Solar Eclipse Signal: Israel Biblical Land * Hawaii Volcano * Great American Eclipse 2017 path brings severe drought 2018.

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The 2019 Lunar Eclipse is telling us not to cut down men on the earth. It appears at Tu’B Shevat 15…The New Year for Trees.

FIVE 2018  Eclipses – Begins New Shemittah Cycle – 2nd / 3rd year

SIX  2020 Eclipses – Fifth Shemittah cycle


JERUSALEM DAY celebrated MAY 14, 2018 * 29 IYYAR 5778

Israel is now 70 years old in 2018.  Her embalming began in 1947 and completed in 1948 being recognized by Harry S Truman as The Nation of Israel.   Our world has scorned her and mourned that she became a nation.  War broke out with Truman’s congratulations in the Spring of 1948.  In 1949 God sent warnings of judgment against those that did NOT want her back in her land.  That year held FOUR Total Lunar Eclipses known as a Tetrad…a rarity that seems to only be occurring as their result is always involving the ‘land of Israel’.

Ya’cov was embalmed for 40 days according to Egyptian standards. Then Ya’cov was mourned 30 days in Egypt…then 7 more days in Hebron with huge masses of relatives…with Ishmael and Esau’s families giving tribute. 70 days in Egypt and 7 days where Abraham, Sarah and Leah lay. Hebron is also where David reigned for 7 years…and then finished 33 years in Jerusalem for a total of 40 years. Solomon reigned 40 years in Jerusalem..thus a total of 80 years…which shows Yahweh’s plan of 8000 years for man’s reign…one with a warrior heart and the other 40 years was building a house…that crumbled because Solomon had too many wives that led him to sacrifice his own children to the god Molek. The kingdom was torn from him via his grandchildren but before Yahweh’s plan of consecration (40) was completed. We must look at patterns to see our future…just as these eclipses are signal, so are patterns of kings reigning and even the locations on the earth….more on that soon.

The other MOST unusual thing about eclipses went by unnoticed.  These four consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses occurred just as they did in 1492 when it the last days that any Jew could remain in Spain.  Christopher Columbus took boat loads of Jews our of Spain at that Tetrad of 1492.

In 1949-50 another Tetrad passed over the earth and men did not again make note of it as involving the chosen Land of God….but it was His plan…as both the 1492 and 1949-50 eclipses were exactly on Day One of Pesach (Passover) and they would exactly land on Tishrei 15 known as Day One of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).

This phenomenon continued to go unnoticed by the world until Pastor Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries visited Israel and noticed the Blood Moon viewed from The Temple Mount.  It was then that he put together the ‘end times’ passages that the moon would turn red in the last days.  And now we see RED moons and take notice of even when they happen on the Jewish calendar.  The Suffering Servant came to give his blood, so the signal was to remind of of the day of his sacrifice and the day of His return to reign over the earth.

Several men now are able to testify to what Pastor Biltz found and have written their own books about it.  And, they can only write these books because they have studied God’s calendar.  Pastors are not qualified to teach this if they do NOT agree that God’s calendar is valid today.  I do believe it and have lived according to it’s dates for TEN years now.  I am qualified to speak about it.

Not only am I qualified to speak about it because I understand The Lord’s Feasts and  have operated according to this calendar, I have now seen it’s effect on our 36 acres named El Shaddai.  The 2017 Great American Eclipse crossed our property and our grandchildren that also live on this 36 acre parcel with our son and his wife.  The eclipse was viewed from their 11.7 acre piece that was sectioned off for them.    It is with a repentant heart that we watch these signals to us in case we would celebrate destruction.  We must be humble in heart with eclipses and we should be humble in heart to remember The Great Hurricanes of 2017.  That year hosted early hurricanes and more of them….culminating with Harvey and Marie that bankrupted the insurance companies.  Then August 21, 2017…the Great American Eclipsed crossed SEVEN cities named Salem…(peace).  God was signaling His peace was removing…as Americans still fought their new president about Israel claiming Jerusalem.   That eclipse signaled Jerusalem was once again in control of those that loved the Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

If men would go back and review the path of the hurricanes and the storms that spun off from them, you will see that they followed the path of the eclipse in reverse.  They began in Florida and then went up through the middle of America tracing it’s path.

The Great Middle East and Europe Eclipse…the longest eclipse possible…with Mars (man) turning a brilliant RED right under the moon and the planets in order Venus, JUPITER,  Saturn and Mars showing themselves strong as the Moon fades into darkness.  Their judgments are sure as false peace seems to be coming from North Korea and China and possibly Russia of whom sells war machines to all of the above.  It’s a dangerous time for Europe, Israel and the world as the world is darkened and yet men dance for joy and become moon worshipers…sun worshipers…when no object is to be made to represent The Creator.

