Black Anointing PURIM Oil

Fast of Black Anointing Oil

March 24, 1989    Valdez Prince Albert  – PURIM Day 3 * 2nd S cycle

March 20, 2001     Petrobras 36  – 11 Die – PURIM 5 * Shemittah Yr  

March 23, 2005   BP Texas  – 15 Die, Fast of Esther, Erev PURIM 1 4th cycle

April 20, 2010       BP Gulf Spill – 11 Die – Israel’s Independence  2nd cycle

‘Deepwater Secrets Revealed in Hebraism – 21 years (3 Shemittah Cycles)

The secrets in Deepwater will be revealed through The Hand of God.  FIVE years later, 2015, written at the time of the explosion Israel’s Independence Day.  This story is one of the reasons was created. It deserves its own book…but for now…let’s peak into ‘Why Hebrew’ is important.

 Psalm 25:4-10 “Make me know your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths…. ” Paul states that Believers are to be led by the spirit and to walk by the spirit (Romans 8:4, Gal 5:16, 18, 25) Rev 12:17, 14:12 walk in his ways.  Psalm 67:1-7 is a good reading every day in The Counting of the Omer.

Today, only if you are ready to wrap your mind around God should you read this article by hadassah miriam. (hidden in the world to bring bitter news to the nations to renew their souls)

She chose this name because, ‘for such a time as this’ she is writing to you. For such a time as this she hides herself from those who will be insulted by these truths.   Will Christians  bring their apologetic  as to why this just can NOT be true.

She submits to you for your consideration:

WHY is God doing these on Hebrew days?   What were these days in history?  Yes, they are about setting God’s Children Free.  God is moving on his feasts and he is also moving on the days of ‘repentant’ children.  He is honoring The Fast of Esther and PURIM.  He is changing those days into good days.  He is answering the prayer of protection from their enemies.  He is drawing the proselyte.  We best read the Jewish prayers and ‘The Amidah.’  Then we will see God and give glory to HIM alone.

The God of IsraEL is speaking from the mountains and from the sea floors.  Chili Volcano 2015– Israel’s Independence Day in Shemittah year.  

12 Adar Erev Fast of Esther, dusk that begins Fast Esther.

13 Adar Fast of Esther

14 Adar – PURIM – Celebrating defeat of Haman (Israel’s enemies)

15 Adar – Shushan Purim (Purim in Shushan-outside the land)

1989        2001       2005       2010      BLACK Anointing

This is directly copied from Wikipedia and my comments are italicized. I use these dates because they are the days the world has commented on…now I will.  The other explosions may be another study.  The 2010 Gulf Spill had lots of details to examine.  it may be enough for you right now to see The Yood of Elohim is active in His children’s lives just in this story-line. 

 Oil Spill 2010 began in Shemittah Year, 2008.

Shemittah Year 2008


Remission Wave Time Line. What is this?

You may not believe this but this story begins in the Shemittah year of rest, 2008. It is exactly seven years later that I am writing it’s story line. It is the Shemittah year 2015.

What has happened in this Shemittah cycle? What can we learn from it? Is there another cycle beginning? Is it about Oil? Is it about smoke, ash, fire and more towers falling this next Shemittah cycle? I think we have a definite, “Yes” to that. But let’s keep on track with the oil problems in our world. The barrel of oil keeps dropping, we have barges full of oil sitting off shore that could light up our world and burn baby burn.

Oil, volcanoes, earthquakes….all burn….darkening the effects of the sun on earth. “Removing the Son, removes the sun…as seen at his death and eclipses now.”

The Door? What is this door? Doors open and they close. I believe God is knocking on the hearts of men. He knocks and you do NOT answer. The Shulamite woman (church) in proverbs is too tired to answer the door when her lover (Yeshua) knocks…and it is raining (blessing). She doesn’t want to get wet. Hmm. Is there a time when God stops knocking? Yes, we see it in the 10-virgin story and with this Shulamite woman. “Where did my love go,” she said. The rain was the blessing God has for us….but she missed out….and no more rain. Now we will have burning….

Door to Disaster. This mineral right will cost BP $4,300 for each 4.4 million barrels spilled after the rig explosion. MOEX is to pay $45 million in civil penalties with another $45 million in land acquisition projects for a total of $90 million. BP wins final approval of its guilty plea to resolve 14 criminal charges. The company agrees to pay $4.5 billion in penalties and fines. Transocean, who owned the rig, agrees to pay more than $1.4 billion, including $400 million criminal fine to settle Justice Department allegations.

Four is the Dahlet and is represented by the door. I want you to think perhaps why this number keeps appearing throughout BP’s story line. Whose blood was put on the door posts to bring them out of Egypt? Whose blood was spared at Purim? Who was then born into this world that the prophets testified of? Esther and Purim are key to today’s Jewish problem. The Jews have the right to defend themselves and the leaders of other countries are to help them eradicate their enemies. 75,800 were irradiated in the entire Province of Shushan. There must be a reason God gives us these details. They have to do with our future and what is going to happen according to God’s plan…not man’s plan.

This report was filed in February 2008. It lead to two rigs being set at the Macondo well site.. February is Shevat. My guess is that it was around the Four Horsemen, Shevat 24. Zechariah There is peace on the earth (people are not seeking or worshiping their Creator.) The horsemen are instructed to find ways of taking peace from the earth. These artisans will use the lust of money to take peace and life from the earth in this particular Shemittah cycle. Oil will be just one focus of the artisans in this Shemittah cycle. The financial collapse will be huge and governments will fall between 2008 and 2015. We see the Shemittah cycles but we do NOT understand them.

Shemittah cycles proclaims everything that God wants to fall will fall and everything that He declares to be righteous will stand righteous. Everything is released and paid in full.

This Shemittah cycle will involve the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 that occurs ON IsraEL’s INDEPENDENCE DAY and it will close out on God’s Day of Judgment/Atonement known as YOM KIPPUR.

The Day of Remission is the last day of the 7-year Shemittah cycle. It can play into the next Shemittah cycle and is then known as a ‘wave’.   September 29, 2008 was the last day of the 7-year Shemittah cycle.   29 Elul is always the last day of the 7th year in the Shemittah cycle. In the story of Jacob we see him acquiring his family and livestock in twenty years.  He will leave Laban and make his journey back in the last year of those three Shemittah cycles.  When he RETURNED to where he could apply Torah to his family he received his new name, IsraEL.  This recurred in the 21st year closing out THREE total Shemittah cycles.  

The Day of Remission is that final day when all things are allowed to RETURN (fall back) to it’s original owner.  The righteous will stay standing in their righteousness.

Here we go…it’s a long study of 150 days.  This will be for the detailed people.

  • February – Month: Shevat – BP files a 52-page exploration and environmental impact plan for the Macondo well with the MMS. The plan stated that it was “unlikely that an accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities”.[7] In the event an accident did take place the plan stated that due to the well being 48 miles (77 km) from shore and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts would be expected.[7]

Nissan 12

April 6 2009

  • Nissan 12 – This day, Nisan 12, 1967, Prince Faisal replaces King Abdullah while the King was in the United States for health issues. This day is about oil. But, it has always been about the anointing oil for the Anointed Messiah who just rode in on a donkey of whom is selected as their leader. He was chosen on Nisan 10 as the lamb just as every Jewish family was selecting their lamb for Passovers offering. It would be Miriam of Magdeline who anoints Yeshua (Jesus) with the expensive oil before His death. This anointment was for his burial that she understood was for her.   Nissan 14, Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) dies on the stake for our spiritual kingdom.
  • April 6 – The Department of the Interior exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling operation from a detailed environmental impact study after concluding that a massive oil spill was unlikely.[8][9]
  • (Today men exempt the thought that God coming in the flesh to save them from their sins is very unlikely.)

Sivan 30 – Rosh Chodesh 1 – Warning issued

  • June 22 – Mark E. Hafle, a senior drilling engineer at BP, warns that the metal casing for the blowout preventer might collapse under high pressure.[10]Yes, God issued the warning for NOT returning to Torah and seeing Yeshua as being The Torah in the flesh….men will collapse under pressure. Rosh Chodesh means Head of Month (sliver of moon)- (darkness is good for battle as the enemy can not see you approach. Watchmen warn.)

Tishrei 19 – Feast of Tabernacles / Succot Day 4. Chol Hamodel Day 2

(God begins dwelling with man during the Feast of Tabernacles as the name indicates. God tabernacling with man.

