Hebrew History Channel Part 1 – I abhor them!

Happenings Iyyar 14, 15, 16, 17 Part I – Hitler * Wars * Hashemite History

History buffs, Holocaust sympathizers, Arab leaders read on.

Iyyar 14 Happenings:

Earthquakes increase, wars and rumors of more wars, men denying their Creator, men hiding, fires burn in the waters of the earth…All that on Adar 14 known as Pesach Sheni… the second Seder.

1787 8.0 Earthquake Puerto Rico, largest; on Pesach Sheni

1865 Jefferson Davis, President Confederate Army captured, May 10 near Irwinville, Georgia.

1954 CERN Ceremony – First shovel of dirt at Meyrin site, Switzerland; Monday, 29 Omer, Pesach Sheni. Representatives from Geneva represented the Commission of Energy Nuclear Research.

1960 Adolph Eichmann kidnapped 29 Omer Pesach Sheni; Mossad and Shin Bet agents had no weapons. He was captured 8:05 pm in the country of Argentina that hides Nazis.

2010 BP Fire Set in the Gulf of Mexico – 9th Anniversary. Sealed off at 152 days..Tishrei 11.

Hezekiah Passover is 14 Iyyar.

Nicodemus and Joseph had Seder. These special men thought it okay to be defiled by touching the body of a dead person. It was The Seed that died in the ground..split the earth open so that no others would have to die spiritually. Yeshua Jesus’ body was laid in a new tomb never used by any other human being on Nissan 14. He rose up three days later on Nissan 17 when that mighty stone rolled back from its entrance. These two men would attend their Seder 30 days later on 14 Iyyar.

Found Hiding in Argentina – Adolph Eichmann – 14 Iyyar

1960 Iyyar 14 2019 is 59 years ago when Adolph Eichmann was captured by the twelve-year-old Nation of Israel. They spent three days capturing him. Then, the group was detained twelve days to return him via an Israeli plane that did not stop to refuel. It took fifteen days for the group to return to Israel. It was a ‘secret’ mission to avenge the deaths of 6 million that belonged to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Adolph E would stand trial for holocaust atrocities….6 million Jews died with upward of 50 million human souls lost to a WWII venture that began with Hitler believing Darwin’s theory that man evolved from a monkey.

Happenings on Iyyar 15

964 BC – Total Solar Eclipse Saros Series 42; 1034 years before Temple destroyed 70 AD.

1933 Saud named Crown Prince by father King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al-Saud – Tenth son

1945 Mussolini dies. Second of three kings to die within 30 days; Zechariah 11:8, 12:6.

FDR died first, Mussolini second and Hitler died third in the spring of 1945 – Each personally acted against God’s plan for Israel to be established on her original land of inheritance. The Jew Jesus of the tribe of Judah will return to Jerusalem. Men will not thwart Adonai’s plans.

Zec 12:7 Adonai will save the tents of Y’hudah first, so that the glory of the house of David and the glory of those living in Yerushalayim will not appear greater than that of Y’hudah.

1945 Hitler 3rd king dies – 17 Iyyar.

1945 FDR – Franklin D Roosevelt dies Nissan 29. On Nissan 22 he secretly confirms in writing that he will consult with King Saud about Israel’s future land acquisition of Palestine. FDR did not contact Congress but assured King Saud that the Arab’s would have a say in what land Israel acquired through the Balfour Accord. FDR dies exactly seven days later on Nissan 29, 1945. King Saud would now have to deal with President Harry S Truman who advocated for Israel.

The Arabs wanted all the land so there would not be an Israel. Since the original Accord, Israel’s land mass would shrink to almost nothing with the Arab’s still unhappy. Black oil had always been the ‘anointing’ pressure on America. It would be in 2017 when President Trump began his reign as America’s president that he would blow the ‘trumpet’ for America to now produce her own oil.

Three kings die within a Chodesh (month). FDR Nissan 29, Mussolini Iyyar 17, Hitler Iyyar 19.

Zechariah 11:8 – compared to other Bible versions.

(CJB) “In a single month I got rid of three shepherds, because I grew impatient with them; and besides, they detested me.

(Geneva) Three shepherdes also I cut off in one moneth, and my soule lothed them, and their soule abhorred me.

