th Jubilee of the earth…and it would be the first Jubilee of fifty years into the year 2000.  The Messiach came at year zero and started the pattern.  The Messiach left around 34 years and made up for Chanok missing out on that 34 years.  The patterns always seem to show up in their reverse like that.

Noach knew that Abraham’s grandson Jacob really only gets to raise Joseph a total of 34 years out of Jacob’s life.   Joseph was lost at age 17 and placed in a pit.  Jacob will only enjoy Joseph another 17 years before Jacob dies at age 147.    Jacob is missing his favored son for 60 years of his life.  There was that SIX again.  The man, Yeshua Jesus, would come in the 80th (new beginnings) Jubilee of the earth and he would be on the earth in the year 17 AD.

This was amazing to Noah.  His faith was growing by the moment….and he needed it as this darkness was surrounding them was as the pit that surrounded Joseph and the pit that Yeshua faced was so real before them right now.  And, he thought, in the year 2017 AD it would be that Second Day (second thousand years) for the world, after The Messiach’s first coming as a ‘suffering servant’ and they would go into The Third Day which would be the earth’s 6001 st year…taking them to 7000 years…oh how incredible to think…but first…the Restoration of all things…they all must return to The Creator ways, obey His instructions known as Torah.  Will they?  Noah thought.  The Instructor is said to return on a majestic white horse to bring a rod iron to settle things…so that the living Messiach can reign on the earth.  His government will be one of iron…it will be Torah or it will be a cursed land once again…no rain.


Adonai creates Adom on 6th day

Adom 622 (left behind) when Chanok goes to heaven

Noach’s Flood 1656 (left behind)

Shem dies age 602

Jacob begets (gets) Benjamin (son of right hand) at age 61

Jacob loses Joseph to Egypt for 60 years

King Josiah reigns 640 – 609 BCE dying in battle.  (age 34?)

In 6001 the earth enters it’s 120th Jubilee (Gets Messiach?)

Noach looked at it like this.  The number six  represents man.  Chanok was Adom’s sixth generation.  Six is the letter Vav and is pictured as a tent peg that connects.  Man connects to Adonai even being created with a spirit like Adonai.  The two is the Beit and pictured by a house.  Two is the son that is in the house.  Thus, we see the first removal of a man from the earth to join the House or Temple of Elohim with the son occupying it.  The doubled two reinforces the house so there is great strength in this house.  A temple on the earth is a shadow of the temple to come…..two temples.  Man (6) is also a temple for Adonai to indwell.  Two Temples:  Structure and Spiritual.  Both houses (temples) must fill the earth as they are shadows of what is to come.

Noach knew this might be above the readers heads, but then they had not been to the School of Chanok or Methuselah.  Noach himself and his son Shem will be the new head school  masters and call it, The School of Shem.  This school will reach down into Abraham’s children.  Shem will teach Jacob the ways of Yahweh.  Shem will die at age 602…the year Asher is born.  Jacob (Israel) will give birth to Asher when he is 52 years old. He is Jacob’s eighth child.  Eight represents new beginnings.  Jacob will be 61 when he has his last child, Benjamin.

Then one more man came into Noach mind…he would follow in Shem’s footsteps in trying to bring back The Torah to the families.  It would Solomon’s great great grandson, Josiah.  He is a true lover of The Creator Elohim and reigns from 640 – 609 BCE.  Again, Noach was realizing that even the years in history showed a pattern and seemed to have the same blood-flowing umbilical to them.  They gave birth and yet squeezed so hard almost choking the blood flow to zero.  Josiah tried to keep them in the land, but the sins of Solomon would not be forgiven.  Solomon was a picture of the anti-Christ and the world will not see that until the very ‘end days’ when Israel was back in their land and teaching the ways of the good fathers and not the bad.

Noach could see that Shem would be a contemporary to Joshia, too.     Shem  602, Noach got off the ark at age 601 and Josiah was trying to stop their deluge as it was happening at 602.

It pleased Noach to envision the future knowing Shem would carry a godly line forward and be able to touch the hearts of Abraham children.  Abraham was able to mentor with Noah for 56 years.   The Schools of Adom, Chanok, Methuselah, Noah, Shem and Abraham did not have a break in it. From there we go to Abraham who lived 175 years.   Since Shem lived 504 more years on this side of the veil, Abraham’s Isaac was schooled by Shem and his son Jacob was schooled until he was five years old.  Jacob knew the value of walking with The Creator Elohim.