  • Cheshvan 22 – Noach’s flood water released Cheshvan 17. Noach gets off ark one year later on Cheshvan 27. Cheshvan 22 definitely has Noah on his rig as the flood begins and he is still on it on this day after one year. The flood was one year and TEN days. He is riding the ark in a distressed ship at the end of the voyage. I’m sure he was ready to replace it for dry ground.

God brought forth the waters from under the earth and above the earth to replace all living creatures. The flood was very damaging and man was replaced with those that would follow instructions (Torah). We could call Noah’s ark, The Transocean Ark.

2010 events


  • Adar 1 – Rosh Chodesh – no moon.

This second rig is the new beginning for the Macondo area. One of the most powerful rigs failed and now a second rig was given the job. It was a dark night with no light. The drilling will go beyond the expected 18,000 for this rig.

  • February 15, 2010 – Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, owned by Transocean, begins drilling on the Macondo Prospect.[11][12][13][14] The planned well was to be drilled to 18,000 feet (5,500 m) below sea level, and was to be plugged and suspended for subsequent completion as a subsea producer.[15]


  • 22 Adar
  • March 8 – Target date for the completion of the well which had been budgeted to cost $96 million.[11]
  • 2 Nisan
  • March 17 – BP Chief Tony Hayward sells one third of his BP stock (223,288 shares).[16] Closing BP price on March 17 on the New York Stock Exchange is 58.15.

My opinion–BP Chief Tony Hayward just cashed in $12,983,197.20. This is $13 million dollars my friends. And, that is only one-third of the stocks that he owned. Did he think the stock was going to go down because this project was seriously over budget and NOT on schedule. It started out as trouble and now more trouble. We don’t have the date of the March accident that caused a damaged gasket….but things only looked worse for Tony….time is money. He must need more….$39 million not enough?


RESURRECTION DAY – Nissan 17 – Warning – 

April 1 – Nisan 17 – Passover – Day of Resurrection

  • April 1 – Halliburton employee Marvin Volek warns that BP’s use of cement “was against our best practices.”[10] (It was April Fool’s Day but he will NOT be kidding.) (Dick Chaney was also part of Halliburton.) There was an inferior cement approved to save money. It did not set up as quickly especially if there would be a water back flow….and this my friends, was the IF that came true. They were warned and chose the money-saving route.

April 6 – 22 Nisan – Shemini shel Pesach (ref 1) – Eighth day of Passover, 7 Day Counting Omer

April 6 – MMS issues permit to BP for the well with the notation, “Exercise caution while drilling due to indications of shallow gas and possible water flow.”[17]

25 Nissan – Erev Shabbot Shemini (Eighth) – 10 Day Counting Omer

  • April 9 – BP drills last section with the well bore 18,360 feet (5,600 m) below sea level but the last 1,192 feet (363 m) need casing. Halliburton recommends liner/tieback casing that will provide 4 redundant barriers to flow. BP chooses to do a single liner with fewer barriers that is faster to install and cheaper ($7 to $10 million).[11]

On February 15 it was stated that this Rig would go 18,000 ft and stop. It bore 18,260 feet and now 1192 needs casing for 19,552 ft. One single liner will be used instead of four? Saving $7-10 M?

$10 million saved on the 10th Day Counting of Omer. Ten is represented by the Yood…Hand…of strength. The closed hand. Mosche’s hands had to be held up and then the battle would be won…. It shows us that God is our strength and we will win with Him. The added hands of casings were weak and not strong. They did not have Aaron and Hur (redundant barriers) to help support them. It was a weak vessel and the battle was lost with eleven lives went down in the ‘black anointing sea of Oil.’

Eleven ( 1 1 ) . The double ones are the two hands held up. They represent the hebrew letter Aleph. The strong Ox. Two Ox, Two strong hands that are needed in battle. Eleven died…. In the Petrobras 36 disaster in Brazil 11 died on Purim Day 5. Yes, God was not the strength of these houses. He did not fight their battles…both at times of judgment. You either celebrate Israel’s Independence Day and Purim (being able to fight for your independence) or you just don’t see the value in it. These people should have been celebrating The Hand of God in Israel’s history. Did they know what day it was? Who should have told them? It’s not the world’s job….it was the pastors that shepherd our world that should tell when to be set-apart to Adonai.

30 Nisan – Rosh Chodesh 1 – 15 Day Counting Omer

  • April 14 – Brian Morel, a BP drilling engineer, emails a colleague “this has been a nightmare well which has everyone all over the place.”[11]

People see others making decisions that lead to disaster. What are they to do? They write emails…they set up meetings…but time is short…

What was the hurry? It was about the next project and how far behind schedule this one was.  There was a party to be had…it was the pride of celebrating being ‘ accident free.’ ?? There was a party on board the rig and people were drinking and over slept not noticing the troubles with the cement not setting. There was not enough mud to stop the back water flow. No matter what the next party was about, it was canceled after this tragedy.

1 Iyyar – Rosh Chodesh 2 –16 Day Counting Omer, April 15 – America’s TAX DAY

  • April 15 – Morel informs Halliburton executive Jesse Gagliano that they plan to use 6 centralizers. Gagliano says they should use 21. Morel replies in an email, “it’s too late to get any more product on the rig, our only option is to rearrange placement of these centralizers.” Gagliano also recommends to circulate the drilling mud from the bottom of the well all the way up to the surface to remove air pockets and debris which can contaminate the cement, saying in an email, “at least circulate one bottoms up on the well before doing a cement job.” Despite this recommendation, BP cycles only 261 barrels (41.5 m3) of mud, a fraction of the total mud used in the well.[11]

Three times seven is 21. Twenty one is God’s number that ends 3 Shemittah cycles just as Jacob left Labon’s house at the end of twenty years of service, it would be in that 21st year that he made some serious decisions for God…and God changed his name to IsraEL. The seventh year becomes determined by the other six. It is like a severe grinding that only what is puried comes out refined in the seventh. What will fall, will fall and what was righteous will remain righteous.

Is it ever too late to do what is right? Six (the number of man) centralizers. Fifteen short with air pockets and debris that could stagnate the cement that is already of poor quality from Halliburton. This is a cement mixture that does not set quickly and what if water mixes in…which is does?

What about it being Tax Day? Were they able to give their share to Caesar? On April 15 they shorted the rig 15 centralizers to save money and they shorted the cement job it’s mud. Families will now be shorted the lives of their loved ones. Who is watching over all of these mistakes? Oh yes,,,,they were over-sleeping from the party the night before to celebrate ‘no accidents.’ Is ‘The Church’ having their party and asleep like the Shulamie woman? She was too tired to come and get the ‘blessings’ of Torah. Now, the five virgins are sent away because of ‘NO OIL.’ They did not have Torah that is the oil that keeps the ‘light’ in us.

  • April 15 – MMS approves amended permit for BP to use a single liner with fewer barriers.[11]
  • 2 Iyar – 17 Day Counting Omer, Yeshua/Jesus had risen and was teaching the ways of life (Torah). This is day seventeen of forty more days of instruction. It was on the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer that he left. There are so many exciting things our pastors could be talking about in the churches.

But churches have become the base for ‘marriage counseling, how to stay out of debt, how to store up food for ‘whatever’ is next to happen on the earth. Did Yeshua teach those things? Yes….because in Torah (God’s instruction book) it’s all covered. If people would renew their covenant with God then they would have happy lives together. God even instructs that you should have a deck around your porch so no one falls off and hurts themselves and they make you responsible for damages. Yes people are following Torah, even unknowingly. These people were on a deck that was ready to go DOWN into the abyss of the ocean.

  • April 16 – Brett Cocales, BP’s Operations Drilling Engineer, emails drilling engineer Brian Morel confirming the 6 centralizer approach, saying six should be adequate to obtain a proper cement seal in the well. “Who cares, it’s done, end of story, will probably be fine and we’ll get a good cement job,” he wrote, according to a copy of the e-mail cited in court papers.[18] (Halliburton was the cement provider.)
  • 3 Iyar – Shabbot Tazria-Metzorah (she will conceive/Leper) – 18 Day Counting Omer
  • April 17 – Deepwater Horizon completes its drilling and the well is being prepared to be cemented so that another rig will retrieve the oil. The blowout preventer is tested and found to be “functional.”[19] Gagliano now reports that using only 6 centralizers “would likely produce channeling and a failure of the cement job.”[11]

She will conceive was the Torah reading as well as Leper. These readings declare how to be set-apart and clean before God. This rig was very ‘unclean’ and non-functional. God declares man to take the time to become clean before him. Men are always short on time.

