Being Undone by ‘Extreme Maker’

BEING UNDONE by ‘Extreme Maker’

I met Dan Gilyeat on April 11, 2015 at the Sh’mini Pesach Study.  It was Nissan 22. I consider him a ‘hybrid’ as his life experiences are life shaking. He was born on 20 Adar 1972. 13 Adar is The Fast of Esther and 14 Adar is PURIM. On 20 Adar 1957 Israel reopened the Suez Canal after being closed by the Egyptians. He seems to be born to fight for freedom endorsing Israel.

He lost his leg in the Iraq War in 2005. It would be July 3 that he lay on the ground with his chest bleeding out and he lay there wondering if he would live. It was a moment between him and God. He told me that he knew about God but did not really walk with Him at that time. It was at this moment that he did submit to God and desire to live. This would be the day that changed the rest of his life.

What day was it on the Hebrew calendar? It was 26 Sivan. This day would have to do with Isaac Newton as well.  I do not believe in reincarnation.  We have one physical life and one spiritual life.  But, scripture does picture other humans as fore-shadowing or shadowings of other men.

Moshe was certainly a picture or shadow of Yeshua/Jesus. Abraham is pictured in the offering of Isaac as Adonai is in the sacrificing of His only son, Yeshua, on the stake. God gives us pictures and we are to learn from them and some times we will emulate them. Even, Jonathan Cahn, is pictured as a ‘high priest’ issuing the Aaronic Blessing over the United Nations just a few weeks ago. When we understand the pictures of men’s lives, we will see them again because God desires for us to personally participate in the Torah. When men walk out Torah, they become as Christ; and therefore people see Christ through them. That really is what our lives are suppose to be about; immolating our master teacher, Messiah Yeshua.

Daniel G told me several God-moving experiences that he has had since losing his leg. His spiritual walk had been off-beat. God would now correct that and mold him into a potential congressman, a television profile, a national spokesperson for and a witness for the Torah.

Let’s look at his life a little closer on the Hebrew calendar. I’ve been keeping calendars of events for many years and yet 26 Sivan only had one event on it that I felt God purposed to be there. It would be 26 Sivan that Isaac Newton’s mother died. Her death sent him into a depression that was unshakable. His jest for looking into the stars with it’s mathematics and his other wonderings about how the world worked now left him. It would take his friend Haley to challenge Isaac’s inner being to once again think. Isaac was blaming others for laying claim to his findings..which they were. He felt he could not trust anyone and he was truly feeling sorry for himself. He had applied for a place in the ministry of the government and had been turned down. What could stir him?

It was Isaac Newton, not yet knighted by the Queen to have the title, Sir, that gave Haley the information about comets that made Haley famous today. Isaac had been befriended by Haley and he trusted him. When Haley was upset that he would never see the comet again, Isaac explained to Haley why he would see it again. That comet should really be known as Isaac’s Comet instead of Haley’s Comet.

Issac poured himself into his work and gave freely of his knowledge….. until men took his actual written information and called it their own. He was deceived in the science world many times. He lost his trust of men, but not his enthusiasm for science nor his study of God. He knew there was an intelligent being that put it together and held it together.

‘Haley’s Comet’ (Haley) wondered how to bring Isaac out of his depression of his mother dying. It had been about six weeks and Issac was growing very thin and even more depressed. He knew Isaac loved studying God’s words. Haley challenged Isaac to study the bible to find out when the ‘end of times’ would be as many people wanted his opinion. This challenge was accepted by Isaac and it was the words of God that brought him back to reality with a purpose.

This purpose is what I see in Daniel G. He is a sponge absorbing all God puts before him. You can see the strength of God in him and his desire to proclaim to the world what He has found in Messiah. He is a humble man with well-behaved children of whom respect their father.

I’ve written about Isaac already and will post more on him. What I can tell you now is that God delivered him to our earth as a ‘hybrid.’ This ‘hybrid individual’ would change how the world thinks.

After Hannah’s death he did not work on science projects. He totally absorbed himself for seven years into his studies of the battles in the bible and how it all links to our future. Seven years after his mother’s death he had compiled two books. He wrote about the battles and he wrote on the Book of Daniel. He determined that men could know the times by studying the Bible. He also determined that one can not know the end without knowing the beginning. He recognized that the Father would determine the exact day.