What a blessing to have Shem be able to hold in his bosom the child Jacob, of whom would carry the name of Israel.  He is likened to the prophet Samuel who beheld the Messiach on the eighth day when he was brought to the temple for circumcision.  This cutting of the flesh would be a continued covenant not to be lost.

This Lemech – to cut off – would show up again as the Messiach was cut off.  The circumcision of the flesh was a picture of men who would be cut off from their own.  This circumcision was a hard thing even for Abraham’s family.  This circumcision was a sign of the covenant as the rainbow was a sign of a covenant (promise) by The Creator that by water the earth would never again be destroyed.

Adom, Sheth, Chanok, Noach, Shem and Abraham are gone.  But the Torah  that came through Israel’s Jacob remains.  The 613 statues  have grown to keep man from just breaking one. Man throws The First Five Books (Torah) out because they say it just can’t apply to them. The fences were raised and now needed to come back to  what Mosche instructed.

Noach was thinking about the dark days ahead, but he also knew that this next year of floating above the earth being the biggest mikvah (baptism) ever would soon pass.  But, the patterns being set would remind the world of the Great Deluge and how The Creator Elohim cared enough to remember them and protect them and set them apart to be ‘holy’ on the earth.  It would tell the world…that ‘God was Able.’  He avenged Abel’s blood and The Messiach coming would avenge all blood spilled on the earth.

Noach’s thoughts turn back to the removal of man.

The removal of Adom’s Sixth Generation, Chanok, is a key to the future.

First man: Adom’s age, 622. – Chanok- 6th generation is taken

First man: Veil lifting, Noach age 600

Noach 601 – Veil Torn

Noach 603 – First grandson…Shem (102) has first child, Arpakshsad


Adom to Noah – TEN generations

Shem to Abraham – TEN Generations



Chanok (Enoch) is a picture of man (6) entering into the House House (Beit/2) ( Beit/2). These number mean something as we will let Shem discuss them.  It was up to Lemek to witness the Hand of God in  his life…even though he was a man of sorrows.

The Lesson of Lemek.

Adom’s son Cain (Qayin or Kayin) produces a city named, Chanok (Enoch).

We see another Chanok whose father was Yered following the lineage of Sheth (Seth). Adom is age 622 when this Chanok is taken away by Elohim.

Sheth’s Chanok is age 65 when he bears a son named Methushelach, whom is Lemek’s father.  Lemek is 182 when he has Noach.  It is through this Lemek that Elohim will announce there are 120 years left until the ‘removal’ of all mankind.  This Lemek will enjoy his son Noach for 595 more years.  Noah gets ON the ark at age 600.  Thus, Noah’s father, Lemek,  dies five years BEFORE the flood begins.  He will die at the age of 777.  His name means: Cut off.  Noah’s name means: Rest.

Lemek not only gives the 120-year notice, but also the  five-year signal to the world.  Five represents, grace.  His age at his  death has great meaning as well. The triple sevens are so strong in meaning that it is going to take a severe, severest of severe disciplines to brings the ‘Cutting Off.’

His number of years is fore spoken of through Cain’s Lemekh, of whom did NOT want to be cut off!


Genesis 4:23 Lemeckh said to his wives,

“Adah and Tzilah, listen to me: wives of Lemekh, listen to what I have to say:

I killed a man for wounding me, a young man who injured me.

If Kayin will be avenged sevenfold,

then Lemekh seventy-sevenfold.”


This Lemek  from Cain’s lineage knew of the mark on grandfather Cain.

Genesis 4:14 “You are banning me today from the land and from your presence.  I will be a fugitive wandering the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.”  Adonai answered him, “Therefore, whoever kills Kayin will receive vengeance sevenfold.” and Adonai put a sign on Kayin, so that no one who found him would kill him.”

We are not told how many years Kayin’s Lemek lived, but we do ironically see Sheth’s Lemek live to be 777….the request of the Lemek that accidentally killed a young man.  It was an unintentional sin…it was self defense.

This is amazing to me to think that our Creator took the plea of Kayin/Cain’s child named Lemek and answered it in Sheth’s lineage of Lemek.  Sheth’s Lemek lived 777 years..seven times sevenfold.

