Hurricane Florence, Typhoon Mangkhut ‘Days of Awe’, Sept 10-19, 2018

The ‘Days of Awe ‘not only announced Hurricane Florence for the United States but it also gives witness to Typhoon Mangkhut hitting northern Philippines killing 36 plus before turning it’s vengeance on China with 100 mph winds.

Ten Days of Awe –  Tishrei 1 to 10

September 10 to 19, 2018.

Hurricane Florence arrives during ‘The Days of Awe.’  Her winds were noticed at the Sabbath Torah reading “When you come in’ known as Ki Tavo.  Deuteronomy 26:1-29:8; Isaiah 60:1-22 and Matthew 4:13-24 could be read to understand God’s message.

Florence was sounding her trumpet at The Feast of Trumpets also known as Rosh Hoshanna, Israel’s New Year.  She was making her way as we did not know her day or hour of arrival….but still warning has been given.  Today’s technology sees in the skies what God sees.  There is no reason why people should be deceived about anything in our world….as knowledge has increased and we inform each other to prevent disasters.

If we can understand physical things, why do men not understand Spiritual things?

Tishrei 1 – 10 are known as ‘Days of Awe.’ Tishrei 10 is The Fast, Yom Kippur.  It is a day commanded by our Creator to Fast and repent…as you need His atoning son’s blood on you or you will be judged accordingly the next year.

September 10 to September 19, 2018 are ‘Days of Awe.’  

September 10 and 11, 2018 – Tishrei 1 and 2 – Feast of Trumpets

“The Feast of Trumpets is the Feast that occurs “on a day and hour that no man knows,” because the Feast day is reckoned by the sighting of the new moon which cannot be known in advance, even with the most precise astronomical calculations, because atmospheric conditions may obscure the otherwise observable celestial event.”

God’s hand of strength stands before us as FLORENCE moves to petrify those in her path….and she will stall to make a bigger impact that has not happened in years.  And, we must remember The Long Island Express…coming up the east coast in 1938 or 1939 that couldn’t make up it’s mind to land or not.  It was when the world decided to let HITLER have POLAND that she HIT America and also damaged Canada.

Let us not forget the lesson that our world is designed and held together by A Creator that speaks through His creation…the winds, water, eclipses, fire and storms.  God is a spirit and speaks.  And, if governments ordained by God are saying people should flee…then they should flee.  It shows respect instead of laughing in His face….I will make it…I can be here for others….when actually it will take those ‘TRAINED in emergency’  to now risk their lives for them.   Flee catastrophic times and learn a lesson of who gave us everything in the first place.  God gave it and He will strike when we dishonor what He established on the earth.

What did God establish?  He established President Trump!

There has never been a more intense time on our earth that a president has been more tormented by so many than now.  Virginia…the home of the first pioneers and government leaders who were Christians is going to be struck down.


Does the world know what today is?  It is not only one of the last days to flee from Hurricane Florence, but it is the ‘Fast of Gedalia.’  The Jews established this fast because they killed him thinking it just could not be that this man was to rule Jerusalem while they were in exile for 70 years.  The Jewish leaders had agreed NOT to kill him….but it just took a small band of people to retaliate the majority rule…and they killed Governor Gedalia. The Jews have given honor to this sin since 587 BCE when they were carried off to Babylon.  It has set a precedent in our world to NOT kill leaders.  Once they are voted in by the people they should remain their entire term.  It can only be God who removes them and he might use other leaders in agreement to enforce their removal.

The sins of one passes unto the whole nation and so we still see today this fast being observed.  All heads of government are established by The Creator.  It is the heart of the people that choose their candidates.  A man like Trump was a shock to the nation….again showing the ‘hand of God’ in establishing him.   The hearts of the righteous outweighed those of the wicked in 2016.  God knew who was to bring about Jerusalem that will be known as The Capitol of the world and from where The Messiach Yeshua is to reign.

