Hawaii Volcano Ash is NOT manna! Rainbow: promise of fire.

What Day is It? It is May 29, 2018…It is the 26th Day of the Counting of Hawaii’s Volcanic Eruption.

What Day did it begin? Thursday, May 3, which was The National Day of Prayer in the United States.

What Day did it begin on the Hebrew Calendar? The Day the ‘manna’ fell in the desert of Egypt; 18 Iyyar. But, this ‘what is it’ that fell from the sky was meant for destruction.

For 26 days the Hebrew Israelites continued to experience “what is it” from heaven. It was God who brought the ‘what is it’ to feed them. A complete source of nutrition that they would eat and use in their cooking for the next forty years.

What was the 26th Day of the Israelites in the desert? It is when they reached Mt. Sinai in the land of today’s Arabia.

What Day is the 26th Day of Hawaii’s Volcanic Eruption in 2018? 15 Sivan.

What is 15 Sivan on the Hebrew calendar? They arrive to a mountain to witness The Creator…the same Creator of whom is feeding them ‘what is it’ (manna).

Two mountains…Sinai and Kilauea…both held fire and smoke…Sinai from the presence of God and Kilauea from the absence of God. Please note the picture attached that looks like a volcano demon sitting above the mountain as fire spews into the dark clouds above. And, we also have a picture of a rainbow above it….I do not know if that was added or if that rainbow actually appeared in the video taken by Aurora Observatory.  If it is natural, then we have The Creator reminding us of His judgment by fire and not a world-wide flood.  Amazing picture and message.



Mosche first experienced God alone when he lived with the Midianites for forty years. At the end of that forty years…in that 41st year he travels back to Egypt to still find his brothers in even deeper bondage.

In this report, you can choose to believe it or not…but 41 homes have now been consumed between May 3 to May 29. Ten homes were destroyed by fire and lava just this last Sunday, on May 27. Graduations were occurring for our family and Memorial Day was recognizing anyone that had died for ‘freedom’s sake.’ It is The Creator that left His house and came to earth to save the world from the penalty of sin through His blood sacrifice. We are to be in memory of that every day.

Our Creator is cyclical in behavior. I waited to see what course of direction the volcano would take and today the parallel and lesson was given. Hawaii is touted as a paradise island on the earth and it is also the site where WWII began for the United States at Pearl Harbor. It is also associated with death as nearly 3000 perished in the fires as battleships were bombed and sank.

Hawaii is the buffer zone of water before entering the United States like Mt. Sinai was to the Israelites before they crossed the waters of the Reed Sea and then forty years later The River Jordan into their new land of Canaan. God’s wars happen outside the land to prepare the people on how to fight when they get to the promised land.


I have seen a storm demon in the dark cloud hovering near our property.   It was not just a cloud formation, as I had left the area for about one-half hour and came back and it was still there.  It was such a scary formation that I took it’s picture.   This demon is caught on video by the Aurora Observatory…check it out.    This volcanic demon sits in the fires of Hawaii.  The fire even takes the shape of  dragon body with a tail….

These are real and forces allowed to play out their purpose.  Plus, they are to scare us….so we will turn back to He who is The Light of the World.

Our earth experiences  systems of volcanoes. They have spewed lava for thousands of years and then quiet themselves to where we begin to believe that they are safe to inhabit.  I have been to Hawaii a few years back.   I gave witness…as with Arizona and Israel that the lands remain barren unless men bring their trees and water and make these barren places desirous to live on.   Hawaii is an island of black lava rock. Man brought the palm trees from Egypt as did Arizona and Israel.  Men have brought tropical beauty to the barren desert….including Hawaii.  It has entirely been transformed by men.

The islands East Rift Zone opened up on May 3 with devastating results. There is also a gate in Israel on it’s East side that is prophesied to open up….It is called The Beautiful Gate.

Just as The Israelites were told to come out of their homes and come away from what they had previously known, the Hawaiian’s were told again today on May 29 (15 Siva) to come out and get away from their homes. When God burns down the home…you are NOT to return. This is compared to sin…you must BURN down it’s temptations and flee to never return again.

Today, May 29 2018 we read about homes and businesses in Maryland that just had their second devastating flood. It is a valley that cherished it’s historical sites and built their lives around these old times. But, in 2016 in just a few days with five to six inches of rain to sweep them away. And now, in 2018, after two years of rebuilding their town they beheld 8 inches of rain in just a few hours that removed more buildings and homes in mudslides than in 2016. It was likened to a Noach’s flood that was quick and devastating.

What do you say to them about rebuilding? God’s judgment was quicker the second time and even brought the removal of a kind 38-year old man who tried to help an older woman who only wanted help to rescue her cat.