In fact, none of them became righteous as we read that Adonai could not find one righteous person left on the earth except for Noah.  Noah does work within his family to bring about the next populous of the earth.

Noah was thinking that one of the things that he wanted to teach to his family on this trip would be on the subject of respect. He had talked to most of those in his lineage.  He had walked all over the earth to meet them.  He had seen what these cousins were doing.  He wanted to share his heart with Sheth, Yapeth and Cham about the differences between Seth’s lineage and Cain’s lineage.  There was still time to talk, wasn’t there?   After all, he would have their complete attention…or would he?

The veil of the fog was getting thicker now.  The 18″ window around the top of the ark no longer had the sunshine flowing into the ark.  Is this what a dismal day would be like…no sunshine?   Noah related it to no longer seeing the presence of the Spirit of Adonai on the earth.  It is an evil time without the presence of the Creator….it is very dismal and he could see the word ‘depressing‘ come into his thoughts.  The sound of water was now splashing against the sides of the ark and brought new hopeful thought to Noah.  He remembered…

In the future a special man would be born through whom a set of instructions would be written down.  Yes, he will trust this to Adonai as Noah knew it was an important set of instructions to help men to live safely on the earth… and to stay in favor with God.

Something inside him told him that this man’s name would be, Mosche.  He will be born distantly in the future and affirm what Noah was pondering.  This instruction of honor must be passed down so there will be no more flooding to remove man from the earth.  Oh, to be blessed by the Most High, was the only desire of Noach.  The instruction of ‘honor’ would come and it would rank high on Adonai’s list.  This man Mosche would list it as Number five…  It was full of ‘grace’ as it came with a blessing…do it and then this will happen…or don’t do it and don’t experience the blessing of Adonai..Wow..this was BIG!

Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land that Adonai your God is giving you.”

God desires to bless the parents and their seed so man would be able to live long on the earth.  When man cares for others, he is caring for Adonai’s Creation.  Then the orphans and widows will be taken care of.

The rain was becoming more than water droplets.  Noah could feel the pressure of it in his bones, as they say.   They sat so high that the water ran down the hills, but it was becoming what was known as, muddy.  It was getting harder for the animals outside to get a good footing to keep the ark protected.  But, the monkeys were still in the trees and would warn of any on-coming humans.

Noah had been reflecting for the last seven days on how to begin again and why this is happening.  If man is to love the Lord thy God and his neighbor as himself, then it is about this broken instruction of disrespect for parents that was key.  Men have only come to respect themselves on the earth.  They all liked to attach the name Cain to themselves; as we see with Tubal-Cain and that lineage.  Cain even named his children after my lineage of Shem, Noah remembered.  He would have to talk about this with his boys on this trip. Cain’s lineage didn’t want to be bent and broken, but only strong people that would rule over the next.  They were like the animals who sought after a pecking order.  Horses, cows, dogs, wolves and lions are just a few who fight for dominance over their herds or packs.

Ham interrupted his father’s thinking……”Is there a reason all these animals seems to be getting along?” he said to Noah.

Ham was noticing that the normal ‘animal instinct’ for survival was quieted in them. They found security in their mate even though many no longer had their parents.  But, it was the earth’s moaning and their parents crying that activated their bleating.  Once underway, Ham thought things would quiet down.  (It would take 40 days when the gushing waters from under them and the down pouring from above them would stopped.)

 “Dad, do you think I can be the head shepherd over the animals while we’re on this trip?”  Ham didn’t let Noah answer the first question before he had another.  The two questions seemed to go hand-in-hand; they were about power.  Noah had always sensed that Ham wished that he had been the ‘first born.’  Ham resented being told what to do. You had to make things seem as if they were Ham’s idea.

 Noah always had to channel Hams thinking to being a person who ‘leads through serving’ instead of being the ‘leader to be served’.   It’s a difficult thing to raise men to be men when they think like a boy.

Perhaps this trip would make more sense to Ham when he is able to step out on dry ground and all the old world’s negative influences are gone.  Ham will be left more to himself and perhaps he will learn to love all of Adonai’s creatures because they are wonderfully made.  Perhaps Ham will not return to that ‘dark side’ of life, but raise his hands in praise that will go into hours and hours of praise and worship to his creator, Adonai….Noah was praying this for his son constantly, almost every moment.

