“Worse Than World War II,” says Joe Biden

B’shallach (After he had let go)

After Pharaoh let them go, three days later he changed his mind.

After three days in the Wilderness the people changed their minds.

Bad Horsemen: BIDEN PUTIN CCP GERMANY (Communism) – Zechariah 2

Exodus 13:17-17:16

January 2022

The last day of the Hebrew month of Tevet was Sunday, January 2, 2022. It was a day of ice around Kansas City metro so our class of forty people did NOT meet Sabbath nor did it come together to give honor the Rosh Chodesh Sabbath that began Month Eleven known as Shevat.

Sunday evening began the month of Shevat with the shofar being blown to declare YHWH’S days of creation. A couple from our group still got married that last day, 29 Tevet. Both had felt the pains of losing a spouse to death. Now when about age 40 their love for The Torah has bound them together.

Zechariah Chapter One is a message given in the eighth month of the second year of Daryavesh rule. The message: “ADONAI was extremely angry with your ancestors. Therefore, tell them that ADONAI-Tzva’ot says this: “Return to me, “ says ADONAI-Tzva’ot, “and I will return to you.”

We see that in the twentieth month of King Dayavesh reign he was told ‘The Blessing of Return’. RETURN to God and God WILL RETURN to you. Teshuvah is the word for ‘return’. Return to what? Return to God’s words…God’s ways, God’s verbal and written words. Just as Revelation declares –

Rev 2:4  KJV Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. 

Rev 2:5  Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

This love is doing something.

Tevet’s historical pattern shows us days of fasting. The last days of the Holocaust were climaxing as 1945 brought huge numbers of death in the camps. These were very dark days with even Corrie ten Boone’s sister dying in a camp at 10 Nissan. What do we know about 10 Nissan? It was the day ‘the lambs were chosen’ for the sacrifice. Yeshua Jesus raised up Lazarus on 7 Nissan of whom Lazarus had died four days prior (Nissan 3.) Yeshua himself was then chosen by being put on a donkey with palm leaves as they declared Yeshua their king on 10 Nissan.

Betsey was a chosen lamb. Three days before her death on 10 Nissan, on 7 Nissan, she told her sister Corrie that God spoke to her that they were to come back to Germany to tell about Him as the cruelty had been so severe even by their female guard who brutally abused the woman of their barrack.

Seven days later, ADONAI orchestrated a miracle in Corrie’s life. Paperwork accidentally was filed releasing her to freedom at 18 Nissan. It was Day Three of the Counting of the Omer. She stood in freezing weather for three hours whispering ‘the Gospel of Jesus’ to a young girl 18 years of age who did want to live for Jesus. Tiny was killed the next day. Corrie was the only prisoner that walked out of The Gate that was opened to her. She road a train for three days to Holland in her ragged clothes.

Yes, these Gentiles were persecuted for obeying The Torah that said to ‘feed me, clothe me, hide me’ when you see the least of these, you’ve done it to me, said Jesus.

Their father died one year earlier in the camp at Passover 1944. He was old and brutally murdered. Betsey 59 was seven years older than her sister Corrie 52 when imprisoned at Ravensbruck Germany. Corrie would be released a week later by accident. Their mother had died when they were young so they were raised by their father and their aunt. Their father had bought the house next door and connected the two houses together. It was in this construction that another stairwell would be built and later ‘hiding places’ for victims of persecution built within those walls. Corrie’s own bedroom had a hidden wall that their guests would have one minute to get behind in Haaleem Holland.

Barracks 28 in the shadow of the crematory housed Number 66730 Corrine ten Boome, born April 15 to die April 15. A perfected life that honored The Father for 91 years – 1892 – 1983.

In 1967, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, recognized Corrie as one of the Righteous Among the Nations, an honor bestowed upon Gentiles who rescued Jews during the European Holocaust.

When I was part of Home Interiors and Gifts, Inc. a party-plan company in the 1980’s I met Corrie ten Boome. President Mary C Crowley had her speak at a large convention full of woman and husbands in Dallas, Texas. Mary had a theme that woman can be somebody in this world and that God didn’t time to make nobodies……so Be Somebody! Corrie and Mary C became great friends with Mary C giving financial support to Corrie of whom wrote books and traveled to sixty countries. When Corrie died she gave her watch to Mary C. telling her, “Here Sweetie, you have it, as where I’m going there is no need for time.”