  • 4 Iyar – Sunday, 19 Day Counting Omer –
  • April 18 – Gagliano’s report says “well is considered to have a severe gas flow problem.” Schlumberger flies a crew to conduct a cement bond log to determine whether the cement has bonded to the casing and surrounding formations. It is required in rules.[10][11]

I remember reading that some of the top people now leave the rig along with theSchlumberger crew.. Did they leave them sleeping on a rig read to blow?

It is now Deeper Waters Memorial Day; Israel’s Memorial Day was also beginning in their land. I will remember it as long as I live. God’s creatures were killed, maimed and the health of His creation was destroyed. Israel was sold out for oil at this same time of year by Crowned Prince Saud with FDR in 1945. That is another story that keeps showing up in my story-lines.

Israel will only have an Independence Day because a few nations trusted in the God of the Bible. Harry S Truman of Independence, MO was the Vice President when FDR died of a stroke. God removed traitor FDR to have Harry Truman say, “Yes” to IsraEL having their own land. This land would be a salve that would heal the eyes of the nations. She was finally independent and a nation recognized by the world. Those that did NOT reocognize her were and still are being judged.

America’s strongest business people of the 1945’s were automobile makers. The cars needed the by-products of oil. Henry Ford became one of the greatest financier of Hitler. Arabs, Ford, Hitler…all in bed together and NOT asleep. It would be to mold a perfect human. Henry would build 15 million model T for the world.

Is it no wonder that on Israel’s Independence Day God would smear America and the world’s face in OIL? And to finalize the judgment on Yom Kippur…Judgement Day? Oh the wonders of our Creator are beyond our understanding as He is in control and He is the avenger. I think we could close this case right here in the heaven’s courts.

  • 5 Iyar – Israel’s Memorial Day – 20 Day Counting Omer -Tuesday.
  • April 19 – Halliburton completes cementing of the final production casing string.[20]

6 Iyar – Israel’s Independence Day – 21 Day Counting Omer – Wednesday

  • April 20 –
  • 7 am – BP cancels a recommended cement bond log test. Conducting the test would have taken 9–12 hours and $128,000. By canceling the cement test BP paid only $10,000. Crew leaves on 11:15 am flight.[11] BP officials gather on the platform to celebrate seven years (1 Shemittah cycle) without an injury on the rig.[21] The planned moving of the Deepwater Horizon to another location was 43 days past due and the delay had cost BP $21 million.[22]
  • 9:49 pm (CDT) – Andrea Fleytas had been monitoring the dynamic positioning system on the bridge of the Horizon when she felt a jolt. Before she could make sense of it – a rig shaking shock that came out of nowhere – magenta warnings began flashing on her screen. Magenta meant the most dangerous level of combustible gas intrusion.[23]
  • 9:56 pm CDT – Gas, oil and concrete from the Deepwater Horizon explode up the well bore onto the deck and then catches fire. The explosion kills 11 platform workers and injured 17 others; another 98 people survive without serious physical injury.[24]
  • 7 Iyar – REST – Severing done – 22 Day Counting Omer
  • April 21 Coast Guard rear admiral Mary Landry named Federal On Scene Coordinator.[25] Coast Guard log reports “Potential environmental threat is 700,000 gallons of diesel on board the Deepwater Horizon and estimated potential of 8,000 barrels per day of crude oil, if the well were to completely blowout. Most of the current pollution has been mitigated by the fire. There is some surface sheening extending up to 2 miles from the source.” The log also reports that two attempts to shut the BOP using an ROV have failed.[26][27]
  • 8 Iyar – Eight – New Day – RIG gone – 23 Day Counting Omer
  • 9 Iyar – Shabbot Torah portion: Archarei and Mot-Kedoshim (‘after the death’ and ‘holy’ (set apart) -24 Day Counting Omer
  • April 23 – Coast Guard rear adm. Mary Landry tells CBS “At this time, there is no crude emanating from that wellhead at the ocean surface, er, at the ocean floor…There is not oil emanating from the riser either.”[31][32] Unified Command begins operating out of the Royal Dutch Shell Training and Conference Center in Robert, Louisiana. Search and rescue suspended at 5 pm. Eleven of the 126 people on the rig have perished.[25] Coast Guard log reports, “BP will establish an ICP at Houma, Louisiana today to monitor the response and prepare for potential release estimated potential of 64,000- 110,000 bbls (2 ,688,000- 4,620,000 gal) per day of crude oil if the well were to completely blowout.”[26][27]

10 Iyar, 25 Day Counting Omer – Sunday – April 24 2010

  • April 24 – In accordance with the existing in situ burn plans, the OSC determined in situ burning was a viable response method for several reasons. First, weather and sea-state did not allow continuous skimming and alternatives were needed. Second, skimmers and dispersants could not completely remove the oil being released from the well. Finally, the OSC determined in situ burning (ISB) was a safe and effective way to remove large volumes of oil from the ocean surface, based on data for in situ burns from previous spills.

BP reports a leak 1,000 barrels (42,000 US gallons; 160 cubic metres) a day.[33] domain registered for one year by PIER Systems in Bellingham, Washington[34] to be used by the United States Coast Guard and other reporting agencies.[35] Price of a barrel of oil (West Texas Intermediate – Cushing, Oklahoma) $84.34[36]

  • 11 Iyar – Two Alephs. 26 Day Counting Omer, Sunday,April 25
  • April 25 – Oil sheen seen covering 580 square miles (1,500 km2) and is 70 miles (110 km) south of Mississippi and Alabama coastlines and was 31 miles (50 km) from the ecologically sensitive Chandeleur Islands. BP begins process to establish two relief wells.[25]
  • 12 Iyar – Taannit BH”B – Special offering/fast – 27 Day of the Counting the Omer (this is the day I begin finalizing this report to you in 2015 (five years after the anointing in 2010)…it is my offering the Adonai) What do those waters look like today. In the torah of the fruit trees, here is nothing to be eaten n the first four years. Then the ‘fifth’ years fruit may be eaten. What do these waters look like after five years? Many of God’s creatures were offered up in this fire and continued spill.
  • April 26 – Oil reported 36 miles (58 km) southeast of Louisiana. Booms set up to keep oil from washing ashore.[37] A huge containment chamber is moved to Superior Energy Services subsidiary Wild Well Control in Port Fourchon, Louisiana.[38] BP closing stock price 57.91[39]Coast Guard log reports “attempts to actuate the blow preventer (BOP) middle rams and blind shears were ineffective due to a hydraulic leak on the valve. Repairs are being worked overnight. The well head continues to discharge approximately 1,000 barrels/day.[27]

13 Iyar – 28 Day Counting Omer – On 13 Iyar 1967 The Tiran Strait was closed by Egypt. This began the 1967 War, Pres. Johnson in resolving this Arab conflict. IsraEL was on her own. The Six Day War returned all the land back to IsraEL that had returned to Arabs for peace.

  • April 27 – Slick grows to 100 miles (160 km) across and 20 miles (32 km) from Louisiana coast.
  • 14 Iyar – 29 Day Counting Omer – Pesach Sheni—occurs every year on 14 Iyar. Burnt Offering: Burnt offerings could only be done once a year and it was on Tishrei 10, Yom Kippur. The priest could go into the veil where Jehovah was..although the cloud was so thick they never saw the face of God. Pesach Sheni is when the people who could not offer their (Pascal lamb) on 14 Nisan, because of being unclean, could do it on 14 Iyar.
  • (This is the day, 29th Day Counting Omer 2015, that I publish this report at

This breach is FIVE times more serious than thought.

  • April 28, 2010 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimated that the leak was likely 5,000 barrels (210,000 US gallons; 790 cubic metres) a day, five times larger than initially estimated by BP.[40][41] BP announces controlled test to burn oil off the surface was successful. Oil is 20 miles (32 km) east of the mouth of the Mississippi River. MMS postpones 2010 Offshore Industry Safety Awards scheduled to be May 3.[42]

15 Iyar

INTERESTING DAY: 15 Iyar – 30 Day Counting Omer – 1933 Saud named Crown Prince by his father, Adbulaziz al-Saud. 67th Anniversary of his crowning here in 2010. He is the ‘Tenth’ son. (The 10 is the ‘yood’ and the hand of strength.) He had the power of his father in meeting with FDR. But he will be removed by half brother, Faisal Musaid, in 1964.

This son will meet with Franklin D Roosevelt sitting on the waters of another nation in the Middle East on the USS Quincy for three days and nights in February 1945. This secret meeting for oil will prove disastrous for FDR and glorious to God and Israel. (Truman will recognize IsraEL as a nation in 1948.) FDR will die 7 days after ratifying their agreement for oil. FDR will die on 29 Nisan 1945, April 12 from a stroke.