Ham knew the answer to his questions because Noah had already given the instructions of how things would be handled even before the animals boarded the ark.  Ham was very amazed at the orderly fashion that the animals were coming on board.  Did these animals expect him to play with them the entire voyage?  “Now, how long was this going to last?” thought Ham.

The first month was Tishrei and they had heard some shofars being blown across the lands.  It was a ‘summoning call,’ Grandpa Methuselah had said. Then Ham remembered ten days later on Tishrei 10 that he saw fire in the distance and someone called them ‘volcanoes’ with lava flowing.  The mountains were vibrating and actually land was coming up through the once crystal clear waters.   The scoffing kept up as the destruction was to be by water….not fire…..their cousins touted.

By Tishrei 15 the animals had begun to assemble.  The ark had become the biggest tabernacle on the earth  There were so many small tiny animals that they nestled in quickly in their new little succot.  Even the birds were bringing their nesting materials with them. It was interesting to note that the parents lingered outside as if to give protection to their young first.

By Tishrei 21 and 22, when it seemed the earth was thanking The Creator for all He had done for them, the food storage was about complete.  And, it was the sixth year in the Shemittah cycle and the food was in huge abundance.  There were truly thankful hearts among the animals as peace spread across their faces.    The animals knew this change was necessary for even their  lives needed protecting from mens’s actions toward them.  It was a time of healing that was welcomed for the clean and unclean alike.

The day was Cheshvan 9 and it would be the last day to load…the ground was swaying as dusk set upon them.  It would soon be dark and Cheshvan 10 would begin.  It was The Creator who calmed them all.  They walked as to the beating of a drum that pulsed from the earth.  It was then that more shofars were heard coming from the skies.  It was like the ripping of a veil that couldn’t be seen.  Elohim in all his power slowly, silently, patiently closed the door.  There was not one human being rushing to beat the door down.

The animals that remained outside were on ‘defense’ mode.  Their instruction (torah) was to protect the ark.  Their weanlings were inside and they would not let any predictor approach the tabernacle.  They would give their own blood to defend their young.  The mother’s were full of milk with no baby to suckle.  The babies were bleating with no mother able to come near!  The doors had been shut for ten days and noise of animals bleating and crying only got louder and louder until soon all would be rocked to sleep…or would they sleep?

The earth was giving birth….and the ark was in her pain.  Ten days would be the time of testing.  They were being testing to see in the dark…the only light was from the top 18″ windows that went around the entire top.  There was air, water and light…18 inches worth..it was likened to two hands breath…likened to the breastplate of the priests.  The next priests of the earth were inside and the tabernacle wore the breast plate that would keep them alive.  It was the deeper secrets of Elohim that he wanted them to see.

It felt like the dark bottomless pit of a Jeremiah’s cistern with screams of crying and bleating, but this birthing would come into the light in forty days and nights and what a great day that would be.  It would be KIslev 27…The third month, 27th day…and a day in the future that would be dedicated…..another ‘secret’ unfolding now in the twenty first century…The ‘last days’ before Messiach.

Ham had found a wife but no children, so far.  None of Noach’s sons had yet given birth. Adonai had closed the wombs of all and even the animals would have a sabbath year of rest.   This year of rest in the 600th year and 1656th year since Adom was a serious testing of cursing and yet they were blessed to have Adonai’s hand of protection on them.  They were the remnant that got to remain on the earth and walk back on it in the year 1657 and Noach’s 601st birthday.

New beginning were promised.  Ham knew he had been chosen to be a ‘seed’ on the other wide of this veil..he found pride in that.

“OK Dad, it has been seven days in this dark cistern,” said Ham.  “When will Adonai get the show on the road?”…….as he walked away… already knowing that his Dad would tell him that they were waiting on God’s timing.

Ham then heard a noise that made even the bleating animals hoover.  It was a sound of noises that none of them had ever heard before.  Then there were flashes of light that had never before been seen…and as they waited just a few seconds, a boom was heard.  Had the door dropped open and they were getting out? Ham thought.  He actually was looking forward to seeing if this structure was going to just sit or if it was going to float; or fly away in glory as many teased him.

Ham had played around in the mountain streams to see if something would float in water as large as this.  He had taken everything into account before he stepped on this big ship.  In fact, the day the door closed on the second month, tenth day, Cheshvan 10, he had been on the top level securing things and didn’t have time to escape out the door if he had wanted to.  He was CLOSED IN, just as Dad said…and now this thing that they heard and could see through the tiny 18” windows would soon be called, The Thundering of God…and it came with The Voices of God, known as lightening.  The voice of God was even heard in the winds..He was everywhere as you could feel the power He held over His creation!

