Hawaii Volcano Demon revealed.


Do we find it interesting that this volcano came forth in full force on America’s National Day of Prayer, May 3 2018?   Were we on our knees to stop such destruction?

It was also the day the manna fell from heaven….for the next forty years….before crossing over The Jordan to the Promised Land.

Hawaii is likened to a ‘promised land’ with it being built up as a paradise island.  41 homes have now been destroyed as of May 29, 2018.  On Sunday, ten homes were consumed by fire…sulfur dioxide permeates the air make it an emergency situation and people are told to ‘stay in’ or LEAVE!!!!!!

These pictures come from a video taken at Aurora Observatory.

Note the rainbow….a sign that the flood will  never be destroyed by a flood, but the next time it will be by fire.  Mankind is reminded of this promise in this picture taken from the video.  It is not pink or purple….it is God’s rainbow giving memorial to what was and what will be.


From the Day of National Prayer – May 3 to The Day the Israelites reached Mt. Sinai….we now arrive to witness this mountain on fire…perhaps as Mt. Sinai was also lite up in a non-consumable fire.  It lite Mosche’s face up being in the presence of The Creator God…

Will men once again say, “If we listen to God we will die….just tell us what He says and we will do it!”

Will men listen and do The Torah….because they love Him first because He came and saved them from the penalty of their sin?

The Torah….The Lord’s Feasts must come back to the earth….or all of the earth will burn….  we know God works in one-thirds….

Ash has risen 13,000 feet….

Let us bow the knee to God….   Let that bow not be replaced by a political police gesture.  We must not take the things of God and turn them into our own meaning.

Let us bow not to this volcano demon and run but stand firm in God’s word and know that it is He who made you…He formed you…and desires a relationship of sincerity with you.

Food is given so we can make it to the mountain of God.

Ash is now given because we don’t care about the mountain of God….

JERUSALEM.  Let it be a praise on the earth!

P.S.  I just checked Hawaii’s earthquakes and they just had 82 2.5+ quakes today…May 29, 2018.  Hmm….interesting that this is the number of structures downs so far to date.

82 structures…and 82 2.5+ earthquakes.

Eight is new beginnings and two is Beit for house or structure.

It looks like the opposite for Hawaii….The ending for 82 structures….Wow…makes sense.

God is consistent in his paradigms.


3 thoughts on “Hawaii Volcano Demon revealed.

  1. The US is the last chapter of the mystery babylon. It was born on a sol magic square year of 1776. The base root of sol square “666” is 111. 111 x2 = 222. 222 x2 = 444. 444 x 2 = 888. 888 x 2 = 1776. Right before this event the bavarian illuminati was born on beltane 01 May 1776 which is what the roman numerals on the back of a one dollar bill and the pyramid with the all seeing eye are for. “May first” has the dubious distinction of being the only day in English gematria to = 666.

    It is middle ground in the spiritual battle. 13 days before is the start of the days of the beast on 19 Apr. The past of the mystery babylon, US, had two recent rituals on this day. 19 Apr 1993 (Waco massacre). Note this is in the 26th state, Texas. The other is the Oklahoma City bombing 0n 19 Apr 1995.

    The number 26 is significant because it is the God number. G = 7. O = 15. D = 4. The sum is 26. YHVH in the tetragrammaton is 26 as well. Moshe was the 26th generation from Creation and received the “Law”.

    13 days later is the birthday of Israel on 14 May. 01 May is the counterpoint. 13 being half of 26 is the reason with the unlucky connection. You can then add Friday 13th which is the effort of darkness to desecrate the beginning of the true Sabbath.

    In the spiritual battle, the attempt is to reverse and go back to the seed in destruction. The 50th state, Hawaii, having major volcanic eruption is a clear sign of the gates of hades prevailing on the earth in the future. No names are by chance. Hawaii comes from Hawah or Havah which is the Hebrew name of Eve. Look for something to occur in Alaska next. Then look at the 48th state, Arizona. Ari means high or eagle. “zona” is a Hebrew word for qedesha which means prositute. The work Arizona means “high prostitute”. In the mystery babylon religion prostitution is considered sacred. Its capital is not named “Phoenix” by accident. All terms are from egyptian masonry. National Parks were established with the main intent of covering up preflood artifacts to keep the populace dumbed down and clueless to the true origins. The Grand Canyon is definitely no exception to what has arisen in plain view from the flood waters. We have returned to the times of Noah because we walk on the secrets now.

    One of the abomination of desolation shrines that is on the Temple Mount is al-aqsa. If the prime meridian is restored through Jerusalem, then Alaska (al-aqsa in the global glow baal concept) is on the other side.

    Yeshua said “You shall know a tree by the fruit it bears.” In English gematria, “Mecca, Saudi Araibia? has a value of 666. The kaaba (black cube) is exactly 666.6 nautical miles from the Temple Mount.


    1. I meant to write texas as the 28th state. The sun is on a 28 year cycle. Birkat Ha’chama comes from that. The 28 reference is for the fight for them to create a false sungod (son of perdition – apollo/apollyon). It is the main reason the US satanic church was moved from San Francisco to Austin, Texas by the successor of anton lavey, anthony aquino. He was a former director of the NSA. The name was changed to the temple of set to conform to the spirit of egypt and sodom that will prevail over Jerusalem during the reign of the son of perdition prior to the 7th trumpet.


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