Simon Perez September 13 pattern – Signs Oslo Accord 1993; stroke 2016.

There  were two men from Israel that shook the hand of Yassar Arafat on September 13 1993. Prime Minister Yitzack Rabbin and President Simon Perez. Perez’s life will end with a stroke at September 13, 2016.  He is put in a coma in order for his body to heal aiding his survival.  His coma was terminated on September 27 and his memorial was September 28, 2016.  The article about his life  is dated September 27. It states that 14 days previously he had experienced a stroke.  Could it be that they don’t want the date September 13 to be remembered?  Why wouldn’t they want God’s hand on his life to be known?  He was short 7 years from being 100. He was 27 years short of being 120 years; man’s G-d-declared age.

He was age 93 when taken by G-d and served Israel 70 total years.  For seventy years he was given over to Israel to bring God’s Temple to the earth.  Did Perez succeed? NO!  It is only by G-d’s hand that Israel is succeeding to the extent they are, as every day is another challenge because the goat and sheep nations constantly plague Israel with cursing them about their existence.


On Saturday, January 15 2017, PLO Abbas met with the Pope at the Vatican to debunk Israel from building on her rightful land.  His concern comes from news reports that America might move it’s embassy to Jerusalem.  Yes, the Vatican is connected to Islam.  After all, one of Prophet Mohammad wives was a Catholic named, Fatima.   What does moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem have to do with moving any of the Christian or Muslim holy sites?  Nothing!

The Paris Peace Talks held January 15-17, 2017 was by 70 nations.  Britain abstained as to show alignment with the United States.  The UN had already asked the world to boycott Israels products and now they will go after ‘sanctions.’ The French ambassadors have wanted Israel to go back to pre-1948 borders. Wow…not even be a nation?  Yes….is the goal of all this rhetoric.

14 UN members (all Muslim controlled countries) brought Resolution 1224 to the table with America’s Obama abstaining for the first time in it’s history.  He sent a clear vote and just may be recognized later by our Creator for it.  Obama still has time to undermine Israel in his last day in office, January 20 2017.

Thus, the man Simon Perez is released from his duties of 70 years in September 2016. Simon Perez, who was the President of Israel in 1993 and on September 13 signed the papers that recognized the PLO as having authority to have a say of what happens in Israel. This shaking of hands 24 years ago began a series of Oslo Accords that would continue to be pushed by ALL the next United States presidents.  Mr.Trump has the opportunity to change this and bring America back to it’s position of respect with our Creator.

The problem is that even though hands are always being shaken, the sheikhs will not accept the land that Israel agrees to return to them.   ADONAI won their battles for them in the 1967 Six-Day War.  They won more than they wanted and returned it.  Our Creator keeps expanding their land and they should now be able to take care of it.  Returning to the land is a command by Yahweh.

PM Rabin was assassinated by one of his own citizens in 1995 and Perez will live to be 93 years of age.  Does G-d want us to remember the signing of that pact in 1993, September 13?  The answer is YES!

Perez dies as the 50th Jubilee ends. 2017 began in September 2016. It is a release from the slavery. It is a new beginning with renewed ownership.

It is by the Hand of G-d that he served 70 years for Israel.  It is not by accident that we start this new Jubilee cycle with a United States president whose family supports The Jewish Cause.  This truly is The Hand of God establishing His desires and rule over the earth.

By the Hand of God Perez had his stroke on or near the exact Gregorian calendar Anniversary date of September 13. He was the first  Israel president to sign The Oslo Accords in 1993.  Our Creator is not letting us forget who agreed to divide His land.

Our Creator let him live another 23 years, but G-d reminds us that He will always remember what we have done in our lives.  If we deny The Temple to be built in Jerusalem in Israel’s name, there is recognition….even at your demise….at the end of your life.  Our Creator places before all men….even the wrong that you did…as he did with Perez.  A Prime Minister, President, soldier, ambassador and more…and yet September 13 is what our Creator wants us to remember….He signed papers to divide ADONAI’S land that even on the last day of the Six-Day War…our Creator confirmed Jerusalem to be Israels.  There is no man that can live in peace with our Creator and try to deter His plans for the earth.  Our Creator will find another way.