Ham remembered Great Grandpa Methuselah talking to him personally about how God walked with him. One day Grandpa Methuselah’s father, Chanok, just came up missing. The story had it that God took him without Great Grand-abba Enoch even dying.  They really didn’t see too many deaths because men lived so long; but Ham remembered some people lamenting about seven days.  People would come long distances to console each other over that person who was not longer walking the earth.  With Great grand-abba Chanok it was different because it was so unusual how it happened.

People heard Great Grand-abba speaking to someone.  His exact words were, “Here am I.”  A voice said, “Come Up to me.”  And, he just floated up and away into the clouds with his hands stretched upward.  Now, in that same gesture he was looking at his own abba, Noach.

Ham saw his father raising his hands to the sky….he knew his father had a special connection to God.  He did not feel that same connection and was jealous about it.  His abba was a preacher for sure and Ham just didn’t know what to think at times.  Ham’s wife was a sincere woman and seem to understand Noach better than himself, so he went along with what his abba (father) was doing.

Ham had a strong will to throw off the scornful words that came from the world as they built this vessel.  Some called it an ‘altar’ that they would be sacrificed in.  Yet, many of the relatives did help in it’s construction.  They believed in Elohim with their whole heart, but they had not been chosen for the trip.  In fact, it seemed like a mystery that all those people that did ‘believe’ died before this deluge began.  It was just five years ago that Sha-abba Lemek died.  It would be Grandpa Methuselah that Adonai allowed to hang on the longest.  He would be recognized as the man with the most longevity of any man on earth, dying at age 960 years old.

He ran to find his wife to see what she was thinking and to make sure the door was still shut.  It was still shut and they all found themselves standing in ‘awe’ that something truly was going to happen.  It had been 100 years and now one week to the day.  It had been dad’s birthday.   It was Cheshvan 17 that Adonai would make sure was written down in history.  It was a pattern that would be established on the earth because of a principle that God had implemented.  It was the blessing and cursing principle.

Ham knew in his heart that he had been disrespectful to his abba, Noah.  In his heart he too had laughed about this project. He would now see himself if his father really had the Elohim, the mightiest of gods, that he claimed.  Would there be a ‘deluge’?  Would all of their friends lose their breath because there was no more respect for Adonai on the earth?  Would the blessing and curse pattern really be true?

Yes, today was Cheshvan 17 and Ham knew in his heart that it sounded like it was coming true.  He could hear it and he could now see something outside that had never been seen on the earth before.  Their water had always come from streams and dew from the earth.  Now, he saw what would be called, water droplets.  Could these water droplets add up to enough droplets to cover the earth and cause a deluge that destroys everything that breathes?  Ham was gaining more respect for his dad and God as every droplet came down….maybe he didn’t want to be the head-animal task master any longer.  What would this water mean….really mean…to them as it increased?  Would they lift up off the earth?  Would they lift up above the mountains?

Why had he been seeing a 22.5 high door in his dreams?  The door to the ark was not that large….what did it mean? Ham found himself thinking of things he had never pondered before…..

Would they get a hole poked in the bottom of the ark 22.5 wide if they hit the rocks while they rose above the sharp mountain tops?  Maybe it was best to stay the last child… for awhile anyway, Cham agreed with himself.

This story is NOT a Halloween story even as it’s first writing began on Friday, October 30, Cheshvan 17 2015.  Yes, Cheshvan 17…the day the flood began.   The Hand of Yah has now clearly revealed more about Noah to this author in February 2016.  Noah’s journey of one year has set itself to point to the future and into our future.

Their floating tabernacle will sit 22.5 feet above Mount Ararat.  It is a very special day for all to witness.  The ark will be held above the earth for 73 more days at which time it has now been 222 days that the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) has controlled the waters over the earth.  This day will bring us to the first time Mosche was on Mt.Sinai to receive the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).

Mosche’s schooling from Adonai was cut short because of unruly children and he was told to rush down to see what they had done.  Once again we see the 17th day played out in history.  Discipline will again fall because of the Worship of the Golden Calf.   Cheshvan 17 is still remembered by a ‘fast’.  The children of the Twenty-first century still remember the sins of their ancestors.

