Two 8.0 Earthquakes 187.41 miles and 5 weeks apart. Obama in turbulent weather. Freak Midwest storm kills 90.

Our Creator allows creation to move at His command.  Both of these 8.0 earthquakes occurred when I was able to witness them happen.  The first was during the Sabbath; Friday evening to Saturday evening, December 17 was Kislev 17 2016.  The second 8.0 I watched the earthquake map red dot appear was just after Shabbot closed USA time on January 21, 2017, Tevet 23.  It was recorded at 04:30:33 on January 22, 2017.

I’m going to show you the news release from Reuters.  I told my husband, who was going to bed, “I bet they lower it to 7.9.”  And, they did!

Sunday Jan 22 2017

SINAGPORE, Jan 22 (Reuters) – An 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck 47 kilometres (29 miles) west of Arawa on Bougainville island, Papua New Guinea, the United States Geological Survey reported on Sunday.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said in an advisory that “widespread hazardous tsunami waves are possible” as a result of the earthquake for the next three hours along the coasts of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Nauru, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Vanuatu, Chuuk and Indonesia. (Reporting by Christian Schmollinger; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore)

And, an earthquake to Japan that caused a tsunami warning to go out for many hours along Japan’s entire east and northeast coastline was lowered to 6.9 by the usgs, while Japan raised it to a 7.3.  I’d like to know what is going on.  Can we not stand by  what the instruments first tell us?

I see earthquakes as ‘The Hand of G-d’.  When man manipulates their recordings to fit their profiles… for whatever reason; I take it as an insult to ADONIA who meant it to stand out for His purposes of patterns on the earth.

I will stand on their first readings because that is what it was.  But for my reporting, I’m forced to use the usgs numbers because that is what people reference when they check my numbers.

Earthquake 8.0 PNG

Singapore…New Britain, New Ireland… reduced to 7.9…just like December 17, Kislev 17, 2016 was an 8.0 and reduced to 7.9…and 300 km distance apart.

I cut and paste this report from the website on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

The January 22nd, 2017, M 7.9 earthquake west of Panguna, Papua New Guinea, occurred as the result of reverse faulting at an intermediate depth (~150 km) beneath the island of Bougainville (North Solomons). At the location of the earthquake, the Australia plate is converging with and subducting beneath the Pacific plate in an east-northeast direction at a rate of approximately 103 mm/yr. At the location of the earthquake, some researchers consider the edges of the Australia and Pacific plates to be divided into several microplates that take up the overall convergence between Australia and the Pacific, including the Solomon Sea, South Bismarck and Manus microplates local to this event. In this context, the January 22nd event occurred along the boundary between the Solomon Sea microplate and the Pacific plate. The Solomon Sea microplate moves slightly faster and more northeasterly with respect to the Pacific plate (and South Bismarck and Manus microplates) than does the Australia plate due to sea-floor spreading in the Woodlark Basin to the southeast of the January 22nd earthquake, facilitating the classic subduction evident beneath New Britain and New Ireland. Focal mechanism solutions for the January 22nd event indicate the earthquake occurred on a moderately dipping fault striking either northwest or southeast. The location, depth and focal mechanism solution all indicate the earthquake occurred as a result of intraplate faulting within the subducting lithosphere of the Australia plate (Solomon Sea microplate), rather than on the overlying plate interface.

While commonly plotted as points on maps, earthquakes of this size are more appropriately described as slip over a larger fault area. Reverse-faulting events of the size of the January 22, 2017, M 7.9 earthquake are typically about 135×60 km (length x width).

Earthquakes like this event, with focal depths between 70 and 300 km, are commonly termed “intermediate-depth” earthquakes. Intermediate-depth earthquakes represent deformation within subducted slabs rather than at the shallow plate interface between subducting and overriding tectonic plates. They typically cause less damage on the ground surface above their foci than is the case with similar-magnitude shallow-focus earthquakes, but large intermediate-depth earthquakes may be felt at great distance from their epicenters. “Deep-focus” earthquakes, those with focal depths greater than 300 km, also occur in the subducted Australia plate. Earthquakes have been reliably located to depths of about 500 km in this region.

The Papua New Guinea region frequently hosts large earthquakes. Over the preceding century, 29 other earthquakes with M 7+ occurred within 250 km of the January 22nd event. One of these occurred at intermediate (70-300 km) – the March 1983 M 7.6 earthquake, over 200 km northwest of the January 22nd event – while two others occurred at deep (>300 km) depths. The December 17, 2016, M 7.9 intermediate earthquake occurred just under 300 km to the northwest of the January 22nd earthquake.”

This 7.9 earthquake also was first reported as 8.0.

