Halliburton Oil Tornado


CEO David Lesar


Do you want to live in Dubai?  David Lesar does.

Halliburton offices are in Houston and Dubai.


In the name of Yahweh….. YHVH

This week a mile-wide tornado wiped out refinery at Pampa OK.  I ask myself….what?  Why?  I wrote on the Black Anointing Oil of Purim –  Adar is the month where God settles the matter on oil.  Read those blogs…sorry they do get a little long.  Thus, I decided to start a short note to you here.  I’ll repeat the three oil spills we’ve had (actually four) and ALL during the days of PURIM.   Cast lot is what it means.  Haman cast a lot of annihilate all the Jews.  This is the day of Haman’s defeat.

What we have here, my friends, is God’s vengeance against working with the children who hate Jacob’s children.

Dubai is the Arab world built by some American contractors.  Dubai will NOT let you in if your passport is stamped with Israel.


Do you think God has a right to bring judgment?

Halliburton has been the largest oil producer in the world.  Chaney, 46th Vice President 2001-2009 has a long history with oil and was Halliburton’s President and CEO after his White House years.   Chaney got America involved in the Persian Gulf and Iraq War of which no weapons of mass destruction have been found.  But, what did happen, is that the oil was protected by the United States military and America trained The Nationals.  These fighters have now turned up in ISIS.  We trained them and now we don’t know how to get rid of them……they are experts.

Wow…PARIS ATTACKS  on Friday, Kislev 1, November 13, 2015.   129 Dead…469 hurt.

November 16, 2015, Kislev 4, tornado demolishes Halliburton facility at Pampa, OK.  It had been vacated because of slow oil business in the U.S.

November 20, 2015, Kislev 8  Milan Hotel hostages with 27 dead…that is still figuring out.

Now we are talking about them having access to chemical weapons.  Is this why the Bible says that Damascus will be uninhabitable?  Chemicals could take years for plants to grow or people to grow again.

Dubai Clouds
Dubai towers

Dubai….has towers that reach to the sky.  Who owns these towers and lives in them?  CEO David Lesar of Halliburton for one.

Halliburton original founders were based in Oklahoma.  I’m sure they were familiar with tornadoes but not perhaps the size that our world produces at this time in history.

I bring you this story because this last November 16, 2015, Kislev 4, a mile-wide tornado completely demolished the Halliburton facility at Pampa, OK.   I have spent several days scanning the internet and reading how Halliburton began it’s existence.

I found it interesting that Halliburton will close their PA facility of 450 employees by the end of 2015.  They can move to OH or possibly ????  Not sure….

In the mean time, my favorite place for seeing tornadoes and earthquakes has been El Reno, OK.  It is an amazing flat place with scarey dark skies at times as we drive it every so often on our drive to Arizona.  There are railroad tracks and lots of flat land.  In the Dust Bowl sand blew every where and was destructive to crops.  According to wekipedia.com Halliburton bought 54 acres in 2012 where now Halliburton just closed on 191 acres on March 10, 2015.  Adar 19.  What day was that ??? Yes….at the same time as the THREE oil spills….FAST of ESTER and PURIM.  Days of destruction.

Now, if I was going to predict anything..which I won’t…I would say God moves in that area. In real estate you always thing of location.  Many times we forget what use to happen in an area or what is currently happening.   Or, if we are just thinking of a quick pull of oil and leave, then we don’t care.

This Tornado Ally will have winds coming through and tornadoes that will pick up those silos of sand that will be filled and spread it to create another Dust Bowl….just as the Mid East blame each other for their controllable sand problem.  Now, we’re bringing it to the CO OK corridor of winds.  Railroad will now be used again….???

The trains track is there is why Halliburton wants this location.  I’m all for business, but….God is not for those that hate His children.

Rueben Carlton Baker would sell oil tools.  A secret test was given at Goose Creek, TX on a tool that by 1909 became Huges Tool Company.  By 1913 Sharp Hughes would have their office at Buffalo Bayou and Main St.   In 1938 the year the Holocaust began, Hughs Tool was on a roll.  H Hughs  Sr died at age 54, and his son Howard took over at age 18.