First comes life with The Testing. Testing brings ‘repentance’ to be set apart known as sanctification.

Marilyn Griffin began this last Torah study on January 22, 2022 with a question. “What is God’s Purpose?” Her Key Verse Exodus 9:16

Exo 9:16  But it is for this very reason that I have kept you alive—to show you my power, and so that my name may resound throughout the whole earth. 

Exodus is foretold in Genesis 15.

Gen 15:13  Adonai said to Avram, “Know this for certain: your descendants will be foreigners in a land that is not theirs. They will be slaves and held in oppression there four hundred years. 

Gen 15:14  But I will also judge that nation, the one that makes them slaves. Afterwards, they will leave with many possessions.

(Yeshua will be The Seed planted on our earth at 4000 years. He will leave with us as possessions…to all that would BELIEVE He is The Seed prophesied to Adam.)

(TS2009)  “And I put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed.b He shall crush your head, and you shall crush His heel.” Footnote: bFirst promise of the Messiah.

What is the purpose of God? To restore the plan on how to get man to heaven. The First Promise of the Messiah shows the promise to crush the deceptive thoughts (head) of Satan.

Genesis 1-11 – TOHU – without instruction. The entire generation had to be destroyed because The Torah had not been given to guide the world.

Genesis 12 – Go Away From Father’s House so I can make your name great.

(Yeshua goes away from The Father’s House so The Father’s name can be great.)

Gen 12:13  Please say that you are my sister, so that it will go well with me for your sake, and so that I will stay alive because of you.” 

Israel is The Bride. The Gentiles are sisters to Israel as we see in the Christian Judaeo values we share with Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. It goes well with us when we protect our husband Yeshua Jesus’ values. The bride Sarah was even willing to give up her life for her husband. We know that Yeshua our groom is coming to save his bride from the hands of today’s Pharaoh’s. Today our world of Christians are more than willing to send Israel blessings financially and spiritually. My fear is that it will be ‘haughty’ Jews that will deceive The Nations calling Jesus and/or Yeshua by the characteristic of Esau. These twins did NOT get along. If The Esau Connection continues to be a theme carried from a few Jews, the Gentiles may turn back from blessing The True Bride. Then Jews will be alone when Messiach steps His feet down on that very special soil that Gentiles help secure for them…because Christians see in Scripture that they are part of The Wedding Party via these tribes of Abraham. Esau didn’t want the heavenly blessing whereas Ya’cov did. We have to decide if this life is more important than that ‘heavenly country’ that Abraham had seen.

The Bride gives honor to the groom. It’s a system that ADONAI implanted on our earth so it reaches into the Heavens where our Father is accepted as ruler over all the world. Without this ‘Parent Principle’ our world spirals down with finally the younger thinking they know more than the elders. There is no way that the young have had as many experiences to lean on to survive to get to God’s ultimate goal of us being with him in the Next Program.

Moses is seen giving honor to his father-in-law (a high priest of Midian) of whom arrives to ‘The Wildness ‘to give him guidance on setting up leadership among Abraham’s children trying to come back to a land promised them four hundred years earlier when Isaac was born. Midian is right next door to this wilderness as were other great cities. We can be sure that these other cities wanted good leadership as well so their cities were not consumed by this herd of a couple million people.

Leadership would no longer be by the whim of one man (a Pharaoh), but leadership would fall to the entire community through appointment. Moses had already seen the strife of his uncle Korach’s clan of whom thought they should lead the group their way. The day I write this shows us our own world in the same situation with President Putin wanting to control Ukraine putting it under his control. He already took Crimea and with that foothold he’s now ready to test the other nations to see if he can consume Ukraine. It was at one time part of the Soviet Union. But when that was broken up into separate states in 1991 these countries wanting democracy have struggled with corrupt leaders being placed in their cities…just as we have experienced in our own United States.

