Measuring – Dark Days Iyar Rosh Chodesh – US Total 55,499 deaths; 1243 die 4.26.20.

Today is April 27, 2020 – 3 Iyar – Day 16 Count of Omer. 34 Days until Pentecost / Shav’uot (May 31)

Rosh Chodesh on Sabbath studied Parshah’s: ‘she will conceive’ and ‘leper’: April 25; 1 Iyyar

Yes, we are living in dark days…even being tucked away in our homes. The Rosh Chodesh can be recognized by a personal and national fast…but NEVER fast on Day Seven/Sabbath. The day of comfort is Day Seven. It is always our example of joy only…celebration only. Thus, we see a new month of REST and HOPE in that Day Seven to come forth. Day Seven tries to come forth after year 6000 is completed. Is it year 6020 from Adam? or, do we use the Hebrew calculation of 5780?

We are counting the days up to Shavuot where we celebrate the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh) strongly available to influence those desiring to receive him. Our earth is in a 50-day cycle of seeking God’s face. Ten days before a new form of God’s presence arrives to strongly influences those available to this Ruach HaChodesh…Yeshua Jesus ascends back to The Father.

For Forty days and forty nights…a popular theme with The Father for our earth…Yeshua Jesus is doing miracles healing and teaching the people to return to ‘The First Love’. Everything Yeshua is saying and doing lines up with The Torah. Yeshua is known as the Living Word because He expressed it in His life walking it out. If we want to be like Jesus we will keep the words of our Father just as Yeshua did.

What did I do at the Rosh Chodesh? I blew my shofar in all the directions of the earth…North, South, East, West, Up and Down. As I blow my shofar I mediate on the most powerful name that walked on our earth….YESHUA. (sound like Yea shuuu ah)

In Arizona the groups would meet in a home singing and praising our Creator’s creation serving food that comes from the earth. There are many ideas that could be implemented at each chodesh. Have a bible study. Sometimes the men would go outside to have their study separate from the woman who studied inside. Celebrating the Rosh Chodesh outside under ADONAI’s stars would be awesome.

Some fast in ‘remembrance’ as it’s a dark day on the earth and the enemy does lurk in the dark…this is when wars break out and even animals give birth to babies so their enemies can’t see them while in their distress of labor. Yes, our earth is in labor right now…and I was glad to hear a ‘fighter jet’ fly over this morning to know our President is prepared for anything at this time for our country. The enemy needs to know you are prepared as this alone is a deterrence.

It is time for us to come out of our caves, but we must listen to how to come out safely. We are NOT in a military drill, but this is an actual exercise. Secretary of State Pompeo stood before America and told our enemies NOT to act during our crisis because we will strike back. Dear reader, this is NOT just about a virus, but about a military response to a biological weapon unleashed on our world…so others can dominate in Totalitarianism rule. We MUST not allow another weapon to be released that took us down in a day. That single act of violence permeated our entire world and now a lawsuit has been filed against The Mother Dragon for 32 Trillion dollars by attorney Larry Klayman. This is a world-class lawsuit for ALL the nations. If the nations stand together, The Dragon can be defeated.

Some Americans still don’t know we’re at war. They are majoring on the minors and not the majors. Some are wondering if the ‘rapture’ is on schedule or it’s off their schedule since they didn’t expect to see some left while others are taken in death. Some don’t see The Mother Dragon about to have one of her heads chopped off and therefore, she turns to the other children to consume them while she still thinks she can regain her powers. The United States and other nations are removing themselves from this ‘Dragon of Death’.

Baby Boomers will take this serious. They were born as the product of World War II. Their parents were involved in that war with many family members not returning. The dissenters went to Canada to live. Or, those speaking German at that time might have been looked down upon even though not every German was a Nazi. I always wondered why my grandparents built homes in Canada. They were German and even spoke it in a broken way. My dad did not talk about his parents lives because when he grew up they were all back in the United States congregating in Iowa. I say this because it is NOT the time to be against Chinese people…but we can be against their ‘Civilization Theory’ of being the best humans on the planet and try to change that thinking that all men are created equal before God.

78 Million baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They are taking this warfare agent serious. They are in their seventies and very susceptible to this invisible plague called a virus. Corona has always been found in animals and humans but this has taken on a form beyond measurement. This purposely enhanced formula was designed to control our world’s population. The other population control is birth control, religions that don’t allow the male to reproduce (monks, priests, LGBT lifestyle).

