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The Virginians 1897 1898 Quakes

Virginia Quakes in 1897-1898

Counting of Omer through Tu’BShevat

2015 Oklahoma has been hearing rumblings. I wrote about rumblings earlier as Indians have even named a town in Maine after their word for, ‘rumblings’.

In 1897 Virginia heard rumblings for over a month. These rumblings produced earthquakes at a very special time. Let’s check to see when those rumblings manifested into great shakings.

May 3 through June 6 1897 was reported as a very ‘shaky’ time for Virginia and area.

Iyyar 1 May 3, 1897 16th Day Counting Omer. This quake was felt to Raleigh North Carolina, TN and West Virginia. 725,000 sq. kilometers felt it’s power.

Iyyar 29 May 31, 1897 44th Day Counting of Omer. Yom Kippur katan (Day judgment little). Largest earthquake for Virginia as reported by usgs.gov.

Rumblings continued to be heard until June 6. What was June 6?????????????

SHAVUOT – Sivan 6 – Giving of the Holy Spirit at Mt Sinai and in Jerusalem.

Shavuot is the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer. It is tradition to count fifty days from the Feast of First Fruits which is placed on Sunday. Yeshua said that He must leave, but that He would be sending the ‘Comforter’. He returns in the form of the Ruach Ha Chodesh (Holy Spirit) in Jerusalem.

He instructed them to stay in Jerusalem. They were selecting the ‘twelfth’ disciple. They needed to replace Judas who had hung himself after betraying Yeshua.

Good leadership is important with the Ruach Ha Chodesh leading the leaders.

We have an incredible picture in 1897 that continues to having more meaning as it finished up on February 5, 1898. These earthquakes will be witness to Messiah’s return of whom is giving instruction in the forty days after His resurrection before He departs on the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer.

Forty is the time of fulfillment or accomplishment. Most Hebrew kings would rule forty years. We see Yeshua teach and do more miracles forty days and then He resurrects. Ten days later, on the 50th Day of Counting of the Omer known as Shavuot, The Holy Spirit returns enabling over 3,000 plus disciples to speak in other languages to spread the message of the kingdom and salvation through His blood. He did NOT do away with Torah, but He enhanced it. He came to tear down the high fences that had been put around it.

His footsteps, that were represented by ‘earthquake rumblings,’ ceased on the anniversary of the Holy Spirit dwelling fully in the chosen multitude. Many call it Pentecost. They had no fear to go out into the vicious world that had just slain their Messiah. It would not be in their own flesh, but in the Spirit that they could walk upright and do it.

God has issued these earthquakes on his special days so this story could once again be told in another form so many should believe before it is too late to RETURN to our Savior.

Next on God’s list of quakings and shakings is June 28, same year 1897,

28 Sivan

We can see that it is a dark day because the moon is not seen. Sivan 29 is Yom Kippur Katan. It means Day Judgment Little.

Now as we look into history, we will find other things on this day. But…my dear reader…what do you think is on my calendar God has been giving me for two years. I have several studies on presidents of the United States. I have found something very unusual about why our founders wanted July 4 to be our Independence Day. Independence from what? More later as I’m getting ahead of this one particular story that is key right here at Virginia’s earthquake.

Sivan 29 was when both of our past presidents died on the same day. They died in the year 1826, so this was an Anniversary quake recognizing these men. It is their 71st anniversary.

Now, do you think God is honoring them in Virginia? I believe He is digging up history.

Last week at our Friday service, that began Shabbot, I was having a bite to eat and sat by a gentlemen who was impressing another man with what his smart phone could do. He was showing him pages in history and was talking about Thomas Jefferson and what a great man he was.

It is hard for me to keep quiet when my soul gets stirred. In Sivan, I will be reporting the entire story about these two men. I have a deep grind in my being against slavery. Our founding fathers were all pretty much entrenched in it. And, it seems we all accept this fact and deem them as heroes. I wonder at our beginnings and I do recognize that it took time to change from the evils of slavery.