Israel just shot down a missle headed their way from Syria  (Russia controlled).  Israel just show down a fighter jet one mile to far into their air space a few days ago..July 26.  This eclipse seems to embolden the world while our new President  who loves PEACE is only daily ripped open by Americans who can’t get over their old ‘world order’ agenda.

The only King of the earth is The Creator…and it is He alone that will set up it’s judges to judge the earth.  Without respect for President Trump……….God’s trumpets are blowing as men reject His authority of who He sets upon the earth.

Anti-America is now propelled by being Anti-Trump.  This is REJECTING God!

The July 27 2018 Total Solar Eclipse is just one week after Israel passed a law determining they will use Biblical standards to live by.  They are saying that this news is perhaps larger than becoming a nation.  In fact, it seems that they are not the Nation of Israel, but Israel.  All people of the land are to observe The Sabbath…All people shall observe the Hebrew calendar.  They will honor other calendars around the world, but they The Lord’s calendar with The Lord’s Feasts are priority to them.  There is more…but you can read about this in another writing or internet.  This makes me so HAPPY because they will not longer worry about any nation saying that they can NOT build on their own land….if they need schools for kindergardners…they will build the building to accommodate their needs.  It is an amazing time that we live in as I update this report on July 22, 2018.  I fasted today on Av 10 so as to humble witht hose that humble themselves before our Creator.  I wore all white to our Shabbot class in celebration of this law.

This Total Solar Eclipse is going to be a warning to the world…do NOT attack Israel…children.  If you do come against the law that they just passed, I will strike the nations and their people.   We already have a sever drought in the Midwest with farmers only getting one crop of hay and the crops are cut in half.  In Saint Joseph Missouri where the 2017 Eclipse passed over on August 21 last year…everyone driving from other states camping out to see it….that land has only had 1″ of rain since January.  The hay bought  from our neighbor will feed his cattle now.  His 320 acres is a total loss as there will be no corn or beans to mature on the plants.  So, what do I think of Eclipses….they should not be mocked…they are signals of destruction for those not under the protection of what Israel stands for.  You see, Israel is not to be taken lightly…God is NOT to be taken lightly….  He is signalling…  And with Hawaii starting on fire May 3 and 30 days later on June 3 Guatemala lost 300 lives from being trapped…we are a mess.

The hurricanes of last summer left insurance companies broke…and then CA fires zapped out the rich neighborhoods of Oprah of whom  mocked God at the Golden Globe that night fire touched the backyard of her home and they had helicopters for her hitch at ride out…but she stayed….laughing and still in a Glolden Globe moment of fun.

This July 27 2018 Eclipse…. WOW…our world is a mess….I wouldn’t chase it…I would fast and pray…repent…as even the Torah portion the next day on the Sabbath is called, V’et’chaan, And I pleaded.

Jerusalem was recaptured in 1967 ONLY by SIX days of miracles.   Jerusalem has now been restored for 50 years in 2018.  May 14, 2018 she will celebrate 51 years.  She has completed a JUBILEE.

Thus, we know she has a REST in her JUBILEE.   It is the third (3rd) Shemittah cycle for this REST and a completed Jubilee.  Scroll down and read the scripture I’ve quoted as to the instruction God has given them.  This scripture is telling us that the world will bring their tithes in the third year to feed the priests (Israel) and those grafted into her (the stranger that desires to worship the / their same God) and to feed the widow and the children because they do not own any land.  The priests (us) are grafted into IsraEL.   The Jew is to live in the land and set it apart…make it holy to the LORD.  The land of IsraEL does specific things that the land outside IsraEL does not participate in.

Could it be that we are seeing PEACE in the third year of a 7-year tribulation period? Scripture teaches about a false peace but there will be a PEACE….even though it does not last.

On the Menorah are seven candlesticks.  Each stick can represent seven years.  Those seven sticks add up to a total of 49 years….with the fifieth year being the last year making 50.  2016 was declared to be a Jubilee year and the end of a Shemittah cycle by rabbis in IsraEL.  Therefore, our first stick on the Menorah will be years 1-7 beginning with the year 2017 as being 1.

What did 2017 look like?  King Cyrus came on the scene and has declared the U.S. Embassy will move in 2018.  (Donald Trump)  2017 is a ‘marker’ for us.  Israel took back ownership of the Temple Mount.  Rabbi Glick had been shot four times in his body…two in the stomach…and lived.  He is an sincere advocate of letting Jews pray on their own  mount.  He won…every Jew on….it was the Marker from which we now mark the future.

2017 was a Jubilee of 50 years from 1967..The Six Day War.

1967 was a Jubilee year of 50 years from 1917…The Balfour Accord.

This has been 100 years of preparing Israel to now state they are a Biblical Land.  They are known as Israel and they are going to live out Torah on the earth.  They are going to protect all JEWS no matter what city of the world they live in…but it would be better if they made allyiah to Israel…because NOW it will be safe….