I believe our Creator desired to memorialize America’s Pearl Harbor Day…December 7, 1941 which was Kislev 17 on the Hebrew calendar.  This 8.0 earthquake occurred on Kislev 17, December 17 2016 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

It is a BIG story to have our Creator’s hand move on days that He also is telling us, “He remembers, too.”  The attack at Pearl Harbor rallied all American’s to participate in WWII….which finally brought the Jewish Holocaust to an end.

Five weeks EXACTLY our Creator issued the second 8.0 at the Shabbot known as, “Shemot”(names).  The Torah readings we just finished pouring six hours of study into was Exodus 1:1-6:1, Isaiah 27:6-28:13; Isaiah 29:22-23; Mark 1-2.  It began with the first chapter six chapter of Exodus declaring the clans that came out of Egypt.  It was President Trump’s first official day in office and many were celebrating the burden they felt lifted from the ‘slavery’ that had been put upon them for the last Shemittah cycle which lasted eight years.

Now tell me, who just made Exodus from The White House?  Yes, President Obama has his name written in history as and eight-year president.  He existed in a special American Airliner to take him to his desired location which was Florida.  Instead, he was rerouted as two attempts failed to land him at his desired location.    Turbulent skies ended his turbulent reign.  He ended up at Riverside………..Hmm….God was now hearing the prayer for the protection of the new President from his children.  The violence was in the streets of Washington DC which was always encouraged by the last president.

Air Force One was no longer available for Mr. Obama and Special Air Mission 28000  flew his family to Palm Spring, CA.  Before boarding the plane he said, “Yes, we did!”  While the double screen showed President Trump signing documents to start unraveling some of the damages sending the message, “No, you won’t.”

Mr. Obama wanted a warmer climate for his family but it was not going to be that as California was heading into it’s worst winter weather in SEVEN years…perhaps showing Obama’s turbulence coming in and his going out.  He could not land after circling twice and aborted that location for a different venue.  As he flew over Mississippi they had tornadoes that were reaching into the atmosphere which saw 15 deaths, including a young child dying in his bed.  Mr. Obama departure was in horrific skies….controlled by The Creator….which brings judgment through His creation.

I was thinking how Christians have obeyed Torah and prayed for their leaders that seem to go against what G-d says.  They are still obeying that instruction, but now the man is President Donald Trump….  Obama in now in the hands of our G0-d that will NOT be mocked.

RIOTING….PERVERSENESS in language and deed was displayed at the Inauguration and the next days across our nation.  The heart of evil was shown and man’s pride and demands for ‘his or her rights’ were screamed at the world.  Free speech turned into tyranny….which is ‘unlawful’ to hurt others and their property.

Violence and destruction will now not be tolerated and people will go to jail for damaging other people’s properties.  Violence will NOT be tolerated in America or your course is changed and you will land where you did not desire.

Let’s give God credit for His love and also His judgments as we witness them within and above the earth.  He controls the winds and seas and allows them to roar…take cover…rest on His Sabbath in order to be safe in His care…His wings represented in The prayer shawl.  It spreads out over those that seek it.  Our new President had a prayer shawl draped over his neck on September 3, 2016 and life changed for him.  God heard the plea of His children desiring to RETURN to God’s ways.  President Trump was in church on the Sabbath….just as G-d said we are to work six days and rest on the seventh.

Please STOP changing The Hand of God!  Give all the glory….to HIM of whom allows it all….  He is seeking respect and our repentance from sin which is not being obedient to His instructions (The Torah).

I’m now copying the thoughts I wrote in December about Japan’s tsunami on Kislev 17, December 17, 2017.

“Kislev 17 – The world saw an 8.0 earthquake to Papua New Guinea. An eight magnitude earthquake is very rare and just happened in a month that was eye-for-eye…days matching. I could not watch it as our internet was also out. My phone was of little help to calculate the 8.0 earthquake. By 9:00 p.m, when our two-vehicle ice-rescue party left, I calculated 39 4.5+ after shocks with a 6.5 and the 8.0 magnitude that sent off tsunami warning to New Zealand… 2500 miles away. The site reduced the earthquake to a 7.9. I think I am about to agree with others that they are communists and don’t want me giving our Creator any credit for His hand in these things. 1944 – I can tell you that it was the perfect pattern to be matched as our Creator issued Japan an 8.0 earthquake to-the-day on Pearl Harbor’s third anniversary; on the Gregorian calendar, December 7, 1944. Look it up….a rare 8.0 to Japan on Pearl Harbor’s third anniversary. And, in 2012 we saw a lessor quake, and to Japan on December 7. And then on the Hebrew calendar on Kislev 17 God has honored that day as well connecting Japan with Pearl Harbor.”

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