Thee Hybrid Man on Earth: April 23, 23 AD, Hybrid Eclipse 2023: Signal of Return?

listen 23 AD Hybrid

Hybrid Eclipse 23AD and 2023AD

The ‘HYBRID’ of Men is Coming!

Eclipses ‘mark’ God’s time and seasons…Yes, His calendar.

Hybrids ‘mark’ special men on the earth. Yes, The Messiach.

23 AD – Hybrid Solar Eclipse – April 23; Iyyar 14 Pesach Sheni (2nd Pesach), Day 29 Count Omer, Erev Emor- ‘Say’, Year 3783; Year 2 of 200 lunar; Year 3 of 136 Solar. Yeshua is on earth. He has the highest number of hybrid eclipses in that hundred year period. A ‘hybrid’ eclipse does every eclipse: partial, annular and total. Yeshua does it all, too.

2023 – Hybrid Solar Eclipse – April 20, Nissan 29, 5783; Day 14 Count Omer, Thursday; Year 15 of Saros series 131 (3 of 7 in 100-year period)

2023 – Year 5783 is Year 7 of lunar cycle 305; Year 15 of solar cycle 207

The shocking insight of Counting the Omer Day 14 in 2023 (next year) should be a ‘heads up’ and heads coming together thinking ‘What does this mean?”

Yeshua Jesus was alive at this 23 AD hybrid eclipse. Then, exactly SEVEN years later The Father calls ‘His Beloved Son’ home to reign from the Heavens. Yeshua’s disciple John will see Yeshua in the heavens in His glory and describes it for us. The Jew, known as Paul, fell to the ground and had his eyes crusted over because he was not seeing his life’s purpose correctly.

The ‘solar hybrid’ eclipse of 23AD now marks the ‘solar hybrid’ eclipse of 2023AD. Interestingly, in 23 AD it happened on Day 23.

This ‘Hybrid solar eclipse’ presents itself at exactly 2000 years later. To be exact, a ‘hybrid eclipse’ will occur in 2023 AD on Day 20. Exactly 7 years later at the number 30 Yeshua was beginnings His ministry. Is this 2023 going to mirror His New Ministry back on earth?

He will return just as He left…marking the skies as all of Creation was, is and still will be according to mathematical pattern.


SECOND CHANCES: 14 Nissan; 14 Iyyar

If we miss the first Passover for not being clean, the ‘second chance’ Pesach is exactly 30 days after on 14 Iyyar. If we miss recognizing him the first time, we will see him at the ‘second coming’.

2023 May 5 Penumbral Lunar Saros Series 141; Africa, Asia, Australia – 14 Iyyar Pesach Sheni (2nd)

2023 October 28 Partial Lunar Saros Series 146; e Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia – 13 Cheshvan Sabbath Lech Lecha (get yourself out), Genesis 12:1-17:27 Yes, on Sabbath.

2022 May 16 but began May 15, TOTAL Lunar Saros Series 131 – Americas. Europe, Africa – 15 Iyyar 30 Omer

2022 November 8 TOTAL Lunar Saros Series 136 – Asia, Australia, Pacific, Americas – 14 Cheshvan

2022 April 30 Partial Solar saros series 119 – Nissan 29

2022 October 25 Partial Solar Saros Series 124 – Tishri 30 Rosh Chodesh

My question, “What was happening in Yeshua Jesus’ life at the time of this ‘Hybrid’ eclipse in 23 AD?”

I can answer that question in a simple form in that He was in constant prayer to The Father. And, next he was of age to be in the military. And being the oldest in his family, was Yeshua Jesus still taking care of his mother? He had siblings who did agree with his view on resurrection. All Jewish men studied The Torah…so his brothers also would have been having their own students to teach. We see this when he was questioned why he allowed his disciples to eat the grain kernels as they walked through a field when John’s did not.

He wore a tzitzits as when someone touched him the power to heal went out from his garment. He was a rabbi teaching twelve disciples and many more loved him and followed.

In my lifetime there are only 7 Hybrid eclipses within a 100-year period. When Yeshua was on earth they experienced twenty-five Hybrid eclipse. They were looking at the sky in wonder a lot.

