Eclipse August 21 2017 – Marks Moses

As an avid eclipse-pattern follower, I’ve decided to give my opinion of the August 21 2017 eclipse.  (It’s now September 20, 2017, 29 Elul and 30 days after AV 29…a disaster eclipse.)  It certainly is easier to give my opinion now than even in this first report.  But, continue to read but do look for the ‘latest’ blog on this eclipse.  It could be that we’ve been in a ‘time out’ with God and it is ‘time’ for change.  We have been bent over backwards and torn inside out with 2 CAT 4, 2 CAT 5 hurricanes and 2 earthquakes that took over 300 lives…in Mexico.  And 8.l and 7.l 400 miles apart.  Maria still is roaring to remove Puerto Rico today.

I already love that it’s the 21st which confirms that pattern I’ve been discussing as well as 17…another pattern I love.

It will cross the United States and people will come from hundreds of miles to sit under it’s signal.  Our home sits under it’s authority for two full minutes or more at it’s totality.   People are driving to locations that can admire it’s totality for a longer time period.  They say normal traffic could back up for 85 minutes.

People wonder if eclipses  have a negative or positive influence on the world.  G-d has used them to signal men in the past and I believe He uses them the same today. They are signals.  Those signals are only negative if you don’t agree with The Creator’s signal.

All eclipses and planet conjunctions are all mathematically scheduled on the earth.  Thus, it is The Creator that uses them to sit his special things in our space of time.

My ‘shock and awe’ stands at the sun’s darkening at the hour that The Suffering Servant hung on the stake…under the name of The King of the Jews.  My ‘shock and awe’ is in the earth quaking at the time of this death as The Father was spiritually able to separate Himself from the spirit of himself in the form of human flesh.  It is too much for my mind to conceive…and yet it happened.  The penalty of spiritual death for man was crushed right there at that moment and hour on the earth.

Men are confused on the earth because they only look at a calendar authorized by Pope Gregory or other faiths use their gods as their calendar settings.  They can’t think to use two calendars and therefore not all of mankind gives witness to what is patterned in the eclipses.

In 2014-2015 Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries brought to the world’s attention the pattern of Tetrad eclipses.  It wasn’t just four Total lunar eclipses that occurred consecutively that was so important, but it was the fact that these ALL of these eclipses, without fail, occurred on The Lord’s Feasts.  It was a pattern that would be brought to the world’s attention…. it wasn’t the Tetrad that was so important…but it was The Lord’s Feasts that man was to note.

  1.  The Lord’s Feasts.

And, what did The Lord’s Feasts have to do with anything of importance?  It had everything to do with Israel.  It had everything to do with the establishment of Israel in her land….so The King of Kings could return.

And, The Nations still by 2017 would be in denial of this finding.  The Lord’s War of 2015 (a Shemittah year) was now two years into the marking.

The Creator put Mr. Donald Trump as president of the United States in 2017 and  it is has been through this that we again hear Jerusalem crying out for their Temple to be placed upon the earth.  Mr. Trump is 70 years old as Israel is 70 years old.

Our Creator has set a path of eclipses specifically on His feasts days…not the Jews…but His feasts; for man to come and celebrate.  The world is watching for Mr. Trump to have the support…to give his permission… for even it’s altar to be set.  The desire is there…but the world says, “No, it will mean war!”  “How can we do that to Jerusalem?” they say.    WHAT ABOUT FAITH IN YHVH?  It’s His War!

  1.  Israel’s Winning Tetrad Eclipse Wars –  1949 1967

A pattern was seen by Pastor Biltz because he was an evangelical pastor who was moved to understand his entire Bible through the mindset of who was speaking to whom.  He saw that the New Testament only referenced the Old Testament.  There was nothing in it that was not referenced to it’s past.  The NT established itself in the OT.

The entire Words of God were there for man to examine…not just what Constantine from 325 CE dictated.  By 2017 a new world was being born just as Yeshua (Jesus) in 17 AD was proclaiming “Get Back to the real Torah (bible).  This getting ‘Back to the real Torah’ theme didn’t go over so well for Jesus and he was crucified..on schedule.. planned from the foundation of the earth.