This Crown Prince will become King Saud (son 10) of whom will have his throne stolen from him by his jealous half brother, Prince Faisal in 1964. The 10th son is removed, FDR is removed from the scene of history. Both will die of stroke or heart problems; dirty blood and bad hearts.

Another anointing of death: King Faisal, will be removed by being murdered. He is shot by his nephew, Faisal Musaid. Faisal Musaid would be quickly executed. He had been angry over several issues that affected his life and among them, it seems that he did not like King Faisal allowing television in some parts of the kingdom.

King Faisal (68) reigned from 2 November 1964 to 25 March 1975. He reigned 11 (Eleven) years: 27 Cheshvan, died 13 Nisan. He had strength with his two hands for eleven years. He died at the time of the anointings. He began his stolen reign the day Noache walked off the ark…. Funny to think…that some say that oil is said to come from the flood fossils, fossil fuels. Noache anointing in water and Yeshua’s anointing to beat the grave. Noache rose above the waters and Yeshua rose above the grave. King Faisal chose a different anointing….The Power of Nimrod…and today the Arabs live at the tower of Babel and they have built more towers that touch into the heavens…see recent pictures on internet.

Dubai towers
Dubai towers

Summary, the holocaust lover and IsraEL land grabber, Prince Abdulah is removed in 1964 and will die eventually of heart problems. The 1964, throne-stealer Faisal, will only reign 11 years to be stabbed and killed by cousin Faisal Musaid. The Arab world is always in a state of emergency.

  • April 29 – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal declares a state of emergency. 100,000 feet (30 km) of containment booms were deployed along the coast.[43] By the next day, this nearly doubled to 180,000 feet (55 km) of deployed booms, with an additional 300,000 feet (91 km) staged or being deployed.[44] Rush Limbaugh noting that explosion occurred the day before Earth Day tells his listeners that it’s possible the rig could have been sabotage to encourage favorable votes for the carbon tax bill and cap and trade bills. “What better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants, than by blowing up a rig? I’m just noting the timing here.”[45]

We can be sure of timing, Rush…God’s timing of directing the paths of men are sure and true.. Will men choose the path to life or death?

16 Iyar – 31 Day Counting Omer – Erev Shabbot (eve Shabbot begins/Friday at dusk)Full Moon, now men’s sins will be revealed. Halliburton revealed. The world asked to help solve the problem of the leak. $12.5 billion problem. (Did they ask the world to seek Adonai?)

  • April 30 – Oil washes ashore at Venice, Louisiana. President Barack Obama halts new offshore drilling unless safeguards are in place. – Coast Guard issues subpoena to Transocean “to maintain the blowout preventer and to not allow anyone or anything to tamper with it” without the Guard’s permission.[46] EPA establishes its for its response.[35] Sanford Bernstein estimates capping the leaks and cleaning up the spill may cost $12.5 billion.[18]Innocentive launches a website asking people to submit their solutions to the crisis by June 30.[47][48] On April 30, the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce asked Halliburton to brief it as well as provide any documents it might have related to its work on the Macondo well.[49]


Main article: Timeline of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (May 2010)

Iyar 18 – Lag B’Omer – 33 Day Counting Omer – Special Day

Iyar 19 34 Day Counting Omer

  • May 3 – Shares of Nalco Holding Company jump 18% in one day after it is revealed that its dispersant products are being used for the cleanup.[51]

Iyar 21 – 36 Day Counting Omer

  • May 5 – BP announces that the smallest of three known leaks had been capped allowing the repair group to focus their efforts on the remaining leaks.[52]

Iyar 22 – 37 Day Counting Omer

Iyar 23 – 38 Day Counting Omer – Erev Shabbot Behar (begins at dusk)

  • May 7 – A 125-tonne (276,000 lb) container dome is lowered over the largest of the well leaks and pipe the oil to a storage vessel on the surface.[53]

Iyar 24 – 39 Day Counting Omer – Sabbath Behar-Bechukot

  • May 8 – BP reports that methane is freezing at the top of the dome making it ineffective.[50]

Iyar 25 – 40 Day Counting Omer – Ascension of Yeshua to father.

May 9 – Tar balls reported on Dauphin Island in Alabama.

  • Iyar 26 – 41 Day Counting Omer –
  • May 10 – After failed containment dome BP announces plans to apply five feet in diameter containment vessel nicknamed “top hat”.[54] BP announces strategy of trying to push mud and debris down the tube to clog it. The strategy is nicknamed “junk shot.”

Iyar 27 – 42 Day Counting OmerSurvivors witnessing Yeshua’s ascension are interviewed.

  • May 11 – BP, Transocean and Halliburton officials testify before Congress blaming each other for the incident.[55] MMS and Coast Guard Joint Investigation Team chaired by USCG Capt. Hung Nguyen and MMS employee David Dykes begin a Joint Marine Board of Investigation into the accident holding the first hearings at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kenner, Louisiana where they interview survivors.[56]
  • 28 Iyar – Jerusalem Day – 43 Day Counting Omer – 1967 IsraEL reclaims capitol. Public proclamation every year. 2015, Jordan’s first time to decline presence at celebration.
  • May 12 – BP releases first public video of leak and others say the leak is significantly higher than what BP has been saying.[57] One estimate says it could to be 20,000–100,000 barrels (840,000–4,200,000 US gallons; 3,200–15,900 cubic metres) a day.[57][58]

Wow…Tony Hayward cashed in one-third of his stock for $13 million. That means that if the BP stock held at $58.00 a share would this be the stock that Tony still held? Hmm…. Let’s just say he was covering himself beyond what was left after her just cashed in stock for $13 mil? Maybe these numbers look similar and are just co-incidental ..Hmmm and Hmmm again.

1 Sivan – Rosh Chodesh – Erev Shabbot – 45 Day Counting Omer

  • May 14 – BP inserts 4-inch (100 mm) wide riser into the 21-inch-wide burst pipe. It is initially dislodged when an underwater robot collides with the pipe.[39]

2 Sivan – Shabbot, Torah Study: Bamidbar – 46 Day Counting Omer

  • May 15 – Coast Guard and EPA authorize use dispersants underwater, at the source of the Deepwater Horizon leak.[61]

3 Sivan – Sunday – 47 Day Counting Omer

4Sivan – Monday – 48 Day Counting Omer

Chris Oynes, offshore drilling director for the MMS, announces a hurried retirement.

6 SIVAN – SHAVUOT – 50TH Day Counting of Omer

Anointings of Ruach Ha Chodesh at Jerusalem and Mt. Sinai/Mosche

  • May 19 – Oil washes ashore on mainland Louisiana.[50] – Anoints land

8 Sivan – Shabbot Isru Chag –

  • May 21 – BP begins live underwater video broadcasts of the leak.[63]Flow Rate Technical Group established for “scientifically validated information about the amount of oil flowing from BP s leaking oil well.”[25] The average daily oil collection rates is 2,000 barrels (84,000 US gallons; 320,000 litres) a day.[64][65]

10 Sivan –

  • May 23 – BP rebuffs EPA order to change its dispersants. BP says that if oil reaches the shore, it would do more environmental harm than if it were dispersed off the coast. It notes that Corexit is the only product that is available in sufficient quantities to deal with the spill.[68][69]

11 Sivan

  • May 24 – BP says it currently has no plans to use explosives on the well. It also flatly denies it ever considered using a nuclear bomb on the well as some suggested.[70]

13 Sivan

  • May 26 – BP announces plan to force feed heavy drilling mud in a project called “top kill“.[71] Doug Brown, the chief mechanic on the Deepwater Horizon, testifies at the joint U.S. Coast Guard and Minerals Management Service hearing that a BP representative overruled Transocean employees and insisted on displacing protective drilling mud with seawater just hours before the explosion.[72]

14 Sivan

  • May 27 – Obama announces a six-month moratorium on new deepwater oil drilling permits in 500 feet (150 m) of water or more.[73][74] Based on the oil flow estimates by the Flow Rate Technical Group, the United States government increased its estimate at 12,000 to 19,000 barrels (500,000 to 800,000 US gallons; 1,900,000 to 3,000,000 litres) per day.[75][76][77][78] Elizabeth Birnbaum resigns from MMS.[10][79][80]

15 Sivan – Erev Shabbot (Shabbot begins at dusk)

  • May 28 – Obama visits Louisiana again.[50]

16 Sivan – Shabbot Beha’alotcha

  • May 29 – BP declares Top Kill is a failure and moves on to their next contingency option, the Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) Cap Containment System.[81][82][83][84][85]

Sivan 18

  • May 31 – BP announces plan to slice the leaking pipe, placing a cap on it and channeling the oil to surface ships.[50]


Main article: Timeline of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (June 2010)