It is important how we live our lives, and it is extremely important how we end our lives. President Adam was before President Jefferson. Adam was for slavery and Jefferson leaned away from it. These men were adversaries their entire lives……….until their last three years. They met face to face with Adam leaving a negative influence on Jefferson. It would now be Jefferson who would influence congress to ‘leave the slavery problem alone’.

Adam wanted to outlive Jefferson. But, they were both dying at the same time and Jefferson, did pass FIVE hours before Adam. Adam went to his grave not knowing this.  The last president would die before the first president.  Interesting how God endorsed his theme of the least shall be before the first.

Lest I spiritualize anything…….   It’s real spiritual meaning is that those that consider themselves least in the kingdom of God which mean that they are humble servants, will be considered the, ‘greatest’.

What Day was It? 29 Sivan – Yom Kippur Katan – A dark day. No tribute was given them for stopping slavery. They did NOT set free the persecuted or Jew. These were dark days. There is more to this story and I’ll tell it later.

But the Virginians (men of the government) were remembered SEVENTY-ONE years to the day…Shevat 13/14.Israel’s day begins from dusk to dusk, not midnight to midnight. This quake, could have occurred hour-for-hour of their deaths. They died FIVE hours apart of one another.

Seventy years is completed once the seventieth year is completed.  God is perfect in his Shemittah timing….Seventy completed years.

Five is a number that belongs to God. He owns all the fruit until the fifth year. Then it is released to be eaten by the people. Interesting…just a thought…they were released to the worms of death.

Sorry if I offend you….I just tell the story as I see it!

Now, we have two more quakes that affect Virginia in this time slot. It is year ONE of the Shemittah cycle. These happenings could definitely be aftershocks from the previous 7th year of Release Shemittah cycle. It is known as an after wave of the Day of Remission, 29 Elul.

September 3, 1897 – Elul 6 – eve of Shabbat begins (Friday dusk to Saturday dusk).

The King is in the Field drawing near to the sheep. God’s quakes are always designed to draw men. Man’s peace will be removed to bring God’s peace.

October 21, 1897 Tishrei 25 – Feast of Tabernacles just ended. People are on their way back home after celebrating their King. Feast Tabernacles Tishrei 15-23. The celebration is done and correction for the world begins.

Let’s bring one more quake in to tie this together.

February 5, 1898 Shevat 13 VI (6) quake, Palsaki, Shevat 15 is called Tu’BShvat.

It is the day chosen to celebrate God’s giving of Creation including trees. IsraEL would be a desert and swamp if it were not for people planting trees. IsraEL’s blooming in the desert has been enhanced by this day. Prophecy is fulfilled and continues to be filled up. Yeshua came, fulfilled and yet continues to fill up. Hebrew is not set in a Greek mindset of beginning to end. It flows continually through men’s lives just as we are seeing these special Virginian quakes.

God Shook Virginia, the center of government, in 1897 to 1898. It was the Days of Counting of the Omer when they counted the days to bring their first barley harvest.  They looked forward to bringing God their best….it was not something they hated.  God gave them the Ruach Ha Chodesh that same day.

Living Water
Living Water

Yeshua is like a tree planted by the rivers that will flourish.   He will Tabernacle with us as we walk correctly and then His instruction (Torah) makes us flourish like a tree planted by His River of Life.

These are beautiful earthquakes because they are The Lord’s. 1897-1898 – Iyyar to Shevat

Only seen on the Hebrew Calendar!

I’m going to give you a shock right now….but in more detail later.

President Adam and President Jefferson died on July 4, 1826.  We will find three others involved as well.  Monroe will die in 1831 on this day.  Zachery Taylor gets sick this day and dies four days later.  I’ll save one more man for your until later.

I will then tell you about Tammuz 17.  It is the worship of the Golden Calf.  What day was it July 4, 1776 on the Hebrew calendar?  Hmm…  Yes….  July 4 was the day of the golden calf.  It was the day when God said to go down as the people have found other gods; they were found out and then correction came.

Golden Calf

Study these men and see what they had in common!

It would not be until August 1776 before more signatures were collected and it actually was not until 1781 that full paperwork was signed by all that America was official.

Now, I ask you…why was Tammuz 17 such an important date to these founders? There is another very deep dark secret….

to be continued……

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