I believe Isaac Newton saw the ‘hybrid’ solar eclipses. There are more solar ‘hybrid’ eclipses per one-hundred years when special ‘individuals’ are sent to us by Adonai. We see more ‘Hybrid Solars’  in Isaac’s life time than we are seeing in our current 100-year time line.

Isaac understood solar eclipses and he was seeing them during his life. They are called “hybrid’ solar eclipses because when they eclipse they do one of every type of eclipse…a total, partial, penumbra, and annular.   Isaac probably saw 25 hybrids, while in the 1900’s there are only 8 ‘hybrid’ solar eclipses to us to witness.  We are having about the same amount of ‘tetrad’ (lunar) eclipses as well.  Eight Tetrads are occurring in our 100-year span.

My study shows that we witness higher numbers of ‘hybrid’ solar in the years of father Abraham and during the time he raised his family. We again see higher numbers during Yeshua’s (Jesus) time of visitation to the earth in the flesh. This is a study I will bring to you at another time, hopefully soon.

Isaac Newton became a trusted man of whom did receive the job of restructuring the financial money for his country. He made sure it was fairly exchanged even to the poor. I compare Isaac to Joseph in Pharaoh’s house as he was put in second of command of all of Pharaoh’s kingdom.

I don’t see where Isaac was known as a Jew, but all indications determine he was one especially since he was buried at a prominent Jewish site by the Queen. I don’t know how his father had died before he was born, but I believe anti-Jewry was abound.

Isaac’s fathers name was Isaac, and his mother was Hannah. At age three he was raised by his mother’s sister who stayed with him at Lincoln-shire. His mother married a rich 60-year old church pastor who had sought her out. She then lived one mile away, had three other children and became financially secure when he died.

Isaac was born at Christmas but the date was 13 Tevet 1642. It was 3 days after The Fast of Tevet, 10 Tevet. It was the first fast set by the Jews repenting that God had brought Babylon to touch their walls. It was the beginning of four breeches (four fasts) that would lead to their being captured by King Nebuchadnezzar.

Isaac could fit into a quart jar when he was born, if it were not for his large head. Two wise women (pictured as the ‘wisemen’) came with ointments to care for him for two weeks trenching through the cold snow every day, as his mother was too weak and too poor.

I love his story as I picture these woman as wise men helping him. He is  pictured as Yeshua being without a human father. He was sent away to study and then taught earthly and spiritual wisdom as Yeshua did. He is pictured as Joseph who was sold to slavery (serve) in Egypt. They both grew up separate from their family members and yet both became so respected that they were second in command to being trusted with the financial coffers of the state.

Now, what does all of this have to do with Daniel Gilyeat? It took a physical calamity in his life for him to now desire to spend every waking hour available to him for study and also fellowship with Torah-believing individuals. He told me today that God has given him a second wife who had a son before she was split in half from a car accident. Miraculously she survived and has even written a book. Daniel shared with me that he found a half brother in Arizona.  That brother was a Vietnam war baby that he never knew he had until that mother passed. The thrill of meeting him was beyond measure.

Daniel’s dire situation found him in ‘dire straits.’ The show, ‘Extreme Makeover,’ would hear about his plight, bulldozed down his home and build them a new one November 10, 2007. That Hebrew date would be Cheshvan 29. God started the world-wide flood removing all men except eight beings at that time period. Daniel was in the process of being made over.

Noach, his family and the animals went in the ark and on Cheshvan 10 God closed the door. God used Noach as a preacher knocking on the hearts of men for 100 years. Now, the door would NO longer be open to whomever. Noache waits 7 days (Shemittah week) and then on Cheshvan 17 the waters break forth from the ground and from the heavens. It is one year later on Cheshvan 27 that the ‘eight’ will start their walk into the new world.

Daniel went to war in Iraq as a marine and lost a leg which then caused him to lose a wife. God would give him a second wife and a second home and reveal to Daniel his Jewish background. His walk is like Noache; drowning but trusting God with thanksgiving.

