IRAN Breaking Axis

AV 15 – July 31 2015

Breaking of the Axe or Axis of Iran

The Day of The Breaking of the Ax is the last day wood is cut for the Temple.  I would say God is sending Iran a message that He is about to Ax them for their attitude toward Israel and the world.

It has now been confirmed that Iran had a meteor or some object break into four pieces as it hit the Province of Persia/Iran.  The temperatures rose to 168-178 degrees on Friday, July 31 2015.  Many refugees and homeless are very devastated by the heat.  Indonesia has also seen thousands dying succumbing to the above-normal temperatures.

The bright light of the meteor was seen on Friday but has been quiet in the news.  It was seen passing over Delaware in the United States

Earthquakes:  This is not a full report, but earthquakes I have noticed and I will keep updating on IRAN.

Elul  10 – August 25, 4.6 Iran, 66 Miles East of Tehran, 29 mile NNE Istgah-e Ganmsar

Elul 9 – 2015 4.1 Gonbad-e Qabus Iran, August 24

AV 15 – 2015  July 31, Meteor strikes – 4 parts – temperatures unbearable 168-178

AV 2 –  2014 July 18 5.3 earthquake,  Sabbath Mato-Massai Rosh Chodesh

AV 19 – 2014 4.8 quake, Iran, 8.4.14, August 4

AV 21 – 2014 5.6, 5.8 Iran August 6

AV 22 – 2014  6.2 Iran  August 7

AV 23 – 2012  6.3, 6.4  Vanzaghan Ahar Iran, Shbt Ekev

Breaking News:  August 24, 2015

Israel’s Military Defense has been having verbal meetings to strike Iran.  They had plans in 2012, 2013 and 2014….now seems to be the striking moment since the US Congress does not seem to be stopping Obama’s push for giving Iran it’s requests.  Today, 9 Elul, trouble is brewing.

What is a Drone?
What is a Drone? Shoot only at the Red Airplanes

Picture taken from Lexington Battleship TX

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