2020 will be another boom for babies or abortions. This my friends, can be a deterring factor if we have another ‘outbreak’. Yeshua Jesus acts as our Avenger. He died for our sins and he continues to hear our prayers and he comes in heavenly spiritual form battling for us. He has his sword drawn and is lashing through those cities that could have been a ‘haven of refuge’ but turned themselves into ‘slaughtering houses’ removing live babies piece by piece from their mother’s womb. These cities will be torn down piece by piece until they are aborted from our earth.

New York New York with all of it’s Broadway shows and nakedness and liberal thinking has the MOST Abortion sites available in the United States according to a 2017 report. They lead in deaths with COVID as they lead in with 119 sites to have an abortion. These hospitals now overrun with death are now seeing a measurement of death beyond belief. It is a tooth for a tooth measurement and has come in the form of ‘A life for a life.’

New Jersey – #2 in CV and #2 in Abortion sites.

CA – #3 in CV #3 in Abortion sites.

WA – #4 in CV #4 in Abortion sites.

FL – #5 in CV #5 in Abortion sites.

Thus, Yeshua Jesus…the one who gave His blood at the stake on The Mount of Olives is wanting us to return to looking to that Mount of Olives. If we do NOT look to Jerusalem for our health, spiritual, mental and physical, we will have plagues. The United States supported BB Netanyahu in January with VP Mike Pence in Isra’el along with 70 other nations…and then it stopped…they were going too fast and the United States told them to slow down on taking action that was presented to bring peace with the Palestinians. It was a four-year plan for them to accept with Israel being able to secure her borders now.

This is a ‘marker’ in time. BB Netanyahu had flown to the United States to confirm this plan with President Trump. Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu was then flown to Russia to meet with President Putin. Our world sees their pictures taken together. These two nations were agreeing with Israel that they could proceed to peace. But, NO,,,,The Dragon Nations threaten this process and NOW we have a plague in ALL nations. This plague can only be lifted when The Nations give tribute to Israel.

We live in Biblical times and what I just said is in The Bible. We are told how to stay a plague many times. But the most recent verses that came to me was I Chronicles 21…we learn how David acquired his plague and we learn how it was stopped. That principle is to apply to our earth today…because it is just what happened. Thus, until these false prophets tell the truth about how to STOP this plague, each country will continue to die off. Plagues remove innocent people as David admits and takes responsibility for it himself for thinking it was men who made his Kingdom strong instead of God’s power being shown when he was even few in number. We are just like David…taunting ‘We Made America Great…when it was God who directed it…for such a time a this. Men ‘as in the Days of Noach’ no longer thanking God for all they have. Men rising up their towers on the earth to be built higher than the next…such as Dubai has done.

Our towers are knocked down…and they also will be knocked down as they sit empty and then a big earthquake will topple them.

I had a dream last night that was about silver and gold. I had just gone for a walk and listened to some prophets talk about what they heard from The Lord that could encourage our world. I’m not use to this type of talk and yet I know God does things in everyone’s lives and we should listen to their story. But some of their experiences take years to happen and when it’s not exactly how they thought it should happen, people lose interest in their story. So, perhaps the person had the story happen to them, but still needs to be humble and see what that experience meant. Many things will stay buried in our own hearts until ADONAI moves us to bring them out.

We had a calf rise up from what was declared dead…the prayer at the end ask for a sign of life before the group of four left this calf alone on that dark Rosh Chodesh night in July 2017. The prayer came out but it was like a fleece being laid before the Lord and I even apologized for placing a fleece before God. And as the prayer closed in the name of Yeshua the Messiah, the calf did what the prayer ask…a hoof came up and the calf’s head came up and then rested it on that hoof. Everyone saw and declared thanks to The Lord for his blessing on that calf…and my prayer was immediate…in showing us that God was with us…and that God had answered my life-long prayer that my family would ‘see God real’ in their lives. This was that specific moment in time…July 22, be marked by an eclipse.

After listening to these prophets (perhaps ten) tell about their past dreams and now their feelings on CV 19, I ask God if I could have a dream to confirm what his thoughts were on this plague. I have dreams that I remember but many do not make sense. Last night, I did have a dream and woke remembering it. I was at my first cousin’s property and there was a small hole in the ground which we were digging out to make bigger to bury their gold and silver coins. They handed me several of their was small, one was larger and then a small safe was thrown into this hole….and all of it just sank deep into the earth and became out-of-sight. People were coming and we didn’t want them to know what we were doing with my cousins money. As I crawled out of this hole, I looked back and huge flames were now coming out of this hole….flame so large I thought is this hell opening up? I knew that we could not reach back in that hole to retrieve the gold and silver…it was being burnt up. All we could think is that it would melt and perhaps later could separate the gold from the silver in it’s melted form. In this dream, I also knew that all our works…all our things and money would be refined like silver and gold and it would become like dross. We had to purify our lives and not count on our riches for anything.