Israel will comfort her people…they just need to RETURN…to Torah and to her land.

2018 *  Other events:  February: Earthquakes in great numbers as the North Korea Olympic closing honored other gods after 17 days of winter sports in -32 windy weather.  It was the least watched winter Olympic ever watched on television.   God-denouncer Steven Hawkins died weeks after God-fearer Billy Graham died.

I believe God’s chosen will be present on the earth to see wrath.  We are later called out to go to war coming back on white horses to participate in a war, not peace.   After this war there will be peace on the earth in which Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus) will reign from Jerusalem, the capitol of the world.  This reign will last 1000 years and then the ultimate destruction of Satan will occur.

There are wars and rumors of wars as we see in great number today.  I do believe we are living in the end days.  I also believe that these battles and days of peace will line up on God’s schedule according to His Shemittah cycles.  This is what I am seeing as I rework this article.  I will also be posting about Hybrid and Tetrad eclipses with their value to our learning from them.

1492 – Columbus sailed the ocean blue…

Four consecutive Total lunar eclipses is known as a Tetrad.  Tetrads are a rare set of eclipses.  They were also occurring at the time Columbus set sail in 1492.  He had Jews on board as they were forced to leave Spain by Tammuz 29, 1492.  Many would leave nine days later with Columbus on The Fast of Av 9.  That year the ‘Tetrad’ signaled their departure into the distant world of the Americas and other nations.  It drew them further into the world…not back to their original homeland.  Columbus’ tetrad occurred on The Lord’s Feasts Days of Passover (Nissan 14) and The Feast of Tabernacles (Tishrei 15).  The same will be true for the next tetrads we’ll learn about.


IsraEL became a nation in 1948.  They were at war immediately with Egypt and her neighbors.   Her rest came in the tetrad of 1949, 1950 which once again occurred on Pesach, Nissan 14 and The Feast of Tabernacles, Tishrei 15.  


Another Tetrad occurred when they won Jerusalem in 1967.  The 1492, 1949, 1967 Tetrads all signaled the ‘saving’ of IsaEL and now Jerusalem.  The Tetrad Mystery is that they each fell on The Lord’s Feasts.   Passover is for all people accepting Messiah Yeshua as LORD and then The Feast of Tabernacles is for all people who desire Him to reign as king.  These are The Lord’s Feasts…not The Jews Feasts.  Our Creator Adonai is calling all men to Himself, but through a set-apart people, the Hebrew.

Now….what are we to think of the ‘Tetrad’ of which we are participating in right now in 2014 and 2015?  It is the last one for perhaps a thousand years in which a tetrad will occur on Pesach and The Feast of Tabernacles.  Is this some type of signal that we don’t want to miss?  God tells us that we can know the times if we are ‘watching’.  As a set-apart person who studies the book of God and the ways of God…you will NOT be deceived but realize God is ‘calling out’ to join Him in Torah (His instructions).

When people look at eclipse charts put on the Gregorian calendar, they don’t see God Mo’eds (appointments.)   We must check to see if these happenings have anything to do with God’s calendar.  Remember, God has a reason for everything he has set in place.

Tetrads are unusual in that they are four consecutive lunar eclipses.  But, this last set is even more interesting as they are following another larger cycle.  An eclipse operates in a Saros cycle.  These cycles come to a close after perhaps a 1000 years…a long time. These tetrads are occurring in greater number as the Hebrew calendar is coming to the end of it’s calendar year.   The first month is Tishrei where the king is announced.  The last month is known as Elul and it is portrayed as the ‘King is in the Field’ to know his subjects.  We see this portrayed in the story of David when he takes his bride Abigail from Nabel.

We are living in the same time-frame in history as Elul eclipses draw on these tetrads to come to a close.  It will soon be Tishrei that we begin again with our King Messiah on earth.  He is the ultimate ‘hybrid’ that will put the government on His shoulders as God living with us.  Remember, God in human flesh can be seen and God in spirit contains all the attributes to be God over all.  When we say that God is One, it means that he contains all the attributes to be God.  He is NOT the god being prayed to by Hinduism, Muslim or any other religion.  He has set himself apart (holy) to those following His instructions known as The Torah…brought to us through a set-apart people, the Hebrew known as Jews today.

Elul is the last month of the Civil Hebrew calendar and these ‘last of days’ tetrads are following the same ‘coming to a close’ scenario. There are more of them happening and yet they still follow their own cycle of coming to a close. 

I have a grasp of tetrads and The Lord’s Feasts as I’ve studied this since 2007. So, what I wanted to know is, What does our Creator have in mind at the time of ISRAEL’S 70TH ANNIVERSARY and the 50th Jubilee JERUSALEM?  Both of these wars had miracles involved and they will be celebrated in 2018.

2018 – FIVE eclipse.   Three consecutive partial solar eclipses and two lunar eclipse. Their Hebrew dates should be considered as very important to us.