(JPS) And I cut off the three shepherds in one month; ‘for My soul became impatient of them, and their soul also loathed Me.’

(JUB) I also cut off three shepherds in one month; and my soul was in anguish for them, and their soul also abhorred me.

Zechariah 12:6

Zec 12:6 When that day comes, I will make the leaders of Y’hudah like a blazing fire pan in a pile of wood, like a fiery torch among sheaves of grain; they will devour all the surrounding peoples, on the right and on the left. Yerushalayim will be inhabited in her own place, Yerushalayim.

Zec 12:7 Adonai will save the tents of Y’hudah first, so that the glory of the house of David and the glory of those living in Yerushalayim will not appear greater than that of Y’hudah.

Zec 12:8 When that day comes, Adonai will defend those living in Yerushalayim. On that day, even someone who stumbles will be like David; and the house of David will be like God, like the angel of Adonai before them.

Zec 12:9 “When that day comes, I will seek to destroy all nations attacking Yerushalayim;

Zec 12:10 and I will pour out on the house of David and on those living in Yerushalayim a spirit of grace and prayer; and they will look to me, whom they pierced.” They will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son; they will be in bitterness on his behalf like the bitterness for a firstborn son.

Happenings on Iyyar 16

1865 Last Civil War Battle – Palmito Ranch, Texas; Confederate victory May 12, 1865.

1906-2018 Richard Overton born May 11. Oldest WWII veteran and the oldest man in America.

Died December 17, 2018 (12.17.18) age 112, Tevet 19. (Iyyar 16 b. Tevet 19 d.)

1915 7.9 Russia earthquake

1947 V – Wisconsin largest earthquake (no seismic equipment in WI in 1947?)

1985 7.9 Alaska earthquake, Andrean Islands #10 in US quakes before 2016.

2015 24 4.5+ earthquakes…high number.

2015 5.0 IRAN earthquake

2015 7.5 Papa New Guinea

2017 6.2 El Salvador, Acajutia earthquake, Erev Emor ‘say’ Shabbat

2018 Chuck Missler 83 died May 1 on 16 Iyyar Passover Sheni (2nd); Koinonia House Ministry. Born 14 Sivan, May 28, 19347 days after SHAVUOT. Life of evangelizing.

2019 IRAN has U.S. and Israel on High Alert

2019 PLO (Hamas) bombing Israel from Gaza.

2019 N KOREA, CHINA has the US on alert.

If we can’t learn from history then we will likely keep repeating bad history.

Iyyar 14 shows us the opportunity to have a second ‘Seder’ if you did not get to participate in the first one in Nissan. The born-again Pharisee Nicodemus and Joseph disqualified themselves from serving at that year’s Passover season in Nissan. They had made themselves ‘common’ and not ‘set-apart’ according to God’s instructions. “Do This In Remembrance of Me” was The Seder…because it ‘looked to’ God’s firstborn to come in the flesh. It would be the ‘second’ month on Iyyar 14 that looked back to the first month Nissan 14, Fast of the Firstborn’s Seder. Yeshua allocated the location and lead the Seder the night He went to the cross as The Lamb…final sacrifice! Yes, the Last Supper was really his Last Seder.

Today, just as we look back to the cross and see the power of Yeshua Jesus’ blood, the ancients all looked forward to The Seed since the days of Adam. The days were to change just as Daniel said they would and it would be through the system of government. The Temple government ceased as Romans increased. The feet of clay and iron crumble. The Ottoman Empire grew up on the earth replacing Romans with Rome. The British mingled with Arabs brought down the Ottomans. The Caliphs of Damascus reigned 632 to 750 AD. 633-634 Kalid takes command. (Noach in command on ark 1333-1334. Noach made it to the year 1335 in order to multiply…just as Daniel describes the 1335th day.)

70 AD Adonai had His temple removed from the earth by burning it down. Nineteen hundred years later on September 29, 1970, Egypt’s Pharaohic President Nasser lost the fire for life and died. It was the Arab’s Resolution 242 for Israel that brought his demise.

Five million mourned this man likened to their Pharoah. On Adonai’s calendar, it was The Feast of Trumpets…two days long…the blowing would happen when the sliver of the moon would appear…darkness had now escaped the earth and light was seen. President Nasser died on a dark day with no moonlight for three days..not a speck of hope.