The Torah records Noache and his family giving thanks with an offering built the next day on Cheshvan 28. Noache thanks God with the sacrifice of one-year old clean animals. God begins to multiply them in the new home he remodeled for them.. Noache did NOT hold back in his offerings to God. He wanted to give thanks. God did NOT send the animals in the ark two by two! He sent them in according to clean and unclean… They were even multiplying on the ark as we see the sacrifice was to be of a one-year old…. They were on the ark one year and one week (7 days). The seven days of final perfecting.

What year was 2005 for Daniel and his family? It was the Shemittah year of release. It was the 7th year of that Shemittah cycle. Everything that is to fall will fall. His house fell and God could begin again in their lives verifying His desire for their walk. A leg is missing, a wife is missing, a new transformed wife is given and a house is given. The story does NOT end as Daniel runs for the United States Congress in 2010.

Isaac Newton also ran for government positions and did not succeed in the beginning. But, it would be in his final days that his honesty won favor above all and he was appointed to be treasurer in all the land.

Daniel’s story is still be written. He was a dedicated soldier in the Marines. He knows every maneuver of the arts of defense. But now,,,,,it is the spiritual battles that he desires to fight. He told me that God shared with him that congress will always be congress. But, that he could make a bigger influence for men as an individual.

Yes, it was a great day for me to hear just some of his stories. His stories verify that God can take any one of us and mold us for eternal purposes. Those purposes are the lasting stories that will be talked about over the dinner table with Noache and Isaac and Hannah.

Hannah Newton died in 1696. She had been gone 309 years to the day when Daniel lost his leg. It is now 319 years and she is still being remembered for the love of her children. It is 2015, TEN years, July 3, 2005, Sivan 26, since Daniel lost his leg to begin his new walk.

Hannah’s first son Isaac, who suffered much, is the one that is still spoken of today. Was Isaac a Jew? Was Jesus a Jew? Is Daniel a Jew? Does it matter? To God our heart is what matters! But, we are ALL to walk in God’s Torah (instructions). Is my husband a Jew? I say ‘yes’ to all those mentioned. I say ‘Yes’ to my walking in Torah just as much as the Jews are the ones that are given ‘The Book’ to carry to the world.  I can also carry it because my heart has a ‘burning’ desire to do it.  But I can NOT add to or delete it’s ways.  I can not change what it says or what it means.  I can not change any part of it.  By doing so, my name is removed from The Book of Life.  I am the one removing it.

It makes sense to me that if I change something in a book, it is no longer the original book.  I now have created a new book of my own, but I no longer am part of the other book.  Therefore, the author (God) of The Book can say that He doesn’t know me having a part of that first book….because I live my life according to a different book.  He only knows those that live according to The Original Book given to ‘The People of the Book.’ This book is known as, The Torah.  It is not just the first five books of the bible, but all of what the prophets wrote.

Jacob’s twelve sons (tribes) became 70 nations and are still being spoken of today. They are known as IsraEL. They carry The Torah to the Nations. But, it is Jacob’s first son, Judah, who said he would bear the blame if the last son, Benjamin, was not returned from Pharaoh’s house. It is through this unselfishness that our Messiah now comes. He comes through the tribe of Judah; thus the name Jew. It will be this name that men chase down, hunt, maim and kill for their own sake of righteousness. This world kills Christians and Jews because they think it is ‘right’ before their gods.

Jacob and Rachel’s first son, Joseph, is still spoken of today. Jacob’s name was changed to IsraEL when he fought with the Lord all night and begged to be blessed by Adonai.

Messiah Yeshua’s anniversary of dying is Nissan 14 (Feast of first born) known as Passover.   He raised on Nissan 17 (Feast of unleavened bread..He was without leaven (sin).   Daniel Gilyeat was raised back to life on 26 Shevat so he could come back as God’s soldier now marching for Zion.

Yeshua purposely died on Nissan 14. He was God’s first fruit to be planted in the grave, Nissan 15. Leavening (sin) was removed and He arose on Nissan 17. Yeshua went back to be with the Father to present His blood on the heavenly altar and returned to be a witness for FORTY more days. It was the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer. In TEN days – the 50th Day Counting Omer the Holy Spirit arrives; just as the Holy Spirit arrived at Mt. Sinai in the days of Mosche. Yes, Mosche, also celebrated the giving of the Holy Spirit. Men were equipped to go out and teach others. The holy men of God were the elders in the wilderness community.