On 28 Sivan, June 15, 2015 it was reported that the US Supreme Court agreed with President Obama that the president determines what goes on a passport.  Obama has determined that Jerusalem is not the capitol of Israel.  I believe Adonai would disagree with the United States president.  Mr. Obama quotes scripture and read it to the people as if he were speaking of himself being God.  He tells us that he prays five times a day in his busy schedule.  (He is telling us he is Muslim.)  He believes he looks just like a Pharaoh whose tomb he visited.  He told that the public that his wife told him that he was a Messiah to the people.  He had a Jewish kappa put on his head because his mother is a Jew.  It seems he already is all things to all people.  But, for him to believe he is acting as God?  …does fit the scriptures defining an anti-Christ.


God won it in 1967 on the sixth day.  Egypt had given up and then changed their mind.  It was on that last day that the IDF claimed Jerusalem.  And now Mr. President defies Israel’s booty from the 1967 6-Day War of miracles?  He defies the God of the Jew and Christian…the living God!  Mr. Obama is in direct conflict with the Creator of our universe.  It will be on that last day that God will reclaim all His children.

Israel became a nation on June 4, 1948 as they were attacked immediately from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, etc.   Nineteen years after becoming a nation IsraEL lays claim to Jerusalem in The 1967 Six-Day War.   Nineteen years is the duration of a lunar cycle.

1.  JERUSALEM DAY May 14, 2018 completes 51 years 

It completes a JUBILEE!

2.   IsraEL as a Nation 1948 completes 70 years

It symbolizes REST and completion

Deuteronomy 14:28 “At the end of every third year you bring out all the tithe of your increase of that year and store it up within your gates.”

I’ll let you finish the verse, but God is telling them to bring the tithe of the third crop to feed the Levite priests, the sojourners (people who want Israel’s God), the fatherless and the widow who are within your gates. Each of these have no land to benefit from and God wants them to be cared for without any resentment. Yahweh ends the verse saying that He will bless them for doing this.

Pattern and Principle: Feed others and be fed by Yahweh; Blessing or Cursing

These eclipses are a reminder of God’s instruction since they occur during the third Shemittah cycle in which they bring out the tithe.  If this is a picture of the Mid-wrath (tribulation) of the 7-year Tribulation period, we should be paying attention.  God always works in a 7-year Shemittah cycle.  His examples of when and what to bring to the tabernacle or temple has implications on his end-time plan for the returning of our Messiah.  We must learn more of what this third year means.  

God’s Mo’eds (appointed seasons) were made for men. It tells us that in Genesis 1. They were designed for celebrations. Those that don’t come miss the celebrations. You choose…always a choice..  And, He states that He will say, “I never knew you.”  Many have prophesied in His name.  Prophesy is simply telling people what God has has said. So, these are people that quote the bible.   They know enough to talk about God, but they aren’t doing Torah so they can not direct people in the ways of Torah.  They are in love with God’s grace and don’t think God’s laws are valid for today.  They have removed Torah from their lives.   People can not discern the times because they don’t know the appointed times of God.  The Lord’s Feasts teach us about the ‘end of days.’

Two TOTAL Lunar Eclipse
4 CONSECUTIVE Partial Solar Eclipses

Blue Moon – Full Moon March 1 and March 30 2018

Blue Moons on Purim Day 1 and on Passover Day 1

 3rd/4th year of Shemittah Cycle

January 31, 2018 *  Total Lunar  *  3rd Shemittah cycle * 15 Shevat,  Tu B’Shevat – Prayers of thanks for nature and trees.

February 15, 2018  Partial Solar  3rd Shemittah cycle * 30 Shevat * Rosh Chodesh (head month)


July 13, 2018  * Partial Solar * 3rd Shemittah cycle, 1 Av Rosh Chodesh * Erev Shabbot Matot-Massei

July 27, 2018  Total Lunar   3rd Shemittah cycle, 15 Shevat, Tu B’Shevat

August 11, 2018  Partial Solar – 3rd Shemittah cycle * 1 Av, Rosh Chodesh * Erev Sabbath * Nagasaki A-bomb dropped – 73rd Anniversary

January 6 2019  Partial Solar – 4th Shemittah cycle, 29 Tevet

First things first!

It’s not fair to just show you the 3rd Shemittah year cycle without knowing ‘the first of the story’ in the 2nd cycle. Here we go………

AUGUST 2, 2018 - AV 10 – Total Lunar Eclipse 2nd Shemittah cycle

THIRTEENTH Anniversary of 2005 Gaza Expels 8500 Jews to make way for terrorists. It’s the AV 9 Fast. Google the Fast of AV. 10 Spies reject the land God chose for them. Israel rejects Gaza 2005 giving to PA.  Does God get mad? Hmm!