  • June 1 – Sivan 19, Oil began washing up on the beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore.[86]
  • June 4 – Sivan 22, Tar balls arrive on beaches in Pensacola, Florida.[87]
  • June 5 – Sivan 23, Shabbot Shelach Lechah (send) Obama makes third trip to Louisiana since the disaster began visits Grand Isle, Louisiana for the second time in two weeks.[88]
  • June 6 – Sivan 24, BP abandons plans to close three remaining vents on the containment cap noting that with one vent it is capturing as much oil as it can handle.[89]
  • June 8 – Sivan 26, BP releases the requested high resolution images of the leak.[90]
  • June 9 – Sivan 27, BP’s chief operating officer Doug Suttles says the underwater plume is “in very minute quantities.”[91] (??? What is Minute to him?)
  • June 11 – Sivan 29,  Flow Rate Technical Group says the leak could be 20,000 to 40,000 barrels (840,000 to 1,680,000 US gallons; 3,200,000 to 6,400,000 litres) of oil a day.[92]

MONTH OF TAMMUZ – Moses is on Mt Sinai set-apart to God for forty days and nights, sent back by God because of the noise of disarray that reached God’s hearing. It was Tammuz 17. The people had built a ‘golden calf’ to be their leader representing God. They wanted a figure to see while Mosche was gone and so they chose one that they were familiar with from Egypt and it was also Taurus in the sky. Tammuz was he name of Nimrod’s son from Ishtar (Easter). Needless to say, this month is named after the god of Nimrod and brings Egypt right along with it…Idol worship of oil.

God speaks, Mosche speaks and, finally after 56 days, Obama speaks. Yes, the speaking begins in the month of Tammuz. It is the month of deception and lies. It is the month of the ‘golden calf’ representing materialism.

One Week (7 days) from The Fast of Tammuz, Tammuz 17. Hurricane Alex stops repair.

  • June 25 – Tammuz 13,  Erev Shabbot, Hurricane Alex (2010) causes relief rigs to disconnect and let the oil spill unchecked into the ocean.[98]


Main article: Timeline of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (July 2010)

Dire Straits

21 days long (3 weeks)… Tammuz 18 – 9 Av

June 28  to July 20 2010

Tammuz 19

  • July 15 – Av 4, BP test cuts off all oil pouring into the Gulf at 2:25 pm.[108]However Thad Allen cautions that it is likely that containment operations will resume following the test.[109]
  • July 16 – Av 5 – Erev Shabbot Devarim (words), A Whale will not join the containment process after tests show that its skimming operations were “negligible” in comparison to the much smaller and more nimble skimmers.[110]
  • July 18 – Av 7 – Allen sends Dudley a letter to provide “written procedure for opening the choke valve as quickly as possible” noting tests have “detected seep a distance from the well and undetermined anomalies at the well.”[111]
  • July 19 – Av 8
  • Kent Wells says BP is considering a “static kill” of the well using heavy mud bumped through the new cap in a process known as bullheading.[112]
  • Donald Vidrine, who was the ranking BP representative on Deepwater Horizon, citing ill health refuses to testify at Coast Guard hearing into the accident.[113]

July 20 – Av 9 – The Fast of Av..Tisha’B’Av. Topical Storm Bonnie forming, Haywood takes 4th place in yacht race. He is criticizes for his actions when not far away is his oil leak.

Tisha’B’Av is a terrible day for the Jews…the list is long..but both temples were destroyed this day. The Jews kicked out of Spain this day and much more. Google, “9th of Av.’ Dire straits has ended but Jews still do not celebrate life….they begin slowly to appreciate what God has given them.

  • July 22 – Av 11
  • July 24 – Av 13 – Shabbot Va’etchana (I pleaded) – Did God hear man’s plea to clean up the waters?
  • BP says an internal investigation has cleared itself of gross negligence in the spill and will publish the findings in the next month.[117]
  • Ships return after Bonnie turns out not to have been as strong as anticipated.[118]
  • July 27 Av 16
  • Towing vessel Pere Ana C pushing the barge Captain Beauford collides with Louisiana-owned oil and natural gas rig C177 in the northern part of Barataria Bay south of Lafitte, Louisiana. 6,000 feet of boom are placed around rig while it is evaluated.[119][120]
  • BP board formally announces that Bob Dudley will replace Tony Hayward as BP CEO effective October 1.[121]


Main article: Timeline of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (August 2010)

Barack Obama and daughter Sasha swim at Alligator Point in Panama City Beach, Fla., Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010, Av 24.

  • August 2 – Av 12
  • Flow Rate Technical Group reports that the well initially was dumping 62,000 barrels of oil per day initially after the spill and that it dwindled to 53,000 barrels when it was capped as the well was depleted. This means that 4.9 million barrels were dropped into the Gulf.[122]
  • Environmental Protection Agency releases a study of eight dispersants which concludes that Corexit 9500 “is generally no more or less toxic than mixtures with the other available alternatives” and that “dispersant-oil mixtures are generally no more toxic to the aquatic test species than oil alone.”[122][123][124]
  • August 4 – Av 14 BP reports that the well achieved “static condition” shortly after midnight after drilling mud is said to now fill the well.[125]
  • August 14 – Av 24 President Obama, on a one-night vacation, stays at the Back Bay Marriott in Panama City, Florida. The White House releases a photo of The President and his daughter Sasha Obama swimming in St. Andrew’s Bay (Florida) near Alligator Point. The Press were not present during the swim.[126]


  • September 19 – Tishrei 11, Yom Kippur 2, Sunday, BP officially declares oil well completely and permanently sealed.[127]
  • September 29 – Tishrei 21, Hoshanah Rabal, Succot Day 7, last day. Andy Inglis, who headed deepwater drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico at the time of the spill, steps down as head of the upstream business.[128]
  • September 30 – Tishrei 22, Shmini Atzeret (8th day Succot celebrating Torah.) Wow…..hear this…. no acceptance of negligence by BP. Violating Torah when they should be celebrating God’s instructions. Sin is violating Torah.
  • Dudley tells the Houston Chronicle, “We don’t believe we have been grossly negligent in anything we’ve seen in any of the investigations.” Dudley also announces BP will create a stronger safety division.[129][130]
  • October 2010
  • October 1 – Tishrei 23, Eighth day for ‘rejoicing’ in Torah in the Diaspora, outside Israel. Allen steps down.[131] (If there is no ‘guilt’, than why are people stepping down.


  • November 28 – Kislev 21, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. announces the hiring of retired U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen as a Senior Vice President of Thought Leadership on Law Enforcement, Homeland Security Strategy.[132]


  • December 15 – Tevet 8 , According to a feature Associated Press story on the homepage of Time Magazine, the U.S. federal government is suing BP Exploration and Production, Inc., and eight other corporations, for unlimited liability, in an effort to have them pay for the massive expenses involved in the cleanup and environmental recovery from the spill, including damages to natural resources; it also seeks civil penalties under the Clean Water Act.
  • December 17 – Tevet 10 – Fast of Tevet – Unified Area Command releases the report from the Operational Science Advisory Team (OSAT) regarding results of sampling and analysis of thousands of water column and sediment samples from the shoreline through deepwater areas. Reference OSAT report at

These dates are copied directly from the internet so their exactness may not be true. But, as we look at the dates chosen by these writers, we see the Hand of God.

The last day that they entered an entry was Tevet 10. It was the Fast of Tevet. God keeps giving me this day for His stories. It is the day that the Jews called a fast for themselves as they were sorry for not listening to Torah. They were now going to be carried off to Babylon and this was the first time that King Nebuchadnezzar had touched their walls that eventually carried them off to Babylon for seventy years.

The Hebrews would go out with a fight and thus four fasts were set as they were sorry for not leaving the land when they were told. They had to leave their land because they violated the land..and did NOT let it rest.

Wow….this story-line plays out exactly in a 7-year Shemittah cycle. God is having us remember his stories so we draw neigh to Him to learn His ways.   His goal is for us to RETURN. If we do NOT RETURN to Him to live safely under His wings of the Torah, we will return to another place. God is always giving choices.

Now, let’s look at the next three oil tragedies that happened at PURIM.

It will NOT be detailed because they did not give me many dates to follow.

The Valdez Spill in Alaska was a BIG spill that affected the life of God’s creation.  I spoke with a woman this year whose husband took part in it’s clean-up.  She could not give me many details other than it was a horrible situation.

Eleven (11) million gallons of oil will dump into Alaska harming 250,000 birds and killing 2000 otters.  It was costly at over a billion dollars.