Now that I write about this dream…I see that God answered my prayer for a dream that was applicable for today. I had previously listened to an expert on gold and silver and it was his opinion that silver coins will probably just be spent as coins during a crisis as it did not near hold the value as gold. Last Thursday a new friend shared with me that she had some silver, but not gold. I told her what this expert said and she was very sad…as she did not have any gold, but only silver. As I finished my now 4.5 mile walk last night with my husband joining me, I told him about our new friend’s dilemma. He said that that was not true…that silver still had good value. I knew I must call her today to retract what I said to her. It was at this time of my needing to call her that I also ask if I could have a dream to even just keep to myself…but confirming my current thinking about CV.

This dream confirmed that ALL things will burn up…everything is being tested. All things are from God and He alone is upon whom we MUST call.

I close now because some of my friends can’t stay focused on where I’m going next. Thus, I would rather write when moved to write and keep things shorter. Last week we had two Torah Portions. When I went down through verse by verse…because that is how I study…line upon line…it took me an entire day to make sense of what measurement tzara’at meant for us today. It’s not always black and white but you must look between the years of history and how is that applicable to us today.

We don’t see God using the tzara’at form of leprosy today, but it still has the representation of a disease resulting from sin. We are experiencing a plague because of The Church not defining sin and holding it’s people accountable for those sins. We have churches that would rather become large in number…come as you are…so just in case those lost might hear one more time…the word about JESUS that is to be said to them. These sores have permeated our churches and destroyed it.

The good news is that we still can follow the pattern on how to remove disease. We MUST separate from it….which follows the pattern of how to get rid of it. The answer to end plagues does not change…it is always about separation.

These patterns or measurements will continue through our earth. In them we can feel safe. We can feel safe being separate from the ‘little dragons’ who serve The Mother Dragons…yes many mothers…who serve the main Beast. Churches will never be the same…televised church will become the norm…and watching The Bible series…watching The Life of Jesus series is where we can give our children the truth…not in the “come as you are” created by the Rick Warrens that join with the other little god churches…so we have a One World Religion. NO…It’s One God with One Purpose…taught to us by The Living Word (Yeshua Jesus) in the the Living Word…our Bibles.

I would rather study Scripture than listen to a dream from someone that I don’t know…sorry…but I’ve been brain-trained against such things…and perhaps that is why a little of it has happened to me…with our calf rising up…that I now can accept things as this better when I hear them.

So, let’s pray for each of you…your own dream…but keep it to yourself unless it lines up with Scripture. We don’t need our world following false things. Even the prophet Balak could speak for God even though he didn’t follow God. Ba’lak the prophet was hired by King Balam to put a curse on Israel.

Using God’s house for thievry. The next new spiritual book for you to buy is being printed right now. It is going to help you feel better. I know we need to support ministries but when they want a donation of $300.00 for a book and something else thrown in, my inner spirit says, “Really?” I just want to throw over the thieves tables and say ‘get out of my father’s house’. No more books and no more bibles can console our hearts…it is only accepting our guilt of sin. It is REPENTANCE that books should be written right now. No more feel good because you’re so good….there are NONE that are good.

Thus, be careful of what you hear. Read your Bible and take it literally. Remember this, our Savior Yeshua Jesus never spoke or did anything contrary to what was spoken in the Old Testament…especially the first five books known as, The Torah. Let us live by those instructions that are available to you as a woman and as a man…even as we don’t have a physical Temple yet on our earth…we can apply it’s principles…just as ‘tzara’at’ represents sin. How do we get rid of sin? Being set apart…for 7 days…70 years…7000 years for our earth. Amazing things…just read and don’t be afraid to expand your horizons…it’s probably true. They know there are at least seventy levels of depth in YHWH revealing Himself. Faith building comes from seeing God Real in your life! Welcome to that journey! We are entering a new Era…with that we can all agree! We will never be the same…nor should we be. We are being cleansed from a perverse world and last generation…where eating one piece of wrong fruit has lead to bushels and bushels of wrong choices.

My bible is open to Isaiah 45…so today I close with God thoughts:

Isaiah 45:8

“Heavens above, rain down justice.

let the clouds pour it down.

Let the earth open,

so that salvation (Yeshua) springs up,

and justice sprouts with it.

(Yeshua Jesus is known as The Sprout)

I ADONAI, have created it.”

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