The Sabbath that I met Daniel, we studied Sh’mini, “Eight.”  In general, people know eight to mean heaven or eternity.  Heaven is a word also used for God.

Men say, ‘Oh for G-d’s sake’, or ‘Oh, for Heaven’s sake.’ (I think they also bring Peter into this as we have the phrase, “Oh, for Pete’s sake.”)  Again, heaven has many references.

Daniel’s life is about heaven. His new life is about God. His life is about moving about this earth honoring His creator. He will be held responsible for his walk. Daniel Gilyeat carries a Hebrew name. This marine still looks like a marine. He has NOT sat by being idol and feeling sorry for himself.

It was Sivan 26 1696 when Isaac’s mother died. Isaac spent the next months of Tammuz and AV blaming others for his troubles. It would take the studying of God’s words to resurrect him back to life. This would be the same time period of ‘dire straits’ for Daniel as he healed and learned to walk through therapy.

Sivan 26 2005 was the the 316th Anniversary of Hannah’s death. God chose a special day for Daniel to come away from the pride of being a marine…. a strong individual. His maker showed him who was in charge and Daniel gave witness to it by being given back his life. It would be two years later in 2007 that television’s, ‘Extreme Home Makeover’ helped him.  Daniel knows that it was his ‘Extreme Maker ADONAI’ that did it.

November 10, 1667 was also an important day of God EXTREMELY making over a country.   India, Caucasia lost 80,000 individuals to an earthquake. Daniels makeover memorialized the 340th Anniversary… to the day of those souls.   Adonai does not let us forget his corrections.

I want to also mention that Cheshvan 29 held another anniversary that is closer to our time-line. It is Kristalknacht (they heard the breaking of glass). Today this event was mentioned in our class, but not in detail. Now, I find it appearing in Daniel’s life time-line.

1938 was the year and Cheshvan 29 was the day that the Jew’s were driven into ghettos. Plate glass store fronts were broken.  The Jews were removed from any ownership. The Gentiles moved into their homes and took over their belongings.  The Nazi’s used the Jews financial resources to fund the war.  The Israelites left their businesses and homes with only a suitcase.

Kristalknacht was the night of shattered lives.  There was no longer any doubt as to whose lives were to be torn away.  It was the tearing down of a people that God had specifically chosen to carry The Torah to the nations. The Nations sat by thinking this would all go away…after all, they had just signed the Treaty of Versailles agreeing to never have a world war again!

I believe WWI took 80 million lives. WWII would claim over 50 million souls, not just the 6 million Jews.   The actions of the madman, Hitler, were inconceivable.   The reactions of world was that, “It certainly won’t affect us where we live.”

The world did not understand the ways of Torah.  They did NOT realize the mysteries behind the Shemittah as Jonathan Cahn has tried to teach us.  The United States was a Shemittah cycle (7 years) too late. WWII began for the United States at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Kislev 15.  It now would take them until 1945 to open the death camps and stop the annihilation by Hitler.

Yes, it went on for one complete Shemittah cycle:  1938-1945.  America only got involved personally with troops on the ground because three years into the war, in middle of the Shemittah cycle, they woke up that someone was in their house (tabernacle) that threatened to remove them.  It was an idol they did not desire to worship….Japan who was yoked with Germany.

God chose Cheshvan 29 for Daniel to remind him to always build up the house of IsraEL. His love for his family will be equal to his love for, The People of The Book. This day in 1938 also hosted an 8.2 earthquake. All of these things are very rare to happen. Eight plus earthquakes are very rare.   Having a home built free for you is very rare. Removing a certain people group from their homes and businesses to banish them from the face of the earth is wrong and very rare to occur anywhere. A world-wide flood is very rare. To step off a BIG boat to view a cleansed earth is very very very rare.