It occurred in the 2nd year of the Shemittah cycle on the Erev of Sabbath.  It began the Torah study of TZAV, “command’ or ‘give and order’.  Leviticus 6:1 – 8:36.  These sections describe Mosche giving instructions to Aahron and his sons on how to presence the different offers at the Tabernacle in the wilderness.  The burnt (olah) offering is that which goes up.  Lev. 6:2  “…it is what goes up on its firewood upon the altar all night long, until morning; in this way the fire on the altar will be kept burning.  When the fire has consumed the burnt offering on the altar, the cohen (priest)….”  They remove the ashes to outside the camp after changing their garments.

The burnt offering is only offered up once a year…on Yom Kippur…The Gulf Oil Spilled was sealed off Yom Kippur Day 2.  It was finished!

The Valdez offering involved many birds and animals that were burned up for days and months.  It was 17 Adar II.  Purim Day 3 and on the evening of the teaching on sacrifices, Tsav.  These are both about offerings.

There are many lessons to be learned from this Tsav.  God desires our best hearts.  If we were on God’s time clock we would have seen that He was telling us our sacrifices (offerings) are not correct.  We don’t even know what day it is.

The poor animals have always had to suffer because of men, ‘no longer calling on God…by God’s ways.’  If these four PURIM Black anointing are not going to be understood, it is because we have decided to disagree with God about His ancient paths. We sing songs about the ‘old paths’ but we don’t understand what we are singing.  The ‘ancient path’ is Torah.

If the pastors and teachers are not going to pastor and teach, then God will remove them as obstacles and consider them wolves in sheep’s clothing.  He cried over his children being lead away by wolves.  God is now declaring the old fasts and turning them into good fasts.  He heard Esther’s and the Hebrews cries and today He wants us to remember the same stories.  Are we to tell these new findings that endorse the old paths to our children and grandchildren? I believe so.  Or, will The Four Horsemen continue to be released to take peace from the earth.  Man’s peace MUST include God in correct worship, but only with a correct heart or all the offerings are for naught…as we see with Cain’s offering.

The Valdez Spill happened 17 Adar II.  This is the original month of Adar as he added 29 days is called Adar I.  It would be this Adar II that carried the major fasting of The Fast of Esther and PURIM in 1989. The Sabbath began at dusk with a full moon to light the tragedy.  The world would see the black anointing.   God gave the ‘command, gave the order’.  How long before men would see His hand in it?  How  many offerings would He allow.  1989 and 2010 were BIG events.  The second Shemittah year (1989) and again the second Shemittah year in 2010.

Two is represented in the Hebrew letter Beit.  It is pictured as a house.  The Aleph (authority/God) and son are in the house.  God was re-anointing His house as our lives are only held together by the son, Yeshua as Adonai.  They are one and the same…Jehovah is our living God.  The anointing oil is the Ruach HaChodesh that draws all truth.

The BP Gulf spill of 2010 shows us that God has a message of drawing men back to times of prayer and fasting and to days of judgment and atonement.  Adonai wants to hear your desires and your need for Him in sustaining you in your troubles.   God does hear the prayers of His children.  Jews may pray ‘The Amidah’ three times a day at certain times.  Get a ‘prayer book’ and see what they are requesting from God.

God ordained the Book of Esther be put in the bible. Men did not desire it because it never mentions God. But Adonai’s hand is what it is all about.

We must get a grasp on PURIM.

We must get a grasp on what really happens when Israel does not RETURN to her land. It is dangerous on this planet when the Jews are living in the Diaspora (outside). They are actually safer in ‘IsraEL’ than with the nations. This is why they MUST return. They are to RETURN to get us to RETURN to Torah. They will talk to us and find who the Messiah is. Then they will say from Zion, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of Adonai.” It is the Jew who will say this. They will recognize him.

The land is the ‘safest’ place to be. Bombs come lopping at them; but God is glorified continually as only hit in the desert. Oh yes, death does happen; but for the percentages an Israeli is going to be safer in Israel than America. IsraEl is the ‘Apple of God’s eye.’ He will not let it get poked out!

IsraEL is praying to the God of the Torah of Abraham, Isaac, David and Jacob (Israel). When they pray…does Adonai hear? These witnesses say that HE does!

Study these dates because they will appear over and over again in history. When God’s children pray and fast He protects them. He sends things that should shake us up and say, WOW…it’s God talking back!

12 Adar Erev (eve that begins) Fast of Esther

13 Adar Fast of Esther

14 PURIM – Celebrating defeat of Haman (Israel’s enemies)

15 Shushan Purim (outside Israel)

Macondo drill set Gulf Mexico, 1 Adar, Rosh Chodesh, dark night.

The Texas City, TX 12 Adar, 15 die, Erev Fast of Esther begins

The Valdez Prince Albert Sound ALASKA 17 Adar II, Shushan PURIM Day 3.

Adar II is the original month of Adar when the extra 29 days is added every few years. So, there were two Adars in 1989. The Valdez Oil Spill happened in the second month of Adar. It is the main month for The Fast of Esther and PURIM. This is Shushan PURIM Day 2. I look at this as the PURIM celebration of defeating Israel’s enemies celebrated by those outside of IsraEL.

Petrobras 36, Brazil, 20 Adar, 11 die, Shushan PURIM Day 5

Remember how I talked about putting God in a box? This box is another small one. We have three major oil catastrophes that took lives. The Valdez was very costly in animal life and clean up.

Is the ‘Yood of Elohim’ seen in these oil disasters. What do they have in common. What is the message?

Dates align

Dates are about the story of Esther defeating Haman, Israel’s enemies authorized by the kings of earth.

Dates concern Israel proper and those outside of Israel.

Subject: Oil

Whose name means oil? Messiah or Meschiach, Christ

Fast of Esther brought repentance resulting in celebration against enemy.

  1. Not observing The Lord’s Feasts lead Israel into Babylon.
  2. Esther did not return to the land but assimilated into other areas almost causing total destruction for ALL the Jews of the world. (just like today)
  3. Esther and Israel’s fasting and prayer brought results.
  4. Meschiach would now be born since Jews were not annihilated.
  5. Jews could preemptively strike their enemies.
  6. Governors of the lands helped remove terrorists.

What message does God have for us? Before 2008, I did not know what Purim or The Fast of Esther were really about. I did not know Replacement Theology had been part of my life. I did not know that the church I grew up in thought they were Israel. They did many things just like Hebrew teachings but then again, they taught the total opposite, making what God said out to be wrong.

Blood issues are a touchy subject so I won’t talk in depth, but since there is life in the blood we are NOT to eat it. Blood flow is to be avoided with a woman, but the church taught that as a form of birth control when I took premarital classes. Wow…totally off of what The Torah instructs. Scavengers are a disgusting thing as they eat the dead or rotten things. This is what men catch and eat. God set some things to be common and then uncommon, clean and unclean. That is how they went into the ark…clean and unclean. Each has its purpose on this earth. All plants are given to us, but not all plants are good for us. I’ll press on as this brings in too many topics…but we need to know that Adonias instructions are what keep us safe physically, and then pleasing to Him as we are able to glorify Him that His plan works on keeping us safe and happy while in our bodies.

My second choice of a church after being married liked Israel. But they didn’t really know what to do with her except to send missionaries there. But, missionaries are not allowed in Israel. In just thinking of that right now a little more seriously, I can appreciate their stand. How can you be Israel without being what Israel stands for. It stands for the Torah given to children who wondered through the desert. They were given the Torah to carry to the world. What would they look like without it? It just wouldn’t be Israel. Think about it? So, how do they stay what God designed them to be and still see Messiah?

God told them there would be a King that would sit on the throne of David. His name is not David, but he comes from the lineage of David. A Hebrew!. He would be that teacher of teachers and He would put it in their hearts so they would live it out naturally and no one would have to teach each other any longer. This King is what they look for. As Christians we know that the Suffering Servant as Jesus. Since Jews do NOT understand Greek ways, they do NOT know this Jesus Christ that is preached to them. Christians have NOT made the Jew Jealous. But, things are changing and the Gentile is chasing the Jew to find out about Torah. When the Christian understands the Torah they too will see and be able to witness about the Hebrew Messiah…Yeshua.

I just noted on my calendar that it has been 1690 years since Constantine moved the Sabbath to Sunday. It was in 325 BC at the Council of Nicea that Passover (Adar I, Adar II) was canceled and Easter put in it’s place. Can you believe that it has taken 1690 years for men to ‘wake up’ from the drowning flood of false words they have been fed. Well, it was 1576 years when God brought the flood on men because they would NOT call upon the name of the Lord. Perhaps Yeshua coming in the flesh has helped our perspective some.