The day of his memorial was Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets which heralded five million people to mourn the Pharaonic man of Egypt. History is finishing the shift out of Egypt as it becomes a republic by 2019. All of it’s twisting (9) would bring resolve for the world for which prayers have continued. Business is business with President Trump and he suggested that The King get his house in order which he did in 2018.

The soldiers who would declare war in the name of a Caliphate would not be permitted by the modern-day Arabs. The dark ages were to be behind them. Persian Iran would be punished for terrorizing the world…their funds are cut off….and their land is seen as drought as are their citizens lives for the few who remain there.

The last self-appointed ‘caliph’ was born 19 Sivan, June 4 1853/1854. It was a Shemittah year of release. Hussein ibn Ali Al-Hashimi was a Hashemite Arab (lineage from Mohammad). He was the Sharif and Emir of Mecca from 1908 and, after proclaiming the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, King of Hejaz from 1916 to 1924 (8 years). At the end of his reign he also briefly laid claim to the office of Caliph. That title was not accepted in the Arab world and after three months he exiled to London.

This man Hussein joined with Britain to fight against the Ottoman Empire which then also assumed the title of being the first King of Hashemite Arabs. After proclaiming himself King of Hejaz in 1917, he also declared himself king of all Arabs (malik bilad-al-Arab).

Quoting an article, “This aggravated his conflict with Ibn Saud, with whom he had fought before WWI on the side of the Ottomans in 1910. Two days after the Turkish Caliphate was abolished by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on March 3, 1924. (27 Adar I – a Shemittah year of release.) Hussein declared himself Caliph at his son Addullah’s winter camp in Shunah, Transjordan. The claim to the title had a mixed reception, and he was soon ousted and driven out of Arabia by the Saudis, a rival clan that had no interest in the Caliphate. Saud defeated Hussein in 1924. Hussein continued to use the title of Caliph when living in Transjordan where his son was king after first fleeing to Cyprus.”

Let’s continue this interesting story to see if Caliph’s should still be recognized in our world today. Arab’s reject the position and they rejected the Sharia at the time of Hussein. Caliph is a position held only by the descendants of Mohammad. Are there any left? Is this part of the crumbling iron and clay feet of Daniel’s dream that is no more and now we see a ‘righteous’ era on the earth when The Seed that sprouted is a full tree now bearing the name, The Branch?

On 17 Adar…not 17 Iyyar…but two months earlier when it is The Fast of Esther and PURIM there is a special story of rejection. Adar 13, 14, 15 is PURIM when all the Jews were to be killed and instead the legislation went out that Jews could preemptively annihilate their known enemies.

On 17 Adar this same King Hussein’s son Feizal is declared King of Syria on March 17, 1920. Yes, the world clearly saw this as March 17 was Adar 17. The calendars aligned so no man was without excuse to see this. King Hussein was given permission to declare his son Feizal, King of Syria. It was a reward for Hussein’s efforts in helping to destroy the Ottoman Empire.

Syria was to go to Feizal but there was a hiccup….a 3 month, 3-week hiccup. By July 24, 28 Tammuz, 1920 the French had claimed Syria. This sent King Feizal into exile in London. Feizal’s reign lasted 3 months and 3 weeks. Hussein’s son Feizal would then be given Iraq…King of Iraq. That reign lasted 38 years and then he was assassinated in 1958. His brother Prince Zeid was to become King of Iraq but he never ruled as Iraq became a republic. (Hmm…republics are a healthy thing.)

Hussein who had four wives, fathering five sons and three daughters: These are the Hashemite that would be Mohammad’s descendants. The Arabs voted not to follow his bloodline. Iranians are Shiites that chose to follow Mohammad’s bloodline for their leadership. So, who are King Hussein’s Hashemite children? Notice that a girl Fatima is number 42 from Mohammad.

Abdullah, Emir (later King) of Transjordan

Faisal, King of Iraq 3 months, 3 weeks

Prince Zeid succeeded King Faisal II of Iraq on his assassination in 1958 but never ruled as Iraq became a republic.