Ukraine’s corruption included Joe Biden and his son who accepted brides to put corrupt officials in place in exchange to line their own personal pockets. President Trump exposed this corruption found on Hunger Biden’s computer plus more venues. But, our government did not listen because it had corrupt leaders lining their own pockets.

Our own United States government is now corrupt with our 2020 Election being manipulated that is still being controlled by The Media. The people must look around at our world and see how leaders respond. If they are not for democracy…as was set up by Moses father-in-law Yithro, then we know it’s a corrupt government. Our Creator moved Yithro to leave his home to help Moses set up correct leadership. It took 14,400 days to set it up and put it in effect so it would maintain itself on our earth.

The Dragon of Revelation is China of whom even has it’s mascot being a dragon. This dragon consumes the world as China has now direct influence in forty nations (could be 70 nations) making it’s assets beyond measure. And, yet it is never enough as China, Russia and now perhaps The United States join these nations that surround little Israel. The Israelites had a small wilderness to learn in and today they have a very small piece of land to teach us from. Once they became a family under the same directions, they could cross over and live out their lives according to our Creator’s plans thoroughly learned by living it out for forty years in the wilderness. The 400-year promise to a land that The Torah would go out from was finally just in sight as they crossed The Jordan…again with waters separating for them…which showed the Power of God was with them.

At least two million Hebrews, not to mention the strangers among them, were wandering around in that wilderness for 14,400 days or 40 years learning The Torah…setting up government and worshiping our Creator as He desired and not according to man’s ways. Men are NOT to murder one another, not take the blood of innocent children as blood sacrifices as even Solomon’s wives had him do.

No one but God can take life. These leaders offer up our children when they send them to war. They are making themselves ‘gods’ on our earth.

President Biden and family are linked to helping China rise up on our earth. The Powers are powerful on our earth with Russia, China, Germany, United States and even Europe’s founders from the beginning have been working together to bring about a One World System. It is NOT God’s system, but Satan’s system crushes the heels of men. And we can look back and see the exact time period that Satan’s head was crushed 2000 years ago in Israel at Mt. Olives.

Yes, at 4000 years The Messiach rose up off this earth so it could fill up with human iniquity. And when iniquity has reached its peak, The Seed’s feet (The one Messiah Yeshua) will step down on that special piece of real estate. In a flash of fire all those government high rise buildings will melt. All the caves underground will sink in…as there is City of Refuse to receive sinners.

Putin himself personally sat in Jerusalem endorsing a false peace with Israel with forty other nations including our United States Vice President Pence. All were in attendance giving note to the Holocaust. Forty Nations is all that showed up to recognize 6 million Jews dying and 50 – 70 million others killed to stop the world-wide takeover of commmunison. Today, we see Putin was a false prophet. Now, in 2022 we see Russia’s Putin placing words in Joe Biden’s mouth and thoughts…of NEVER lose 50-70 million people again. Yes, we are ALL against holocaust. The Deceiver (Russia) manufactures the world’s weapons for them to buy as a deterrent to war. And instead of fighting for Crimea and Ukraine….Russia just wants our world to let them march into any city and take it over. Afterall, it’s not worth ANOTHER holocaust is it~ A few land masses rich in resources is certainly NOT worth World War Three….. or is it? The Dragon China operates in the same way. Nation fighting nation with threats of war and more threats of war. We certainly have heard this in these last days especially when satellites make it possible to see every movement of mankind. We know when the enemy is on the move and setting to take over what they deem is theirs because of their desire for world dominance.

Rev 13:6  So it (dragon) opened its mouth in blasphemies against God to insult his name and his Sh’khinah, and those living in heaven; 
Rev 13:7  it was allowed to make war on God’s holy people and to defeat them; and it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. 
Rev 13:8  Everyone living on earth will worship it except those whose names are written in the Book of Life belonging to the Lamb slaughtered before the world was founded. 
Rev 13:9  Those who have ears, let them hear! 
Rev 13:10  “If anyone is meant for captivity, into captivity he goes! If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he is to be killed!” This is when God’s holy people must persevere and trust! 