This report is just an alert as eclipses are a matter of science. They are not coincidence but timely. It is God who activates people and events around them. It is God who orchestrates all that happens on this earth. Once Yeshua rose up, he set the captive free and ‘satan’ no longer held control over earth’s kingdoms. They are no longer his to do as he pleases. It is Yeshua that reigns now because He alone still defeats the punishment for sin. I never blame ‘the deceiver’ because I never recognize that as real in the world, I choose to operate in. If you choose to be weak in your faith, you allow a hold on you. I love the Scripture, “Greater is He that is in you, than that is in the world.”

I like to talk to people who understand the Hebrew alphabet because they can help determine the meaning of patterns. There is nothing that does not have meaning behind it. God is The Creator who holds every atom together. He orchestrates what we might consider bad for us when it is actually good for us. I can stop typing because I keep wondering who cares about what I’m writing anyway. There are not many people who want to take a hold of “God in the Patterns.” Just now I finished speaking with our daughter in another state and I just thought should I go back and finish this article or just print and file it. Just then my phone read 6:42 pm. I knew God wanted me to keep typing and publish…so here I do again. I already wrote about 42 and I’m just proofing…proofing what? Yes, about 42. Okay, I get it Lord…it’s your number and we’ll keep digging into you…The Hybrid of Hybrids…these are your ways…not mine. (Back to proofing now)

In fact, he created an atom having 42 elements.

The number 42 is very intriguing to me and everyday I’m reminded by God of that. Today, it’s now 4:00 pm and I’ve seen it probably three times already and I haven’t left the house. I see it, I speak it and I thank God’s presence in it.

This Hybrid eclipse is very special as it occurs on Day 14 of the Counting of the Omer. Fourteen is special in that it is two weeks of time. Seven and fourteen are days of Sabbath rest. Adam rested on Day Seven. Chanoah was created Day Thirteen. They were having Sabbath on Day 14 of Creation.

Our Creator is bringing things to rest as year 6000 completes itself and mankind shifts into Day Seven. It is Day Six that causes the squeezing for those attached to God. If you’re not attached, you won’t feel it as you’re enjoying your life…and so be it.

Scripture says to enjoy life as long as you’re not hurting someone else. Because that is all there will be for you. If you don’t care about the ways of God now, why will you care later in eternity?

But, for those that care about His ways, you will even be able to teach in the kingdom. Yes, now and in eternity future. Life will go on as this earth’s schedule goes through 7000 years…and then Day Eight comes in with a Heaven coming down rejuvenating our earth. It will be a huge Gan of Eden.

For now, may you have peace in what you find at my website I’m not looking for any contention, but I just show you what I bump into and get strong feelings about. I’ve seen these findings before and lay them to rest at times. But this was a new finding because it confirmed to me that right now we are living out what Yeshua lived out when on earth. His life patterns back to Ya’cov’s life. We are told many details about him and we barely know his father Isaac except he patterned to The Cross. Isaac never left his area seeking the things of this world. He represents God who is badly treated by his own children he wants to love. Esau was very mean to both his father and his mother while Ya’cov was gone for twenty years.

God’s children have wronged The Torah. They have a very clouded view of what The Torah can mean to them. They think it’s about laws and punishments when it actually carries peace and love with blessings when we honor it which includes The Lord’s Feasts.

Today, we wrong The Torah by calling it ancient writings not for us today. We wrong God’s instructions because we think they are for The Jewish. They were to carry it to the world teaching how to live by it. Instead, when they open their mouth, the Gentile changes it to their liking or they kill the message bearer as they did Yeshua Jesus. (Their way or the highway is how churches handle this.)

Hmm…I would not keep claiming that because what you say you will get. You see, our Savior was a Jew and was persecuted for wanting the correct Torah…the one spoken to the prophets. Today, people who speak about The Torah suffers at the hands that think they are better than thou.

Dispensations overtook covenants. Worried about when we leave this earth has struck down The Torah because it indicates we go through the troubles. Did the disciples want to leave the earth? They were never told about a ‘rapture’. They were told to stay in order to receive The Comforter. Yeshua left on Day 40 and said He was sending a comforter…which he did.