Ali, last King of Hejaz

Hassan (died young)


Fatima (#42 Hashemite from Mohammad)

What have we learned from this? There is no current Caliph for anyone to pledge their allegiance to. But, groups try to declare a caliphate. “No Caliphate has been recognized by the public outside of the 10-million people territory under the control of the Islamic State.”

This writer sees #42 as the end…it is the last day…Day Six on the calendar. Day One are years 1-7, Day Two are years 8-14; Day Three are years 15-21; Day Four are years 22-28; Day Five are years 29-35; Day Six are years 36-42 with Day Seven being the Sabbath holding years 43-50.

When we see Daniel asking us to make it to the year 1335 it is the same as 35. If you can make it to that number, you will be blessed to multiply on the earth. It is a pattern that runs through the earth set up by our Creator. They were given double portions of mana in the wilderness on Day Six 36-42. Some didn’t obey and went out on Day 7 to find nothing and their manna turned to worms. This lines up with the blessing and cursing which comes from trusting our Living God…YHWH.

42 should be the last Caliphate for our earth if it follows the 42-pattern.  Daniel’s vision moves the governments forward to a stage where the Gospel is heard through all peoples and nations. There is one king coming and all other kings will come under His reign. His Word is known throughout the world via The Torah given by Mosch.  Yeshua Jesus said to the effect, “If you won’t even believe what Mosch represents, then why would you believe me.”   People are lawless without The Torah.  Yeshua said that the ‘lawless’ are everywhere.  Men were not following The Torah.  Torah means ‘instruction’ and does not always mean legislation.

King Hussein himself had to flee to London when The Arabs rejected his self-proclamation of being a Caliph to them.

We must not have any other king over us….we can have presidents and prime ministers, but no longer any kings. It is a judicial system that Mosch set upon the earth and it worked. Men ask for a king and it insulted our Creator. He allowed them to experience kings and all of them failed terribly by suppressing the people with taxes and labor.

The iron grip of oil is now subsiding. The Princes of Arabia now are sharing their wealth of oil to their nation and they want the world to invest in them. Ishmael is now able to become a respected tribe living next to Israel and in the world as they too seek peace through this new leader. He has one wife with four children and has tremendous plans for building the world with industry. All of Arabia will share in the riches of oil as it is now state-owned.

Truly we live in amazing times. This message needs to reach the world so all ancient days of warfare cease. We don’t need to be nuclear ready because we can build industry other than war machinery which demands war for it to be a consumable product.

These high ranking religious figures thought it more important to care for the body of The Messiach than to stay clean and serve in The Temple. Hezekiah showed them that the next month was also available once man was ritually clean. And, Nicodemus and Joseph had just carried the body of the One that makes them clean…God in the flesh, Yeshua Jesus.

They would miss the coming of The Messiah because The Temple priests were likened to King Saul’s thinking that an heir from his loins would continue the rule. The Herod’s were not from the Levite family much less sons of Aharon to qualify to be a High Priest.

The first kings did not have to be from the Levite clan to rule as kings. Kings were anointed and then appointed. It was the priests that served around The Temple that was required to have a good bloodline that leads back to the line of the Messiach. In fact, it is because of our heart flow to wanting to be priests that we can be priests today. Our bodies are the temple of the Ruach HaChodesh…where He dwells within us today. It is similar and yet different…just as the feet were made of iron and clay that crumbled and yet a similar kingdom was coming that would dwell within us…the Holy Spirit.

The concern that I have had is how to resolve the fighting that goes on in the lines of Esau and Ishmael which pour into the lives of Israel’s children.

What is in the pattern of ‘Who is this Joseph? “Is this the son of Joseph?” they ask when hearing Yeshua Jesus speak. Jacob’s sons fought against Yosef and sold him into the world of Egypt. And, when they found him 59 years later from selling him, they did not recognize him as their brother. In 2019 it is 59 years since President Nasser left this earth by way of a heart problem. He would never open his heart to meet with Israel to try to resolve to live on this earth together. Instead, he was removed…but only after being personally responsible for tens of thousands of deaths because of stubbornness.

