Vanuatu Catastrophe was Idols

Vanutu Idols

Cyclone PAM began on March 12, 2015, Adar 21.  This cyclone turned into a Catagory Five killing 24 people so far and displacing over 3300.  I tried to find out why God would remove this entire area during the weekend that the Torah reading was “He gathered”, Vayak’hel.

My Google search went years back with tourism being the industry promoted for Vanuatu. They even had a drone fly into the most active volcano in the world.  Yasur volcano is on Tanna Island.

Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands and sits on earthquake fault lines.  I witness this area constantly being hit by earthquakes.  There was an article written about their 6.6 quake in January 2014.

God delivers warnings before total destruction.  One post said, “sad, six years and the islands are done, it’s just done now…no blood on me.”  You could tell that he had made the effort and did not see how it could come back.  All the aide going into this tiny little place that is the mother to many islands/volcanoes and earthquakes will be for naught….except for human life preservation.

Money can always build back areas like New Orleans because men don’t listen to God. When God wants a city or nation removed, he removes it.

They want to blame this on global warming….hmm….then why is America setting records for cold temperatures with ice and snow storms?  Then the floods will be next this Bloody Tetrad Moon year!   No….it’s the Hand of God on our world during some very dark days.

Six years of effort…of man sifting and struggling and God is the one that set it free.  No more idols being shipped throughout the world.

When did Elohim do it?  Yes, in the Shemittah year.  This is evidently their seventh year of effort and it was also God’s seventh year.  2015 is the 7th year known for it’s ‘release and setting free.’  It’s a time of ‘falling away.’  God removed idol makers.

As sad as loosing 24 precious souls is, this is very serious to our Creator.  Read this article.  Our Creator gathered father Abraham out of the land of the Chaldean because it is told that his father, Terah, was a maker of idols.  We see the story of Abraham being “gathered out’.  He left with his entire family and headed north to flee Nimrod’s grip.

When I look at the pictures promoting Vanuatu, they feature men only wearing a loin cloth.  These men look like natives.  It seems I saw a Christian family among the pictures but it was that their friends feared for them being there.  Hmm!

God has a will continue to remove entire nations for not following His instructions.  His instructions for His children came to Adam in the beginning.  People remember the more explicit instructions, known as Torah, that He gave to Moses.  Today men just take from the Bible the parts they think are for them.  It is God’s instruction book since the beginning of time.   He does not change nor has His instructions for us changed.

(note:  this cyclone happens over Shabbot, The Sabbath rest, given since Adam.)

This is an article that I found written in 2013 about Vanuatu.  Now, you tell me why our Creator in His character of ‘judge’ moved his hand against this people….  It was NOT ‘global warming’.

“The Ambrym islanders of Vanuatu produce high-quality woodcarvings and tree fern figures in large quantities. As in most of northern Vanuatu, a powerful system of traditional copyright applies, and only those with the traditional rights to make certain types of objects are allowed to do so.

Vanuatu’s most famous handicrafts come from North Ambrym, especially the tall slit drums calledtamtams in Bislama. Craftsmen slot and hollow two-meter breadfruit logs, then carve faces on them, and these are used as signal drums. Also characteristic are the black tree ferns carved for the mhehegraded rituals, and bamboo flutes up to a meter long with burnt-in geometric designs. Painted masks with hair of bleached banana fiber are worn in rites to increase the yield of yams. Masks worn by participants in Rom dances during the Ole ceremony in July and August represent certain spiritual aspects of power associated with yams.

Storytellers on Ambrym use intricate sand drawings to illustrate their tales. Up to 180 stylized patterns that the artist draws without removing his finger from the sand can convey a variety of messages. Ambrym sorcerers are famous throughout Vanuatu for their magic, often associated with the destructive power of the island’s volcanoes.”

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