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UN Resolution PATTERNS: ‘As In The Days Theme”

Numbers  * Destruction  *  120

In the beginning God spoke about creation through the eyes of time called The Jubilee year, The Week, the Year and then the Day.

In the Book of Jubilees we see the history of man and what brought about man’s demise. Around 1885 the Book of Jubilees was removed from bibles. It was probably an expense that added to printing costs….but they removed other books as well.

As I was bringing genealogy forward from this wonderful book today, I found Noach’s Flood beginning in the year 1334. In our bibles we find The Flood at 1656 walking through the Adom and Chanoh genealogies. The Book of Jubilees shows a 322-year earlier flood.

The pattern I found is from The Jubilee account of The Flood so let’d discuss that account.

In the ‘Days of Adom and Noah we call their time period, The First Day.   Thus, the number one and then the other numbers follow. In the Last Days, or what is called The Second Day, we see the number 2 and then the numbers follow.   It is a pattern in numbers with 334.

The Flood date from Adom that brought destruction: The year  1334

UN Resolution against Israel deemed for destruction: Resolution  2334

Jubilee 5:22 “And Noach made the ark in all respects as he commanded him, in the twenty-seventh jubilees of years, in the fifth week in the fifth year on the New Moon of the first month.”

27th Jubilee Completed: 27 x 50 years is 1350 years

The 27th Jubilee is from year 1301 to 1350.

Week 5 are the years 29 – 35

Year 5 is the year 33

The Book of Jubilees is very specific of the timing of The Flood and to the day.

Jubilee 5:23 “And he entered in the sixth year thereof, in the second month, on the New Moon of the second month, till the sixteenth, and he entered, and all that we brought to him, into the ark, and YAHUAH closed it from without on the seventeenth evening.”

This is year 1334, Month Two (Cheshvan) Day 17. Cheshvan 17 1334. The Bible also confirms the second month, seventeenth day, Cheshvan 17, as the day the flood begins.

From Adom to Moses, the month of Tishrei is always the first month with Cheshvan being the second month. We get a second first month when Mosche leads the Israelites out of Egypt; then the 7th month also becomes a first month. The seventh month of Nissan becomes the Ecclesiastical New Year and Tishrei remains the first month on The Civil Calendar…used to anoint kings, etc.

Pattern of destruction:

The UN Resolution was determined to stop the growth of Israel. Anything progressive with Israel will be cited as evil for those envious for Jerusalem.  In fact, there is so much fighting going on over Jerusalem that the world is in fear of WWIII. PA Abbas even met with The Pope concerned about The United States moving it’s embassy from Televiv to Jerusalem. This move is seen as securing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, which was recaptured in The Six Day of War of 1967.

Jubilees 5:8 And he said, My RUACH shall not always abide on man; for they also are flesh and their days shall be one hundred and twenty year. And he sent his sword into their midst that each should slay his neighbor, and they began to slay each other till they all fell by the sword and were destroyed from the earth. And their fathers were witnesses of their destruction, and after this they were bound in the depths of the earth forever, until the day of the great condemnation, when judgment is executed on all those who have corrupted their ways and their works before YAHUAH.” quoted from The Cepher.

Pattern of time: 120

In these ‘last days’ many are looking for The Second Coming. Even Muslims believe Jesus will come back to the earth, but for only about 40 years…the normal reign of a king.

The Book of Jubilees and The Bible give the same information that it was 120 years until The Flood. In our ‘last generation’ I am going to call this a pattern in that we just finished the 120 JUBILEE of the earth. The 120-year delay gave man time to repent. The 120 Jubilee-delay has ended and it is time for a new slate once again. And there are verses that declares man’s new lifespan to be 120 years.  And I love that Jacob left Laban’s house in his 20th year birthing the ‘son of his right hand’, Benjamin in the 21st year…The Third Shemittah cycle with Laban…the world.  Benjamin is a picture of The Second Messiach who comes as King of Kings.

The 6000 year (50 x 120) has been completed from Adom. We are have now entered year 6001. It is the very first year of the 121st Jubilee taking us to the year 7000.

Noach got off the ark at age 601. We are going to get our ark in 6001. The ‘Ark’ was designed and is likened to The Temple. The Temple must be set in order for the 70 Nations to be atoned for. It will not be the UN or EU or US or any organization established by man. It is set in Jerusalem and it is The Temple that the nations must come to and REPENT.

Daniel states that if you can make it to the 1335th day you will be blessed. That is a 75-day period…or it would be in days, weeks, years or Jubilees. God works in all these patterns so men can see them. He is not Greek acting, but works in patterns…that occur again but in a different form.

The 75 days from the 1260th day is a horrible time that it is cut short so even those who obey Torah and have watched and understand it …can be saved through it. The world is so abominable that men kill each other; and their spiritual well-being is so abominable that they easily defile Adonai’s Temple, as in the past with Zeus, Diana, Alexander and pigs of 167 BC that gave us Chanukah.   If we had The Temple, man would probably start the Olympics from The Temple hailing Diana and Zeus and asking their blessing…as we do today, but we start it from Athens.  (no other gods before me!)

In the year 6001 the US did nothing to come to the aide of Israel. But, they did have President-Elect tweet his opinion. The EU joined Mr. Trump and the Resolution 2334  changed a few words. Instead of forcing a solution…they still want Israel to be part of the decision. Thus, The Flood is still on schedule…  The enemy still wants Israel gone.   The Flood that removes all enemies from JERUSALEM because that is where The Messiah will reign from.

I say, Build the Temple so nations can come…and then it will The Creator YAHUAH that punishes that nation personally…with no rain, disease and destruction with earthquakes and tsunamis. Be careful where you vacation…I would ‘boycott’ any nation that does NOT go down and bow….

What do the numbers 334 represent?  House House Door

The letter Gimel is 3 with the picture of a camel…lifted up

Gimel expressed again is definite and true

The letter Dahlet is four and pictures as a door.

We have a message of being lifted up and yet it is a door.

Noah was a door to our future.  He was lifted up in what looked to be a tabneracle set above the earth.

The Temple is the next door to our future.  It is to be high and lifted up in Jerusalem…set above the earth from where The Messiach will reign…those that desire His Torah rule.

In Noah’s account he was ‘sent forth’ in the year 1334.  The ‘one’ is the letter ‘Aleph’ which represents; strength, first and is pictured as an ‘ox.’  The Aleph is known for G-d.  It is a very powerful number.  It is our Creator Elohim that lifts us up and lifted up Noach.

The number two is the Beit represented by a house. B  Can you see the windows in the house?  The Son of God is seen in the letter Beit.  It is He that is in the house that builds it.  It is the Aleph and Beit together that lift us up.

These number of Resolution 2334 show us The Messiah that is high and lifted up and is the Door to our future.

May HaShem bless you as you seek His House…His Temple…to come to our earth!

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