Two temples destroyed this day, 1290 AD Jews kicked out of Europe, 1492 AD Jews kicked out of Spain with Columbus helping. Does the year sound familiar? Columbus sailed the oceans blue and his boat is full of Jews with all ports rejecting them. Horrible! 1914 WWI Breaks out, Germany went into bankruptcy paying the war debt which then brings on WWII with the holocaust. Not a good day, folks!

Six  ECLIPSES – 4 Solar, 2 Lunar 2018

1 of 6 Solar Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah Year

JANUARY 31, 2018 – Shevat 30 – Solar Partial Eclipse – 3rd Shemittah Cycle. Watch this!!!! On this day it is Rosh Chodesh, Head of Month. In 2009 Obama repeats the Isaiah 9:10 curse written about in, The Harbinger. In 1938 Banda Sea earthquake . The day before, on Shevat 29, it is Yom Kippur Katan (Little Day of Judgment). In 1918 the First Hebrew Woman’s league was formed in NYC. In 2013 a 7.1 Earthquake shakes Solomon Island.  The day after Shevat 30 is 1 Adar.  An entire Turkish City is wiped out. Judgment is a strong indication here especially with Shevat 24 before the day Zechariah 1 describes the Four Horsemen being sent to the four corners of the earth to see if there is God’s peace or man’s peace on the earth.  If men are not seeking God’s peace, then artisans are sent to remove men’s peace from the earth.

2 of 6 Solar Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah Cycle

FEBRUARY 15, 2018 – Solar Partial Eclipse 

Tu B’Shevat (15 Shevat) Year 3 of Shemittah Cycle

Tu B’Shevat is a very SPECIAL day of giving thanks to God for the produce of the earth such as trees that sustain man.  God refers to trees as representing men.  This is incredible to see a partial eclipse happening on Tu B’Shevat.  Tu’B is fifteen.  Shevat is the month.    This eclipse is a signal to men to produce fruit or be cut down.    I would like to think there is a good side to everything but solar eclipses turn light to dark and must not be mocked.  They are signs of change…trying to bring men out of darkness and into the light.  This eclipse should be taken serious especially since we just saw the August 21, 2017 eclipse that traveled across the entire United States and a few days later brought Hurricane Harvey to begin the rest of the story….as Paul Harvey used to say.  Irma, Jose and Maria were next and pretty much left the southern United States and south of the United States in devastation.  Harvey formed August 23 2017 with his friends joining him for the next thirty days…a complete month.   (Elul 1 – 29)  Elul is known as the month of judgment…The King is close and removes those he is displeased with…such as Nabel dies of a waxed heart during the Days of Awe (Tishrei 1-10).  He died ten days later…Yom Kippur…the Day of judgment or atonement.  God has a time-table and it’s time the Christian and world sits up and takes notice of who really is running the program.  Man was never to take dominion over the universe…only the creatures on the earth.

History of 15 TuB ‘Shevat:

1971 – 3 consecutive total LUNAR eclipses  (2018-2019 will have 4 consecutive SOLAR eclipses (2 Total, 4 Partial).

14 Shevat, day before:

1971 – 6.5 Greater Los Angles (3 lunar eclipses in 1971)

7.5 earthquake 325 years ago Italy lost 60,000 souls.

13 Shevat:

1938    Philippine earthquake on Sabbath

1948    8.2 Philippines 70th Anniversary

2011     7.2 Pakistan

I imagine these quakes brought many people to their knees in prayer on Tu B’Shevat, 15 Shevat.

3 of 6 Eclipses (lunar)  3rd Shemittah Cycle

JUNE 7, 1948 – 2018 – (5777-5778) * ISRAEL’S 71st ANNIVERSARY

June 7, 2017 – 70th Anniversary * 5777

(Wow…look at those numbers..777 perfect sifting to bring rest.  The sifting to get PURE rest in Messiah is coming!)  Are you resting on the Sabbath?

JULY 13, 2018 – AV 1 – Partial Solar Eclipse, Rosh Chodesh/Head of Month, Erev of Sabbath, Yom Kippur katan day 2.  (JULY 12, 2018 is Tammuz 29 day little judgment.)

2008 AV 1-4     Edwardo Hurricane affected President George Bush personal residence.

Lithuania – Every male child killed.

1976 China 7.5 EQ   242,769 to 655,000 killed.

1138 AD Syria loses 230,000,

80,000 lost at Caucasia

2013 New Guinea Britain 6.8, 7.2 earthquakes

JULY 11, 2018 – Tammuz 28

1453   Breslau 41 Jews burned

1716   Brussels Jews Expelled

1893   Germany granted Jews equality

1922   Palestine Mandate  (This mandate fails as Israel received very little of original land designated for them.)

4 of 6 Solar Eclipses in 3rd Shemittah Cycle

JULY 27, 2018 – AV 15 – Tu B’Av – Erev Sabbath, 

Breaking of Axe – When annual cutting of wood for temple is concluded.