The Torah Portion “yitro” is the 17th Parshah – Shemot (Exodus) 18:1-20:23

The Origin of Sin – Adam

Deception Cheshvan 17, (Month Two Day 17)

Removal Tevet 27 after 40-day sanctification period, (Month Four Day 27)

Month Ten (Tevet) Adam and his wife are removed from walking ‘In The Presence’ of The Creator in the Gan of Eden where they could hear His breath in the air. His spiritual essence permeated the air where he could smell them and they could smell His Presence. Now, that sin had been found in them, this spiritual essence would be placed on hold until this pattern of ‘Gan of Eden’ would return.

The Judgment of Sin – Noach’s Flood

Day of Deception is Day of Judgment Cheshvan 17 (Gen. 7:11, Jubilee 5:29)

Water on earth 40 days and nights ends sanctification period, (Month Four Day 27)

Month Ten (Tevet) Noach and SEVEN others that had been lifted up off the earth by the Deluge of water, now heard, felt and saw the waters STOP pouring forth on the earth.

Noach’s Family Forty Day & Nights calculates to the exact day Adam and Chanoah were relocated back to soil from which they had been made. Noach is also transported away from Gan of Eden to the mountains of Ararat in Turkey.

It is interesting to see a pattern established for realizing sin and then the day chosen to heal / judge it.

Patterns already played out will continue to play out.

Adam’s ‘Day of Deception’ was Noach’s ‘Day One of The Flood’. Yes, we see the pattern of Sin being judged exactly on the day of ‘missing the mark.’ Yes, the Day of Deception is clearly stated as Cheshvan 17.

Gen 7:11  On the seventeenth day of the second month of the 600th year of Noach’s life all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of the sky were opened. 

Gen 7:12  It rained on the earth forty days and forty nights. 

Cheshvan 17 to Kislev 27. This can be likened to the months November to December.

Another stage of history begins with this wonderful family coming through the man Abraham with a promise of Land in 400 years. The time-line begins with the promise coming through Abraham’s loins when he is age 100. Isaac is the next prophetic marker they will watch. He will not leave his father Abraham’s area even to go off and find a wife. She (Rebecca) will be brought to Isaac by that faithful servant Eleazar.

Isaac and Rebecca show us the pattern of 6000 years until the bride’s pregnancy. They do NOT have children for twenty years until Isaac is sixty years old. We see birthing pains happening in the 20th century with The Nation of Israel being born by 1948. The twins born to Isaac’s bride Rebecca struggle inside of her showing us our nations that struggle with each other over the child even named after one of these children, Ya’cov also named Israel.

Plagues began in 2019 and finally recognized in 2020 with 2021 still keeping people afraid but getting more upset as Israel and the United States government have changed into very communist hands.

The Ben (son) is born SEVEN years after his full brother Yoseph. Rachel dies at his birthing naming him ‘son of my sorrow’. Ya’cov returns in time by the ‘eighth day’ naming and changes his name to Binyamin (son of strength). Prophetically, this follow Yeshua being the Son of God who first is scorned and dies for the penalty of our sin and then is also prophesied to return as Son of Strength, King of Kings.

Calendar with New Programs given to show End Time Fulfillment!

When Moses brought the Hebrew’s out of Egypt, our Creator wanted to mark the days and mark the months. These are the Days of Messiach! Moses would use wood to lift water off the earth to make a path through The Reed Sea. Adam used wood for sacrifice after put out of the Gan of Eden. Noach got off the ark and made a sacrifice of fire by wood. The Ark was wood as Abram’s offering of Isaac was of wood. In Exodus Moses and Aharon each had their own wooden staffs.

In Exodus 13 we see Pharaoh finally let them go, but after THREE days changed his mind sending “600 first-quality chariots” (showing 6000 years again on this side of history). We see them singing The Song of Moses celebrating the destruction of their enemies….even as Pharaoh’s entire army had overcome them. But, it was a wall of wind that held them back and finally when it moved away, Pharaoh’s army did not realize it was The Cloud of God before them. They went down folllowing the last of the Hebrews and soon were swallowed up as their wooden tires (even heavy laden with gold) could not be pulled through the mire of mud.

