Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030


Awed or In Awe

During The Lord’s Shemittah 2015 Fall Feasts

On June 13, 1992, Agenda 21 was proposed.  September 25-27 Agenda 21 becomes Agenda 2030….a BIGGER problem revealed in the ‘Days the King is preparing His sanctuary.’  It was Sivan 12, Sabbath Naso (take up) Numbers 4:21-7:89, Judges 13:2-25.

Notes from General Assembly of United Nations 69th session in June 2015.

Speaking today in the general debate were the representatives of Qatar (on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council), United States, Bangladesh, Hungary, Thailand, Iran, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Jordan, Italy, Malaysia, Iraq, Belarus, Peru, Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil, Morocco, Libya, Belgium, Cuba, Turkey, Benin, Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras, El Salvador, Grenada and the State of Palestine.

They each got to state their concern or appreciation for Agenda 2030.

Does anyone see anything strange about the list of countries?

 Where is Israel? Who is the State of Palestine?

Palestine 1860

Ancient map hand water colored – early 1860’s

I just bought a map of Palestine in an antique store. It was printed in the early 1860’s. I spoke to the man who owned the map and verified it’s dating.   In the early 1860s this book of maps showed what they considered to be ancient Palestine….looks like the Tribes of Israel to me.  No Philistines around, much less PLO Palestinians.  The PLO used a play on words.  Father Abraham contended with the Philistines and shepherd David slew Goliath who was from Gaza.  He was a Philistine…not Palestinian….  Lie begets liars….The UN is full of liars.

NADYA RIFAAT RASHEED (State of Palestine) said her Government had adopted an approach of compromise decades ago in the quest to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land that began in 1967.  That remained the case today.  Her Government’s commitment to using peaceful and legal means to end conflict had been recently seen in its accession to the Rome Statute and human rights instruments.  Blockades and walls would not guarantee sustainable peace.   Such measures did not negate the rights enshrined in international law, nor could they enforce peace and security.  A just peace was the only remedy to violence.  The State of Palestine had a peace-loving nature and sought pacific relations with the international community, she affirmed.

This representative of Gaza complains that in 1967 Israel occupation began. Can we not read maps? It’s always been known in history that the land of Palestine was Israel’s. This 1860’s book was a book that looked at Israel in ancient days and what they still considered the map for Israel.

The lie that is being allowed to be told is the greatest Declaration of War that the UN can make. They make it because they do NOT know the living God. His name is Adonai and from the ancient of days, this land has always had Jews living in it. It was not in 1967 that the Arabs won Jerusalem….but Israel. The Egyptians were the last to give up and they had no air fleet that could go into the skies. They surrendered. God, put hook sin their noses, and drew the Egyptians back into the war one more day. It was on the 6th day that Jerusalem was RETURNED to Israel.

What did Israel do to bring peace to Jerusalem? They gave the Arabs in charge of it so they would not destroy it. To this day….Arabs try to destroy it. They only want their abomination that has caused desolation throughout the world to stand on it as sign of triumph over that city. Their city is in Mecca and Medina. They only want Jerusalem as a statement because they think ‘possibly’ Mohammed might have climbed a ladder to heaven from there. It was Jacob who climbed a ladder from there…not Mohammad.

This abomination has been allowed to sit on the temple mount and continues to bring desolation to the world. And now, the United Nations allows a representative of an illegitimate nation speak in authority before the kings of the earth. These kings will be judged by the King of Kings that is coming…and soon!

They sit on their thrones and propose worthless ideas on how to have peace in the world. Liars never have peace or lead others to peace.  Who is the father of lies?  Satan…  He is their father.

Gandhi’s peace lead many people to their death and now here is the Grandson speaking for the authority of his grandfather. Nationalism is terrible. Let’s rob those that work and feed all of us who can’t. Let’s bring all the powers of the world on equal plain. They say democracy doesn’t work.  Obama’s brother lives as a Colonialist. That is what the Agenda is….my friends….Colonialism. Search it out to see if that is what your American dream is about.  It’s their Agenda by 2030…Fifteen years…to Colonize.

“Part of the opening remarks by Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi invoked the stern warning of Mahatma Ghandhi: “There will be no lasting peace on earth unless we learn not merely to tolerate but even to respect the other faiths as our own.” He said his grandfather did not believe that nationalism could sustain the world, as it created the impression that one could exist without concern for others.  “Our futures and destinies are interconnected,” he said.   “The only way to live in stability was to create stability.   That ought to be the common endeavour,” he added

His grandfather’s philosophy of non-violence was about personal transformation, he noted.   “We are all part of society”, he said, “and unless we, individually, recognize non-violence and live it, we cannot have a Government that believes in peace.”   Peace must begin with the individual.”

To make that point, he shared a memory of throwing away a pencil as a young boy, only to have his grandfather ask him to retrieve it.   “People’s use of natural resources, his grandfather had explained was, in fact, violence against nature.  Violence was committed by overconsuming resources and depriving others.   Today, in the United States alone, he pointed out, $20 billion in food was thrown away annually, while more than 1 million people went to bed hungry.