The 121st Jubilee began in the Fall 2016.

In November 2016 Mr. Donald Trump was raised up to be the next king of the earth to help firmly establish Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and The Tempe to be built.  Obama just signed a six-month halt to the US embassy being moved so unless Donald Trump negates that signature it will be at Israel’s Independence Day the move could be made.

In six months or sooner the United States Embassy could be moved from Tel’aviv to Jerusalem.  This helps confirm Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.  Most people were shocked when President Obama wouldn’t recognize a visa with Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.   The fight for Jerusalem is still on.

This Anti-Messiach Obama (against the anointing to come to Jerusalem) is soon to be gone and new leaders will help establish The Kingdom on our earth, but only if Christians get off their high horses and accept Torah as the rule of the earth.  If these Christians do not RETURN….they will be a generation that dies off in the next fifty years (one Jubilee) so The Torah can return and be applied to the ‘Generation’ of believers in The Kingdom that comes to the earth…for a 1,000 years.

Our Creator uses 40 as a marker in history.  Yeshua Jesus, The Messiach, came in the 80th Jubilee of the earth and was here in 17 AD.  It has been 40 Jubilees since he came as ‘The Suffering Servant’. FORTY JUBILEES brings a time of transition of power on the earth.  It is now 2017 and the 120th Jubilee has just completed itself.  We are entering the 121st Jubilee, year one, on the earth.

Simon Perez lived 93 years and 70 of it for the land of Israel.  Adom lived 930 years and was shorted 70 years of  living one full day in heaven’s calendar….because he sinned in the day that he was born. 1000 years is as a day to our Creator.

Scripture says.  We have all sinned and G-d made note of it in Adom by expressly telling us why his life was shorted.

Did Perez fill up Adom’s 70 years?  And, yet, Perez will be remembered for the day he had a stroke…at September 13…the same day he signed with the PLO causing Israel’s continued grief over G-d’s land and Jerusalem that God affirmed to her in The 1967 Six-Day War.

How do you want to be remembered?  Do something special for God.  And, Jewish tradition says that if you die at your birthday, you have completed your life-course that Adonai had for you…just as Mosche did.

Mosche had three segments of forty years.  The first was in Egypt, the second in the worldly Midean and the last forty was spent teaching Torah in the wilderness…which represents us….outside the walls of Israel.  We can be taught The Torah and be brought into the covenants of Abraham, Noach and Adom.  They all had grace, mercy and The Laws to help them live peaceable on the earth and at the same time were to point the world to the blood of The Messiach; of whom is the living Torah (instructions).

Adom was shorted seventy years and yet Simon Perez finished his course of 70 years for Israel.  Yet, both men are remembered for ONE mistake.  Both of their mistakes involved getting the children kicked out of the ‘promised land.’  Both did not trust God to provide the power necessary to keep them in the land they were set in.  This power will come soon as seen in Noach who was shorted one Jubilee (50 years) from living a perfect day.  Noache also sinned in his day and lived to 950 years of age…19 Jubilees.

A perfect day is 20 Jubilees. (1000 years)

Two Days:  We are 40 Jubilees from the blood sacrifice of YHVH coming in the flesh as The Suffering Servant. (2000 years)

The Third Day is beginning now; 2017. Hebrew Year 5777.  Or, it is written 777.

This mystery is still to be solved.  Which Jubilee will we see the establishment of The Kingdom on our earth.  The Menorah has seven candlesticks that represent the eyes of G-d that sweep the earth looking to see who is doing Torah.  It is Torah that shows them their sin and then it is Torah that then keeps them safe on the earth.  It is Torah because it is Yeshua Jesus who is The Torah…perfect in every point of it; thus He qualifies to be The Messiach.