In the days of Noach they would NOT do Torah. They would NOT REST as Adom was told to do. God had a plan of rest for his entire creation and yet that creature (man) argued against the ways of God. They were bringing offerings to God from the time of Adam and Eve (Essh and Essha). Offerings show your heart. Cain’s heart had turned wicked against God. He thought he could build a better kingdom than anyone else. Today, I believe Dubai holds the record for the tallest building reaching into the heavens. Yes, and man’s anointing oil at Purim at this writing on 15 Iyar, 2015, 30 Day of Counting of Omer is plummeted and stockpiles continue to increase.

By 70 AD the Jews Temple had been totally torn down on the 9th of Av and in 71 AD, on the 9th of Av, General Titus salted it’s floor. Why do you salt something? To get rid of dead debris….the Jews blood. The Jew was being removed by Rome and they hung on crosses to be slain and they looked like a forest of trees.

Today Jews are blamed for most financial collapses because they are involved in finances. When I was a kid we would call these type of people, ‘Braino.’ It’s fun they make us money or loan money, but when it come time to pay retribution… now they are the ‘bad’ guy. It was a Jew who funded the United States during their early wars. He ended up dying broke as he was not paid back.

What is the real crime the world has placed on them? The world ignorantly blames them for Jesus’ death. I wrote earlier in a blog that the Jew had better say “yes” and you and I had better say “Yes” to that fact. If you read the words of the prophets and even in Genesis we see Messiah’s death per-ordained. It is what would crush the serpents head.

We are not to be like Peter and say, “Don’t do it!” He had to do it and you have to ask Him to do it. There is no other recourse in which we may live into eternity with our Creator of whom in the flesh is proven to be Yeshua.

The Jew has been hunted down for 4000 years since Abraham and even worse now that the ‘Suffering Servant’ came and went back to the father. The Jews are afraid to open their mouth for fear of being blamed for the next thing bad on this earth. The Jew has never been ask about what their hope is. They are not even ask about their, ‘instruction book’. Guess who issued the book to them? God Himself and God has not chosen any other people group to work through. They are likened to a prickly pear plant. They are prickly on the outside but succulent on the inside. They truly are the sweetest people on this earth.

What do you think Israel would like if all these well-meaning Christians were allowed to ‘take over’ the land? Well, it would like Pompeii as it did at one time in history. It would have ALL the grandest of churches in the world. Men are about ‘monuments.’ It is already defiled by all the churches that have been allowed to be sitting on the Temple Mount.

I was amazed at how God left the enemy in charge of so many sites that are precious to the Christian. But, if we are to have no idols before us, then I can see why Rachael tomb is not some great monument. This very simple little ‘grave site’ is protected by a single ‘lookout’ by a single soldier to exchange any fire. They have some stones around them in case of fire power coming at them and the tourists walk through a tunnel of tin to avoid being shot at. Armored tourist buses are used in Hebron. Was I worried? No! …if it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go.

There is a large monument for Abraham, Issac and their wives in Hebron. Israel thought it better to let the Arabs control it to prevent fighting over the sites. Problem to arise when vandals are allowed to destroy some sites as we’ve saw at Joseph’s tomb. The Jews go to that site to be married at times and have been known to be attacked and one was murdered. The site was not viewable when I was there in 2009 as it had been destroyed.

I’m going on here, but as we think about these ‘anointings’ of oil that occur at the same time as the story of Esther and Purim were played out, God is playing other things out. I didn’t know what to think of Jonathan Cahn’s writings in the beginning. I have since learned more about the Shemittah cycles and see how God is using them to show us His patterns that witness to us the next things to come. Oh what a gracious Creator we have.

The Gulf Oil has lots of detail for us.   It happened over 150 days. God uses those days in his patterns. If you count days from one feast to the next important feast you’ll see the 150-day pattern. The Gulf burn followed that pattern. It also had it’s own pattern of men acting on or against God’s patterns. You are either going to understand Torah and follow by celebrating it, or you will join Torah in it’s fastings. Either way, you are remembering God and desiring to join the community of IsraEL.

The thing that I want us all to realize though is that God’s story is always pointing to something. It is pointing us to the lessons that occur at his appointed times. These mo’eds (appointments) are very key to God. If they are key to Him, then they should become key to us.

Did He orchestrate these four oil (anointing) disasters to get us to learn about the story of Esther. The day that they occurred we should have known the ‘correction’ was about Purim. Are we to learn to help Israel destroy her enemies? I believe so! If we can’t decode the bible, what good are on this earth to help crust God’s enemies. Will we just burn instead? I believe so. The oil that sits in surplus on our earth makes it very susceptible for burning. We don’t even know what day it is. And, I am speaking to Christians because that is who God is speaking with. The world doesn’t get this..why should they? What example has the ‘church’ been? Christians have just as high of a divorce rate as the normal pagan.

The BP Gulf Oil of 2010 has some incredible lessons in it. We get to see the 9th of Av played out for those that don’t mourn with those that mourn. We get to see Yom Kippur played out portraying that final judgment finished…the oil was closed off. Were you anointed for atonement of your sins bringing you back to God and His instructions, or judgment that leaves you in the world still wondering what God is really all about and asking, “Where is God in all of this?”

Did you ever think that He never went anywhere, we did?

(Now that I just wrote the end and saw another facet of what we are learn I need to jump in here again.  The Petrobras 36 that killed 11 people recurred the day that Constantine removed the Sabbath from men’s lives.  This entire study keeps bringing us back to the REST God requested from the beginning…now it surfaces again.)

The BP Oil will be one of my favorite stories; but after I saw it, God showed me the other stories by accident. And, really, they are the most important thing for Him to show us. It can NOT be by accident that they all occur at the same time period. It is a small box for God to orchestrate in and some will still not believe it. Some need a BIG box that constantly needs to be filled up to finally say…hmm.. maybe this is, The Hand of God.

My day will be blessed when Christians finally use the terminology that a Hebrew can relate to. Jesus is really ‘Yeshua.’ Lord is, Adonai. Saturday is Sabbath or Shabbot.

His creatures were suffocated with oil on their bodies so they could not breathe. They were burnt up in the waters. They were polluted with a ‘black anointing’ to show us the lessons that are still bursting forth in truth five years later. What will we still be thinking in ten years from now? Ten is a time of seasoning…and then a commitment needs to be made. In Tishrei you are atoned for or judged on Tishrei 10. Nabel was gone in TEN days after rejecting David a second time. Ten represents the ‘yud’ or spelled ‘yood’ and is pictured as a strong hand. It is the hand of judgment that is upon us.

Valdez spilled 11 Million gals, 2000 sea otters and 250,000 birds lost their lives in 1989. The cost was over a billions dollars. There is no price on some of this.

Creation is going to cry out.

I share one last thing as I think about oil. It is the 70th Anniversary that President Franklin D Roosevelt received a letter on 25 Adar, March 10, from King Saud. The King of oil wanted FDR to confirm their conversation on the USS Quincy in February. FDR will respond confirming that the Arabs would have a say in who lives in the land of Palestine. In the Balfour Agreement the large land mass was for the Jews. It never happened.

FDR met with the young prince Saud of whom did not have good feelings for the Jews nor their loss of SIX million Jews. I’m sure the prince and his father thought it was a great battle of success as they supplied the money that supported Hitler.

In the winter of 1945 FDR secretly met with Prince Saud with little publicity nor permission from Congress. Britain was appalled at the meeting when they found out. They were just liberating Europe and the job had not yet been accomplished. The Princes’ request for the land was just another swap for oil for peace. Land for peace…land for peace….land for peaceland for peace. That is what Hitler wanted….land….land…land… LAND for the ultimate EMPIRE! And, who owns it ALL….Adonai. He gave the entire earth for man to have dominion over but He said, this portion will be for my foot stool. IsraEL is His foot stool and it’s capitol is JERUSALEM…ZION…

You see, the month of Adar is about oil. It is the ‘Anointing oil’ that FDR needed for America and instead this agreement personally ‘anointed’ him for death. FDR would die one week after confirming the letter to Saude. He died of a stroke on April 12, 1945. It was Nisan 29; a dark night of no moon.

Yeshua (Jesus) died on Nisan 15 in Full moon light. He also died with an eclipse that lasted THREE hour, noon to 3:00 pm. An earthquake shook so violently that the thick veil in the temple was ripped in half. Stone crumbled as the cornerstone became a stumbling stone. Adonias presence left the Temple, the candles would not stay lite and the doors would not stay closed. God was gone. Would they realize it? Would they keep bringing their heartless offerings to Him? What would 150 days later look like at Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10? This BP Spill began on Israel’s Independence Day 2010. 150 days later it was Yom Kippur, day of atonement. Was the judgment done for what the world did to God? They killed 6 million of His children and only gave them a sliver of land, only 40 miles wide at one point. Yes, God loves to play with numbers. We are instructed NOT to remove the boundary stones. God set them and He is in charge. The Boundary Stones is the Torah.