“As in the Days of Noah” should take on a new meaning.  It is a prophetic trip to the Temple’s dedication with the Macabees, Yeshua resurrection at the Mt of Olives as He is lifted up and Noach continues to lay out the instructions for the children at Mt. Sinai.  These mountain experiences are the true-life stories Yahweh has wanted us to know so we RETURN to Him.  The Book of Daniel will tie things together as we move from the 1 and 7, Cheshvan 17 to the 2 and 7, Cheshvan 27.

Hang on…the water is getting deeper…and the secret things that have always been there are now going to be revisited by…our, ‘Last Generation.’

Cheshvan 17 always has a full moon.  Noach and all the people of the earth can see clearly what is happening.  The veil was put in place as the water veil was 22.5 feet above Mt. Ararat…the veil showed the door to the other side.  The ark is the shape of the Tabernacle holding not only one couple of each unclean animal and seven couples of every clean animal…but it also held seven clean people and one unclean.  Can you guess who brought the old world’s sins across and violated his father to point that Noah had to place a curse on him?

Cheshvan 17 – Waters release – Ruach HaChodesh in charge

Nissan 17 – Seventh month 17th Day (7.17)…. Genesis 8:4″On the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest (noache) on the mountains of Ararat.”

Now, let us begin.  Let us begin to see the ‘end from the beginning’.  The VEIL is being lifted.  The glass is seen through darkly but now becomes clear scripture says.

Right before our eyes we see Noach lifted up in a tabernacle 22.5 ft and held there.  The veil of the temple was rent when Messiach Jesus Yeshua died.  He died on Nissan 14 and rose three days later on Nissan 17. Nissan 17 is known as Unleavened Bread.  There was no leaven in the bread….sinless man hanging on the cross raises up on Nissan 17….

Spring cleaning came from this instruction.  It is the time of unleavening our homes and we are instructed to eat ‘unleavened bread’ for seven days.  These are things we can do to ‘remember.’  The feast of Unleavened bread begins on 15th of Nissan, which is the day following Passover, and continues for seven days until the 21st of Nissan.

Are your eyes becoming ‘unveiled’?  Noah was lifted up and held there at 22.5 feet on the same day our Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus) rose from the grave…..This is what we are to remember.

How does the tabernacle relate to this?  Noach’s ark was a testimony.  He held the sacrificial clean animals and yet he carried what represented one sin offering.

At the same time of my eyes were being opened to the real story of Noah, I read again the measurements of the doors to Mosche’s tabernacle in the wilderness….

Exodus 38:14-15 “The tapestries for the one side (of the gateway) were twenty-two and a half feet long, hung on three posts of three sockets; likewise for the other side – on either side (of the gate) were tapestries twenty-two and a half feet long, hug on three posts of three sockets.” CJB

Yes, our Creator is very specific in His instructions.  The Tabernacles in the wilderness had is specific set of torah (instructions).  It would look back to Noah and forward to the Messiach.

As I told this story in Arizona, a man shared with me information that they thought the timber to crucify someone had to be at least 22 feet.  It had to be dropped deep enough into the ground and yet tall enough so people would not remove their loved ones who may have hung there for days.  The stake was permanent, but the crossbar was carried by the victim.


Exodus 8:21 “Then he brought the ark into the tabernacle, set up the curtain as a screen and concealed the ark for the testimony, as Adonai had ordered Mosche.”

Exodus 40: “and conceal the ark with the curtain.”

The Bride is being presented; a veil covers her face.

Abraham sent Eleazar to find a wife for Isaac.  He arrives back with her and she leaps off the camel and puts a veil over her face.  they run to each other and he carries her into his mother’s tent.  Sarah never let him out of her sight after Abraham tried to sacrifice him.  Sarah has died and now Abraham has called for a bride for him.  That is why Isaac has never left his mother’s tent.  He respected her love for him.  He is a picture of the Bride coming to her King.