Many people including rabbi’s talk about 2029 being a special time of The Messiach’s Return. We have gone down many rabbit trails trying to figure out when The Return may be. Will it be in my lifetime or yours? Truly we are close and yet perhaps we are far.

I love to think on The Jubilee (50). We have not had our jubilee president yet. Yes, number 50 could be Yeshua Jesus reigning over all the earth.

I’m learning more about the number 45. Why do we own hats that say 45 on them? Yes, we supported our 45th president. Four plus five is nine. Nine is the letter tet represented by a twisting of a snake or basket. Yes, he fit the profile. He fired so many people on his games shows that his own ‘game’ backfired on him we could say. It seems he got fired but many say, “No, it was rigged.” We have learned, “voters beware.” Do not let any deception be found anywhere.

Now we are enduring number 46 which equals 10 the letter Yud, showing the strong hand of God. Yes, God believes we are deserving of what we are getting. God gave us in Donald Trump a “Taste and see that I can make it good.” He did that with President Grover Cleveland who was our 22nd and 24th president. Trump left in 2020 but his team will be back in 22 and 24. The ‘tasters’ liked FREEDOM and will drink from Abraham’s wells again.

I believe Presidents 47 and 48 show us, ‘The Land’. These are the years attached to Abraham and Ya’cov. Abraham was alive 1948 years from Adam of which the book of Jubilees puts his birth at year 1914 AA (after Adam). At age 100 Abraham had Isaac which shows us year 2014.

Yes, the years of our recent lunar Tetrad happening on The Lord’s Feasts in 2014 and 2015.

Pastor Biltz made us aware and wrote books about the ‘tetrad’ followed up by John Hagee. But they never looked at the ‘Hybrid’ eclipse…..Yet! These ‘hybrid’ eclipses surround ‘hybrid’ men born to our earth. The more ‘hybrid eclipses, the more ‘hybrid’ men on our earth….that I see anyway. Not many ‘hybrid’ eclipses…not many ‘hybrid men’. Yes, Trump is a ‘HYBRID’…. and is still here at the April 20, 2023 ‘hybrid’ eclipse.

2014-2015 signaled God’s War of 2015. We are now SEVEN years from that war in 2022. September 25, 2022, is the last day of 5782 on the Hebrew calendar. Shemittah cycle seven closes and Year One begins on Tishri 1 turning the year to 5783.

Presidents 47 and 48 will align with Israel becoming a nation in fall 1947 with re-elected President Harry S Truman giving final recognition on May 6, 1948.

Yes, the year many claims Abraham was born; 1948 AA. Abraham lived 175 years whereas Sarah lived 127 years. Her death year could point to Yeshua’s death year 27-28 AD. Twenty-eight divides by 3 making it year seven in a Shemittah cycle. It closes out the ‘fourth’ cycle. The letter Dahlet, door, opening, number 4 looks like a door. The letter Dahlet looks like a door that can swing. 4

If we want to understand how ADONAI thinks, then we must return to The Hebrew calendar. It is not hard to follow this calendar. Butting heads with The God of Creation of whom planned all of this is not where you want to be.

When I mess up, I have felt his wrath in my body getting weak. I never get sick, but I knew my sin at Christmas, and I have since repented. I have to stand for God because He is more valuable than any relationship I try to heal with my family.

Where does this Hybrid eclipse travel? It does not cover Israel, but it stays south of them. It is a signal my friends. A hybrid that does one of everything that a solar eclipse can do crossed the skies when Yeshua Jesus was on it. He began his ministry of being a ‘teacher’ (rabbi) having his own disciples at age thirty. He took them back to the original Torah where there were no ‘high’ fences, and this is why the Pharisees did not like him. He was a renegade you might say…doing things His way!

God’s ways are not our ways. He says not to make your words His words. We can’t understand Him in all things because He is so complex. We have to be humble and allow Him to work all things for His good. Then, because He loves us, we know it will work out for our good in the end. Amein

Peace comes from letting God be God. Accepting what we can and moving forward in faith with what yet can’t be seen. We can follow the pattern. Yeshua at 23 had 7 years yet. We at this 2023 Hybrid could set a marker of 7 years to see The Hybrid of Men return to make peace on God’s earth.

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