On September 11, 2018 President Trump and his wife Melanie participated in the PA Memorial giving tribute to those that died.  I saw a picture of the monument that was two towers with a space for each of those killed on that flight.  It was nice.  Leaving there President Trump lifts his two arms up in agreement with those towers that also gave honor to The Twin Towers as well.  Two arms…two towers.

President Trump said he is going to be a more righteous president in the future.  Moses also knew his righteousness as a leader would fail.  In fact, he wasn’t allowed to cross over…and Joshua did in his place.

Moses lifted both of his arms up as the people crossed the Reed Sea coming out of Egypt.  Joshua was instructed to have two pillars of twelve stone (24 total) each put at each end of The Yarden (Jordan) which caused the waters to miraculously dam up so the people could cross.  Because our Bible lesson had just covered these stones, I looked at President Trump’s gesture as Moses having his arms up proving God was real in their lives.  Then I saw the two pillars of the PA Memorial….  Then it really made sense of why President Trump raised his arms….agreeing with the twin pillar monument.

Why do we allow anyone to write an article and publish it striking down our President for not being sensitive to that day.  The article went on and on and on how President Trump was terrible in lifting up his arms….he just is NOT a sensitive person they said.

I’m really tired of those that discredit and make any thing our President does as being wrong.    Evil comments in all of our media should stop.   Impeachment from day One has been the mantra.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.    Arthea wanted it and got it….so why not for Trump?

STOP   STOP   STOP…………….  The buck stops with God!

Today concerned citizens showed their disgust at San Francisco having two buses allowing Anti-Semitic ads to run in their electric billboards.  Antisemitism is running very high in America and in the world right now.  It is part of the agenda to get rid of Israel.  The ads continue because of America’s right of free speech.  And yet those who speak righteously have their sites removed from yahoo, google and Facebook, etc.  Where is free speech?

Intentional hurt can NOT be part of free speech when people make pictures of our President with his head removed from his body.  These people are promoting ill intent and should be jailed.

Did you know that God has no recompense for ‘intentional’ sin?  The ‘city of refuge’ was for ‘unintentional’ sin.  It was in case you killed someone by accident such as the head of your axe came off and it struck them dead.  You could flee to a city close by to plea your case.

By NOT having a city for ‘INTENTIONAL’ sin….it stopped ‘INTENTIONAL’ sin.

AMERICA’S next biggest distraction is happening right now……….and perhaps it will cost lives, destruction of God’s creation and man’s financial wealth….all because of man’s self-will.  Man does NOT get to say and do  ……I WILL KILL…I WILL COMMIT ADULTERY…ETC.    He who does these things intentionally will lose his eternal soul……….there is no place for such in The Kingdom of God.  What words do we NOT understand?

Men are about to die…for their ‘intentional sin’ against God and the total disrespect for those He set in power to rule.

FLORENCE will now strike 1.5 million people who are told to flee.  The east coast is under attack and becomes another disaster  area.   America does NOT stop it’s Anti-Semitism, Abortions and becomes a snake pit with vipers continually striking her freedom.

It is ‘the deceiver’ that manipulates humans to intentionally start black versus white arguments.  I love all humans as they are created in God’s image having a spirit.  But I detest the fights that are rigged and draw people into their agenda of fighting that one human is better than the other.  It is another Holocaust of a different type.  People let others and the ‘foreigner’ among them pick the battle in which they could die.     Hatred among it’s people can NOT bring God’s peace.

The foreigner came out of Egypt with the Israelites….and they brought their ‘fake’ gods with them.  The ‘gods’ had to be removed before they could cross over.  Foreigners today infect America and the world….Buddha..a lucky fish with a ball in it’s mouth, Astarte Starbucks as you walk under her threshold attaches you to her.  The Olympics honor Zeus and the goddess Diana…..and infect our homes with other foreign countries gods becoming known to us through our televisions.

FLORENCE is overdue…………..RUN   RUN   flee for the hills and pray you are NOT pregnant….hmm….  Abortion is NOT an option….man is never to remove God’s image from the earth.

God will NOT be mocked!

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