Thus, this 2017 eclipse fits a pattern of ‘remembrance.

TORAH –  Our earth is at war spiritually and our earth is at war physically.  Both of these wars are occurring together.

Spiritually we know that Michael the archangel was detained 21 days before he could come help.  We have entered the 21st century.  This solar eclipse representing The Sun is on the 21st day of the Gregorian calendar.

Twenty-one is three Shemittah cycles likened to what Jacob endured with Laban.  The first seven years he worked to claim two brides.  (Jew and Gentile)

The second seven years he got his children. (population to number as the stars)

The third seven years he acquired his flocks while lonely in the field. (pictured as suffering servant)

In the 20th year he leave Laban with one wife, Rachel, stealing her father Laban’s idols.   This idolatrous wife has to be removed before raising, ‘The Son of Jacob’s Right Hand…Benjamin.

Did the twentieth century give us the wars to put Israel in her land?  Is the land purged enough so that in the 21st century the Son of G-d’s right hand can return?  This son bore man’s transgressions in His flesh and is capable of returning during the birthing process of removing the idolatrous church?

Pastors are being removed, churches are closing their doors.  Home congregations are growing and Torah is returning to the earth.  Patterns are returning to confirm The Creator’s will.  They have not had to leave their love for The Savior’s saving blood.  The Living Torah (Word) (Yeshua) is still their life.

This walking Jesus/Yeshua wants to return to the earth but was hindered by man-made traditions just as some Pharisees added their safety fences to The Torah.  It was these fences that had to be torn down.

Men have decided to self-appoint themselves in spiritual matters to deem if the prayer of repentance is good enough.    Then, they seek to destroy those that have prayed accordingly but still desire to follow the instruction of resting on the seventh day, or not eating what is said to be defiled, or refrain from laughing at those that speak in a tongue that is not deciphered.  These teachers claim the others are of Satan.   This spirit of division is called, witchcraft.  It is a spirit that destroys Adonai’s children from within because of pride.

But….the very explanation of looking at a ‘signal’ of an eclipse will be deemed as ‘witchcraft’ because they don’t understand nor desire to change to The Lord’s Feasts.  They don’t want to agree that AV 29 is when Mosche chiseled the new stones since the old hearts were now softened to Torah.

The man Mosche came on the scene of the world confirming what Adom, Noach and Abraham’s generations already knew.  The Creator still desired a set-apart people.  It was what Adonai deemed as special and it always pointed to the ‘salvation’ of man.

Because men would multiply greatly upon the earth once again, The Creator wanted the instructions written down.  More instructions would come as they spent forty years in The Wilderness.

The first group of children said, “We will do all you say…”  They said they would do them because they were afraid at the thundering of G-d.  Those children did not see their promised land even though they witnessed the miracles.

But, after forty years of raising up a new generation of children, the trained children in Torah would go into the promised land.    It was not by fear that man was motivated but by the presence of G-d.  They had lived with Adonai for forty years as He stayed with them in The Tabernacle.  This was a picture of what was to come in the ‘end of days’ for new spiritual life on the earth.  A Temple would be built honoring what had been done in The Wilderness Tabernacle.

The Creator did a wondrous thing and… came in the flesh…born as a baby that would walk the earth in the earth’s 80th jubilee….and he would leave it as the 81st Jubilee would begin.

On 14 Nissan at 3:00 p.m. the last breathe was breathed by the god/man named Yeshua.  It was three days later on 17 Nissan (full moon) that this man was resurrected by the spirit of the Father.   There was a full eclipse darkening the day sky.

He became whole again and now those that chose to live as this set-apart man lived out his life in Torah, they too would reign forever, whole as well.  They were of a kindred spirit and would put on immortality just as He had put immortality on.

The Creator’s eyes have never left the purposes of that stake.  His name was lifted up on that stake and gave credence to live separated to Elohim.  We are always to be a holy (set-apart) people.