Hughes, Baker, and Halliburton benefited each other….becoming GIANTS.  Were they anti-Semitic?  Ford Motors was and he ran a printing company that delivered papers on these railroads.  In Europe railroads carried millions of Jews to their death.  Today, Halliburton wants railroad access.

In 1919 Erle Halliburton was fired from Perkins Oil Well Cementing Co.  In 1920 he had convinced a few Midwest investors to believe in his process of putting a pipe next to the well and pour cement into it to control it’s flow.  This company would associate itself with SEVEN large oil companies such as Chevron, Exxon and Texaco.  Erle Halliburton would one day buy Perkins Oil.  Halliburton cement failed in 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.

Halliburton is in 80 different countries with 70,000 employees.


Oil….Today there is a gas war going on in at $1.54 a gal.  Gas is hovering around $1.81 in Independence Missouri.

God has avenged and will continue until we stop persecuting Jacob.

Be sure to catch my study on that.  It is pretty amazing of what happens to Isaac and Jacob with Laban and how we can see a similar Shemittah pattern.


Oh Yes,  Here is the quick info on Adar….Amazing….All happen at the same time in the same week and now Halliburton just doesn’t see it’s abuse.  They tell us that they may hire 400-500 people to build it….but then it may take 12 to run it?  Not sure….but it’s not a good employer….truckers sleeping in their trucks hauling water and sand….not a very good community…. as seen in Nebraska….  People leave their families to drive these trucks and the family is torn apart.  No thanks Halliburton…..  But now the trains will roll and the earthquakes and tornadoes ????

Love Israel first and then perhaps God will show where the real OIL is…..


March 24, 1989     –     16 Adar 11

March 20, 2001     –     20 Adar

March 23, 2005     –     12 Adar

Just to see these dates March 24, March 20, March 23; people would say these days were ‘jinked!”

On the Hebrew calendar what are these times?  There days are ‘set-apart’ days.  Holy just means, set apart.  A temple prostitute was called holy (set apart) to that function in idol worship.   People join ISIS to be part of a HOLY War?  ‘Set Apart” to evil….  HOLY does NOT mean good!

16 Adar II on the calendar in 1989 was:     Shushan Purim Day 3.

10 Adar 2001:    Purim Day 5

12 Adar 2005:     Erev Fast of Esther (Erev means ‘eve before’)

PURIM – It is calculated that the 75,800 that the Hebrews defended themselves against occurred over several years.  When King Ahasuerus could not rescind his decree with Haman, he issued a new decree.  It allowed the Hebrews to defend themselves.  What happened?  The Hebrews the next day attacked all those wanting to kill them and we have that number at 583 in three days.

In this time period we see that Haman’s TEN sons were killed and then hung up in the streets to all mankind to witness.  This is what ‘accursed’ means.  You are dead and then hung up on display.  Our Messiah was not a cursed man.  He was anointed for us….


Fast of Black Anointing Oil

March 24, 1989    Valdez Prince Albert  – PURIM Day 3 * 2nd S cycle  16 Adar II

March 20, 2001     Petrobras 36  – 11 Die – PURIM 5 * Shemittah Yr * 10 Adar

March 23, 2005   BP Texas  – 15 Die, Fast of Esther, Erev PURIM 1  4th cycle * 12 Adar

April 20, 2010       BP Gulf Spill – 11 Die – Israel Independence Day*  2nd cycle * 6 Iyyar

‘Deepwater Secrets Revealed in Hebraism – 21 years (3 Shemittah Cycles)

The secrets in Deepwater revealed through The Hand of God.  

Halliburton supplies the cement that fails.     Halliburton was removed Kislev 4, 2015 in Pampa OK.  Tornado a mile wide.


 Psalm 25:4-10 “Make me know your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths…. ” Paul states that Believers are to be led by the spirit and to walk by the spirit (Romans 8:4, Gal 5:16, 18, 25) Rev 12:17, 14:12 walk in his ways.  Psalm 67:1-7 is a good reading.




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