Do men respect their Creator of whom declares that He is the LORD of Hosts. He controls the heavens and sends the rain on the good and the bad. He is also Lord of the Sabbath. Are we able to go in prayer for our requests when we violate basic elements of his Lordship?

I personally had this experience on Friday May 25 and then again with rain on Monday, May28, 2018 as I stood outside and prayed for at least a half inch of soft rain. There was only 30 percent chance of rain…and yet a soft rain began to fall on my head as I cleared blackberry vines. I finished carrying the pruning of the six blackberry bushes away when the rain came in it’s fullness in the next half hour. I had spoke humbly and yet boldly to ask for at last a half-inch of rain. We gave witness to .56 tenths of an inch. Yes, God brought us the requested one-half inch of which I gave God the glory for the next several days.

But, what else happened in that short half hour? My husband reminded me that just a few miles over from us there was a devastating 8 inches of flash rain in that short half hour of time. So much for only 30 percent chance of rain; and so much for a great God who bears witness to the plea of our hearts.

And, just last night, Monday, the storms were forcast all about again but this time the grandchildren wanted to stay as they felt safe in our home. In prayer, we again requested a soft rain and not the storms that were all around us. We were delivered .41 tenths of an inch in a soft rain and the storm debated. The warnings were lifted and the emergencies warnings were revised.

Later Monday night we went to our sons home 1.5 miles away and they had not received one drop of rain when we had almost another half inch. Truly God is listening to our hearts as we speak to Him moment by moment as we breathe.

What do we learn from Hawaii and Alberto coming to the shores of America in May 2018?

Who knew it was, The Day of Prayer on May 3?

Who observed, The Day of Prayer? (And, with what type of heart did they pray?)

Who knew what Hebrew day it was?

Who knew it was 18 Iyyar?

Who knew 18 Iyyar was the historical day claimed to have the first ‘what is it’ fall from God’s heavens?

Today, May 29 2018 is 15 Sivan…Who knows that?

What has happened on 15 Sivan in the past?

Who knows it is the historical day claimed to be when Israel arrived to Mt. Sinai in the land of Arabia?

Who is open to God’s teachings? Or, are men full of themselves to give sermons on things not fully searched out.

Sunday was graduation for many graduates including our grandson, a nephew and a grandniece. When graduates change their mind on the course others thought was best for them….perhaps The Creator unsettled their hearts because He wanted them moved in a different direction…His direction. Our ways are not always His ways!

Perhaps someone of Jewish linage should follow their heritage just as Israel was created to be a ‘set apart’ people group on the earth. We each have a heritage and through that an inheritance.

We are born to grow to know our Creator. We are born with a spirit that will live into eternity. Our life on this earth is to find the entrance to that door. The one that holds the key is the same one that will come through an East Gate. There is but One that is able to bear the name that is written on His thigh. There is no other group to be grafted into besides this group that was set apart at Mt. Sinai. The grand message is that anyone is able to be grafted into what the Hebrews were told at Mt. Sinai. These mountain messages are key to our surviving on the earth…which is living in PEACE with God.

As North Korea promises Peace and then renege on that promise…the world money wobbles because of fear of war…and rumors of war just as The Scriptures said would happen. China taunts the world in it’s attempts to control trade routes with U.S. ships pressuring them to resist. And, then yesterday we had a ‘spider man’ immigrant in France climb four stories to save a four-year old child from falling off his apartment balcony.

We find heroes on the earth as well as terrorists who die for selfish goals and school killers who die for notoriety…because no one really cares about them. Everyone seems to get attention one way or another and our world reacts with a whim of a text or tweet.

Why do the rocks cry out?



If men do not turn to God…then the mountains and all of creation will cry out….and they cry out according to the patterns of the past and to what is ordained.

The Day of Prayer….who prayed humbling on their knees May 3, 2018? Hawaii’s Kilauea responded violently with not manna but volcanic poisonous ash carried by the winds. At days 26 the winds of hurricanes now cross America with the first being Alberto…..once again….as hurricanes sent America’s insurance industries into bankruptcy in 2017.

Alberto isn’t quite here but four states have already declared ‘states of emergency’. It began in Maryland…with twice the force and in half the time. The Midwest is having strange weather of quick bursts of heavy rain and then it’s gone.. It’s swift with a quick kick of devastation..

Today I read where ‘bowing the knee’ is being associated with being against America. This began with one football player and has exploded into a huge controversy with even the President of the United States weighing in with disgust.

A symbol of humility to ‘bow the knee’ to The Creator has now associated itself with what brings disrespect to a flag…to a country…to politics…to police enforcement. Everyone wants ‘their’ life to matter. My life does not matter until I give matter to Him that created me. It is this God that gives our flag, our country, our politics, our police and all men their ‘right’ to life.

