Lucifer Paradigm – Titus Arch!

How did we come so far as to think that we could be gods on the earth?  The arch of Titus was hauled off by Rome in 70 AD.  It remains a symbol for truth in the land that now claims to be The Church of God…..headed by a god on earth.  Does having that arch make you the land that The Messiach will arrive back?  How can that be?   Only at the hands of the enlightened one…Lucifer… who now deceives men outside The Gan of Eden.

Cheshvan 17 2017 was November 6, 2017.  It is known as Month Two, Day Seventeen.

Inside the Gan of Eden:

Cheshvan 17 was year 7 for Adom and Chanoh when Lucifer presented himself in the Gan of Eden.  Adom had been set-apart (to be holy) for forty days before being placed in the Gan of Eden and Chanoh (Eve) was set apart for eighty day.  When this deception and sin was completed in Year 7 Month 2 Day 17…it would find it’s retribution on the same day….Month 2 Day 17 ‘as in the days of Noach.’  The Book of Jubilees is quite explicit about the date.

Our Creator remembers the sins of men and He made note to begin the flood that would remove them on the same day that Adom willfully sinned.  Adom had forty more days of instruction in the Gan of Eden  before his wife Chanoh would arrive.  He was to inform her of these explicit instructions.  He should not have left any detail out…and since Chanoh tells Lucifer that they were told not to ‘even touch it’, perhaps Adom had set up an extra fence so that they for sure would not violate that torah (instruction).  The Scriptures reads that they should not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  But, as churches do today….Chanoh thought she could not even touch it.  Adom knew the truth and did not stop her… Had it been seven years too long and he had also forgotten the real truth of that tree.  They were touching and eating from The Tree of Life….but not of this tree.

The Roman Catholic Church has been influenced by many men through the years.  It has assimilated with protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Hebrew and many of the other 3995 religions, to perhaps draw those peoples into their way of thinking of God.  The Catholic Church believes that they are Israel.  The Church of Mormon believes that they are Israel on the earth.  This author lives in the town of where Jesus is suppose to return.  Our son owns an apartment building that stares at this spiral.   Will it be in Independence Missouri or Rome that man demands He return?  Or, is it Mecca or Medina?

Islam does not want to be called by the name Israel and wants that name removed from the face of the earth.  So, really they do want to replace Israel…hmm!  40,000 religions to consider for your spiritual well being.  These man-made symbols and platforms scatter the earth.  And, they are scattered beneath the waters of our earth.

Below the waters of Noach’s Flood are cities where Qaynin (Cain) and all the children of Adom that lived on the earth from year 0 to 1334.  The King James Version of the Bible genealogy will date The Flood occurring in the year 1656 years from Adom.  That is not the discussion as both fit a paradigm for us.

The 1335 paradigm shows the blessing pattern from The Book of Daniel’s prophecy.  He tells us that if we can make it to the 1335th Day then we will be blessed.  I believe this blessing to be about multiplying on the earth.  Noach is part of this paradigm as he steps off the ark in 1334 and probably actually leaves the area of the ark and they start multiplying on the earth in the year 1335.  They made it….the earth will once again be blessed as it does what it does best….produces life.

And, now Noach’s three boys will go out.  One day the Shemmites (Shem) will become the producers of oil that only became a product for money-making as automobiles needed fuel in the twentieth century.  Interestingly, Cheshvan 17 shows up this week for us and we see it has attached itself to the Shemmite clan of 2017.  Yes, on Month 2 Day 17, eleven  princes and four ministers were put under house arrest from their King.  In fact, that will also be the day that a helicopter crashes by Yemen that will kill a prince and everyone on board.  The fifth wealthiest person in the world is not being held by his king.  These princes have proven to be arrogant to the world and The King will reprimand them in order to keep his position in the world.  President Trump has also called them reckless children and is glad their father is calling them on their misbehavior in the world.

Cheshvan 17 – Month 2, Day 17 is memorialized in 2017.  Mr. President began his twelve-day tour of Asia.  In these twelve days he will squeeze the hearts of many leaders.  South Korea is intimated by North Korea and needs the world’s assistance.  But, Mr. Trump wants South Korea to trade with America in order to retain that relationship.  The imbalance of trading is at very darkening proportions.

In 2011 South Korea was 13.6 billion in a deficit with the United States.  A new plan was put in place and then it doubled it’s deficit  in trading with the United States.  Although, since Mr. Trump has expressed his desire for the nations of the world to treat America better, their trade deficit has dropped twenty per cent in the last six months.  But, watch this….my favorite numbers.  In six years South Korea trade deficit where we trade with others countries and not America is now to the point of 27.6 billion dollars.  That, my friends, are DARK numbers that were reached after only SIX years.   27.6 BILLION!

The nations of the world want the protection of America’s soldiers, and yet they spend their money with their enemies….it just doesn’t make sense….and President Trump—Noach is going to set them on a new course.  Noach will turn the ships around and show them how to sail successfully.