Did God leave Noach without hope?  No!  Did God leave the Maccabees without hope after Antiochus Epiphanes ran 10,000 Jews out of town for 3 years?  No, on Kislev 15, the same day America was woken up….God also delivered Jerusalem’s Temple back into their hands.  Oh what a powerful day we see in even America’s story line.  The day of awakening, Kislev 15, proved to free the Jews in Germany and around the world, and it proved to restore the Temple back to God for correct worship.  It was cleansed and ready on Kislev 25, Chanukah, now known as the Festival of Lights.

1945 Kings

America seemed to be that ‘Light’ to the world, but it’s lights are dimming.  Today, our statesmen vote to divide Jacob’s land.   They are confused just as FDR was confused and aligned with oil in trade for the Jew’s Palestine in the Winter of 1945.  He died a few days ago (Nissan 29, dark night) and Mussolini (Iyyar 15) and Hitler (Iyyar 17) follow him two weeks later in 1945.  Oh….it’s just the silly old HAND OF GOD you say!

Zechariah 11:8, 12:6

Zec 11:8 Three shepherds also I cut off in one month; and my soul lothed them, and their soul also abhorred me.

Zec 12:9 “When that day comes, I will seek to destroy all nations attacking Yerushalayim;

Zec 12:10 and I will pour out on the house of David and on those living in Yerushalayim a spirit of grace and prayer; and they will look to me, whom they pierced.” They will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son; they will be in bitterness on his behalf like the bitterness for a firstborn son.

Three kings are removed within a Rosh Chodesh (new moon) of one another…they abhorred me and I abhorred them.  Hmm!

2015 Kings

I just witnessed three more kings removed within a month.  It began with King Abdullah dying a natural death and finished at the Jordan/Israel border when Israel hit a convoy that held top Syrian and Iranian leaders.  Oh that was a real stink…and we will hear a retaliation for that one day.

With Abdullah dying and Yemen falling the same day it was a prophecy fulfilled for the Muslims to check off their list before the Mahdi returns.

Do I see the Hand of God in my life again? Yes I do! Just to sit here and write one more story and see these similarities on my calendar, I stand in awe. Daniel has been in the Lion’s Den in Iraq. He only lost a leg to those lions and not his life. He, as today’s biblical Daniel of Babylon, would now trust in Yahweh, the God of Israel.

What other lions had been in Daniel’s life?  Is there a blindness being allowed so today’s pastors are these lions and wolves?  Ezekiel 22:26-31.

Eze 22:25 There is a conspiracy of prophets in it like a roaring lion tearing up the prey; they have devoured people, seized wealth and valuables, and widowed many in it.

Eze 22:26 Her cohanim have done violence to my Torah, profaned my holy things, made no difference between the holy and the common, not distinguished between unclean and clean, hidden their eyes from my shabbats, and profaned me among themselves.

How do pastors explain these verses away except to say that they are in the Old Testament and not for us today….

Eze 22:27 Her leaders in it are like wolves tearing up the prey to shed blood and destroy people, in order to benefit unjustly.

Eze 22:28 Her prophets have “plastered” for them with whitewash, seeing false visions and divining lies for them, saying, “Thus says Adonai Elohim,” when Adonai has not spoken.

Eze 22:29 The people of the land have extorted, robbed, wronged the poor and needy and unjustly oppressed foreigners.

White washing a grave makes them look white so you step on them.  Today’s religion makes them look white and nothing wrong with dismissing Torah.  The foreigner has been whitewashed.

Biblical Daniel did not return to IsraEL…will our Iraqi (Babylon) Daniel return to Israel? It is his heart’s desire to be there.  Both of these Daniels lived in Babylon.  The work that God had for them continued and their lessons would go out to the world to draw people to Torah and to the people of Israel so ALL hearts will return to Torah.

What have we been studying in the Bible/Torah this month? It is about the building up of the Temple. It was built by bringing Mosche the items God required. Under Mosche, the Temple was erected. It would be Aharon’s sons, Na-dab and Abihu, that would bring a false fire into the Temple and expect God to show up. Instead, they were removed from the earth. Their pans that carried the fire were wrong. They had the wrong kind of ‘fat’ in their pans. The day they chose to carry the fire into the Temple was wrong. They were not sober in appearance nor thought.

