Victim Cheshvan 12 Massacre Dies

Fifth Victim dies on Cheshvan 12

We all have this ‘Appointment’ to keep!
I did not realize until right now that the Temple Mount Massacre of 2014 was on Cheshvan 25.  Four rabbis were killed with Rabbi Chaim (Howie) being hospitalized for almost one year.  There are now five widows and 34 children without an abba (father).
I believe the Appointment of Appointments is Yom Kippur.  In 2015 it was the day that the abomination that causes desolation around the world stood before the men of the world.  Instead of fasting as God instructed, men celebrated and partied with the Pope on America’s soil.   Religion and Politics stood together hand-in-hand the day before, on Yom Kippur, and the day after.  Yes, THREE days of it to be sure the world got the message of their unification.
One thing that is sure….Rome wants Jerusalem.   These leaders will agree that Jerusalem will be their throne from which to reign the earth.  A temple shall be built that will bring a (false) peace.  The head Turkish Iman already has declared Jerusalem the City for all to come to worship.  The whore church is ready to take possession.
Catholics are known by the world as Christians.  Thus we have Christians now yoked with Rome and we have America now yoked to Islam through their President and his cabinet.  The religious and political platforms are before us.  We also have a Greek Jesus and Roman Jesus that is Lawless (no Torah).  The Hebrew Jesus’ name is Yeshua and embodies the Torah. This is what real believers must evaluate and move toward.  They need to study the difference and come out of the harlot.
The Muslim faith accepts Roman Catholicism as Mohammed married Fatima, a Catholic.  The TWO false witnesses are in place and joined….on the Appointment of Appointments 2015.  Will it be an entire Shemittah cycle (7 years) that we will incurr these special threatening times?  The 1290th day to 1335th day each year could have such intensity that at the end of the Shemittah cycle of 2015-2022-23 God shortens it so at least some can survive?  Or, will this be a very severe Shemittah 7-year period with the next Shemittah cycle of 2023-2030-31 being a final push in the labor pains.  I personally like this last scenario as this will make it exactly 2000 years since Yeshua walked this earth.  He may just complete the pattern to the day and year.  He started his ministry three years and then left.  I believe He left in the Shemittah year 34 AD in the month of Iyyar.  It was the 40th Day of the Counting of he Omer…then the Holy Spirit came on the 50th Day known as Shavuot or Pentecost.
September 13, 2015 began new 7-year cycle, 2015 – 2021
September 6, 2021 – Elul 29 – Day of Remission ends 7-year cycle 2015-2021
September 7, 2021 begins 7-year cycle, 2021-2028
September 21, 2028 – Elul 29 – Day Remission ends 7-year cycle 2021-2028
September 22, 2028 – Begins 7-year cycle 2028 – 2035
October 3, 2035 – Elul 29 – Day of Remission ends 7-year cycle 2028-2035

God controls the earth, not some global warming threat.  God is whipping things up…. as our universe can handle emissions….it’s the universe….so massive it can’t be measured.  What about all the air planes, rocket fuel, and chem trails rising up?

God has a plan and He is the one that orchestrates His creation to perform and cry out.  It is His original volcanoes that are heating the oceans.  Man has coal pockets around the earth that can’t be put out.  Why do we not hear reports about the volcanoes?  Because it would put fear in people and they would massively exit those areas.  Instead, we make them vacation resorts and then tsunamis and earthquakes carry men to their deaths.  When the Moose leave the Dakotas and Yellowstone then men should think twice about making them their vacation spots.  Stay away from the simmering….

War is created so men will succumb to what seems to be the best way out.  America appears to be united with Gog (Turkey) in it’s war with Syria and now Russia.  Iran’s battleship and China’s battleship are arriving to the Mediterranean Sea.  What for?  To remove ISIS?  No, it is to protect Assad because Syria is the foothold to the next venture in the world of power.

Cheshvan 25 this year will be on November 6, 2015.  Daniel says that if you can make it, you will be blessed.  Rabbi Chaim did not make it.  Noah did make it as God had him step off the ARK on Cheshvan 27.  God’s vengeance is strong with last Sabbot begins as the largest hurricane implodes, Greece with earthquakes unprecedented and Afghanistan whose mountains shook as the 7.7 earthquake buried many alive within the last day of his writing.

This obituary reminded me of Noah’s year-long trip and Rabbi Chaim’s year-long trip of people praying over him.   Our life trip MUST include Messiah Yeshua to see that clear path.  Torah is the way to live our lives but it takes Yeshua’s saving blood to show us our sins in life.  It is His blood that covers them.
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Har Nof Rabbi Dies of Wounds 
by Yaakov Kristal 
Remembering Rabbi Chaim (Howie) Yechiel Rothman who succumbed to the wounds he sustained during the Har Nof Massacre.

Next week, on Cheshvan 25, 5776, it will be a year since the Har Nof Massacre took place. The memories of those righteous men who were brutally murdered are still fresh on our minds; we still ache from the pain.

Hearing the repeated recitation of kaddish from the orphans was a constant reminder about the massacre. Just two weeks ago they finished saying kaddish for their parents who died on Kiddush Hashem. This was a partial comfort for us.

But tonight, on the 12th of Cheshvan, almost a year later, a new cycle of kaddish will begin. Our wounds have been ripped open by the death of my beloved neighbor and dear friend, Rabbi Chaim Yechiel Rothman Hy’d.

Rabbi Chaim Yechiel Rothman sustained blows to the head with an axe during the massacre. Since then he had been in a coma-like state. Every day we pleaded to the Almighty to bring him back to us. On Friday night at dusk, just as Shabbos was entering, Chaim’s soul left this world and returned back to the Almighty.

A Kind Soul

Chaim grew up with two brothers and two sisters in Toronto, Canada.

Lover of Torah

For the past 23 years Chaim has been studying with a prominent Rosh Kollel in Jerusalem, Rabbi Baruch Tanzer who said that he never had a chevrusah, study partner like Chaim Rothman.

His wife, Risa, has gone through unbelievable challenges during this past year not knowing if her husband was dead or alive. She has the support of the other four widows, her family and the entire community who stood and will continue to stand by her side.

Rabbi Yitzchak Mordechai Hakohen Rubin, the Rabbi of Kehilas Bnei Torah where the massacre took place, said, “If we had a thought that we would forget about our holy victims after 12 months, death once again peeks through the window. We cannot possibly forget what happened. The number of widows has gone up to five and the number of orphans is now 35.”

Let us hope that mashiach will be here soon and bring a fulfillment to the promise, “Death will be destroyed forever, and tears will be wiped off of the faces of all.”


Israel: 1-800-39-47-47
Kupat Ha’Ir – Pob 49 – Bnei Brak
Fund #2159

USA: American Friends Of Kupat Hair
4415 14th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11219

NOTE: Har Nof Families – General Fund #2159

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