When men stand for nothing….our flag is attacked….which says…’One Nation Under God.’

When men stand for nothing…God’s covenant rainbow is attacked.

When men stand for nothing….God turns a deaf ear on our prayers.

Now ,to finish the story on Hawaii… Since The Day of Prayer…

41 Homes destroyed

82 Total structures destroyed


Fissure 7, of now 24 open fissures in the ground, is spewing 100 feet tall reaching 150-200 feet.

Lava is creeping at 13 feet per hour.

Methane gas bursts heard in surround woods.

Sunday, TEN homes destroyed.

240 people in shelters.

Trade winds are slowing causing vog to expand. (vog is volcanic smog; sulfur dioxide gas and other volcanic pollutants settle with moisture and dust causing respiratory illness.)

Kilauea summit – ash spewing Monday.

Halemaumau Crater – ash cloud 13,000 feet Monday morning.

Hawaii County Civil Defense – limit vog ‘by staying indoors or leaving the area.

2,200 Acres covered with lava in first 26 days. May 3-29 2018.

Fissures 7 and 21 flowing lava into PGV property overnight.

Lava covered on well head.

Lava now reaching another section of PVG.

Do we know what 7 means?

Seven is set apart for Sabbath. The Sabbath is honored by many people on the earth and if it is not honored…the people are removed so the land can have it’s deserved rest.

21 – A time of purging in order to return. Jacob left Laban’s house in year 20. He was repentant and received the new name, Israel. His son Benjamin was then born with his idol worshiping wife Rachel dying after giving birth. Jacob re-named him, The Son of my Strength or Right Hand.

Our Yeshua is the strength of the Spirit of The Creator God. They are ONE in purpose and when you see one of them you see them both…fully in action…bringing righteousness to the earth.

We know from the Book of Jubilees that the flood began in the year 1333 from Adom (AM). Ash is at 13,000 feet right now.

22 is my favorite number representing you is in charge of the house.

Beit Beit – House House – God’s son Yeshua is the strength of His house.. He is coming soon….and I like the year 2022. Jacob left Laban’s house after serving there twenty years. He had his 12th son on the road before entering his final destination of his father’s land. He had thirteen children as Diana is recognized as a daughter.

The day of blessing is 1335 – per Daniel.

The year 2023 is a year of blessing since it will be 1335 years from the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ that the Dome of the Rock was built at The Temple Mount in 688 AD. It needs to be removed and prayerfully will be by 2023…..A true Day of Blessing!

Let us sincerely pray and act in this next four to fives years to re-establish the ways of Torah on the earth. Our Savior filled up the Torah…bringing it to fullness so all could participate in the parts that they can. We must turn away from Lawlessness which is being Torahless. We must turn to The Torah as it points back to the stake of the crucifixion just as The Lord’s Feasts pointed to it.

If we remove The Lord’s Feasts and their historical background….we remove God from the earth. This demonic volcano demon may come to your city in a different form…but He will come….We have a Creator who is merciful and just…which means you have judgment for sin.


A pedophile does not remain on staff and moved around the United States to continue that sickness. Sin is forgiven only by The Creator and God’s vengeance is meted out accordingly. We must help remove the sinner from their temptation.

Flee sin… Seek God…. Dwell safely on the earth through The Blood of Messiach Yeshua and then following His Torah…because He is The Word.

6 thoughts on “Hawaii Volcano Ash is NOT manna! Rainbow: promise of fire.

  1. Actually the flood year was 1656 years after Creation. In the Book of Jasher Enoch ruled mankind for a venus transit interval of 243 years. Lamech was born when Methuselah was 187 years old. If Adam died when when Lamech was 56 years old then Methuselah must be a venus transit age of 243 years old at his death. 930 + 969 = 1899 – 243 = 1656 (flood year)


    1. The book of Jubilee is very exact in telling us dates. We don’t have to add add add to figure it out.
      Plus there seems to be an extra Enoch through Cain. Removing him makes a younger time in Egypt which fits the archeological finds.
      Just as God works on the Gregorian calendar as on the Hebrew well let it be. 1656 I’m not debating over but true history I will make note about and try to get people to think. Adonai is pleased to have us search out matters.
      No matter, all these numbers point and


    2. I know all the ways the KJV has us figuring it out. But, when The Book of Jubilees….doesn’t need us to do all that…and plainly states the year 1333….I will look at that and give it very very serious consideration…especially when the pattern aligns into the future paradigms. Also, they find DON’T find evidence for The Exodus in the later years…but they DO find evidence that The Exodus happened earlier…which confirms the earlier flood. Just stay open…not Greek…and all will come forth.


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