1971 Lunar Partial

AV 14 – Buenos Aires bombs killed 86, injury 300

AV 17 – 1980 Basic law – Jerusalem in Capitol of Israel

5 of 6 eclipse Partial solar 3rd Shemittah Cycle

AUGUST 11, 2018 – AV 30 – Sabbath, Rosh Chodesh, Erev ELUL 1.

230,000 Syrians die – 880 year Anniversary

Nagasaki A-bomb dropped 73 years ago AV 30 

AV 29

Mosche chisels tablets

1966 Syria Attacks Galilee Boat, Israel shoots down two Syrian Migs.

The next month is Elul when Moses goes up Mt. Sinai to get the second set of instructions.  It is known as the time when God (our King) is close to us before he comes the next month in Tishrei to be the King.

The last of the four consecutive partial solar eclipses occurs January 6, 2019.  It’s goes into the 4th Shemittah cycle.  It is Shevat 29 and Yom Kippur Katan (Day of little judgment).

6 of 6 Eclipse, Partial Solar, 2019 4th Shemittah cycle.

January 6, 2019 – Shevat 29 – Rosh Chodesh – Yom Kippur Katan (Day of Little Judgment). Partial Solar

1964 First Arab Summit to form PLO – Third Arab Summit agrees Israel has to go once and for all.   Arabs upset about Israel water rights that was implemented by President Johnson.

1965 – Al Fatah Formed – Furthering plans for Israel’s destruction.

2 of 4 January 21, 2019 – Total Solar – Tu B’Shevat – 15 Shevat –


1971 Total Lunar for 3 Total Lunars in 1971

2018 – Total Solar 15 Shevat

2019 – Total Solar is Sivan 29, July 2, 2019.

At least this day is about eclipses and not much damage, but I remind you what happened here the day before:

1906 Total Lunar

1971 Great LA 6.5, Sicily 7.5 earthquake where 60,000 perish.

3 of 4  July 2, 2019 – SIVAN 29 – Yom Kippur Katan – Eve Rosh Chodesh

4th Shemittah cycle

TWELVE SPIES search out the land of Canaan. They should have seen where the Four giants of the earth were buried (Abraham, Sara, Issac and Rebecca along with Adam and Eve), but they only saw the giants of Gaza like we do today.

God was not happy about their journey because Jehovah told them, GO IN…but they had to see for themselves…they didn’t trust what Yahweh had prepared for them Deut 1:22. Their fear caused them to wonder another forty years, and the original parents did not cross over except for two: Joshua and Caleb; the two that voted, ‘YES’.

1917 Two Solar Eclipses in one day – One was a partial for a short span.

1928  8.1 Mexico Yom Kippur katan (Day little judgment)

1972 – 7.8  Yom Kippur Katan

2011 – Solar Partial

2001 SIVAN 28 – Addison, TX – 9 Billion cyclone.    (Next, 9.11.01 Twin towers)

4 of 4 December 26, 2019 – Kislev 28 Total Solar – Chanukah Day 4 –

5th year Shemittah cycle.

The day before is Kislev 27 when Noah’s waters stopped after 40 days and nights.

1946 Japan 8.1 earthquake  1 year to the day of Pearl Harbor attack

1 of 2 June 21, 1920 – SIVAN 29 – Total Solar – Yom Kippur Katan again 

5th Shemittah Cycle.

TWELVE SPIES GO OUT this day.   Same Hebrew day Sivan 29. Reference July 2, 2018.

   2 of 2 Dec 14, 2020 Lunar – Kislev 27 – Chanukah Day 3 –

6th Shemittah Cycle

  • Noah’s water stopped after forty days and nights. Same identical day on Hebrew calendar as December 26, 2019 Total Solar. This is a Total Lunar instead of a Total Solar eclipse. Interesting how Yahweh has us looking to His celebrations of Chanukah and keeps them as peaceful as possible.

In the month of Kislev, we see that three-years to the day that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, God issued Japan a large earthquake on the same Gregorian day… December 7, 1944. God is our Avenger and does NOT forget the persecuted.  We also see The Creator recognizing the Gregorian calendar.  It’s an opportunity to see paradigms play out on both the Hebrew and Gregorian calendar so none are deceived and ALL can see The Hand of G-d.

God has scheduled these appointments with us since he set up the Universe. He has revealed these times to us.

2014-2015  Six eclipse:  4 Total Lunar Eclipses (Tetrad) and two solar eclipse on Lord’s Feasts

2015 – Four:  Solar: Mar 20, Sept 13;  lunar eclipses, April 4, Sept 28

2016 – Four:  Solar: Mar 9, Sept 1,  Lunar: Mar 23, Sept 16

2017 – Four:  Solar: Feb 26, Aug 21,  Lunar:   Feb 11, Aug 7

2018 has Five eclipses – 3 Partial Solar Eclipses and two lunar eclipses, three years after 2014-2015 Tetrad.  

