Ariel Sharron b. August 24 18 Av

The Hand of God on Israel’s Leader


1928 – 2005 – 2014

Kindred Spirit to Mosche

5th Powerful Leader in Israel

Shook the Earth

Kindred Spirit with Pearl Harbor

Ariel Sharron – Fifth most powerful leader in Israel.

Born: February 26, 1928, Adar 7 – Moses Dies
First Stroke 18 December 2005 – 17 Kislev – Pearl Harbor attack 1941
Second Stroke 4 January, 2006 – 4 Tevet – 7.2 Italy Earthquake, Wednesday
Died January 11, 2014, Shabbat, Torah study Beshalach “When he Sent”.

Sharron was born on the day God choose Mosche to be born and die.  Both Patriarchs of IsraEL were to carry on the work of being engaged to bringing Israel into her promised territory.  WOW—I love this!

Sharron’s first stroke was on a War Day for America (Pearl Harbor.)

God had already shaken the earth in Shemittah Year 1902 with Italy’s 7.2 earthquake in remembrance of his future stroke on 4 Tevet. Italy was persecuting Jews and held them in ghettos for over 300 plus years.  72,222 died immediately from fire and tsunamis.  110,000 will totally perish over five years from disease that followed the 1902 quake.  By 1913 40 per cent of Italy was gone.

2013 – Sharron had strong reactions to hearing his sons voice and old familiar music.

Died January 11, 2014 on Shabbot, Torah study Beshalach, “when he sent”. Age 85, in coma for 8 years.

Sharron dies on Franklin D Roosevelt’s 132 birthday.

Sharron dies on 153rd 6+ earthquake in one year, 2014.

“When He Sent” – Exodus 13:17-17:16, Judges 4:4-5:31.  Sharron is definitely part of the 153 fish (disciples) asked to fight for the cause of establishing Israel in her land in the book of John.  Yeshua is telling each of them how they will die for the establishment of Torah.  They all knew Jesus/Yeshua had risen, but now the correct Torah needed to be taught.  They would carry both messages to the world…Resurrection and Torah.  Yeshua could not be the Messiah if he violated it in one point.  In essence, He is the Torah and we are to be like Him….living our lives in it.

Armour of God

Ariel was a great soldier and leader. He weakened to world opinion at the end by submitting and giving Gaza to the PLO.

God raised men up on this day and God removed each of them for pride.

Mosche hit the rock in pride – thinking he was powerful like God.  Later he was denied to cross over and died.  We do see him with Elijah and Jesus/Yeshua, so spiritually Moses did cross.

Roosevelt – Made a pact with Arabs against Israel. He died in a chodesh (month) of time.

Sharron gave Gaza away. Head aneurysm immediately.

Ariel Sharron dealt with: Arafat – Palestinian Liberation Organization


Born: August 24, 1929, 18 Av 5689  (Fast of Av 9 and still a somber time for Jews)

Died: November 11, 2004, 27 Cheshvan – Wednesday, Yom Kippur katan (Day of Judgment little) dark days * Age 74. 8.7 Portugal Earthquake Anniversary; PLO believes he was poisoned.

Arafat begins PLO and shakes hands with President Clinton for a ‘false peace.’  That Accord of Peace was never honored by the PLO.

Cheshvan 27 is when the flood waters were receded enough to step out.  Noah leaves ark on Cheshvan 28.

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