Yeshua/Jesus had risen and was teaching the ways of life (Torah) for forty more days. It was on the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer that he left. There are so many exciting things our pastors could be talking about in the churches.

But churches have become the base for ‘marriage counseling, how to stay out of debt, how to store up food for ‘whatever’ is next to happen on the earth. Did Yeshua teach those things? It was already covered in The Torah, God’s instruction book, If people would renew their covenant with God then they would have happy lives together. God even instructs that you should have a deck around your porch so no one falls off and hurts themselves and they make you responsible for damages. Yes, people are following Torah even unknowingly.

What did The Feast of Tabernacles on Tishrei 15-23 feel like without God there? They knew the appointed times that God declared He wanted to meet with them. Men today are revisiting those old boundary stones and bringing them back as foundation stones.

The large stones are still lying outside the old walls for people to see. Most tourists think that they are just part of something that still needs to be removed as the Temple Mount always looks like it is under re-construction. But, these are the original stones hat are left there to show that this story of 70 AD with Romes General Titus really happened.

70 AD was that final rest of being severed. But, with the Crusades of conquering land, the severing of life continued as we watch men march through history believing in their ’cause for Christ’. Hitler did it for Christ as well. He loved the Catholic church and Martin Luther. He loved the Arabs money and Henry Ford got duped into hating the Jew. He was awarded the highest honor from Hitler that a normal citizen could have.

The Jews stolen properties with even the gold filings taken from their teeth financed the Supremacy of Hitler’s kingdom of Nimrod and Cain. Satan’s lies have manifested into a pustule of deception…as even the love of the new convert Peter could not see the truth…that He had do IT! There was no other answer for man but God coming in the flesh who would reign in all kingdoms…flesh and spiritual.

Have you ever thought of what questions you would like to ask of those that received the Holy Spirit at Shavuot TEN days after Yeshua went back to the father? What were their lives going to be like. Were they the latest and greatest evangelists? Or, were they Torah keeping individuals who impressed upon the children to RETURN to the original low fences of Torah. They taught that Yeshua said that His, ‘yoke’ was light. The Torah was light to keep. They were individuals that knew Yeshua’s walk meant hanging on a tree…even upside down.

Should we look at the BP Gulf time line and see what day that held?

30 Nisan – Rosh Chodesh 1 * 15 Day Counting of Omer

  • April 14 – Brian Morel, a BP drilling engineer, emails a colleague “this has been a nightmare well which has everyone all over the place.”[11]

The Holocaust was a nightmare taking people from all over the place in the world, too.

One other thing let’s check…. Oil has caused more nightmares.

April 1, 1967 – Nissan 12 – King Saude has his throne stolen from him by Prince Faisal while he is on health care in the United States. He is undermining and removing Saudes ministry. This Prince Faisal of whom becomes the next King of Oil will be stabbed and killed in 1975 by his nephew Faisal of whom will be executed.

This is Cain all over again….fighting for the right to the kingdom. The Arab Emirates pride themselves with Dubai who are now pictured in the world as Nimrod declaring themselves to have the tallest towers on the earth.

This ‘Anointing Black Oil’ because in a Shemittah Cycle and it will close out in 2015 in a Shemittah cycle. It closes with the Arabs at war with each other using ISIS as the ‘Great Avenger.’ If the report is true that vehicles can now be driving with CO2 and water…..what has just happened? The ‘People of the Oil’ must find new venues for the glut from Asher.

The Fast of Esther and Purim OIL burns are not an accident with God. The Iranians who desire a lifestyle of humbleness before Allah and willing to remove every homosexual from the earth, and Jew and Christian also see the atrocity that sits across their waters at Dubai. Every king can own their own island…because they build islands for their rich princes. Oil has made them into Cains and Nimrods. There is nothing else that can satisfy their flesh.

These revelations of ‘Black Anointing Oil’ need to be heard. I think Jonathan Cahn would call them ‘harbingers’ as to what is to come. He stood before the United Nations as proclaimed that the 6 million Jews could just be the ‘harbinger’ that points to 60 million Christians that are next to be executed.

I beg the readers of these articles to reconsider your ways of worship. Please consider Returning to Torah. It is the Foundation Stone that is light. It RETURNS us to peace. It takes us into Messiah spiritually and safe on this earth…

It’s not my history that I wrote, it’s God’s history book. He knows the ways of men and He orchestrates their path.

If Hadassah was not up for the job to go to King Ahasareus, then another way would have been found. But, she accepted the challenge and God heard their plea. Now, hear mine, please!

Hadessah again submits to you for your consideration:

WHY is God doing this, remembering that His ways are NOT our ways?”  Ezekiel 22:26-31 tells why…

12 Adar Erev Fast of Esther (dusk begins fast) 

13 Adar Fast of Esther

14 PURIM – Celebrating defeat of Haman (Israel’s enemies)

15 Shushan Purim (celebrating outside Israel)

Valdez Prince * 17 Adar II * PURIM Day 3  * Erev Shabbot Tsav (command, give an order)*  2nd Year Shemittah Cycle * 1989 * March 24

BP Texas City TX explosion * 12 Adar II * Erev Fast Esther * 4th Shemittah Cycle * 2005 * March 23 * 15 Die * Wednesday * TSAV in 2 days (command) *

BP New Horizon Deep water 2nd Rig set * 15 Tu B’Shevat Sabbath (New Year for Trees) * On Sabbath Beshalach (when he sent)  * 2nd Shemittah  cycle * 2010 * January 30 * 11 Die * Explodes 80 days later on IsraEL’s Independence Day * 4.9 Million barrels spilled in 87 days *

Petrobras 36, Brazil * 20 Adar * PURIM 5 * 2001 * Thursday March 15 3 explosions, March 20 sank * 11 Die * Torah Sabbath reading, Ki Tisa, ( ‘when you take’) * 1676 Anniv. Constantine 325 AD rejects Sabbath, designates Sunday worship * Shemittah Year *

Summary: 1989 – 2010 = 21 years of black anointing * (Our 7 years x 3 Shemittah cycles is Jacob had to Leave Laban’s house to stop the idol worship.  His wife Rachael sat on the idols and she would be the one to die in child birth in the 21st year as they came out.  She had Benjamin (the son of Jacob’s right hand).  This again proves the idol worship that ‘black oil’ has had on our lives.  God desires to be rid of it.  2015 is the Shemittah year of release.  The Emirates are on the verge of collapse from ISIS and Americans will NOT fight their wars for them any longer.  These princes must now put on their own military clothing and fight their own brothers.  The Black anointing will continue in the next Shemittah cycle of 2015 – 2022.  The writing is on the walls of history.

Shemittah Year – Petrorbas 2001

2nd Shemittah cycle – Valdez 1989, BP Macondo Gulf 2010,

4th Shemittah cycle – BP Texas 2005


These findings are INCREDIBLE!  It is at the end of this report that I find some of the BEST from God.

What did He just show us?  It will be the Petrobras 36 spill that showed me something so incredible.  As I verified it’s detail on my Hebrew calendar…I saw it.  I noted that it occurred on a day that is still being discussed today.  One man in history got his way…  Constantine in 325 canceled the Sabbath.

1676 years ago Easter was installed honoring Istar, a goddess.  It would become later known as Easter.  They threw out The Fast of Esther and PURIM.  In fact, the New Year began with Nisan as God had issued Mosche to begin the Ecclesiastical year to begin with Nisan 1.  In 1596 (?) they moved the new year to begin in January.  They actually erased some of God’s very special Hebraic days in two different years that they adjusted their calendars.  I do have that story already written.

What else can each us what God is thinking?  What are the Torah readings from these anointing Sabbaths.  In fact two actually occur on the Sabbath and same Sabbath.

Command, give an order was issued twice.  Mosche was commanding, giving an order to Aharon on how to instruct his children to be successful priests in the house of God.  This is another message friends.  We are priests and we need to be instructing our children and their children how to worship Adonai using The Torah and making sure they understand how to REST on the Sabbath.

The Sabbath can NOT be removed.  This is a serious matter.  Look at the Petrobras incident…it was the 1676th Anniversary of Constantine removing the Sabbath from the calendar and churches.  If they were found to be meeting on the Sabbath they were tortured or burned at the stake.  It was a violation of their legal laws but not God’s torah (instruction).

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