2018 – Five:  Solar: Feb 15, Jul 13, Aug 1,  Lunar: Jan 31, Jul 27

2019 has FOUR eclipse:  Solar: Jan 10, July 16; Lunar: Jan 21, July 16

2020 has Six eclipse:  4 Solar Penumbral, 2 Lunar– Annular, Total

Solar: Jun 21, Dec 14; Lunar: Jan 10, Jun 5, July 5, Nov 30

I close now with finding 2020 perhaps more interesting than 2018.  The 6th Shemittah cycle closes with SIX eclipse.  The Sixth cycle is about double and triple portions.  These portions are about double and triple blessing or cursing.

The year really begins in Tishrei and ends in Elul.  These dates are January to January.  Let’s look to see what the Hebrew calendar looks like.

Lunar:  2020

January 10 – 13 Tevet

June 5 –  13 Sivan

July 5 – 13 Tammuz

Nov 30 – 14 Kislev

Solar:  2020

Jun 21 – Sivan 21 – Yom Kippur katan Sunday

Dec 14 – Kislev 28 – Chanukah Day 4

September 6, 2021 will be the Day of Remission – Elul 29

September 7 is Rosh Hoshanna – New Year – Feast of Trumpets – Shemittah year begins

2020, my friends, may be more interesting than all the rest.  I believe Issac Newton saw this year as being special concerning the return of Messiah as well.  He understood eclipses and was born at the height of ‘Hybrid’ eclipses.  I hope to write on that next.

What Shemittah cycle to you believe the Messiach will return?

UPDATED:  September 27, 2017 is Tishrei 7…A Day of Awe!

As I reviewed the posts on I found that this article is being read far more than others.  Thus, I wanted to review it since it was written in 2015.  Hind sight can now be very valuable.  I suggest to you that you search for my blogs at concerning eclipses and hurricanes and also Planet X.

If the Tetrad of 2014-2015 signaled The Second Adom’s War then we need to be better prepared.  We have to ask what God is warring about.  What are these signals about?

The horrible eclipse on August 21, 2017 Elul 29 confirmed the continued commitment of The King’s desire to return to earth to rule.  It was a continued vow for War for The Earth.  It is a war against those that desire to destroy it.  It is about LAND and a set-apart people.  It is NOT about destroying the earth because God will sustain it through his power of rain and harvest…He has promised that.  But, the War for the Land is about a people who desire to live on earth according to The Creator’s desires.  The physical land is blessed or cursed according to men’s actions.  If they obey The Torah then The Creator blesses the land that in return will yield it’s fruit and feed man.  If men do NOT obey The Torah, then the land is infected with disease and it will not produce enough food.  The wombs of the animals are opened or they are closed according to how men worship The Creator.

Scriptures tells us that creation will cry out if men do not.  No man is has an excuse as Creation causes men to repent and look to the one who made them.  Even Virgo has been in the skies and men have been moved to define the planets how God desired for them to understand them.  They are not to be worshiped and people being named after them, but they are to be respected for what they are communicating to men.

The Constellation Virgo has twelve stars above her head.  They are formed by Leo and little Leo.  I call them The Lions of Judah.  Big Leo has 9 stars and little Leo has 3 stars making a total of twelve twinkling stars.  Stars do not move, but the earth and the other planets have an orbit that brings them closer to these constellations.  It is another handiwork of The Creator to enjoy more of his creation.

Israel was divided into two parts; the Northern 9 tribes and then the Southern 3 tribes.   All of these tribes will be drawn back from the four corners of the earth to a land from where they began to unite a one.   Thus, it does not matter which tribes are located in which Leo.

Revelation 12:1-2

“Now a great sign was seen in heaven – a woman clothed with the sun, under her feet the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.  She was pregnant and about to give birth, and she screamed in the agony of labor.”  CJB

Revelation 12:5

“She gave birth to a son, a male child, the one who will rule all the nations with a staff of iron.  But her child was snatched up to God and his throne; and she fled into the desert, where she has a place prepared by God so that she can be taken care of 1260 days.”

My immediate thought on this last verse reminds me of how Sarah’s Egyptian maid servant Hagar fled away into the desert and then came back and then she was cast out into the desert a second time because of her son Ishmael’s hatred for Isaac.

The constellations spoke of her and yet this book is written by John to our time-period in history.  These scriptures speak of Sarah’s children now being treated poorly and and they will become The Nations that guide the rest.  Ishmael was not destroyed but grew to many nations as did his half-brother Isaac.  Therefore, we should see the lesson of these two lines coming together in peace and stop the fighting.  If the children do NOT stop fighting, The Father will return and cast the one out.  It is not hard to see which one The God of Abraham chose…it had to be the one that would carry forth The one Seed…

This Seed Constellation seems to have been at the time of Adom and also at the birth of Yeshua The Messiach in -3 BC.  This Virgo Constellation with the various planets and positioning of the sun at her shoulder and the moon at her feet seems to be a pattern that is of utmost rarity.  And, yet our earth felt her water breaking on it with Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria with more to come.   We had not had an 8+ earthquake for two years and then Mexico had an 8.1 and 7.1 with people being buried alive as in the days of Mosche at the Mt. Sinai.  Mexico showed pictures of people praying to the Virgin Mary venerating her for help.