Marker in Time – Another Month One – It’s story was to be told over and over again to all generations. It’s ruins are still found today to prove the path taken…to prove our Creator still controls our earth.

AT this EXODUS from slavery, a NEW Month One was issued. Month Seven (Nissen) would also become Month One (Nissen). Month One (Tishrei) could also be called Month Seven (Tishri). Each of these months (Tishrei and Nissan) had a special prophetic purpose. The New Month One would point to Redemption of coming out of our Egypts. We would see Nissan flow with very special ‘horsemen’ come to our earth. These special men and woman would have to be willing to ride through life in FAITH.

They were willing to stand in the cold freezing weather that gave evidence of a God that they knew in their heart was true and worthy to follow.

From Adam until The Exodus from Egypt:

Month One began in the Fall around September.

Month Seven was in the spring around April.

The Book of Enoch calculates time for us according to what he calls gates in the heavens. He shows us how the earth moves around the sun and moon so we have 29-day cycles which give us seasons and the 360-day year.

The ‘second’ set of time was given to Moses. Everything that happened in his life had purpose. The Messiach’s first coming and now His ‘SECOND’ coming ties to these calendars.

Yeshua did arrive to earth at the letter Dalet which is the number four seen at the year 4000. He will return at Day Six (6000 years) as prophesied to reign a thousand years (6000-7000).

Our Creator is never changing.

It’s not complicated as we see other countries start and end their calendars with the gods they follow. Islam is one example that they mark their calendars beginning with the death of Mohammad in 642 AD. They use the moon to calculate time.

The Hebrews use the moon and sun to calculate and start it with the Creation of Adam in the fall season. 25 Elul needs to be Creation Day One if man was made on Day Six…which then gives Day Seven the Sabbath immediate honor…then named Month One Day One during the days of Adam and still honored today.

The Torah Portion B’shallach will always be read at this time of the year. The lessons taught are especially applicable for this season our world is in.

The first few words of The Scriptures chosen to study that week should make a great deal of sense to us.

Not only do we learn what happened to the people when Pharaoh finally let them go, we can relate it to what happened when Adam and Chanaoh were let go out of the Gan of Eden and what happened to Noach’s when the ‘waters’ finally let go and stopped pouring onto the earth. What happened to Corrie ten’boom when it was finally time to ‘let her go’? All of her family had been killed but she remained to start again as a Gentile who loved the Jew’s and their message of peace…The Torah.

What happened after Pharaoh let them go? It only took THREE days and he changed his mind. His firstborn son was dead as were all their firstborn human and animals. The weeping turned to avenging the blood of their firstborns. Just like the Nazi’s…they didn’t want survivors to tell what they did to them. The only way out of their War Crimes was to get rid of the witnesses.

Adam made it out of the Gan of Eden so they would not live eternally in sin. There was a Plan B already in place before the foundations of our earth came forth. A Seed (Messiah) the firstborn that was God in the flesh would LIVE out The Torah to prove there was a ‘safe’ way to live on our earth and not always in war.

Noach made it out with SEVEN others. This patterns to the time-frame it would take for our world to cleanse itself from SIN; 7000 years.

Eight humans came out of the ark 40 days and nights after the animals. The animals were released on Cheshvan 27. Kislev 27 completes 30 days and ten more days to make forty days gives us the date: Tevet 10. Yes, it’s The Fast of Tevet that shows up to celebrate humans once again going to knock on the door of history to begin building homes again.

What is The Fast of Tevet about? It is a day to be sorrow that they did NOT apply The Torah to their lives and let the land lay to rest. Instead, Solomon didn’t think it important to observe all The Torah and especially his foreign wives influenced him to just expand and flourish by marrying into other kingdoms to keep peace. It caught up with his grandchildren and they went to live in Babylon for 70 years and never really found themselves as powerful again. But, they did return with all tribes accounted for.

The ‘firstborn’ animals and humans were to be set apart in the family. They were not slaughtered but ‘dedicated’ to God by their parents. It was NOT that they were special, but that they would be the reminder of the one that would come that would carry all the penalty for sin upon himself…if people would just believe it.