A culture of non-violence was built through love, respect, understanding, appreciation and self-realization.   “We have to respect our connection with all of creation.  We are here for a purpose.  We have to find and fulfill that purpose,” he stressed.”

I do remember when I was told to eat everything on my plate because the poor people in China were hungry. This is a valid point of not wasting.. But, to tear down democracy and set up Colonialism is not the answer.  

Wars are planned as they build economies until people get tired of fighting others problems. The War mongers are now going to bring the fight to America’s soil. The wars and refugees are planned to bring assimilation to the world.  People come with their experiences and religions. This Agenda 21/ new 2030 is about toleration of faiths. 65,000 Syrian refugees (many fighters) have been dropped in Idaho and will disburse throughout America. America is good at assimilation as we allow illegals to cross our borders. There is only 36 miles of Mexico border that is properly fenced. (My favorite number of severing and sifting if God is not involved.)

We think that men should have common sense and be able to live along side of each other. Do not believe this. If you have not visited a third world country you should…or maybe you should just stay home because it is soon coming to your neighborhood.

Peace will only come when men obey God’s instructions. If men think Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were barbarians compared to our leaders today, then there is no respect for the ways they lived their lives. God uses lives to show us the wrong and right ways to life.  Noah showed us the feelings of God and yet God did not give up hope. Mosche had a great chore with the Israelites and God was ready to destroy them.   God wanted. to start with Mosche (who had a relationship with God). God went ahead and let leadership be set up even though God wanted to be their leader. They were scared children trying to unit and huddle together.

Noah’s kids huddled and God said…spread out…multiply…

Nimrod huddled and God said… spread out…multiply.

Yeshua/Jesus said….spread out…multiply

Agenda 2030 brings us back to huddling.  It brings us to sterilization…not multiplication.

Only until the end days now, has God brought Israel back into their land unified as a nation with a purpose.  Their purpose is to declare God’s glory.   It was desolate and today’s Cyrus (America) helped them to plant trees and make it bloom. Today, Cyrus is no longer needed. The weapons are different, but God showed Israel that He was their protector.

Agenda 2030 will clump people together for control. Look for the map that is projected for America by 2050.   2049-2050 hold the two hybrid solar eclipses that I have blogged.  Hybrid eclipses are very very rare.  In a 100 year period we may see 7 or 8.  In Yeshua’s life he saw 25.  They show up stronger when God’s chosen are here.  Nov 25 2049 (30 Cheshvan-Noah steps off Ark 27 Cheshvan) and May 20, 2050 (28 Iyyar JERUSALEM DAY).  They will be 102 years old and 83 years of having Jerusalem.  I think God is speaking to men that Shemittah year…will it be the Jubilee?  I love to see God’s hand in His creation.

I have to close with this story because many do not know this. America had leaders who believed Israel was a chosen nation by God. America also had leaders who needed the Arabs oil. The leaders who wanted the Arab to be their ally, On the very last day of the 1967 Six-Day War…the very day they recaptured Jerusalem….America shot at the Israeli ship. Israel could not believe their eyes. Israel was not hurt but their hearts now understood that they were in this alone…with God alone…and that was enough.

Don’t give Cyrus/America any credit for the 1967 Six-Day War. Yes, we sold them war supplies, but we left them to their own. It was God alone that they trusted. The Egyptians told of magnificent warrior angels that caused their arms to go numb. All they could do was to surrender to the few Israeli’s that were there.

Build your faith on God stories, my friends.

This United Nations can recognize any nation by any name….but that does not mean it was legitimized by God. God determines the kings of this earth. Read my stories on the presidents that die around the Fourth of July, our supposed Independence Day. It’s the idol Tammuz worship as our foundation was poorly established. It was false pretense with underlying Masons who to this day lead the way of destruction. Now they are the globalists that kill ‘Care’ in effigy at the Bohemia Grove ritual.

On the Feast of Trumpets the King is being summoned and He will arrive with his own Long Trump. Have you ever heard the sound of a shofar? Then how do you know if you’ll hear him? I’m joking…but truly if you don’t know much about The Lord’s Feasts…study up. Three of them are happening very quickly from Tishrei 1 – 23 5776, September 13 – October 6, 2015.


Rosh Hoshanah

Tishrei 1 Day 1 Eve September 13 – 14

Tishrei 2 Day 2 September 15

Intermediate Days Tishrei 3 September 16

Tishrei 4 September 17

Tishrei 5 September 18

Tishrei 6 September 19

Tishrei 7 September 20

Tishrei 8 September 21

Tishrei 9 September 22

YOM KIPPUR Tishrei 10 September 23

Five days later

Feast of Tabernacles Tishrei 15 – 22

Simchat Torah Tishrei 23

Would I be concerned about these days? YES!

Number One: Be concerned about them because you want to CELEBRATE  God. Learn what they mean to your King that is coming during these days! Don’t be busy going to and fro on the earth.

Number Two: Be concerned because God want to celebrate you.  You will either be ‘Awed’ by Him….or you will just stand there and be ‘awed’ as you watch His hand on His creation.  

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