Our world rejects The Torah as laws that aren’t necessary because we have The Blood of The Suffering Servant poured over us…which is true.  But, in the acceptance of that blood, we are commanded to be like him…full of Torah…so we can be that Light to the world…not hiding it under a bushel basket even.  That light is still seen as a dim glow under that basket and in The Temple through the incense on the altar.  The incense represent our prayers.  Are the Jews praying something different than the Christians?  Do the Christians pray to get ‘caught out of their troubles’ or are they grafted into the Jew which Scriptures says to pray to endure through the troubles…because those troubles bring The Messiach.

Did the world convince Perez to vote for the world to divide Israel? Did Adom vote to become as a god, forsaking Torah?

Martin Luther October 31 1517 posted his thesis of 95 questions to the Catholic church.  It has been exactly 500 years of that reformation.  The question he did not pursue was the question on, the Trinity.  That question threatened even the ‘kings’ positions of the land and perhaps he thought it best to keep his head.  But, 500 years later, heads are being taken off because the religion of Islam rejects a triune god-head…which Christians hold to.   But, what if our bibles have been slanted toward that so the ‘kings’ could hold their authority over the land.  Today, we have republics that don’t want a king.  Should the Scriptures be evaluated on this issue so heads are not removed for a belief that may not even be true?

Martin Luther was a good ‘sales men’ to the public.  His theories benefited the people and kept money in the people’s pockets and now he was in trouble with the governments and their treasuries.  He also thought he could be a good salesmen to the Jew.  When they would not change to his Gentile ways…which still included Christmas and Easter, he was frustrated that they wanted to stick with their Torah ways of honoring The Lord’s Feasts which held to Passover.  He wrote that it was just best to alienate yourselves from them.  He said that the Jews were intolerable and that their businesses should be closed and they could be burned from the face of the earth.

Monday, Martin Luther King is celebrated. He stole his name from Martin Luther. His name is Michael King.

The Protestors of Catholicism are called Protestants. Marten Luther brought many people to burn orcheads were chopped off.  All in the name of Jesus Christos (Anoint).

People were again burned for not converting as these are the things Hitler picked up on and put into his programs for the Jews and anyone not Arien.
From Moses bringing the Hebrews out of Egypt to Yeshua the Messiach it was around 1000 years.  We see a 500-year span from Solomon’s Temple destroyed at 583 BCE when they were carried off to Babylon for 70 years for not obeying Torah feasts nor laying the land to rest.

From Martin Luther (1517) to now (2017) is exactly 500 years.  All of these time periods brought change which moved people away from The Torah.  At the end of 500 years, a pattern of change happens…Back to The Beginning…Back to The Torah.

The Suffering Servant Yeshua Jesus was on the earth in 17 AD…He spent about another 17 years before dying on a stake for the penalty of sin.  This gives us a pattern relating to the life of Jacob and Joseph.   Joseph was sold into Egypt at age 17…Jacob (Israel) enjoyed him for 17 years.  Jacob doesn’t find Joseph until he is 130 years old. Thus, Jacob lost Joseph to the world for 113 years.

Since Israel (Jacob) lives to age 147, we see that he enjoyed Joseph another 17 years. Israel enjoyed Joseph for a total of 34 years which is likely the age that The Suffering Servant went to the stake; around 27 AD (a Shemittah year).

Joseph’s life has always been considered a picture of The Messiach.

The Sufferng Servant was on the earth in 17 AD.

Will The King of Kings be on the earth in 2017; 2000 years later (2 days)?

Will Adonai work in the Jubilee pattern of 50 years?  The Menorah pictures a Jubilee pattern. The seven churches in Revelations  each have a menorah making 49 eyes searching the earth for Torah. The 50 is He of whom is that “shamash candle” (service) that is filled up with The Torah. Our eyes should be searching for Yeshua who sets men free in the Jubilee year or could it be Jubilee One of The Third Day?

