US Space Force inauguration General John Wm.

Historic moment. Sixth armed force created.

As in the days of Ezra judges are set to judge and remove the ‘foreigner’ (those of different goals). The stranger could not help build the foundation of The Temple; not even the altar.

Month Nine Day 20; Ezra 10, was December 18, 2019. (Impeachment day for Trump)

Trump ask for prayer the same day Ezra ask them to remove their foreign wives. They could have impeached Ezra. Ten days later they returned to say they would go before those that knew the Torah, their judges. Two clans had first said No.

Impeachment papers still are Not delivered.

Judges and justice are happening via President Trump.

I’m thankful for Ezra strong leadership. President Trump is walking out Ezra 10

But if America and The Nations continue to plan to divide Israel, we will see more than record breaking winds, quakes and fires.

Tonight MT is having wind gusts of 137 mph; Category Four. The door of destruction is coming.

King Tide is pulling the ocean out resulting in huge waves.

How loud can God speak to us?

We must return to our holy God. Israel is where God distributes The Torah.

No Torah holds back Jesus who is The Living Word (Torah).

Call him Yeshua, anointed by God to save all who will believe and then show their fruit which is seen via The Torah.

This is a spiritual battle and God is in charge of it. Guess who is winning.

Category Four?

His shekinah glory is immeasurable.

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