The Gentile was NOT to be haughty in thinking they knew God better than the Jew knew God. The Jews do what they do so that Christmas and Easter don’t take over our lives and The Lord’s Feasts go by the way side. The Lord’s Feasts were from the ‘beginning’ with Moses and yet a few of the celebrations even seen as a yearly function with Adam, Noach, and Abraham.

Why did they come out of Egypt? So, they could worship me. Worship the way I wanted the whole to see it.

The ‘new kids’ on the block (in the wilderness) would only live14,400 days there. Then another pattern was told by the disciple John on the island of Patmos. He saw a vision with Yeshua telling him what to write down.

There will be 144,000 witnesses of PURE hearts from every tribe.

Fourteen is the TEN (hand) and FOUR (door). Our hand has fourteen joints in it.

There are many fourteen patterns in our Bibles. And, the most familiar are the fourteen generations from David to the Messiach.

Tishrei – Month One, Moses Month Seven

Cheshvan – Month Two, Moses Month Eight

Kislev – Month Three, Moses Month Nine

Tevet – Month Four. Moses Month Ten

Shevat – Month Five, Moses Month Eleven

Adar – Month Six, Moses Month Twelve

Nissan – Month Seven, Moses Month One

Iyyar – Month Eight, Moses Month Two

Sivan – Month Nine, Moses Month Three

Tammuz – Month Ten, Moses Month Four

Av – Month Eleven, Moses Month Five

Elul – Month Twelve, Moses Month Six

So, what day is this writing? Shevat 24 – The Day Zechariah 2 tells about horsemen

A Vision of a Horseman –

written after Moses so it’s Month Eleven

Zec 1:7  On the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month, the month of Sh’vat, in the second year of Daryavesh, this message from Adonai came to Z’kharyah the son of Berekhyah, the son of `Iddo, the prophet: 

Zec 1:8  It was night, and I saw there before me a man riding on a russet-colored horse. He stood among the myrtle bushes in the valley; and behind him were other horses, russet, chestnut-colored and white. 

Zec 1:9  I asked, “What are these, my Lord?” The angel speaking with me said to me, “I will show you what these are.” 

Zec 1:10  The man standing among the myrtles said, “These are those whom Adonai has sent to wander throughout the earth.” 

Zec 1:11  Then they themselves answered the angel of Adonai standing among the myrtles, “We have been wandering throughout the earth, and the whole world is quiet and at peace.” 

Zec 1:12  The angel of Adonai said, “Adonai-Tzva’ot, how long will you keep withholding mercy from Yerushalayim and the cities of Y’hudah? You’ve been angry with them for the past seventy years!” 

Zec 1:13  Adonai replied with kind and comforting words to the angel who was speaking with me. 

Zec 1:14  The angel speaking with me then said to me, “Here is what Adonai-Tzva’ot says: ‘I am extremely jealous on behalf of Yerushalayim and Tziyon; 

Zec 1:15  and [to the same degree] I am extremely angry with the nations that are so self-satisfied; because I was only a little angry [at Yerushalayim and Tziyon], but they made the suffering worse.‘ 

Zec 1:16  Therefore Adonai says, ‘I will return to Yerushalayim with merciful deeds. My house will be rebuilt there,‘ says Adonai-Tzva’ot; ‘yes, a measuring line will be stretched out over Yerushalayim.’ 

Zec 1:17  In addition, proclaim that Adonai-Tzva’ot says, ‘My cities will again overflow with prosperity.’ Adonai will again comfort Tziyon, and he will again make Yerushalayim the city of his choice.

On The Day of the Horsemen Russia has 100,000 troops at the Ukraine border. Israel is ready to send in transport equipment to bring out 75,000 Jews to Israel where they will automatically be citizens.

Today, the country of Slovah is backing Taiwan in wanting more trade with them so as to help Taiwan from being taken over by China. Their president is a Good Horsemen.

BAD HORSEMEN on January 26, 2022 * Bad Leaders who don’t hear the cries of the people.

BAD HORSEMEN on this day is Russia’s Putin.