Isaac and Rebekah now send Jacob away from Esau.  Jacob is 40 years old and time for a wife.  He too finds a beautiful bride but the first born is declared righteous first…Leah will be hidden under the veil.  Seven days later the second bride is given…she will be a idol worshiper with a bad heart toward Adonai.  Rachel is the world with no veil to be lifted up.  Her life ends with Jacob scolding her for blaming him for her not having a child.  He knew it was God who gave the children.  After she died having Benjamin in the 21st Shemittah year (3 7 year cycles with Laban) she dies and it is at this point that the her stolen idols are buried under a tree.  She raised Joseph with them and now Adonai removes her so Benjamin and Joseph will no longer be contaminated by the harlot.  Sorry for strong words, but we can’t make a heroine out of someone who would not change her heart.   Leah, was the one who chased after Jacob’s God….give her praise…as Adonai saw fit for her to be buried in Hebron with the Patriarchs.

Noah, too, sat and waited for seven days to find the veil of water cleaning the earth.  His ark sat above the earth picturing a door (veil) beneath him that would become the access to the other side.  It was Nissan 17, Unleavened Bread when all sin was purged from the earth.  It was a new beginning in Messiach.  This was the next man that Noah had hoped for.  He was told that this man, Yeshua, would encompass all of what Adonai’s instructions were about.  He would be the one who would walk out the instructions to their fullest means possible to be its example.  Yes, this man would come as a servant first, but then return to reign as King on the earth.  This Torah would then be written on men’s hearts…no more written books….but just the heart as the spirit of Adonai did in my day…thought Noah.  But, this time the instructions were sure if only they would believe in the Messiach first and then see the Messiach was the Torah…then the children would walk just as the Messiach walks….everyone safe on the earth…all walking out Adonai’s instructions…because now they have The King of Kings to lead the way.

Noah raised up over Mt. Ararat (earth,country, land) as the Messiach raised up out of the earth and rose above the land.  He laid his blood on the heavenly altar and then returned for forty more days….just as Mosche was up on the mountain with Adonai twice getting the instructions…he pictured the Messiach’s coming twice.  Mosche was a servant first and then portrayed as king.

Adonai was showing these visions to Noah before the waters would go down.  Noah would again preach to his family and this time Adonai would keep him on the earth for another 350 years.  Noach knew he would be blessed to see the days of Abraham to pass the Torah on to him.  He would have 56 years with Abraham to help build his faith to leave the Ur of Chaldeans and come out of it’s idolatry.  Noach knew he would talk to Abraham’s grandfather Nachor and help him raise up a city in which Abraham was able to hide when he came out of the Chaldeans.  Shem would be 320 years old and teaching all the ways of Adonai.

It would be Chem that Noach would encourage to have a school to teach Adonai’s instructions to all.  Yepeth would be Chems assistant and be a voice for good as they spread throughout the land.

Adonai had given a sign (hebrew word for covenant); the bow of colors stretched across the sky with promises of a future.  Genesis 9:16 “The rainbow will be in the cloud; so that when I look at it, I will remember the everlasting covenant between Adonai and every living creature of any kind on the earth.”

An “everlasting” covenant…never to be broken….FOREVER!

Exodus 27:16 “For the gateway of the courtyard there is to be a screen thirty feet long made of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and finely woven linen.  It should be in colors, the work of a weaver.”

Adonai is the weaver of history bringing treasures in full color.

The weaver fully dressed as the Messiach:

Mark 15:17 “They dressed him in purple and wove thorns branches into a crown, which they put on him.”

Exodus 39:8.  The priest’s colorful breastplate with twelve colorful stones gives testimony for the righteous ways of Adonai and the future Dwelling Place of Elohim.   The stones are to sparkle in the light as the Bride is prepared and lifted up.  The cup or glass of redemption is becoming more clear with every picture coming alive…The Banquet table is being prepared just as in the days of Esther and in the days of Noah.

Exodus 27:1 “You are to make the altar of acacia-wood.”  It would be covered with gold..

Genesis 7:14 “You are to make an ark of gopher-wood;…”  It was wood that could endure and later used for sacrificial fire.

Mark 15:20 “When they had finished ridiculing him, they took off the purple robe, put his own clothes back on him and led him away to be nailed to the execution-stake.  CJB

Noah, Nissan 17 – High and lifted up.

Messiach Nissan 14 – High and lifted up.

Messiach – Nissan 17 – RISEN – High and lifted up to the heavenly altar!

Psalms 27:4-5 “Just one thing have I asked of ADONAI; only this will I seek: to live in the house of ADONAI all the days of my life, to see the beauty of ADONAI and visit his temple.  For he will hide me in the folds of his tent, he will set me high on a rock.”

Next: Yepeth’s Flood…


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