What does this August 21, 2017 eclipse remember?  On the Hebrew calendar the day is 29 Av.  It is the day that Moses himself chisels out the stone tablets to take back up the mountain to see if The Creator would atone for their sins.

Mosche would be gone for forty days and forty nights.  He returns on the date Tishrei 10, known as Yom Kippur.  In ten days it would be decided.  Life or death for man…It is called, The Day of Atonement.  Would The Creator forgive man for sinning against The Torah that said ‘Don’t have false idols before you’?  Since Moses knew that they had already broken one of the instructions, he threw them down and broke the stones.  That had occurred on 17 Tammuz.  This date has been a ‘marked’ day every since.  The Fast of the Golden Calf also marked Israel being taken to Babylon.  The number 17 is always about man’s desire over The Creator’s desire for man.  It’s a day of ‘spiritual’ battle.

29 AV – A dark night…no moon and Mosche  chisels and begins to approach the mountain of ascent.

The ‘second stones’ were carved from Mosche’s soft heart…and the people’s hearts were now softened.

The August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse will give remembrance of what The Creator was trying to accomplish through a man named, Mosche.  He carved the words on the stones and started up the mountain once again to ask forgiveness of the worship of the world….

On August 10, 2017 this author made a four-hour trip to Branson, Missouri with spouse and four grandchildren.  They all had burning hearts to see the Sight and Sound production of MOSES.  It was truly amazing and spoke to each of their four grandchildren’s hearts.

There were many discussions on what it meant.  It would not replace their bibles.   Their purpose of riding eight hours in a car in one day was completed.    They proclaimed to each other that they wanted to love Jesus and they wanted to be with Him into eternity.  They knew they had young hearts and would fail many times, but they knew they could return and begin again.

The 2014-2015 Tetrad eclipses were signals of The Lord’s Feasts.  These eclipses signaled a war in the heavens and a war on earth.  The war is for men’s hearts and the war is for the physical Temple to be built in Jerusalem.  The Lord’s War began 27 Elul 2015.  See 15-year old Jewish boy dies and returns, sandstorm, Mecca deaths 2015,

The 2014-2015 tetrads had completed and the entire world was watching for something to happen….Greek thinking.  What happened was that the stage was being prepared for The Lord’s return.   It would take one shemittah, two shemittah or even three shemittah cycles to see it.  Twenty-one years was not much to ask…or was it?  Will this be one of many wars yet to come?

The Lord’s patience is such that no man should perish.  Earthquakes and Tetrads and eclipses will continue….and planets will align.

They all point to one thing….How to live safely with The Creator.  It is He who created us….not we ourselves….KJV>from Psalm 100.

Look up…your redemption draweth nigh.  September 23, 2017 planets align that haven’t aligned for 3000 years.  They are signals….remembrances….of who owns the Universe and you!

These planets align on The Sabbath – 7th Day ——  All will investigate…but will they even listen as if one should arise from the dead…as spoken by Lazareth…  Yeshua did rise and yet men just look to the eclipses honoring them without knowing why.

September 23, 2017, Sabbath Ha’azinu “Listen”.  Deut 32:1-52; II Sam 22:1-51; Acts 24-26.

The signal says:  LISTEN TO TORAH AND LIVE….SAFELY in Him!  He fills up The Torah…never violating it in one point.

What day is Thursday, September 21, 2017?  It is the new Hebrew civil year.  It is the day of the coronation of the kings.  It is also called The Feast of Trumpets…The SHOFAR will blow and then they will wait to hear the sound of 100th Shofar sound.  It will be long and loud.  Will you hear it?  It is The Lord’s shofar call…known as ‘The Last Trump.’

September 23 is Tishrei 3 – The Fast of Gedalia…a general  appointed by King Neb to protect the Jews while others were carried off to Babylon.  This fast recognizes their disobedience of removing what God had intended for them.  They are repentant..and now in 2017 this day lands on a Sabbath….to where there is only to be joy…and rest in the L-RD.  It is a sad day made good.