It had been Aharon, Mosche’s brother, that lied about the golden calf as to how it had gotten erected. Aharon was now responsible for his own two son’s death. He had not taught them ‘respect’ for God’s ways. He could NOT complain against God after his recent error of building an item of ‘false’ worship for the people. Aaron’s lineage will be given charge of the priesthood. He must get worship down to a T. He knew the creator of the earth had brought them out of Egypt for this very purpose…CORRECT WORSHIP!

This group saw the miracles sustain them. This group said, “we will do whatever Adonai says.” This group was learning to ‘respect’ God’s ways as they were ‘safe’ under His wings (Torah/instruction).

After Mosche and Aharon worked through the ways of God, they proceeded to dedicate The Tabernacle in the wilderness successfully. Aharon was already anointed with oil and was told to let the people mourn over what they witnessed of Nadab and Abihu. Their burnt carcasses were to be removed to outside the camp. God can have no sin before Him. Aahron was chosen as the family to be the priests for the Tabernacle.

It was Nissan 22 that I first meet Daniel and now write this story on Nissan 23. It is on Nissan 21 that the Israelites were crossing the Reed Sea.  This took several days for 1.2 million to cross.  They have the largest Mikvah (baptism) besides the flood.

Nissan 14 is Pesach (Passover) and the next Sabbath has the reading ‘Shemini’ meaning, ‘eighth’ or ‘new’. It relates to heaven and to new beginnings.

Daniel told me that he had met CL.   It would be Nissan 25, 2004, April 16 that Cindy and her entire family die in an auto accident.

Yes, she died. It will be on Friday, the eve that Shabbot begins that she, her husband, a son (23) and another son (25, that day) die.   Shemini represents, ‘heaven.’ The Pesach reading was Shemini, “Eighth,’ when I met David.   Now, it will have deeper meaning for me as it was the very day that this lady and her family died exactly eleven years ago.  This year that anniversary was on the Holocaust Memorial Day.  She is God’s survivor that gives witness to the spiritual side of Him.  It was NOT a dark day for her.

It was Day 10 of the Counting of the Omer when they all went to heaven. Ten is that final day of judgment. Ten is the ‘yood’ represented by a closed hand…the strong hand of God.

It is 2015 and thus exactly eleven years that she has returned to minister on God’s earth. It is the Shemittah year that what is Gods… is returned to God.  She returned!

She and her family were in the presence of God and it was known that her purpose on the earth was not finished. They all agreed that she should return, and so she did.

Nissan 25 is always Day 10 of the Counting of the Omer. It would be a new day for her as she now travels around the world praying for others. God’s healing ministry through her came with a severe sifting of her body. She can now be used by God for those that also choose to be sifted and purified by Yeshua’s atoning blood.

Isaac, CL and David all have things in common. They were common people put through a sifting through which they chose to serve greater. They will be called ‘great’ in the Kingdom of God as they observe the Torah to its fullest. They now see God’s Torah as a way of worship to God.

If you do NO Torah, you will not even be recognized…and in fact, are cast out as God never knew you. This saddens my heart.  They cast themselves out by not participating in God instruction book.

People that love God recognize Jesus as their savior. What many don’t realize is that Jesus is the Messiah who is the Torah. When we understand that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Torah (instructions) on how to live safely on the earth, then we accept Jesus for who He really is….The Messiah and those instructions. You cannot separate Jesus/Yeshua from His teachings.

If IsraEL is The Bride of Yeshua, then why do gentiles think they have the way to the wedding? It is IsraEL that declares God’s ways. They are the, ‘People of the Book’. That book (The Torah) are the very words Yeshua spoke. He said he came to confirm the words of the prophets about Torah/Himself. Nothing has changed since the beginning with Adam but things have been enhanced to fit the generations that have been born.

Adam’s family no longer desired to ‘call upon the name’ of Adonai.  They were self-sufficient and did not need God.

Noach got off the ship and thanked God for saving them. The most precious thing they had were their lives. How do you thank God for saving you? You find the most perfect other thing besides yourself and burn it up. Thus, you now can no longer return to it. You can never reclaim it or use it ever again.