Brother against brother is the theme that even ran through America’s Civil War that Abraham Lincoln ended in 1865. More lives were lost with brother against brother on our nation’s soil than any other war America had. Today, this same nation continues the murder of more unborn children under the disguise of a ‘blob of tissue’ than any other country and the number of deaths is ten times that of killing 6 million Jews in WWII.

Abraham Lincoln said something like this: “Does this war continue with the loss of so many lives as to how many straps were laid down on the back of slaves?”

I just ask if abortion continues because Americans did not stop The Holocaust until year seven in 1945. It was the Shemittah year of release and it was the year that America finally left some of Britain’s other battles to be able to march into the ‘death camps’ releasing the captive.

Slow Responders 1938 – 1945

America was not ready for another war after WWI. It took Pearl Harbor to employ. America let human experimentation go on and atrocities beyond thinking. Today we are again ‘slow responders’ to an issue that has lead to ten times the death of 6 million Jews of the Holocaust. 62 million abortions in America since 1973.

The Holocaust dismembered, suffocated, burned their victims with gas, and experimented to find the best way of disposal of a human being. It is called butchery. Today, in America, abortion should be called birth control butchery.

The Jews were controlled by, The Final Solution. Woman fall into control by, A Woman’s Rights.

Political leaders have fallen under hypnosis by, A Final Request.

If a ‘bucket list’ is not completed at death, then it just did not get to be filled…there was no final solution to accomplish a final request just because as humans we ‘think’ we have rights. Humans were given control over the earth to protect it…they were never given authority to kill other human beings. Thus, there is no ‘bucket list’ for death.

What right does any human being have to destroy another human being? They don’t! We even see mercy in the laws set by men that don’t want to remove murderers. We give murderers a home in prison to educate them into new opportunities so they will blend back into society.

What if…just what if…someone did murder..planned it out and had intent. What if Biblical principles were applied quickly? Remove the killer if they are sane….only accidents go to jail….an ax head comes off it’s handle and kills someone…there is retribution to the family. The rapist is killed. Hence, the example is set for no more raping. The deterrent required was the perpetrator’s own life. It was not Reuben’s children’s lives but it should have been Reuben’s own life that was offered if Binyamin did not return from Egypt with them. Slippery Reuben had been in his own father’s concubines bed. In the future, Ya’cov determined that the punishment would be death. No more raping, no more unwanted babies…no more abortions. God’s One Law for all!

Winter 2019 – Legislation in states allowing the murder of children after they are born at full term. After all, children are born alive at all stages during abortions and left to die on a counter or a basket.

Confusion has turned into chaos as men make their own laws. Being out-of-instruction is being Torahless is being lawless. Man has become the ‘lawless’ ones while sitting in their modern Babel skyscrapers and jet-set communication systems to rule over their own Egypt.

Israel’s children came out of Egypt on Nissan 15 with all of their firstborns alive. Egypt’s firstborn children and firstborn animals all died on Nissan 14. This picture points to Yeshua Jesus, Adonai’s son, that died on Nissan 14.

It would still be the letter dahlet (4) represented by a door that would open up for all of mankind to enter into at 4000 years from Adam. There is still another 4000 years to play out on earth….so Adonai’s plan completes 8000 years…showing ‘new beginnings’ of a new era that our minds can not even imagine.

At the first Fourth Day (4000 years) of the earth, The Suffering Servant (Yeshua) died for the penalty of sin. Three more days (3000 years) it will be 7000 years from Adam. We see in the historical books that in the last week (100 years) of that final day (6900 years) the heavens open and The Watchers are released to be punished. It is an amazing story that not many Christians or Jews are paying attention to.

It is in this detail and pattern that we MUST look to see what happens to the earth…since humans lived on it with the Watchers, without the Watchers as they were bound, and will witness the Watcher’s demise for deceiving mankind. The plan is laid out in Enoch 92.

In our personal space of time on the earth, we have people telling us about a 7-year tribulation and how mankind is raptured out or left behind. I believe that it is in the patterns of the past that we will see how those theories pan out. Some just don’t worry about it because they believe it will just pan out. We are told to be ‘watchmen’ always looking for His return and we will be blessed for doing that. What is the blessing? Being able to know what to expect is a blessing. It allows us to live in faith not fearful and trembling.