BAD HORSEMEN are Chinese Communist Party – CCP

BAD HORSEMEN – ALL United States Politicians on Radical Left

This invasion could be worse than WWII Biden declares. Why would it be worse than WWII? Because ALL the nations will be affected. It’s not just about Germany keeping quiet is it Joe Biden? It is about our entire world coming under ONE GOVERNMENT.. KORACH’s Communism.

The leaders of our world are failing us. It is coming to fruition right on schedule: Zechariah 2, Shevat 24 Horsemen, January 26, 2022.

Horns are nations.

Artisans – creative craftsmen can also known as ‘horsemen’.

A Vision of a Man with a Measuring Line
Zec 2:1  Then I looked up and saw four horns. 
Zec 2:2  I asked the angel who was speaking to me, “What are these?” He answered, “These are the horns that scattered Y’hudah, Isra’el and Yerushalayim.” 
Zec 2:3  Next, Adonai showed me four artisans. 
Zec 2:4  I asked, “What are these coming to do?” He said, “Those horns that scattered Y’hudah so completely that no one could even raise his head—well, these men have come to terrify them, to overthrow the nations that raised their horns against the land of Y’hudah to scatter it.” 
Zec 2:5  I looked up and saw a man with a measuring line in his hand. 
Zec 2:6  I asked, “Where are you going?” He said to me, “To measure Yerushalayim, to determine its width and length.” 
Zec 2:7  Here the angel who was speaking to me went forward, and another angel went out, met him 
Zec 2:8  and said to him, “Run and tell this young man, ‘Yerushalayim will be inhabited without walls, because there will be so many people and animals; 
Zec 2:9  “for,” says Adonai, “I will be for her a wall of fire surrounding her; and I will be the glory within her. 
Zec 2:10  Up!” says Adonai, “Move! Flee the land of the north! For I scattered you like the four winds of the sky,” says Adonai. 
Zec 2:11  “Move, Tziyon! You who are living with the daughter of Bavel, escape!” 
Zec 2:12  For Adonai-Tzva’ot has sent me on a glorious mission to the nations that plundered you, and this is what he says: “Anyone who injures you injures the very pupil of my eye. 
Zec 2:13  But I will shake my hand over them, and they will be plundered by those who were formerly their slaves.” Then you will know that Adonai-Tzva’ot sent me. 
Zec 2:14  “Sing, daughter of Tziyon; rejoice! For, here, I am coming; and I will live among you,” says Adonai. 
Zec 2:15  When that time comes, many nations will join themselves to Adonai. “They will be my people, and I will live among you.” Then you will know that it was Adonai-Tzva’ot who sent me to you. 
Zec 2:16  Adonai will take possession of Y’hudah as his portion in the holy land, and he will again make Yerushalayim his choice. 
Zec 2:17  Be silent, all humanity, before Adonai; for he has been roused from his holy dwelling.’ “ 

These wars are ADONAI’s doing. Yeshua is coming to live among us just as God walked in the Gan of Eden with Adam and Chanoah (Eve).

In 1948 years from Adam our Creator lifted up Abraham to teach how to be ‘holy’ before The Lord. No in 1948 years from Yeshua Jesus rising up off the earth Abraham’s grandson Ya’cov renamed Israel is again in that original land. This is God’s doing and a miracle for us to give YAHWEH the glory.

The plan continues just as this week is what I call Shevat the month horns (horses) rise up and tromp the earth as Comi Korach’s who wanted government their way. Our Creator will not have communism as it hurts people. It enslaves people. We can be bond servants that serve our Creator, but he is not looking for slaves. He hates slavery and sets up guidelines in this week’s Torah portion on how to treat bond servants….they are to be treated even better than any member of your personal family.

Let us be at PEACE that things are right on schedule. Let us treat another human as we would want to be treated. God’s intentions have never changed. He wants us all to find our path that leads to eternal bliss in the Next Program. Let us endure and pray for each other that we don’t get taken over by The Deceiver. That is what Yeshua Jesus prayed for Peter. Please don’t let me lose any of them…except the one that had been planned to be lost (Judas)…and that was a sad thing to lose any of them. But free will will always run through our earth because we are NOT robots. Peter failed before becoming a disciples, during it and even after…but he always repented and returned to The Truth.

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