Whether it is Virgo or the Virgin Mary….we should NOT venerate with of them.  They are mere entities designed to bring about The King Messiah.  We can NOT venerate Jupiter or Mercury or Mars or the Moon or Sun.  There is nothing to be worshiped that is built by our hands that take the form of anything that is above, on or beneath the earth.  Our Creator has desired to be invisible and we must keep it that way.  It is an insult to venerate anything or anyone…period.  No idols he said…and a statue is what Abraham’s father built…figure of things to look at and talk to it as if it here a god.

I’ll end this as I just wanted to update this article with the ‘latest and greatest’ on Planet Earth.

We MUST go back to a Jubilee cycle and it must start with the land connected to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.  The seed of David is coming and must reign from Jerusalem…it has to be recognized as Israel’s capitol.  The land will be high and lifted up as His returns happens.  There are two witnesses and I believe the sun and moon are identified as one set of witnesses.  There are two human witnesses that will prophesy about these earthquakes and hurricanes and men will NOT like them.  But, these two will continue their witness and be killed for it.  They will be hung up for all the world to see and men will send each other gifts…just like at Christmas and birthdays…to celebrate their demise.

We still are here on the earth and The King has not yet arrived.   He doesn’t have to be born a a baby because The Suffering Servant left in his renewed bodily form and went into the heavenlies to prepare what is next.

Thus, if we make it to the 1335th day we will be blessed.  The Day of Blessing means that the earth will once again begin to multiply children.  In the 1000-year reign of King Messiach children will continue to be born.  The earth will look different because even Mt. Zion will be high and lifted up and the waters will pour from it physically and spiritually.  The earth is King Yeshua’s footstool but he will reign from Jerusalem.

I’m going to start a new article looking at the births of Adom’s children.  I put it as a blog but will now tie our coming years to it.  Since this 8.21.17 eclipse brought the worst natural disaster to America’s door I want to see about this seven-year war and to what part of the Jubilee does it occur.

We must identify first the Jubilee that sets the earth free…and I do believe that to be at it’s year 6000.  That next fifty years is key.  What gets crazy is trying to live on the Gregorian calendar along with the Hebrew calendar.  But, that perhaps keeps us all ‘looking up’ as His return is eminent.

Bless you as you first seek The Creator and accept Him as our Savior that came in the flesh…as we know The Name….it means: Salvation.

YESHUA – Salvation

Please use that name, but never curse by it…thank you.

In The Name,,,,


A Jubilee is 50 years.  Israel had a Jubilee in 1967 at the Six-Day War reclaiming Jerusalem.  It was 50 years from 1917 The Balfour Declaration.

Israel had a Jubilee in 2017 – They secured The Temple Mount so they could pray on it.  They had been banished from their own mount…claimed by many religions that sit there yet today.  Six-Day War 1967 – 2017 = 50 years.

Israel in the last 100 years….a generation….is now back in her land.

Israel in her 101st year…has now declared herself BIBLICAL ISRAEL.  They made a law..passed two days before The Ninth of Av (July 19, Av 7 2018) that all of Israel would honor The Sabbath, The Lord’s Calendar, encourage Aliyah (returning to the land), and build what she needs in order to accommodate her citizens.  She will protect her citizens no matter where they live.  They will follow God’s Torah according to the Bible…The Israel Bible is now available for all to learn the ways of the Hebrew…the people who love the living God…Yahovah…may we all find The Messiach whose name is Yeshua meaning (my salvation).

Because the Hebrew calendar begins it’s Civil year on the fall month of Tishrei, we have two years of the Gregorian involved.  Israel has a Sanhedrin that sets it’s calendar and therefore responsible for setting their month and yearly calendar.  American’s must bow out and stop taking their authority away from them.  Perhaps one day America will give more value to the Hebrew calendar as they remove the idolatrous days from the Pope Gregory calendar.

2014 – SIXTH year of double blessing or cursing

2015-2016 –  7th Shemittah year

2016-17 – Year One  (Trump won election fall 2016)

2017-18 – Year Two

2018-19 – Year Three

2019-20 – Year Four

2020 – 21 – Year Five

2021 – 22 – Year SIX – Double Blessing or Cursing

2022-23 – Year SEVEN  –  Comfort and REST


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  1. Excellent vision and sight. I am happy to see another seeing the same wonders as my family. Continue to be strong brothers & sisters.


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