Vietnam is going to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit on Friday, Cheshvan 21 this week.  ” Danang will host U.S. President Donald Trump on Nov. 10, as well as China’s Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and counterparts from other APEC members.”  What will these countries see?  “Saturday more than 40,000 hectares of crops have been damaged, including cane, rice fields and rubber plantations from typhoons.  The coffee bean damage was limited.  Flood killed 80 people in northern Vietnam last month, while a typhoon wreaked havoc in central provinces in September.  The country of 90 million people is prone to destructive storms and flooding due to its long coastline.”

This report came in on November 5 2017 – Cheshvan 17  had just begun in the time-zone.

HUE, Vietnam (Reuters) “Floods inundated swathes of central and southern Vietnam on Sunday in the wake of a typhoon that left at least 27 dead just days before the region is due to host the APEC summit of Asia-Pacific leaders.”

My days are constantly filled with the dark number of 27 before me.  I don’t even believe in horoscopes, but I do believe in The Creator who is the author and finisher of our lives.  He remembers…the sins…and wants us to remember the sins of our fathers…so that we may repent…so that there is NOT another layer of housing buried in the earth’s soil.

I end with this for now….HUE Vietnam was missing 22 people, 27 died making 49 Total.  That is 7 x 7 = 49 and the number of years in a Jubilee.  The candles on a Menorah can each represent a seven-year period.  The Menorah therefore represents one Jubilee…and the middle candle is extra..for the 50th  year…of whom The Creator assigned the servant to serve all the others years to set them free.

This Vietnam Typhoon shows us the time of Month Two Day Seventeen.  It is the day (time period) that a new land change is announced.  President Trump will go about the earth showing the nations that change that needs to happen in order to stay safe on it.  He will not be threatened as no one could threaten Noach.  Noach had the Hand of God on him.  Mr. Trump is just a man…but The Hand of God is on him….and for this very moment of time…he is asking the Nations to join in solidarity so all will WIN and not be buried in another flood or as The Scriptures warn us…to be burnt up.

We as people must come to the aid of our country.  That is what I typed many times over in typing class.  To be more specific I typed.  “Every good man must come to the aid of his country.”

Today, “Every good nation must come to the aid of it’s world.”

Humans do not have the right to dictate and mold God into something that He is not.  He is Spirit that is hard to see, but we can see Him in patterns and paradigms….if you want to see it.

Open your minds as 2017 is the Year of Fullness.  The Full moon occurs at Day 15…after that it starts to wane.  As our years of 2027 approach us…we will see dark days…unless…man searches for the ‘true’ instructions of God.  We can NOT just join or stay part of a church that does not obey the instructions of God.  We must call him by his correct name or He may turn His ear from you because He Knows you’ve been told…his name…and yet you refuse because of tradition over the last several hundred years.

COME OUT – MY FRIEND KEEPS SAYING –  She’s crushed for her family who wants to continue with December 25 as being the birth of Christ.  Perhaps they can continue with it because they don’t want to say his correct name, Yeshua…which means ‘our Salvation.’  There will be those that aren’t allowed in the kingdom because they don’t even know how to dress.  Then there are those that barely make it and are called, ‘the least’.  They loved Jesus, but never learned his instructions…all in fear they would find confuse their salvation through works.

When all fear is gone, you are free to praise The Creator of whom came in Suffering Flesh.  It is in that trust the secures your walk.  Once you love and are thankful for the Lamb that was sent to save the world, then you will want to walk out your life according to The Lamb’s life. After all, this lamb grew up becoming The Suffering Servant and will be returning soon to be, The King of Kings.  Will you recognize Him?  He will not look like a Masonic Pope, a Greek Orthodox priest or an Islamic Imam.

He will return as the paradigm speak of His return.  He left in dark years (27-34 AD) even as he lived on the earth in full view in 17 AD.  They knew him not as the world grew darker and then killed him.

Yeshua was 34 when he died and resurrected.  He patterns Joseph who was left for dead at age 17.   His father Jacob will find Joseph in Egypt, second in command.  The father, Jacob, will influence his son still from afar for 17 years.  Thus, he was lost for seventeen yeas and found for seventeen years………….Thirty-four!  Joseph really did not have a true father as during Joseph’s first seven years, Jacob was gone in the field to tend to Laban’s sheep….Idolatrous mother raised him for seven years and then she dies…is removed.

The Flood 1334, Isaac, Joseph and Yeshua all picture each other…age 34.

What will our years 2033-2034 look like.  I think they are going to be very interesting and right now we are living out the years that our Suffering Servant came to get to know his sheep.  Only, we are two thousand (40 Jubilees) later.  And, as the earth is just 6000 years of age…that makes it 120 Jubilees old…a paradigm of years that patterns of Noach being made aware of the flood 120 years before it occurred.

We are not to be deceived…and we will know the timing…but not the hour.  If you study God you will be told the deeper things of God…it is called, SOD….secrets.  These ‘secrets’ have always been there and are now being released as God desires men to have a few more things to hold unto as the times of the Gentiles comes to a close as they join the Jew in the ways of The Torah….

“All good men will come to the Torah of their master and call Him, Yeshua!”

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