I have developed a calendar of events that show the Hebrew date of that event. These concerns for our world have taken me to study the history of President Nasser…16-year ruler of Mecca in Arabia. And, he is said to have 19 years of influence over the Middle East issue with Israel. It will be in October 1970 that five million observe his funeral. If you have five million people watching…this man must have made an impression on his world.   I hope not to offend any of his followers as I know they believed he was doing good. As we review history and I personally lived through his reign on the earth, I believe he could have stopped evil and purposely chose not…..perhaps all due to ‘bucket list’ wishes.

President Nasser died on 28 Elul. His memorial was two days later on Thursday, 1 Tishrei, October 1, 1970. The calendars saw eye-to-eye. October 1 was 1 Tishrei. There was no one on the earth that did NOT see what day it was on either the Gregorian or Hebrew calendar. But, this man did not live according to these calendars but his own Muslim calendar.

If you are familiar with The Lord’s Feasts you will recognize what day Nasser was memorialized. What day was it? I’m sure everyone in the land of Israel knew what day Tishrei 1 was. It has to do with trumpets and being called out. Yes, Feast of Trumpets! But there was more happening than that when Nasser was called out.

Tishrei 1 is always the first month of the year until Adonai added another first month at Nissan in the Spring. Month Seven has the Babylonian name of Nissan. This Month Seven is also Month One marked by when Mosch brings the children out of Egypt.

When they came out of Egypt everything was a pattern of The Messiach coming as The Suffering Servant. God’s firstborn son, Yeshua Jesus, God in human flesh, would come to the earth to suffer, die and resurrect. Yacov’s children came out of Egypt under great stress and anointing…their returning to their land showed God returning to earth in the flesh and He will return again to reign as King of Kings. Yeshua came under great stress and anointing as he suffered and died. He returned to The Heavenly Altar before returning to earth for another 40 days. He will remain until the appropriate pattern of return…to reign as King of Kings probably at 4000 years. Can He return sooner? Absolutely…because the pattern for Seven is strong…and holds other elements of activity.

Iyyar 1945 shows us three kings being removed in a Rosh Chodesh…a month’s time as patterned in Zechariah. These Scriptures will repeat themselves throughout history. In our lifetime we definitely can see three mighty men on the earth; FDR, Mussolini, and Hitler. They will all die within a Rosh Chodesh in 1945 as the 7-year Holocaust ends (1938-1945). It’s a seven-year cycle ending for these men in the darkest days of Nissan and in full sight in Iyyar. Mussolini was hung high and long for all to see…in full view on public display on Iyyar 15….full moon. FDR died on the darkest of nights Nissan 29. Hitler was a coward perhaps committing suicide in full view of his friends on Iyyar 17.

FDR will confirm his agreement to let King Saud and the Arabs have a say in the land that will be given to the Jews in Palestine. Seven days later he is dead from heart failure…Nissan 29…a dark night on the earth as there is NO moon..not a sliver for three days. When the sliver of the moon is seen it is called, the Rosh Chodesh (Head of Month).

The two months of Nissan and Iyyar show us our twentieth century three kings being removed from the earth in 1945. They are removed within a Rosh Chodesh (30 days) of each other. That means that within a 30-day period three leaders of the earth died because they abhorred the ways of The Creator. Each of these men acted against God’s plans for Ya’cov (Jacob) Israel. (Let us not forget that it is not the nations that we fight against but the will of God for that nation. Israel is to be His ‘light to the world.’

The story of FDR I’ve told many times…but I will share it quickly so you can see The Hand of God acting out the pattern of 3 kings being removed told about in The Scriptures. Research the history of the United States President Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) experience with King Saud of Arabia for oil. He will meet on the ship Quincy in the Straits of Hormuz for a long weekend with the King Saudi’s son and 200 of his royal crew. This trip happened in February 1945. King Saud was wanting confirmation of more than a handshake from President Roosevelt in April. FDR does put to pen a note confirming their discussion. He writes the letter on Nissan 22. He falls sick and President Roosevelt dies on Nissan 29.

Mussolini is hung and put on display on 17 Iyyar with Hitler committing suicide on Iyyar 19. It all happens within a 30-day time period confirming the Scripture:  I will remove them because they abhor me and I abhor them.

Continued:  Hebrew History Channel –  Part II

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