Will this next generation grow in Torah? Those that don’t want it, die off as they did in the wilderness with Mosche?  Will the forty-year pattern of the disobedient dying off show up and then, in the last ten years, we see that time period for the Nations to repent?  It’s a picture of Yom Kippur.

Looking at the what the Jubilee means could be critical to understanding the final tribulations?  And, we know it is always about setting Israel as the place to where The Messiach will rule the earth from.   The earth is His footstool and He rules from Jerusalem.

Or, could that first menorah candlestick be lite of seven years bringing The Temple back on the land?  Could it be President Trump that helps The Temple to be built…and we seem to live in peace for three and half years?  He may not be re-elected and the next man allows the abomination of desolation to control The Temple to finish that menorah candlestick of seven years.

Pastor Biltz taught on the Torah study today explaining how Jacob (Israel) was placed in Goshen known as a land of miracles…they did not experience plaques.  It was also called Goshenah…adding part of Yahweh’s name to it.   The theme is about how Adonai’s children multiplied in Goshen.  In a drought…they multiplied.   They multiplied because they could observe Torah.  When men move away from Torah they find chastisement once again upon themselves.

There has been no world peace nor spiritual peace with The Reformation headed by Martin Luther.

There is no real salvation lead by good ‘salesmen’ telling their ‘gospel’ to lost souls.  How can one be saved when their Savior doesn’t do Torah?  Do we sell the wrong Jesus?

There is salvation through The Torah that first convicts man of their sin.  It is The Torah that convicts man of sin and then they desire to not sin….and then live by God’s instructions, The Torah.  The kingdom coming comes to people who enjoy Adonai’s Torah (instruction).

It is The People of the Book that are responsible for showing us The Torah.  Why not let 2017 be the year to LISTEN….stop being ‘salesmen’ for God and LISTEN to how our Creator has persuaded men all through these 6000 years in patterns of discipline and reward for NOT Killing his fellow man, for NOT lying, for NOT coveting, for NOT working seven days a week, for NOT eating incorrectly….

Jeremiah 6:15-19 says that men would not listen. “Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination?  No, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush.  Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time that I visit them, they shall be cast down.” says the LORD…….please reference the rest of these verses.

Joseph knew that the LORD would visit them and he wanted his bones not to be left in Egypt.  Jeremiah again reminds them that the LORD will visit them.

Psalm 19:7-11  “The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.  The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.  The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.  More to be desired are they than gold, yes, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.  Moreover by them is your servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward.”

Will The King of Kings come in 2017, 2000 years later (2 days)?  Or, will Adonai work in the Jubilee pattern of 50 years.  It can be both.

Will this next generation enjoy growing in Torah, and those that don’t want it die off as they did in the wilderness with Mosche?

Men are scheduled to leave the earth and for what are they remembered?  Adom returned to Elohim and the first thing he did when exiled from The Garden of Eden was to build an altar of sacrifice.  The first thing Noach did when he got off the ark was build an altar of sacrifice for any ‘unknown’ sin his family or he may have committed.  Mosche, Joshua, King David, King Josiah offered sacrifices and hosted incredible feasts to honor the LORD.  Even the apostle Paul labored to return in time to attend Passover.  Yeshua Jesus and his entire family are seen at The Lord’s Festivals.  Yeshua left on the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer and  The Comforter came on what is known as Shavuot/Pentecost.  Even this festival is commanded to attend today…which shows us these type of festivals did NOT go away at Christ’s resurrection.

Too many words today……but still not enough words to explain why The WORD has returned in our lives.  Yeshua is The Word…Living and written WORD.

Martin Luther did NOT do us good………The People of the Book still can!

PSALM 19:7 “The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul…

I John 5:3,4  For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments; and his commandments are not grievous.  For whatever is born of God overcomes the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.

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