Who Filled Up Every Prophecy?

Yeshua Jesus filled up every prophecy promised about Him without removing what is called, The Torah (first five books of Bible).

If He did NOT fill up these prophecies perfectly and exactly on time, He would be disqualified from the race set before Him.

He confirmed the instructions set forth by Moses (Torah) not violating one of them in any point. Thus, again Yeshua Jesus qualifies as The Messiach.

What else proved Yeshua to be The Messiah? He healed leprosy. This confirmed his kingship to the people and to the priests. The people sat Him on the colt of a donkey to make their intentions known that they desired Yeshua to be The Messiach. The ‘false’ priests (installed by Rome) saw the people’s choice as a threat to their rule. Rome listened to her ‘priest hirelings’ and began to eliminate more and more dissenters over the next years through Constantine 325 AD. Constantine became the church that we see today…removed The Torah, The Lord’s Feasts and replaced many things. Sunday worship began casting aside anything Hebraic…even The Sabbath was not to be tolerated.

Yeshua is our High Priest today that heals our leprosy (sin). We find this same healing today as did the small group of Messianic Jews in Yeshua’s day. They saw The Prophecies fulfilled through Him alone. They recognized The Scriptures as to what The Suffering Servant must fill up. For forty days and forty nights Yeshua played the part of Moses in bringing The corrected Torah to the people.

This Yeshua even played the part of Moses being in The Wilderness as He was fasted and prayed for forty days and forty nights in The Wilderness before being put to the test by the Deceiver (Satan). He tested well as the only reply he gave Satan was The Torah…He quoted Scripture.

At the time of Yeshua’s ‘earth wilderness’ experience there were several schools that studied The Torah, and The Writings of the prophets. The Sadducee group followed the thoughts of The School of Shemi. That school taught The Torah well, but they taught against resurrection of the dead. Even Yeshua brother, James (Ya’cov), did not believe in resurrection as he followed this school. But, James (Ya’cov) would become the main leader of this new revolutionary teaching as his own half-brother Yeshua rises from the dead.

And, what happened for forty days and forty nights after Yeshua’s resurrection? He walked the earth and thus they could NOT deny ‘resurrection’ from the dead. In fact, on Nissan 17 over 500 dead souls were brought forth from sho’el (the grave). They returned to the earth to walk it as Yeshua’s resurrection had set the ‘captives free’.

Was it Lazarus’s resurrection and these other five hundred that we are to believe on for our salvation? No…we are to believe on The One that called Lazarus and called over five hundred to ‘come’ forth.

It is Sad-to-See that our world is still full of Sadducee’s. Those that still would NOT believe were called, anti-Christs or Anti-Messiahs. Anti means against. Thus, they were still against the ‘Anointed One’. Christ comes from the Latin word, cristos which means oil, anoint.

How many anti-Christ’s walk among us today? Anyone who is against The Word is against Yeshua Jesus. He is known as The Word…The Living Torah…the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nothing has changed .. not even the false teachers.

Matthew 17:5 “This is My Son…Listen to Him.”

John 5:46 “If you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me.”

Moses wrote down The Torah…. Yeshua filled up the Prophecies proving The Torah. The Torah pointed and still points to Yeshua Jesus.

John 7:16, 17 “My teaching is not My own. It comes from Him Who sent Me. If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether My teaching comes from God or whether I speak on My own.”

John 12:49-50 “For I did not speak of My own accord, but the Father who sent Me commanded Me what to say and how to say it. I know that His command leads to Eternal Life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told Me to say.”

We must repent of our previous disbelief and of our ancestors previous disbelief. Let us disconnect from our generations of sinful relatives who followed ‘false’ teachers…and thus became Sad you see….No resurrection for them is truly SAD.

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