Will the planet alignment that aligns to the very day of the Torah reading, “Listen” reach the hearts of men?

Will planet earth allow a Temple to be resurrected so The resurrected King of Kings can return?  Yes, a physical Temple will be defiled after three and one-half years.  (President Trumps first term?)

And, we know that The Messiach will resurrect his own special Temple…not built by human hands.

He will confirm His physical reign for 1000 years.

Update:  We now see that the eclipse truly was showing us ‘DARK’  days were coming.  I had not yet truly looked deeply into the constellation of Virgo….but her water has broken and had shown up in hurricanes.  America’s fourth largest city was decimated and Corpus Christi and more towns a true mess that will take years to recover.  The oil is being affected and homeless are moved to other states and locations.  It all began on a Sabbath.

Irma shows up on another Sabbath and is churning as I type this.  Florida is the second largest state in the union.  Texas and Florida are always sought after in the elections.  They also hold Mega churches.  These churches can now uses their resources to help.

This article mentioned a 15-year old boy.  His name is Nathan.  He died on The Feast of Tabernacles 2015.  When he returned to share a message many discounted him as too young to believe.  I wonder if they did that too Yeshua as he grew as a boy.  Nathan is 17 years of age now and I’d like to hear how he feels from the rejections or acceptances from the world.  I personally endorsed him because everything he said matched up with what I knew from Scriptures and other accounts of near-death experiences.

After reviewing his story many times in 2015, I could agree with him that G-d’s War began on Elul 27.  That date even makes more sense when we can look back on history.

One of the things to think about is the Virgo Constellation that has held it’s pattern for two years.  This same pattern was seen in -3 BC…which should have been at the time of The Suffering Servant’s birth.

In that two year pattern we know there was much turmoil on the earth…with crosses lining the horizon that they looked like a forest of trees….crucifixion was a way of death and our Messiach had to come just at that time to uphold that prophecy….to be a man hung on a tree.  He bore the curse of sin and became Esau…of whom God hated.

I just wrote about Earthquakes and Hurricanes being Biblical.  Eleven of twelve items were on weekend and could attach themselves to Torah studies.  It seems this saga is not going to end so we might as well read the complete book of Deuteronomy to the end. Mosche wrote Deuteronomy in thirty days before he would be removed in  his 120th year of life.  Interestingly the study was on the last thirty days as the 120th Jubilee of the earth comes to completion.  It is still the year 2017, but for on the Hebrew calendar it will change on September 21 from 5777 to 5778.  Eight is ‘new beginning.’  As in the days of Noach there were hard birthing pains in just getting the ark ready for departure.  I’m sure it was brother against brother arguing over the ways of G-d.  Today, we do the same thing.  I just keep wondering how much longer will Christians hold onto their beliefs even though the evidence it right before their eyes.

When they see Virgo giving birth and the hurricanes….they say well, “If it true, then why haven’t we been raptured yet?”  Because of this pre-rapture theme that has been presented the last 175 years, the Christian won’t admit that it is the L-RD doing all of what happens on the earth.  They will just keep thinking it will only get worse than this before they accept they are in the midst of it.  They can not give The Creator credit because it goes against their belief of Pre-tribulation philosophy.

What is the verse that says, ‘they will go to sleep saying that the Lord just doesn’t come back.”

It is the TWO witnesses that come giving testimony before The Messiach returns.  Perhaps that is what to look for next….the birthing is taking place….the child is born and swiftly taken to into the heavens and then Draco (the dragon, Satan) chases the woman into the desert with flood waters chasing her.  Since the Christian follows the Judeo Christian principles is it the Christian that has to have time in the wilderness to hear the Words of Mosche…..The Torah?  Will Christians remain in their own wilderness seeking whom to follow?  Will they follow the wrong Messiach…the one that is Torah-less?  Will they disappear in order for their children to learn correctly?

The flood waters are upon us in the birthing pains of tremors from earthquakes that happen at The Sabbath.  Come and rest in Me…the Torah…I know how to protect you under my wings, says Adonai.  I am your shelter in whom you have no fear.







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