Life is precious.  When one life is snuffed out, generations are snuffed out.  An animal sacrificed can no longer produce anything after it’s own kind. It was the best thing, next to your own being, that man could think of to thank God for His goodness. Most offerings to God are for unintentional sin. We ask God to forgive us of any sin that we may have even thought to do..  There was one burnt offering and that represented what Messiah would do for the people…once…and for…ALL who would believe.

The thing that makes sense to me when thinking about why the ‘sacrificial’ system will come back in the age to come, is that we can never say, “Thank You” enough times for what God does for us.

Men say, “But, God knows my heart!”

Can the world see your heart?

We are to glorify God before others. That is our true witness of loving God. God is the one who set the course for atonement. No one can deny Messiah Yeshua as God on the stake dying, being buried and rising after three days.   Then the Torah that showed us God’s plan for salvation also is the plan for our survival on the earth. He can only protect an individual through that plan. When men walk outside of God’s protection, they place themselves under the judgments of the world.

From class today we learned that discipleship is a, ‘hard calling’.

Matt 10:38 tells us to take up our cross.

Exodus 26 speaks of risking our life for the sake of…

Men have asked themselves and then have told others:

“Why am I being burned at the stake?”

“Why do I allow my son to be thrown from a window?”

Why were 800 rival Pharisees crucified?  Israel was a ‘want of trees’ for the Jew being crucified.  (Why would wearing a cross convert a Jew! I love  my crosses but I also understand it is how they were martyred.)


The big ‘why’ is answered by the bigger, ‘Why Not.’

If I had to ask God to die for me when I was younger…I don’t know if I could because, as a child, I did NOT know what I was asking. I was not mature enough to understand the immensity of the request.

Today, I know I MUST. I can NOT be a Peter who was categorized as, “Satan get behind me.” I know realize on a deeper lever what that was about.

‘The Request’

When this world blames the Jew for the death of Christ….they had better say, “Yes, I made the request.”

We know that God pre-ordained Messiah’s suffering and therefore it was not a people group that killed Messiah. It was planned from Creation. But God did choose a people group to come through, and He will return through that same people group. They bore the burden and they will bear the blessing one day soon.

Adom, Noache, Mosche, Isaac, Daniel and myself all make the request. Or, do we wear a sign on our forehead, like Cain, so no one will kill us.  If they had killed Cain, and he had not made “The Request,” then it was total doom for him.  Cain did not see that God needed his heart.  It was not about what he sacrificed, but it was about his heart.  His heart did not allow him to bring his best.

We MUST not only let Yeshua go to the stake, but we have to ‘Request’ him. A rabbi in Arizona gave an incredible description of this and the audience was silenced. I was silenced. I could NOT move in my seat as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Where do you begin…except to be thankful and learn all you can about our Creator who did this for you…for ME! You MUST make the ‘Request’. Can you do it? When you do….it will be with tears because you will realize what ‘The Request’ really is that you are asking.

Remember, you are making the request from the God of the Universe and Creator of all. He has no needs. He does NOT need you! YOU need HIM!

If Isaac Newton was in the Dire Straits during the Dire Straits (Tammuz through AV) because of being depressed over his mother’s death, then how ‘dire’ must each of us become to plead with God to DO IT.

“Please bear my sins, please come in a form that allows the flesh to be penetrated and the flesh ripped off it’s form so even the face and form of a human can NO longer be recognized.   Secondly, please remove yourself from the Father who holds all things together and become undone…for who? For me!”

“Whoa is me.” said John “…I am undone and unworthy.”

“Whoa is me.” said Bonnie…  I can’t even explain what I’m feeling! How can I think highly enough of myself to even dare to ask God to come in the flesh to do this thing at a very specific time in history that fulfills every prophecy about what the Father has requested of Him… to do this for me? Just ME!

Just YOU!

I am undone…..Daniel is undone….Isaac Newton was undone….Cindy was undone….

You must be undone! I will praise God for your salvation even if you are undone to the point of being in a war with your legs removed, or you lose every member of your family and you have died and gone to heaven and returned. We must be undone…and stand in amazement of how God’s plan of salvation for each of us is worked out…as the angels stand in amazement, so must we.

You can make ‘The Request’ by only being, ‘Undone’.

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